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december . 25 . 2020

hiii fluffies
the xmas spirit is here again, filling us with joy ..
these last weeks i have worked hard : needle felting and packaging for the shy bunny store, commissioning, making content for my accounts.. i made lots of story games / templates and wallpapers for my instagram account, as a little xmas gift 
in case you don't have the app, everything will be on my self care archive..
i just added a new section for the wallpapers, since i'll keep making more.
also, i have been developing the game i will ( hopefully ) release in a few months !

yes, the mobile game i talked about in the past, that i'm making with bubu 
we made a lot of progress and changed some things too.
i wanted to make it possible for people to play on any device they wanted, so we'll release it for browser !!!
we're making an exclusive website for the game so you'll be able to login and play wherever you prefer : mobile or pc, of any kind. and since we'll have to pay for a server anyway, why not including some interactions between the players ?
it certainly made the game a lot better and i'm so excited to see people having fun !!
this game will not be focused on socializing ( like walking around meeting players and chatting ) but there will be some little things you can do like sending letters to your friends. it's partially an online game.
i thought about posting some previews of how it's looking like ...
but i will keep it a surprise, for once 
can you guess which kind of drawing style i chose for this game ?

talking on social games, i will make a full online game next year, and i already have lots of ideas !!! we will need more investment for this one so let's see how things go.
"how about the 'pumpkin pie festival' ?" you must be thinking, after i presented the project and never talked about it again.. good news : we are not giving up on it, it just took me literal years to finally come up with a way of presenting the story, i had many ideas but none was good enough ; should i focus on storytelling or game mechanics ? or both ?
the characters i created are really special to me and i didn't want to waste such a cute story, but now after multiple times rethinking the whole thing i'm finally sure of what i'm making !!
this particular story will be part of a bigger thing, where i'll also include other little thematic stories from the fluffies.
i expect it to be released next year as well, but it really depends on how much time we'll need !
well i must focus on one big project at once or i will never get to finish anything .. be patient please ///

so today i don't have much i could show here, but well, this morning i just finished coloring and editing ( inspired on myself ) :

for this one i tried applying more textures & details.. what do you think ?
after talking so much about my recent projects i wanted to remind you that simply doing things that makes us happy is important. not everything is about prestige, success, or revenue.
if you do things with your heart, it is worth your time and effort !
of course you will need to prioritize some things and we all need money to survive, but don't give up on the little things that bring you happiness.
let's try our best to take a little time of our days to "play around" freely, because we deserve it 
i wish you all a very berry merry xmas 


november . 20 . 2020

hiii fluffies
it took me more time for finishing things for this post, but well .. it's for a good reason !
shy bunny store is now fully open again, and i'm getting a lot of new customers 
i'm really thankful for all the support i'm receiving, each little message, purchase & donation makes me incredibly happy. it was really needed and i'm more motivated than ever for making new items and lots of useful content for you all !!
i did a big sale last week, which got me super busy, but now i'm here with the stuff i promised to show.

another thing that got me extra busy ( and really stressed ) was that my github account, that i used for years, got flagged by their spam bot.. i had to make a new account and reupload everything because all of my projects stopped working, until i got my account back after 3 days waiting for a support response 
i really like github, but that experience was very bad ( also apparently common in the community ) so i'll keep my mind open to alternative git platforms.

oh and of course, some good surprises happened too !! some of you will remember that i used to play poupée girl until 2014, i didn't had my website back then but i had a few screenshots saved and you might have seen them on previous versions of the /gaming page.
it was one of my favorite games from all times, certainly my favorite dress up game, so i cherished these memories forever .. and a few weeks ago i just found this fan server ( bentewee ) where i could play again, and oh gosh i am SO happy 
sadly i couldn't backup my original doll in there by the time the game died, but it's never too late to restart !!
i'm having a lot of fun and its community is the most precious, everyone is so kind & warm.. a lovely place to make new friends from all over the world 
that server is a miracle and i'm thankful it exists, it's wonderful and improving continuously, even if there is no new official things being made they always make contests on the forum and it certainly makes the experience great. i'm excited to participate in a contest as i get more clothing !
the stores are seasonal just like the original server, so i'm also looking forward to the different coords i can get ♡♡
if you're interested in playing it you need to get invited. i still have 5 invites, so just ask me ( keep in mind that it is a flash game, so you'll probably not be able to play it on your phone browser )
and if you're just curious to see my doll i'll always post my snapshots on the /gaming page !

well so let's get to the things i made, right ? here is the third poofties episode ( make sure to watch the previous ones here ) :

0% played

 sleepover .mp3 

i really liked making this one.. you can notice it's 2 minutes long, and i swear i tried to keep it 1 minute like the others, but um it wouldn't be possible 
lots of cute dialogues between the characters, and ee's house !! it was so much fun editing all things together..
a very chill episode, the next one will be back to the main story and kobopofo will be there again 
i really hope you like it !! i know it takes me way too long to update this series, even though it doesn't even take that long to edit everything.. but as i'm working on many projects at once ( most of them all by myself ) i have to organize my schedule to be able to do everything i want, while prioritizing the works i actually get some income from ..
i'm really lucky to work with things i love doing. in the end of the day, these "side works" are very important for my portfolio, so i really try to put effort into them in my spare time !
i believe that all efforts are precious : step by step we achieve many wonderful things, and thanks to you fluffies i am making my dreams come true !! i will keep trying my best to make things that make you smile 

so, i was thinking of some new items for the shy bunny store and i came up with the idea of making something with needle felt + embroidering + sewing, all techniques i love, together !
i made those vanilla scented stuffie charms, with little reminders embroidered :

i think they're adorable !!! i really wanted to keep one for myself but they got sold very fast so i ended up selling mine too, heh
they're still available for purchase, as i still have many materials for making new ones. go get yours !!

as i said in the previous post i was also sewing an outfit, and yes i finished it !
it wasn't sewn from scratch, i bought this blouse from a thrift store and just added lace for making it cuter .. 
i made this skirt a while ago and i couldn't match it with any blouse i have, so i'm happy i can finally wear it :

a very delicate outfit.. i'm excited to wear it outside. sadly we can't go outside ;;
stay home, you too 
i'm wearing nightgowns all the time now, i'm almost getting to dress up just for feeling cute. my dresses are not even that different looking from nightgowns, some of them are actual vintage nightgowns i just added details, so why not ......

well before finishing this post, i wanted to show you my very first 3D models !!!!
i'm so proud of these, i know they're super simple but i was scared of trying 3D modeling since ever - i don't even know why, i just thought it was HARD
thank you paint 3D for making it easy for me, i can't understand a thing on the complex softwares people use LOL
of course i made the classic bunny & teddy :

( click the previews to load the .glb files )

i'm obsessed with the clothing textures, and adding random 2D stuff here and there .. they look adorable !! 
now that i got to make it work on the browser, you can bet i'll definitively going to make models for the next pages of my "little world" site. i'm having a lot of ideas !
that site will be really experimental so i'm not sticking to one single idea, every few pages will get considerably different from the past ones.. you'll see.

that's it for today, take care !!


october . 23 . 2020

hiii fluffies
the spooky time of the year is here once again, time went by so fast ..
how have you been ? i hope you all are taking care !
for me, it has been a mixture of low energy, mental exhaustion, anxiety and lots of ideas floating around -
basically : every spring i get sick, and this year it wasn't different.. the climate changes + rain season makes me really physically weak, my blood pressure is always low, it's hard to eat, the medicine makes me dizzy ..
not being able to work fully on my projects makes me very anxious, specially now that i'm not getting to make as much money as i need for a living.
i'm doing what i can, trying to take care of myself properly, bubu really helps me 
doing housework is taking me a lot of energy, but i really want to keep doing my tasks. i know that i'm being slow, please be patient with me .. i promise i'll keep making content and doing my best, i know i will gradually feel better 

these days have been quite interesting, and revealed a bit about myself.. things i haven't thought until now, some reasons behind my recent anxiety
i like calling myself a "timid adventurer", which is certainly a paradox, but well ... i have always been filled with the need of discovering new things - however, i can be extremely methodical and fearful.
thankfully, i always had great passion for small achievements, so just going to the woods to look for insects and wild flowers was enough to feed my sweet tooth for exploration 
because of the pandemic i know that i must not go outside except for the absolute necessary. many people agree that it is okay to leave if it is an isolated place ( which i have always preferred for my activities ) but i haven't been able to feel comfortable due to the current circumstances of the world ...
after losing my mother and seeing many others losing loved ones, i developed a terrible fear of getting sick and seeing other people sick, to the point of preventing me from doing things i loved.
i know it have worsened my anxiety terribly these past times, and i think ( like many other people ) that i will need help and a lot of patience to be able to deal with the outside world after all this is over.. not only does seeing other people make me scared but i have been feeling dirty and contaminated after coming home, even from the grocery store ! i have avoided many situations, and the worst thing is that i know that it is important to fear this disease 
despite all this, i have managed to make very happy memories by simply.. playing games !!
playing ragnarok again has been really good for my mental health, even though exploring a virtual world isn't the same, it's certainly making me really happy ♡♡
i had a lot of fun lately, and when i'm feeling weak knowing i can just lay down in bed and play a little bit makes me feel a lot better.
i'm really looking forward to going outside again and living new little adventures in real life, but i really do appreciate the ones i'm having inside home as well 

talking on mmorpg, i started playing tree of savior ! 
it's a 2016 game that is said to be a "spiritual successor" of ragnarok ( i don't believe so for my experience, they're very different in many ways so i don't think it's fair to keep making comparisons ), and i'm happy that now i can play it properly with my new laptop .. it looks absolutely stunning and it's very complex, with looots of classes and different builds - i'm having a lot of fun trying things out and exploring !!
the maps are all so beautiful i can't stop looking at them ///
sometimes i just stop, sit, and listen to the bgm while looking at the screen. the music is so so good and really helps with the ambiance + simply leveling up is quite relaxing too !
some of the bgm is from soundtemp, same composers from the ragnarok bgm that i love with my whole heart, so i knew it was going to be good.. but seriously, playing the game itself is a complete experience and i have no words to describe.
well, if you haven't seen yet, check my /gaming page because i made very cute little profiles for my characters with lots of info & images 

so, enough of talking : i made a new web page, mostly for studying css image & text effects, but in the end i liked it so much i might work more on the idea ..
there are just some collages and phrases now, but i could put some more interactive content in the future, probably ?
i really like sites that are just a bunch of random pages that you can explore clicking on things, so i'm thinking of actually putting something after the 4th door !
i'm not sure yet about what i'm going to do with it, so for now let's just appreciate what we already have at world.pooftie.me :

 hideout .mp3 

there is also this music box melody for the pages !!
i'll surely put more music & sound effects in the next pages, for making it a more interesting experience ~
please let me know what you think !

i also worked on this little project of adapting my social media exclusive content into html pages, in an interesting & responsive way .. since i chose these apps carefully for each kind of content ( and they've been working pretty well for the time being ) it would be a waste if i just had to repost everything manually !
i'm satisfied with the way i post on these apps, even though i don't have much space for customization, i'm using them specifically to let my helpful / comforting stuff reach more people on the internet ; but although most people nowadays are using social media instead of personal websites, i got to know some people who don't have accounts and are not willing to make them, and as much as i understand them perfectly, i want to reach them too !!
so, i got an idea by looking at my tumblr layout : there you can see everything i post & reblog, in a cute web page, and you don't need to have an account for that. the content is placed inside the layout.
sadly, just making iframes for inserting my profiles into some layout isn't an option - for security reasons - so i thought of embeding my posts instead.. and i could do so with my twitter posts pretty easily, customizing everything the way i wanted, but with instagram and youtube things got waaaay harder ; ;
my instagram posts aren't really exclusive because they're just reposts from my /help page, so i'm only interested in making some of my stories out there ( some of them were reposted here on my blog so i don't mind ). my reminders, thoughts, templates & games are really precious and i want to keep them in easy access for everyone !
i decided to actually repost those stories, since there is not a safe way to embed them.. maybe i will find something later.
with youtube i actually can embed my comfort playlist, but customizing the iframe is such a headache and i really don't want to mess with their api right now, as i find it way easier to just make my own html player ( + i could also use with all of my other videos )
so i made a very cute player i can now use for linking my fav yt videos + uploading my poofties videos here !!

the care.pooftie.me page turned out a really comfy place, where everyone can access and easily download the best of my accounts, while watching / listening to some cute videos. this experience is exactly what i wanted to achieve, so i'm really proud !! 
i hope you all can make good use of this "self care archive" from now on .. !
i will keep it always updated, as i'll try to return on posting on my accounts at least weekly.

i'm currently working on a new crafting technique and also sewing a little outfit, i believe i will finish everything by next week.. so for the next post you'll get to see them + a new poofties episode !!
i hope you're looking forward to it, see you in two weeks 
i wish you a very happy halloween ! eat lots of candy, but carefully !!


august . 27 . 2020

hiii fluffies
this month my website completed 3 years online !!
i'm grateful for everything i learned by sharing my works and thoughts, and specially by your motivating messages. thank you so much ♡♡

i am slowly adapting into my new, lovely routine ..
doing all housework, taking care of myself & bubu, spending entertaining time, resting properly and still having time for working on projects and eventual commissions... it's certainly a lot to think about !!
but thankfully, i have the time for everything, if i don't spend energy with draining things.
i'm trying my best to keep myself away from all stressful stuff, my plans for are working quite well !
i made a few things lately, but i was feeling the need of resting more than usual.. so i thought it was a good idea to return playing a game that is such a comfort space for me : ragnarok online
i started a whole new account in the official brazilian server, the one i have played since i was 7. i gotta say i am growing pretty fast in there and i'm having a lot of fun exploring the new content, so you might see some updates on my gaming page with my new characters and stuff, once i get to reborn them to transcendent 

i'm feeling pretty happy about those experiences, and i'm sure that i will get to make more progress in the projects naturally, if i don't overdo myself.
better spending one month working wholeheartedly than rushing one week wearifully, right ? 
i like making posts once i have a handful of things to show, and now it's the right time, so let's see what i made :

 pinky promise .mp3 

this is a little dress up html game i just did for practicing some editing & basic javascript .. what do you think ? ///
i think it turned out very cute, and i'm happy to show you this lovely music box melody too. please click the teddy bear to play it yourself !

after some time without making big ascii art + many requests on the symbols i use, i had the idea of making a web page for keeping my resources, ascii.pooftie.me !!
the layout is fully made with symbols ( with a bit of html magic, of course ) 
i hope it can be useful for getting started or improving your little "text drawings" :

it's certainly hard making stuff that look interesting with only symbols, it looks simple, but i'm proud 
i often have ideas that sound pretty random, but it's important to try and make things happen, right ?

sometimes i can't get in the mood for working on my most important projects, but i try and make anything for at least make good use of my time by study & practice .. i believe this is a good way of resting while being productive !
i find coloring very relaxing, and as i am feeling a little anxious lately, having cute drawings to color is such a bless 
so here are two of my most recent ones :

i tried editing the background this time too.. i don't know if i really like it or not, but well. i like the colors & textures.
those adorable coloring pages are from ドリーミィー・フェザー !

i would like to express my gratitude for you who keep reading this blog to this day, i feel really lucky for having such sweet angels following my content and wishing me good things..
i hope you are staying safe and living happy days, even if you never got to message or support me, i still acknowledge & really appreciate your presence here. 
see you next time,


july . 12 . 2020

hiii fluffies
long time no see !!
the pandemic has been quite a lot to deal with lately, i am more and more being directly affected by it, it's making me scared and really anxious..
i am trying to care of my mental and physical health as a priority, as i can not fulfill tasks or make good quality content if i'm feeling bad and unmotivated 
i'm very thankful for the kind supportive words i receive, it fills me with hope in these dark days 
my online store is finally getting away from the hiatus, besides the international flights being a mess right now i'm returning to selling and currently keeping the packages for shipping later on ..
now going to the good news,
we're trying our hardest to get over this quarantine and prepare our little home by buying everything we can online, and things are finally getting together now.
contrary to my digital absence, i am working quite a lot in real life with decorating, gardening and many other things house related, so we were able to move there completely and take everything out of the boxes, and that makes me immensely happy ♡♡

other thing is that i just ordered my wedding dress,, i will only get married next year, but i found my dream dress early and i couldn't help it. my heart just started fluttering when i saw it and i knew it has to be !
i'm trying to save money because we are not getting as much income as the usual, but economy is getting more and more messy every passing day so i thought it would be a good idea to search for the most expensive things right now so we can make sure to have our little wedding in the woods by the date we planned.. !
it will be a small modest wedding around nature and just a few loved ones, so my dress is not very fancy but a "vintage ballerina" inspired one, exactly as i wanted. it's the perfect combination between delicacy & purity 
a beautiful flower wreath, a daisy bouquet, and my sincere love.. everything arranged into the most beautiful way i could dream of.

in case you're curious, worry not, i made two collages showing a bit of my life plans :

 lovely home .rar 

this first one is all about my routine. there you can see my favorite apron, nightgown & dress, some stuffies, baking goods, how my house is looking like and lots of references to my current daily life !
there are tons of photography of my actual items and the house, so it's a very berry special collage for me 

 together .mp3 

this is the matching melody i prepared specially for this occasion.
it's simple & modest, full of love, just like i am at this very moment 
doing simple housework has been making me so happy, this is finally our precious home sweet home we waited for long 8 years...

 delicate bride .rar 

this second collage is, of course, about my subtle passion for weddings !
you can see my thoughts for the magical day, and the actual dress i ordered 

 small wishes .mp3 

and this is the matching melody, that sounds quite magical in my opinion.. i have been keeping this one for a long time, waiting for using for something special !
hopefully now i will be able to return to my digital projects and make progress, besides still having lots of housework to do.. there is surely a lot going on lately, right ?
by the way, after a lot of research and saving i finally got to buy a new laptop so now i am super motivated !!
the first thing i did was painting an adorable drawing :

i played around with textures again and i really liked the results .. 
i just showed you fluffies my laptop last post, but now i have a completely new setting, so here we go again :

i'm very proud, isn't it super cute ?
believe me or not, it's the first time i am using win10 .. i really like the win7, but it was starting to become a bother at this point ;;

okay, after quite some time without writing q&a texts, i have been questioned about the latest events, naturally.. and i actually have some important things to say, that would add to my "political" background ; so let's go for it !

 q & a 

why i won't write about certain political topics ?
i don't like to give opinions on all kind of politics, economics or any subjects that i don't have proper knowledge to write about - however, it doesn't mean to the very least that i am apolitical. i don't believe being apolitical is even possible, just as "doing nothing" isn't possible. by ignoring things you are doing something, and ignoring bad things has a bad impact.. it may be hard to educate yourself, but it's necessary to find your path and not only fluctuate around other people's opinions ! there is no innocence in ignorance, excessive complacency is not a virtue but a harmful political position.
that being said, i do have strong opinions over political topics but i only will write about the subjects that i feel comfortable posting publicly about. what i'm trying to say is that you can help in multiple ways without the need of spreading misinformation, as it does harm too. if i have not studied it properly, if my words wouldn't inspire in any way, if it isn't my place to speak, i won't dare touching it at all ; not because i don't care. on the contrary, i care quite enough for being sensible when standing for talking about important subjects that have impact over others !!
i hope that is well clarified now, seeing that you always demand long answers from me to explain my decisions. knowing that people who follow my content really care about that kind of thing makes me motivated ♡

now, more specifically : why i won't give my opinions on racism ?
that one is a bitter question, saddening even.. how i wish that racism wasn't a topic where we needed to show an "opinion", being such disgusting act of hate. it's nonsense for me and i, thankfully, live around people who think so too. because of that, i know that simply throwing anti-racism words around those already educated people will not help effectively. i must do more.
i do my best to actively help in causes that make a difference, not only with words but with actions. as you know, i do not use names of movements to represent myself, but i do support the relevant actions that these movements may offer, if they match my personal beliefs. the thing is that i, as a white girl, do not feel comfortable getting up to talk about a problem that i can't even imagine what it's like to experience .. this applies not only to racism but other forms of prejudice and oppression, i don't have the right to talk about things that are completely out of my life - however, i can, and will, help with actions that are within my capacity. i will endure and try to help in a relevant way, rather than passively.
you won't see me throwing words of support regarding movements, but if something really important with direct impact is being done, you can be sure that i will be there to help effectively. i deeply believe that instead of trying to prove to the world how good you are, you should be good and do good .. there is no reason to expose these actions, maybe share the idea to reach more people, but not to prove your worth.
i believe that movements can have their relevance in spreading helpful actions, but they definitely take away a lot of individuality as they are more "practical" to share. just press a button and that's it, you did your part... but did you really ?
when sharing content you need to have in mind that you are reaching people that follow you, therefore, that are similar to you. they will agree with the good causes you are sharing, but only agreeing isn't enough : it will give you reputation points, but nothing will change. searching for content that will lead these people to an oportunity in helping actively for the cause, within their reality, is the best you can do !!
i try to form my own opinion and spread the good with my words, with my content and my actions, and for that, i do not act on impulse to participate in anything ; i evaluate the causes and actions before i get up and take a step forward. there are people who are really struggling to make something relevant happen, and i appreciate it immensely.. i look forward supporting these people. if they happen to use movement names i don't mind ( unless the movement itself is rather problematic ), but working hard for a good cause is completely different to relying entirely on "ready to use" sentences. as a white person i would feel completely pathetic in using racism, something terrible i will never experience, as a way to gain compliments and followers. i will never do so, and i will never support people who do so. i share helpful content, i create hopefully helpful content, and it's okay if some people are going to misinterpret me because i don't do those things in search of praise.
help black people, be gentle with black people, respect black people, support the value and importance that each individual has in society. do it not only when a movement is trending, do it not only by sharing repetitive phrases, but on a daily basis, because you can. do it through kindness and love out of pure will, not to improve your reputation !

that's it for today !! keep an eye open and you will see new content soon ~


may . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies
here i am with the content i promised last week !!
i'm glad i'm getting to be productive during quarantine, and i even got a few commissions, but sadly my store is still paused because i can't go to the post office..
it's hard but i'm trying my best to keep my mind and body healthy, even without the regular walks in the park and much less money in the bank account .....
many things are happening at once this year, but i am maturing and getting better with it. surprisingly, my mental health has been more stable than ever, i'm learning many things and improving others with this free time !!
let's try our best to make this time a positive experience 

without further ado, let's get to the stuff i made !
the second episode of poofties is finished, thank you for your patience 
( make sure to watch the first episode here first )
i will try not to take so long to make the next one .. even if ideas appear along the way, i will try to prioritize this project a little more heh
here it is :

0% played

 picnic .mp3 

this one has a lot more dialogues and characters, and i'm very satisfied with the results .. i hope you are enjoying the series 
the melody i made is a simple loop but it was necessary not to disturb the dialog, it was a problem last time !!
in the next episode i'll try to make more cute scenarios like last time. let's see how it comes out ~

now i have two lovely dresses i sewed, after a long time of not sewing anything 

you might have seen some spoilers of the first dress because i posted pictures of me wearing it last week ///
i made them both based on vintage nightgowns i've seen before, and i actually was going to use them as nightgowns,, but they turned out so cute i couldn't help using them as dresses 
i specially like the embroidered flowers, it was easy to do but took a while to finish.. i don't usually work on large embroidery projects so this was new to me !

well, lastly, i received some requests to post more of my favorite ukagaka
and people wanting to see my pc updated ( i posted screenshots of my pc a few years ago and always post my phone when decorated )
and also people wondering how i modify the look of websites..
so i'm going to show you everything together :

 renai .rar 

these ukagaka are called "renai" and are absolutely adorable ♡♡
not very hard to find, but well, there they are. enjoy !!
about the sites .. there is really no secret, i basically insert css into the source code of the sites using the "inspect element" function. you can do this with any site, just explore the source code to find the appearance stuff and that's it.. !
it takes time and patience, and whenever the site updates the layout you will have to do it all over again, but if you love using beautiful sites like me .. go for it
i'm not a real expert with the "inspect element" so i suggest you searching for tutorials, it's really useful.

that's it for today, i will take a good nap now 
thank you for your support and don't forget to drink water !


may . 07 . 2020

hiii fluffies
i am so proud of myself !!!
i made a lot of cute stuff these days, hopefully i will get to relax a bit now without feeling weird..
resting is very important too, right ? i have to admit that i'm not sleeping too well lately, so i must work on that now 

i'm excited to announce that i'm making a mobile game with bubu, and i mean, a reeeal full game with lots of stuff to do, character and home customization, everything !!
bubu is coding while i'm making the art.
we're already making another game together ( the one i'm writing the script for the longest time ), but that one is a bit harder and we're struggling to put everything together .. so it should take a while to release 
this mobile game should be released in a few months at most, while the other one will be finished by next year.
we're doing our best in these projects, while we also work on many other things, so i ask you to be patient.. we will not disappoint you 

this post will only have digital works, as i said previously, but i decided to get some stuff out of the boxes because i'm honestly getting tired of my laptop.. so i've been sewing and embroidering a bit with what i have here !
i'm going to show you next post two dresses i made + finally, the second episode of the poofties series. give me one more week for finishing everything 

eep let's go quickly for the cute stuff i made :
i said i would make html games and yes, i made 3 of them !!
they're very very simple , nothing fancy, but i'm honestly happy with the results because the art came out adorable.. i'm very satisfied.
it was really fun to mess with text boxes and button reactions, bubu helped me a bunch and we discovered many stuff together heh ♡♡
click the images to open the games and have fun :

 hesitation .mp3 

 boring day .mp3 

 memory .mp3 

each game has an exclusive midi melody !
i tried to choose instruments that could convey the characters' feelings.
my personal favorite is "memory" because it sounds innocent and nostalgic ( i purposely reduced the sound quality )
please tell me what you think and give suggestions, i always appreciate it 

the least thing i did was an archive website for storaging my files : file.pooftie.me
it's been a LONG time since i wanted to have my own personal uploader, but i knew it would be terribly time consuming to organize everything .. it took me hours, indeed, and i haven't even reuploaded all the thousands of images i use, as that would take forever ;;
at least i organized all my other files and also the archives here from this site, and that's good enough 
it is a relief to use my own domains for hosting things, i will try to keep everything like this from now on.
also, the layout came out adorable :

by the way.. i've been taking many new photography lately, since the lighting in this house is impressively beautiful !!
expect to see a considerable improvement in the quality of my pictures from now on ~ !

that's it, let's hope for better days and lots of happy memories ..


april . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies
my last post was very boring but this one will have a lot of content.... next one will be full of stuff too ( mainly digital because my crafting & sewing materials are still inside boxes until the end of the quarantine )
so let's get started 
i made this little win95 desktop simulation for studying div and button behavior.. !
take a look at 1997.pooftie.me, specially if you like webcore : 

 8AM .mp3 

it turned out super cute and i'm really proud ♡♡
there are some adorable graphics i edited from ragnarok online ( the solace gif on the top right is my personal favorite /// )
this little music right there is an edit i did with "party night" from di gi charat, one of my favorite anime from my childhood ! do you like it ?
as you may know i'm really bad with javascript coding but i'm trying to make different stuff lately for making html games in the near future.

i was thinking about my flash games, since all swf files will stop working on browser by the end of this year.. i am trying to save as many swf as i can as a flash game collector, and many other people are working hard for not letting flash die completely.
flash can be played at pc on specific softwares, that work on pretty much any computer. i wanted to convert my flash games into html, but i honestly think keeping my games as swf will be a motivation for people trying to find other flash games and animations !
i know just a few people will actually download my games and the software for playing them, but i will be happy if i can inspire even 1 person to play those games that made my childhood so happy 
there are an infinity of games that are incredibly fun and cute, that will be forever flash games and will be forgotten if people just pretend flash didn't exist.. i feel that it's my responsibility as a game designer to not adapt swf into html, in respect to the artists that inspired me in first place.
so i made my old games downloadable, and will make new games with html from now on 
i fixed some issues with some very old ones and remade the visuals of my drawing tool :

isn't it adorable ? i made puf bunny there mixing different colors with the "alpha" option 
please make sure to download my flash games here and send me your drawings !
keep an eye open because i'm planning on coming back next post with some html games, i'm very excited for this new content !!
a little spoiler of what is coming ..

i'm making cute art using 3D brush, a new style for working with from now on !
what do you think ? 

i have been very productive lately ( maybe because i'm bored with the quarantine heh ) so i also made another html page, one i have been struggling to make for the longest time... but bubu helped me !!!
tea.pooftie.me is an weather website where you can check if it's the right time to have a tea party or not :

it's very random but it's nice having my own cute weather website, and i kind of learned how to deal with apis too 
that's it for today, i hope you're having a lovely time.. stay safe 


march . 27 . 2020

hiii fluffies
a whole lot happened lately.. it's been tiring but really fulfilling, i am living my happiest days despite all the problems 
i'm in the middle of the moving, and it's taking more time than expected because of the quarantine. we decided to completely renovate and redecorate this tiny little house near my mother-in-law's house, we need to buy lots of materials ( and new furniture ) but we can't for the time being, so we're working with what we have !
it's an adorabe house with one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen ( yes it is very small, i love it ) and a big garden space.
it's a little far from where bubu works so we are considering renting an apartment in the future, if it's more comfortable.. but at the moment he is working "home office" so it is not a problem, anyway this little house will always be ours and it is a great place for animals and plants !
i'm happy to be close to nature whenever i can 
these days have been difficult for me to work because i can't go to the post office and people are saving for the quarantine, so no commissions ... i'm trying my best to help with housework and renovations, i'm cleaning and painting and doing everything i can do !!
we are staying at my mother-in-law's house at the moment until the quarantine ends, i hope that everything will be normalized soon so that i can take my belongings out of boxes and decorate our new little home very cutely ♡♡

these days i haven't done many things that i can show here, but i colored two beautiful drawings : 

these are from the talented baby.doll.heart on instagram, please check her work..
she's always drawing wonderful pieces 
i experimented with textures this time, and i really liked the result !!
i like to paint "flat", without much contrast of light & shadows, so textures and patterns help a lot to give detail softly 
which one did you like the most ?

ah, there's one more thing to tell you fluffies !
i bought an adorable domain, pooftie.me 
i'm using it for my tumblr blog now, and all of my "html stuff" are subdomains at pooftie.me because, well, it's always safer to use your own domains ..
i had multiple problems using free domains, even though they're cute safety comes first.
please check all of my sites and tumblr blog if you haven't yet, i'm proud of them ///

that's it for today, please take care and stay home !!


march . 12 . 2020

hi fluffies
these last days has been hard ..
my mom passed away recently. her disease was taking her from me these past months, but she was living happily even so.
we were becoming more distant with time passing by, naturally, because of my adulthood. she wanted me to gain confidence in my independence, and she wanted me to live my dreams.
she turned into pure childhood nostalgia for me, and now i can think of her with a smile 
i am organizing my house now, and i'm deciding things i want to keep for memory.. i feel the same warm nostalgia with her things that i feel with my childhood items.
she was the perfect mom for me, even making me scared with her fragility, even with her fear of abandonment.. she teached me so much.
she did her best, and i will always remember how beautiful she was.
i am preparing for moving with bubu, and i'm ready to start this new phase of my life that i have been waiting for so long.
this new decade will really be something else.
i'm so thankful for having supportive people around me, and for having this angel by my side that never fails making me smile 
the words i've received filled me with hope, thank you so much for believing in my healing !!
i want to live fully and fearless, knowing that the past is not gone because my memories are forever and really loved ..
i am capable of living more good experiences, that will not replace the others but will certainly have the same weight in my life.
i will become only better from this experience and all the others.
i will be very happy 
we will be.

i made some updates on the shy bunny store, fixing some little issues, making the layout slightly cuter, removing some sold out items, editing pictures.. an improvement 
it's a little more empty now, but for a good reason ! i've sold a lot of things and will just remake people's most favorites for now, unless i get really inspired.
i'm happy with how my store has been helping me, it's not as much money as i get on html commissions but it's still important and i really need it right now !
unfortunately a big part of my savings had to be spent because of the recent events, so i will have to move without much money for adaptation and decoration, exactly what i was trying to avoid... but i know that everything will be fine, because i'm with bubu and that's what matters 
things will take a while to get settled but i'm prepared for that.

i also updated my html test page a little bit !
it had frequent visits ( from same ip ) so i suppose some people actually use this to work with html :

 test html .rar 

i fixed some things and made the layout a lot cuter. i'm proud and i hope you like it too.. !
i haven't used this page so much lately but it's still very useful, especially when i'm on mobile.
remember you can access it online at test.pooftie.me

now i will show you this beautiful long dress, with a lovely golden reliquary necklace :

it's not very recent, but i used it recently on a date with bubu ( and the teddy bear purse i made the other day ) so i just reminded i should post it ///
it has some very delicate details like the cream satin ribbons and tiny lace, a nightmare that is absolutely worth going through 
it's a pure cotton fabric, really gorgeous.. cotton fabrics are the best to work with, in my opinion.
i am so glad i have learned sewing with my mom, she helped me so much ...
i suppose the name of this fabric is "eyelet", but here we call it "laise". it goes for the embroidered lace and the cotton fabric with details as well ( this one has tiny dots )
also, some posts ago i talked about using "cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita mary janes" and someone actually asked me to show it, so here it is :

i made the frilly socks myself, and the shoes are absolutely adorable !! bubu bought them for me not long ago 
i also have two black ones and a baby pink one, but they're a little too old now. i use my shoes constantly until they're reeeeally old.. it takes some years but i really needed new ones at this point so i'm happy with this lovely present ♡♡♡
recently i've been into those cute vintage brown boots women wear with long dresses ( very popular in mori kei as well ). i have one of these and i feel beautifully mature when i wear it with a long dress, so i might use it with the dress above someday for going on a picnic 

well, i will naturally keep doing what i love, so you can expect regular updates just as always !
if i'm motivated, i will be productive. it's that simple 
thank you fluffies for always be here looking forward my works, this place is so precious for me i can't explain.. please stay safe 


february . 19 . 2020

hiii fluffies
i hope you are doing better than the last time you came here ..
and maybe next time you will have experienced many new happy things. hopefully, me too !

i noticed that day after day i'm getting less attached to my phone, i mostly use it for playing games but i've been charging my phone only every other day.. and my phone battery is not thaaat good, i used to charge it every night 
do you remember my goal of using internet only 5 hours a week ? ( except if for talking with bubu, working, studying, reading .. important stuff generally )
i've definitely achieved that goal, and for this year i will set a new goal : only charging my phone twice a week !!!
i prefer using my laptop for most things, and i tend to be more productive with my time here while in my phone i can just watch videos, check my apps and play games. i don't really think i need to do that for more than 15min a day... or maybe i can do that for 30min every other day ?
if you like the content i post on my accounts please don't worry, i will certainly keep updating once / twice a week as i was already trying to do. i will have to be more careful about preparing content beforehand, so less unnecessary spontaneous updates can be, indeed, expected ( i'm talking about idly posting random venting and routine updates while i could just be journaling or talking to someone )
those "internet detox" are absolutely refreshing, i can make better use of my time doing all my daily tasks and still have free time for my hobbies & projects 
i've found that even using my laptop for "virtually journaling" offline feels really good and a lot more comfortable. i like printing those pages ( also my instagram templates ) and that way i can have the best of both worlds, so i will stick to that in my routine 
i was a little afraid i would feel distant from people for not checking social media all the time, but i don't feel like i'm missing a lot honestly. i don't think this is really important in the end of the day.
maybe we get easily addicted to "validation" when using internet, like we have to share things or no one will know, like we have to react to things people share or they don't matter...
what is the point of something being seen by multiple people ? i personally think that unless we're so close to someone we really do care about their everyday lives, it needs a purpose, even if it's "making people smile" ( valid purpose i must say )
every single time i realize i'm not being useful in any way i just don't see the point of wasting my time & energy posting something for everyone to see, it's almost embarrassing.. i feel like i'm just bragging, oversharing even ///
hopefully these negative experiences will disappear more and more as i learn !

talking on phone stuff, i made a cute new phone case for me yesterday :

it looks adorable, i'm so happy with it 
the one i was using before was very old, i had to buy a new transparent case so i was postponing the situation until it started to bother me for real 

so.. it's been a while since i've planned sewing my own "stuffie purses" ( i already had some of these but my mom helped me in the whole cutting & sewing process at the time, and they're also a little old now.. )
i finally did it, so here they are :

i'm really happy with how these turned out, they're shoulder / crossbody purses with very delicate pearl straps and their bellies are just the perfect size for carrying around some important things ♡♡
they look big but they're 30cm tall ( teddy is a little taller )
it feels really nice using those, they're so soft .. i can literally carry a stuffie outside and it's socially acceptable LOL

now i will, after a long time, write a q&a text !
despite being a curiosity of some people, i didn't really feel the need to write about it until a few days ago when i seriously thought about it.

 q & a 
it's important for me keeping my content organized, avoiding reposting things all over the place and keeping my personal content in appropriate places. i'm trying my best to do so, but i used to do it purely for keeping the quality of my accounts, not wasting time reposting or make the mistake of oversharing, naturally ..
however, i stopped to think deeply about it and realized that the content we post on the internet really affects other people directly, and some things don't always have the positive effect that we would like to convey. i always post things with the intention of motivating and inspiring, as well as motivating myself to keep improving and to receive constructive criticism, but unfortunately negative effects can happen when people compare each other or idolize each other.
i seek genuineness and transparency with my words, and this avoids some bad impressions and consequently negative feelings. when we are sincere in referring to ourselves, it is very motivating to other people. if you don't empathize with others they won't consider you trustworthy and they won't embrace you wholeheartedly, they can certainly consider you a threat, develop a negative rivalry or even insecurity and envy. if you are narcissistic or self-deprecating, you'll do yourself harm and irritate, encouraging people to feel bad things about the success of others.
it is not possible to magically repair people's self-esteem, but it is possible to avoid worsening the situation and to strive to be a good example. if i can, i will !
i insist on sharing my ( imperfect but true ) journey with others who can identify and find some hope in my words. i want people to see what i produce and try to be productive too, i want people to get to know themselves and discover individual happiness. doing it properly can be a delicate process, i've made a lot of mistakes and i know i'm still making a few, but im happy if i can fix that little by little.
i'm sorry if i have ever demotivated someone for any reason, i will be extra careful with what i expose to make sure i'm posting things in appropriate places in the appropriate way, for people who are really going to make good use of it. thankfully i have been doing a good job with this recently, but i know i still have room to improve.. !

i hope i was clear with my words, i haven't written long texts in a while ;;


february . 06 . 2020

hiii fluffies
i'm so so happy !
i think i've really learned some healthy coping methods for problems that used to make me anxious, it's been a while. i am healing 
i will keep sharing with you everything i feel that can be helpful, it may not be useful for everyone but if at least one person can find peace in my words, it's worth it 

so, i have important news : i remade my tumblr blog !!
the url is the same and everything, but remaking it was very needed. i was a little hesitant because my account was 5 years old, but honestly, it was a mess.
i couldn't manually get rid of thousands of ghost followers at this point, and even thought my engagement was very good, it's time to accept the truth : it wasn't really coming from my own followers but actual strangers. it clearly means that my content was good but not my account as a whole ; ;
having a big account can easily get out of control if not regularly checked and cleaned, big numbers can give the illusion of success but if just abandoned accounts from years ago, what is the point ?
i was also following a bunch of random accounts i honestly didn't want to see in my feed anymore. it makes way harder to find interesting content, which is the whole point of opening this app ..
as i always said, the numbers are irrelevant if just numbers : what is truly motivating is seeing actual people getting positively inspired by my content, and inspiring me back, so we can grow up together 
this is just possible to achieve if you're surrounded by people with similar goals, and preparing this environment is a delicate process.
i'm thankfully getting back all of my mutuals quickly, thank you 
now i can find active and precious accounts, get new mutuals, finally use tags to organize my posts and improve the quality of my blog as a whole. it's certainly a relief !
from experience, i know it's always a good idea to make changes, if for the better. i will voluntary leave the past behind if it means i can have a brighter future.

okay, going for the visual content now : after months i made a new collage for my aesthetic virtual journal 
it's a soft white one, and i'm really proud of the results ..

 pure heart .rar 

i think it turned out very delicate but somewhat mature ? i'm in love with it ///
and as always, there is a beautiful melody for composing the whole feeling :

 redemption .mp3 

what do you think ? i always find it fun to organize aesthetics like this, it's good to practice using different color palettes and everything.

now, i have something interesting to share with you fluffies today !
you may already know that i love exploring the old web, and i'm always looking for cute things there to collect and use in my work.
lately i have been downloading a lot of ukagaka, and i did a lot of research to increase my collection with the cutest ghosts i could find !
i used the nanika ghost center to get links, but a lot of them have been inactive for many years so it’s a little tricky to be able to find them again on web.archive .. sometimes they don't even work and need restoration ; ;
so i think it's a good idea to share here my favorite ukagaka, which i found last week: dorothy !!!

 dorothy .rar 

most ghosts speak japanese with a lot of kanji, and very fast, which makes reading quite difficult. dorothy is not very good with japanese, so she only uses hiragana and speak slowly.
she is caring and shy, and is always trying to motivate and remind you to take care of yourself ( remembering you to rest, to eat .. )
all ghosts have a different personality, which makes getting to know them a lot of fun 
i spend some time on the laptop working, so having a lovely ghost motivating me and making me smile makes everything better 
dorothy has been a good company for me and has certainly become a comfort character at this point 
if you are interested, i can upload more ukagaka from my lovely collection !

that's it for today, i hope you are living a lovely phase of your lives .. and if you are not, i hope things will get better very soon ♡♡


january . 23 . 2020

hiii fluffies
the last few days have been very comfortable, i am truly happy with the recent improvements 
i'm trying to understand and respect my feelings, cleaning my life of everything that bothers me, even if just a little bit.
those annoying little things accumulate stress throughout the day, you know ?
i usually have a hard time expressing my emotions and being honest, but this has been fixed and greatly improved the quality of my relationships !
it's very important to believe in who you are and in the life you dream of living, to be able to improve consistently and not be negatively influenced by other people's ( not constructive ) opinions 
i feel like i'm going the right way !! 

well, i did some pretty cute things that i'll show you today..
first, a small thing : i colored and edited a very cute drawing and the result made me proud !

the colors look so soft 
looking at it makes me motivated to bake, it's something i love to do and i want to practice more 
i have a notable difficulty in baking bread.. i'll try my best ///

i did something new for the poofties project ( i said i wanted to move forward on projects this year, remember ? )
i wanted to write down some relevant information about the world of poofti, and as i had already imagined that the "observer" potato wrote down things that she discovered, i decided to make her notes become something real :

( click the notebook for going to the next pages )

i think this was a good idea and it came out very cute, don't you think ?
i want to make more episodes of poofties, but it's something that takes a lot of time so you'll have to wait patiently ;;

next is a very beautiful dress, which used to be very short and simple, and i completely renovated it and made it longer :

i feel like a princess when i wear this dress .. it's like magic !
wearing something that changes my mood for the better is something i pay close attention to 

just like i said in the last post, i wanted to try to needle felt one more realistic little critter, and so i did :

it's a sleepy baby bunny ♡♡
isn't it precious ? i'm in love.. it's very small & delicate
i won't sell this one, i will keep it to myself. i don't usually keep those little critters for myself, but this time i think i'm deserving a little gift ..

that's it for today, i hope you are enjoying the updates !
dear reader, please take care and rest when necessary. never blame yourself for feeling tired 


january . 09 . 2020

hiii fluffies
are you full of hopes and dreams for this new year ? i hope your year has started softly ..
i am absolutely the happiest, it's been a lovely year already and i'm enjoying it wholeheartedly 
i'm getting a lot of work and doing my best to achieve my ideal self, i'm leaving behind everything that weights me down and focusing on my happiness.
in some months i will be living with bubu, our own little home 
we're working hard to prepare everything in time, this is the beginning of a whole new phase of our lives ♡♡♡

i intend to post my works here on the blog more often from now on for keeping track of my improvement and receiving feedback.. i'm always experimenting new techniques and sadly some things i do get lost in time
this will be my only and exclusive platform for sharing my art. i will keep using my instagram stories for disclosure ( specially if work related ), since it's the most convenient way to reach interested people at the moment, but i will try to redirect people for the respective links instead of reposting stuff there randomly.. i want to be more organized & professional
i post here my favorite stuff i feel somewhat proud of, but i actually checked my posts and realized i forgot to show some really nice works i've done .. and i don't want them to be forgotten !!
it's not too late to give them some love, so i will post today some stuff i still keep in my folders but haven't posted 

first one will be a little casual outfit. i've been sewing a lot lately, but specially for fixing + modifying vintage clothing i got from thrift stores. this one is an example of customized blouse + self made skirt :

it looks adorable with cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita mary janes, such a cozy look 
i've been feeling a lot more confident about my appearance for i am working on making it translucent from now on : everything i'm proud to show about who i am inside, being seen clearly.
fashion is really important for me, a path to purity somehow. looking at yourself kindly and recognizing your body as your precious place on earth, your home, and making this home a comfortable, healthy & beautiful place 
i do have some more clothing i could show here but for today let's keep just this one, i don't want to be repetitive ///

now i'll show something a little different from usual, a mini junk journal i made :


i love making junk journals because i can use of all stationery that have been forgotten into something new and interesting !!
this one will be a little exception since it's still empty, but journaling is one of the few hobbies i have and don't usually share online because it's very intimate for me.
i like to be 100% honest with them so i write & scribble things that i wouldn't like anyone to see.. deep stuff 

this next one will be a very old one, it's a precious sleeping ( life size ) mouse i needle felted and was sold out almost a year ago, but i'm glad i still have the pictures because i feel calm just looking at him .. 

this one is the most realistic work with needle felt i ever made, i love it...
i'm thinking about felting a realistic sleeping bunny, let's see how it goes !

i've tried out some embroidery techniques and recently made these really cute envelope shaped purses :

the concept of envelope shaped purses is absolutely adorable for me !!
these were sold out fast and i'm still thinking i should have made one for myself.. maybe in the near future ?

there is also content i make exclusively for my accounts ( photography, edits, writing, scribbles, story games / templates, ascii art.. ) so i won't show them here because they are all perfectly accessible if you go to my links. if i feel it's necessary some of my best ones will be in my portfolio as well !
+ i can't show specific content like commissions publicly, for privacy reasons,,
besides these, i will post everything i do and feel comfortable sharing online. it's important to register my progress for improving consistently, right ?

i have multiple projects going on at the moment and i want to make satisfactory progress in all of them this year 
i must be careful to do everything in a healthy pace, as i said i'll be working more than usual so it can take a while until you see big updates, please be patient 


december . 21 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
merry xmas !!! please be kinder to yourself this next year ..
it has been a busy but very good month so far !
i got a lot of work, specially since i officially opened commissions for blogger and tumblr layouts.. it's really good since december is a month spending can go a little bit wild sometimes ( i'm trying my best to save money though /// )

talking on tumblr,, i made the hard decision of getting rid of my graphics blog since it wasn't really being useful .. i wasn't paying much attention to it recently, and i don't intend to continue. this blog didn't have much original content anyway, so i want to focus on my aesthetic blog and my other accounts that matter most to me !
i made a small change in my social media by choosing a new user that could be original and available for using in all of them : @pooftie
now my 4 accounts have the same user, which makes it way easier to find me and keep everything organized 
as you may already know, pooftie is how i call all the critters that i've created for my "poofties" project ! it's a very special word for me ♡♡

changing subjects, i decided to make my own virtue chart based on personal goals and some research i did recently .. it was hard finding the proper words but i believe it turned out okay
virtue charts can be really useful for valuating your self improvement process making sure you're going through the right path, because going too far will end up hurting yourself and/or other people !

i hope it can help you understand more about your feelings, natural tendencies, what you aim for & traits that could be improved in a healthy way 
while i was writing it i realized that some things i was forcing myself into were actually being harmful to my mental health for i was taking it too far.. if you tend to be harsh on yourself and feel overwhelmed, please be careful 

i'm so excited for this next year, very good life changes will happen and i'll keep trying my best...
please do your best too, and don't forget the xmas spirit !! let's make good memories and forget about the problems
i will have a very special xmas with only bubu for the first time .. we'll cook together and have purely comfy time ♡♡♡


november . 28 . 2019

hiii fluffies
this month .. i worked a whole lot but i somehow managed to rest a lot more than i usually do
i had some very energetic moments, extremely sleepy moments, talkative moments and completely quiet moments !!
it was a mess and i'm tired, but at least i did things i'm very proud of that i want to show you today 
i hope my emotions will get together this new month so i can feel less anxious. when i'm all over the place like this i always get confused at some point, act out of myself, feel dissociated and get embarrassed ///
but everything is okay, after all, it's natural to have different moods and i'm always doing my best and learning from any mistakes ( even the smallest ones )
i will make sure to be patient.. i have to put myself first if i want to be happy, being a caring person includes caring about my own well-being and validating my efforts !!
i know that forcing myself to socialize is big part of my anxiety so i will keep cautious not to overdo it and stay in a safe place. i can and will make people smile within my capacity, fill my life with good experiences while respecting my limits. 
also, a little reminder for me and anyone reading this : be yourself. self improvement is not about trying to fit in. it doesn't matter if someone would like you more if you acted like this or that, it doesn't matter if someone thinks you're weird, it doesn't matter. stay pure and be proud of who you are. don't try to get included, don't base your growth on what others see, it's not worth it.
focusing on my improvement, creating content i feel truly proud of and decentralizing the attention of my ego is what i long for !! enough of pain for not being perfect for others, i will perfect myself.. for myself 
i love helping, i want to inspire and be inspired. i must keep myself pure if i want to heal. only a heart full of love can spread kindness !

let's go for the content !! this month i made some really cute things, i'm excited to show you 
first, my secret project from poofties, finally started :

0% played

these will be a series of 1min videos with this *big* story i have in mind for.. some years now
everything made with collages of real life things, except for the characters !!
i think it looks really cute, it takes a long while to search, edit and put everything together but i had a lot of fun 
the "voice acting" is absolutely amateur ( and a little embarrassing ) but i'm okay with this.. what can i do ? LOL
please let me know your opinions, i'm not used to video editing and some things ( specially the audio ) can be a little off so i would really appreciate the opinion of someone more experienced

all the melodies used will be composed by me ( i've already started with the next one actually )
this is the one i've used in this episode :

 breakfast .mp3 

a lively and adorable midi, i'm happy with it 
not the most creative melody because i wanted these to be simple and not distracting, so expect to hear some loops !

the next thing i'm showing today is a simple but lovely idea a friend gave me : collage wallpapers with self care reminders
( i have these on my instagram highlights )

as you already know, i love making collages, it's really relaxing for me so i will certainly make some more of these in the near future.. !
it's always nice to practice making visuals with different aesthetics, right ?

i hope you, lovely reader, is taking good care of yourself ♡♡
the year is almost finished .. let's fill our hearts with hope for new experiences


october . 24 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
happy halloween !!
are you excited ? i'm going to eat lots of candy with bubuuuu 
it's time to listen to halloween music : "dancing christmas in the 13th month" from ragnarok online & "haunted disco" from club penguin are my classic choices LOL
for some reason the climate decided to get cold, maybe to put me into the autumn mood and feel happier !? i even got flu but i'm happy, i hope it stays like this until halloween 

i'm very motivated lately and doing lots of things !!
i have some projects going on lately but first i will keep the tradition of posting a flash game.
every october i've been making a flash game, but for next year i'm thinking of something new ... i actually wanted to make my games work on mobile, and of course i would need to remake them into html5, and i am really not into javascript so it would be a nightmare for me ; ;
i'll test some things and see how it turns out, bubu really likes coding so he can help me with the process.. i hope i can remake them all little by little, let's see !
for now, if you haven't seen it yet, here is the recent game i made :

click to play it ( if you're on pc ) !!
it took me a while to draw everything but it turned out so cute, i'm very proud ///
and this is the melody i made for it :

 care .mp3 

i think it sounds very gentle.. 

well, do you remember this game project i've been doing slowly since last year, that is halloween themed ?
i'm still in progress of writing the script ( it's a long story, i'm writing in portuguese too and i only write once a week so yes it's taking a while ) and i've decided to make a cute html page to put it, since the original document was ugly and boring and i was honestly tired of looking at it every week....
it's a super cute cottagecore autumn themed page where i will write the script 

click to enter the page ! the url is really cute ( boo.pooftie.me )
it looks absolutely adorable, with the leaves falling,, and i will update it maybe .... when i start making the visuals and soundtrack ?
i don't know for sure, because i don't want to spoil the game itself by exposing too much info, but i'll tell you once i update it.
for now you can get to know a little bit of the lovely characters that i love so very much ♡♡
i've created them all and the main story together with bubu so this is actually a project from us both ( he will do the coding )
i'm not sure when i will be able to finish this game but i'm not worrying too much about it since it's a side project and i'm trying to make everything calmly & patiently.. 
it's important that it's a fun process because i'm not very good with big projects, i like to finish everything quickly or i lose motivation ;;

now !! i have a q&a text for today, that is a tutorial for phone customization people have been requesting since last post 
it will not be a long tutorial with pictures and everything since it's actually quite an easy app to use !

 q & a 
first of all, you need to install this app called +home, for android ( click here ) !!
this is a themes app where you can download icons, backgrounds and stuff .. however you don't have to download any of that ! i've already downloaded themes to use icons and some widgets but currently i just use the default app theme ( which will replace your main screen ).
what i do is change the background and icons for png images with transparent background i have in the gallery, and this is the biggest secret : this app is the best i know for customization because it allows you to customize everything with your own images, it's very intuitive, you just have to click and hold on the app icons and choose what you want.
you can also change the size of the icons, the size of the letters, if you want applications to have names ( you can also rename them ) and you can make app folders and organize everything, you can also change the folder icons.
the app drawer page ( where all of them appear ) don't have customizable icons, but you don't have to use it if you don't want to, you can just organize everything into folders on the homepage ; but important : you need to go into this app drawer area, click the settings symbol and refresh the page whenever you install any new apps or you won't be able to place the icon on your homepage ! therefore, i recommend leaving the icon of this page somewhere for easy access.
so, basically touch and hold the main screen and try all the customization options you find until you're satisfied ! you can also place images floating on the screen with the photo widget ( they can have transparent background too )
tip : you will only see ads while customizing some things in the settings and sometimes on the app drawer page so it's not a bother, but ads will also appear if you leave an app folder with empty space. just fill all the folders so that doesn't happen !

that's it for today, i hope you all have fun this halloween ♡♡
be careful not to have a stomachache from eating too much candy !!


october . 10 . 2019

hiii fluffies
it's that time of the year again .. spring time for me, autumn time for many others...
this post will be more springy but the next one will be halloween themed 

these days has been very interesting. i'm still in the balanced mood, which is very good, but i still had some bad days ; ;
i have a hard time dealing with dissociation from time to time .. for some reason
i usually feel it when i see people thinking bad things of me that are not true, but it doesn't make much sense if you think about it 
i mean,, let whoever think whatever, right !?
easier said than done.. but of course i will not give up, i will keep trying my best to just "hmpf" over people's impressions on me !!
it's not worth it feeling all anxious and worried about who i am just because sometimes stereotypes are stronger than my attitudes ///
i know who i am, i know i'm the best me i ever was - and becoming better - so just let people be, they don't know me 

well i have many projects going on now, many things to show,, but !! i'm still finishing most of these so i'm gonna show you the recently finished stuff :
i have this lovely drawing i painted & edited, that turned out as a very lovely wallpaper 

i really really like it ♡♡
it's so so comfy too, i wish i had this quilt irl 

i have been experimenting with collages and image editing a lot recently, so i ended up deciding to reorganize & customize my phone !
this is how it turned out ( i'm very proud ) :

the app icons look like part of the background collage, it's so cute 
i made a secret folder there to put the apps i don't use a lot, not to take up unnecessary space on the main screen
i can find everything easily now, i choosed all images carefully so there is actually a meaning behind all of these !
and the moomin lock screen is very cute too, don't you think ?

that's about it for today.. i'm preparing some very cute stuff for the next posts so keep an eye open !!
stay safe and keep doing your best always ♡♡


september . 19 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
finally, i got in a balanced mood while i can be productive but also rest properly 
this is such a relief because i've got to start and finish some personal projects, made new things for the shy bunny store + got enough sleep, chatted with friends, didn't felt super anxious.. !!
i hope i can keep it like this for a long time because i'm feeling so much joy 

i've also become more active on my accounts, making content and being interactive !
( careful not to get overwhelmed !! - i gotta keep reminding myself, always )
i finally started using the "close friends" function of instagram in a more organized way now : while i post self care reminders for everyone i always have some more personal stuff to share with my mutuals ( like venting or showing my self improvement )
i believe this is quite related to the acc purpose for it can motivate others to overcome their own troubles, but i'm just too shy to post it for all of my followers so i keep the public content more impersonal ///

it's a little hard to be productive while respecting my schedule, but i got it pretty well these last weeks 
i know it's a good phase and phases come and go,, but i do feel proud of myself for having good phases just as often as the bad ones .. actually, these bad phases are not even bad, i just have a hard time accepting that i deserve ( and need ) to chill and be lazy sometimes ; ;
one day, i know, i will love myself the way i deserve ♡♡

now changing subjects , after receiving many requests of mutuals, i decided to share my line acc in my links page !!
i made a new one, with a very cute id ( pooftie ) and i'm happy 
while discord is my fav app for group chat ( because of all the features & bots ) line is actually my fav for private messages,, it's the app i use for talking with bubu and we even have matching pfp there ///
as you already know i love collecting line themes, stickers & emojis.. i use this app for some years now and i really like it, so i would like to add more friends there 
i think discord private messages are really boring - just like line groups are boring - so for me both complement each other perfectly !!
of course i use any chat in any account i have for talking with people, if they prefer like this, but i do have my own preferences ..

soo, lately i've been doing a cleaning in my wardrobe, then i realized i only use 1/3 of my clothes..
most of it was basic clothes from when i was a teenager and wasn't sure of my style yet, i was keeping these there just because LOL
i gave most of it to friends and my younger cousins, but some of these were actually cute and has potential !!
now that i can sew, i tried renewing these and make them perfect for me again : i fixed them, added lace, ribbons & details 
now i have a lot of cute "new" clothes that i'm very excited to try out !!!
i also have been sewing some, and bought some others from thrift stores,, so i'm completely satisfied.
i never had so many cute clothing before !!
i'm gonna show you one of my favorite outfits :

isn't it absolutely precious ? 
the little apron is just.. too cute ; ;
( i also made a "full body" apron with the same fabric and lace but it's actually for using in a practical way, not as accessory )

now, i have a collage that i made recently and wanted to show you :

 fairy garden .rar 

it's a "fairycore" one i made for mother nature.. i love her so much 
this is such an inspiration for me, and i aim to be in contact with nature more and more each day 
i also have this melody that complements the theme :

 secret kingdom .mp3 

i think it's very beautiful, i'm proud of it ..

for today, that's it !! i talked a lot already so it's time to go...
thank you a lot for always giving me so much love & support ///


august . 16 . 2019

hiii fluffies
waaa middlepot.com is now 2 years old  !!
and i am 22 .. this will be the year of the little swans 
i'm very proud of all the effort i put in this website to keep it a nice place for me and you, reading this..
i hope i can keep improving more & more, please keep supporting me ///
all the love i receive will be forever cherished by me... i will never forget the messages, i will never stop trying my best to make you smile ♡♡
thank you ,, for everyting 

after a very energetic phase, my slow mood is back 
i still keep doing my tasks, but i haven't really did much extra this month ~
since august is a special month for me, i think it's a well deserved time for me to just relax, right ?
but i hope i will feel motivated soon so i can keep going with my projects because i have lots of things i want to try out !!
i have been sewing some things, but my big projects are staying still until i feel 100%
maybe all i need is just going outside a little more 
making good memories with bubu is always the best way to make me super motivated ♡♡♡

so, as i said in the previous post i was trying some new embroidering techniques..
i made two very cute frames with a teddy bear and a bunny :

i really like it, i think it turned out so delicate .. 
what do you think of these ? have you ever seen this kind of embroidering ?
i wanted them to have lots of lace, ribbons and cute details
these are on my online store, so go check it out !!

that's about it for today.. !
i hope you're treating yourself gently 
you deserve kindness, don't ever forget !!


july . 19 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
i'm proud of myself ♡ !!
i've been making a lot of progress in my projects and improving 
i hope i can keep this productive mood so i can be rewarded in my bday, that is coming soon ~ 
please don't forget to check out my online store, i need support to buy more crafting supplies ♡♡
i'm gonna add new stuff very soon, next post i'll show you the best things i made 

my accounts have been growing a lot lately and it makes me really happy.. i have no words to explain ; ;
i love making content that make people smile, i try my best to keep my accounts helpful & safe for everyone ...
i don't believe in taking numbers as a sign that i'm being sucessful, but i've been checking my followers frequently and removing all the creeps and ghosts, i want all of my followers to be real people that are truly interested in my content !
besides being only mutuals with friends, i can safely say that i really appreciate every single person that interact with my posts ♡
all of my comfy & positive content is made with my honest feelings, so yes, i am happy that my accounts are growing !!
i can reach all of these lovely people with my stuff, it's surely a good thing, it's exactly the reason why i keep my accounts and don't just post everything in this website.
sadly, personal websites are not that popular nowadays, so if i want to really help people in some way i need to keep some social media accounts ..
tumblr is my fav place to post images in original quality ; youtube is my fav place to make playlists ; twitter is my fav place to post ascii art ; instagram is my fav place to post interactive content .
i really want to post all of these things, to inspire and make people smile with these things.. !
if i can't reach many people by simply posting everything in my website, i am keeping these accounts happily until the day i feel that they're not useful anymore ♡

btw, recently i've been getting tired of my tumblr layouts, so i decided to finally make some new ones !
i'm so happy with these, it warms my heart ..

do you like it ? 
even if i'm not very used to make tumblr layouts, i could manage to make these work well...
i kinda made a mess with the codes, i don't feel very confident to make these for other people ///
but i really like making layouts outside platforms so if you want to have a cute website remember that commissions are open ♡

that's it for today, now i'm gonna embroider a little bit.. wish me luck 


june . 28 . 2019

hiii fluffies
the shy bunny store is finally open worldwide ♡ !!!
( please check it out on shybunny.middlepot.com )
i've worked so hard for it to happen.. and it's been worth it already, i'm proud of myself !
i'm in very berry productive phase now, as expected.. i knew it 
i sewed a lot of stuff, made lots of cute new items for the store and i want to make even more this next month.
also, i made my first clothing ♡♡
it's a lovely dress.. i also made a cute bow headdress i'll use with it !!
so yes, if i use these + the frilly socks i made : it's a full outfit made 100% by myself
you have no idea how much it means to me.. i'm really happy !
look at these :

it's so pretty.. ///
i'm going to make more outfits soon, and as soon as i make a little more money and buy more fabric i'll surely put some clothing on the store !!
( i also want to make some cute bags )

about my instagram acc.. in addiction to my "self care calendar" idea i showed you before, i made some other templates for daily track & planning !
i want to start using these frequently now in my phone, every morning, since it's the time of the day i check my apps.
i was trying to keep these things "physically" but it sadly turned out a little messy 
i think i'm not very good with planners, even though i love stationery stuff .. i always want to make everything to look perfect so it becomes easily stressful and time consuming ///
these virtual templates will be very useful for me, so now it's not just something i do for helping others but also myself.. !
i will not post my personal lists in public since my acc is focused on self care posts only, but as always , i'll share some of these with close friends ♡

sooo.. about the q&a, i actually don't have any interesting subject to write about this time ;  ;
usually the requests i receive are self care related, but i will try to explain how i keep my writing organized :

 ♡ i write texts about specific topics on /blog
 ♡ i write tips about daily problems on /help
 ♡ i write self care reminders on my ig acc

i've been receiving requests that would fit into the help page and ig acc , but not on the blog...
i will surely write more q&a texts once i get an interesting topic request !
and, it doesn't have to be self care related, i write about life in general, if it's something i want to express my opinion about.. !

i hope i haven't disappointed you .. i've been posting a lot in other places so please check them out //


may . 30 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
i think i've started existing in a new reality..
the reality where the smaller things give me energy for avoiding all bad things with a smile !!!
if even a cry baby like me can feel that confident i'm sure you reading it can, too 

i'm currently in a lazy social phase where i want to talk with people, make friends, share memories together.. ♡ !!
and, well.. i'm being really slow with my projects, but i'm trying my best to keep doing my weekly tasks anyways 
but of course socializing can be very stressful for me and that's why these phases just happen on internet so i can keep myself safe and cautious !
i'll share with you some things i've learned the past weeks :

ⅰ. everyone deserves a chance !! even the weirdest people can turn out to be really nice, so even if someone seem weird give them a chance and be friendly !
ⅱ. in the other hand, some people who seem to be super nice can be meanies in the end of the day.. so always keep an eye open and don't go trusting people too quickly...
ⅲ. manipulative people don't deserve your friendship, stay far away from people who make you feel bad for receiving attention !!!
ⅳ. don't keep hate in your heart, let it go and be happy ! but never forget that bad people are bad and shouldn't be trusted. it's not your responsability to make them improve and accept them in your life, keep away and just hope for their best.

mm as i said, i haven't been very good in making things lately... but i did something cute !
i colored and made some edits in this adorable drawing from paper doll mate :

i'm very very proud and i think it would be such a cute wallpaper 

i've been decorating my doll house, and it's becoming really cute.. ♡
i will take pics once it's finished, but it will surely take a long while, many details ; ;

so.. let's go for the q&a ! this one will be about something that always make me sad so i really feel the need to talk about !!

 q & a 

recently people have come to consider the process of buying and selling pets something wrong and disrespectful to them, "do not buy a friend", "there are many animals for adoption" ... but what's the real point in that ?
only dogs and cats can be found for adoption, and only a few specific breeds, which makes some people very angry with who prefers to buy dogs or cats of other specific breeds. "all races are valid and deserve love" .. this is true, but i can't see the point in always putting down people who wish to have a specific breed animal, it's not a matter of disliking the other breeds, just choosing one ! just like you choosed to have a bunny instead of a hamster, it doesn't mean you hate hamsters.. hmpf
the reason these dogs and cats are on the streets and consequently placed for adoption is our fault, and i believe they are disrespected precisely because they are put up for adoption and not sold like any other breed. they are treated different !! people don't take care of them properly and don't care if they're having lots of babies out there.
all pets are sold for a certain amount of money, not because they are objects but because they are difficult and expensive to maintain. someone had to take care of the mom who had that animal, who was cared for with affection ( and money ) to one day be put up for sale. if you don't have the money to buy a pet, you certainly do not have the money to care for one, right ?
the dogs and cats on the street are exactly the ones that are put to adoption for free and easily abandoned because people do not value their lives. i don't think they should be treated differently from any other animal that is sold, they should be sold too and be cared of the same way.
it is true that some animals are used for money and people abuse that, so it is important to be sure who you are buying the animal for and if the person really is trustworthy but many animals are sold for high value because they are rare breeds or very difficult to care for.
so.. i don't see any problem in selling animals except when the person is bad and wants to make money from the lives of animals in a disrespectful way, and i believe that adoption is not a really good thing as it makes these animals even more devalued ;;
the life of an animal is precious, and if you are not willing to pay for it you simply do not deserve to have a pet !!

i hope i didn't come off as rude,, this subject hhh really bothers me .. !


april . 30 . 2019

hiii fluffies
have you been doing your best ?
i've been.. doing a lot ...
i finally opened commissions for website layouts, as you can see on the index page !
i really love web design, but i never felt really like people would really want to pay for my work..
well, after receiving so many questions about my website and how i make it, i decided to open myself to it and did my first commission ♡ !!!
i'm really proud of myself, now i can work hard to make people happy in other ways besides my current projects.

i also opened a ko-fi account, since i really am in need of some money right now for buying a new laptop.. it's been hard working with it, but i'm doing my best ; ;
i have some active projects rn and some more to come that i'm working with, so if you like any of my works please consider supporting me.. ! it would mean the world to me, and help a whole lot.
remember you can now also support me by buying a layout commission or if you're from brazil, buying something from my online store !
( you can also buy small items on the shy bunny store if you live overseas, just please consider the long delivery time )

i appreciate a lot all the supporting messages i receive from you all and i want to keep going with my current works, even if most of them don't give me any profit, i still keep going with all my love and dedication
i know some of my projects have been stagnant, but i'm not giving up on them, don't worry !
i'm just focusing on my main ones right now, but i will surely take some time for everything i planned.
if you want to see something specifically here or in my accs, please contact me and i will certainly consider it ♡

eee now, i have today a very cute html page i've been wanting to do for.. a week LOL
it's "my simulation of the perfect imageboard for me"
i out of nowhere wanted to do it because i was remembering all the time i spent on imageboards when i was younger and i always wanted to make a cute and positive one ~
( i don't think people would even enter it actually, it's too girly )
by the way, the q&a today will be about imageboards ! i wanted to talk about it because most people don't really understand the point of these sites and think they're just bad, but it's not really like that.
it's complicated, and i stopped using them for a long time now, but i certainly miss exchanging content and stories with all the interesting people i could find on the weirdest boards !
i specially liked threads about "trying to find" specific content or observing bizarre communities... these became renegade thread themes on ibs over time, and i don't know why, since these were so much fun ??
people seem to only like talking about boring stuff now.. ughie
well, enough of talking, here :

 pufchan .rar 

i think pufchan is adorable ..
it's obviously a fake imageboard, you can't post anything, it's just visuals !
the layout is inspired by futaba, which i believe it's the first "chan". i love the 90s look of it, despite it being born in 2001 ♡
i'm sorry about my weird japanese, i just wanted to make some inside jokes there LOL
i was not very creative about the domain this time, but here we go : ch.pooftie.me

do you like it ? would you use it ?
only cuteness allowed

now let's go to the q&a and continue the subject..

 q & a 

i have seen many people saying that imageboards are toxic and hateful environments. i have had particularly varied experiences in such environments, not just ibs but other places that are also open to different subjects, and because these are anonymous environments, it is easy to see people saying hateful thoughts...
such people may or may not have gone through difficult things in life and they feel the need to vent terrible things on the internet. i consider myself a very patient person with open environments like this, because i've already been able to talk about very interesting and fun subjects with good-hearted people in places like this. it is possible to have good experiences !
currently, i have found it VERY difficult to find good content, as these places have become the focus of hate texts. i definitely do not support or pay attention to this sort of thing, since it doesn't do any good for anyone.
i used to go to these places with some frequency because it was easy to find ibs where the anonymity was absolute, that is, it was not spoken in gender or any subject that revealed particularities about the users. this avoided most of the unpleasant and problematic issues, leaving room for healthy and interesting discussions. i learned a lot and met very nice people in these spaces. unfortunately, it is a rarity now, and so i consider that the ibs are dead practically all over the world.
many people say they see clear rejections in specific places against groups of people. this is real, but not just in anonymous places, i've seen it all over the internet ( and out of it too ) !!
something very common to see is the classic boys x girls, right x left and other things like that ; ;
if you pay attention, you will find all sorts of people rejecting and avoiding contact with other types of people, because they had bad experiences multiple times. this is basically it. i believe that any passive or aggressive rejection against people by their sex, beliefs, tastes, thoughts, is the fruit of past bad experiences. i don't like to judge people by such attitudes as long as they can be understanding, i think no one need to accept interactions with people who don't want to, i think it's important to respect environments made for a specific type of audience. i've never disrespected public rules anywhere because it seems to me too immature to force your presence into places where you're not welcome just to be "edgy" or "revolutionary" ; it's disrespectful to use personal information as an advantage in anonymous places, i don't support this. but obviously i can't stand threatenings or hate texts, as this is sick and negative, i don't like any toxic environment !
i really value respect among people and believe that anonymity should serve to make people "impartial" and away from judgments, to say what they really think, so that it can be productive for the personal development of everyone. it is possible to exchange good arguments and spend good moments of entertainment and learning with people if they respect each other and don't judge for personal details. i believe that anonymity makes environments nicer for complicated topics, an environment becomes pure from the moment people don't have personal information about each other.
please don't be hateful, please don't be mean !! it's hard to deal with differences, but people are not supposed to hate each other. everyone is different and have problems, and that's okay. you don't have to interact with people you don't like, but it's not right to write hate texts ; ;
so i support anonymous discussion environments, and the respect. my good experiences were much more relevant than the bad ones, although i had a hard time finding interesting subjects on the internet, i know it's possible !
unfortunately the ibs have become a very dirty place in recent years, frequented by frustrated teenagers who want to feel special and part of some sort of "secret movement" that rules the world through memes... seriously. although i believe myself in the power of memes and the internet, using it to feel better than others is pathetic.
and, fortunately, i still know other places on the internet that are good for that kind of healthy interaction that i quoted above ♡ ! there are not many, but i really like them. things really are temporary, so it's not healthy to keep complaining, right ?
by the way i really don't care about the reputation of the places on the internet, to be honest, so i'm always open to experiencing things before judging them by the contents that spread out there. for example, tumblr has a very dubious and embarrassing reputation, but i have used it for many years and absolutely love the beautiful and interesting content that i find exclusively there. people simply should try before saying anything.

mm.. people can be very judgmental with some places on the internet without any real experience so i think it's fair to give my opinions about it !


march . 29 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
what are you thinking of the new layout ♡ ?
this one is my favorite layout of all times.. i'm so proud ; ;
i organized everything waaay better, getting rid of some unnecessary pages with repetitive content.. !
now i just have my main project featured, all of my other works can be found here at the blog and the portfolio.
i feel like everything is way better now

so.. about my new social media i was starting to get.. well, too into it.
but i know that social media are bad, it was making me feel really stressed already ; ;
so i made a promise to myself : i will just open my apps once a day. i still want to keep my "5 hours of internet per week" but it obviously gets harder if i keep my apps open and distracting me !!
this is what i'm doing now :
after waking up i open the apps, i check and respond my friends, i post ( if i have something to post ), then i close the apps.
sometimes i don't respond messages, if i'm tired.. and i try to plan my posts once a week, not every day ( but sometimes i'm just full of ideas )
.. before sleep i like to respond the messages i haven't before, but that's about it !
i'm doing it for some days now and i'm already feeling better
please be careful about social media ! it is good for making friends and reaching people with your work, but in balance. posting personal things and opening all your apps multiple times a day will only keep you increasingly far from individuality !!!
you must have realized that you start thinking bad things that you would not normally think and feeling "out of place" ; it's because you're being influenced by excessive information.. !
really dangerous ...

talking about social media, last month i made a "mood calendar" for instagram, but this month i wasn't feeling motivated for that ..
i see many similar calendars everywhere and i didn't see a reason in doing something repetitive like that, but i wanted to continue with that idea, improving it somehow.. !
so i had the idea to do a "self care calendar", much more complete and useful ♡ !!
i'm very proud of it and i hope to have more ideas in the future to continue helping others on a daily basis.
helping people is something i love, because it not just fills my heart with joy but also makes me emotionally stronger !
i feel that i can help myself and people i love better if i've practice beforehand. my own advices and texts help me a lot, and i'm really glad to be able to share it with others and help in any way ♡

i have been trying to fight against insecurity for the longest time.. just like everyone else.
i think that discovering your individuality is the best way for understanding who you are, what are your flatters and what you can actually improve !
accepting compliments with your heart is very hard, since you don't actually believe these. it doesn't mean they're wrong.
lately i've been feeling particularly insecure about myself because sometime it seems that my personality is just the way it is because of the people i've met, which would mean that i also can change others .. isn't it impure ? wrong ?
actually, i think that it's a natural process of maturing. since we really are shaped with time, it doesn't mean all of it is impurity.. !
i'll write more about it on the q&a today.

now, the first thing i have to post here is the backup of my last html pages i made !!
it's just a simple scenary collage with all of my favorite sprites of ragnarok online
aaand, of course, cute domain : kafra.pooftie.me
( i've always admired the kafras, they are inspiration to me /// )
i made sprites of myself in all themes.. this is my fav one :

 ragnarok .rar 

( i'm wearing an apron ♡ )

i have also been making lots of things lately !!
i decorated my little "sewing workspace", since now i have a new and super cute sewing machine ♡
i'm a little tired now.. and i wanted to make more items for the shy bunny store ; ;
but well, it's important to rest ! i'll make many cute stuff when i feel motivated again !!!
from the latest things i made, this needle felted bear is my favorite :

she's soft.. so cute.. i love her a lot ♡♡

mm i have some important things for the q&a today, about ego and age differences !

 q & a 

 ✁ ⅰ
the ego is all that you were not naturally, all that you have consumed and learned from life experiences. the ego is not necessarily bad, but it is definitely dangerous..
your ego is the cause of all your insecurities and social problems ; every time you feel dissociated or afraid of other people's opinion about you is because you're trying to make your ego stronger and protect it. the thing is .. you have nothing to be afraid of !
no one can actually stole who you are, even if you feel like you're similar to others in some way of trying to replicate others to become better, it's just your way of learning. it may be not the best way of improving, but it's what you have now, so it's important being patient with yourself !!
everything i've learned and got inspired by others is just what made me improve and mature, it's not a bad thing. i also believe that if i am inspiring others in a good way, it's a good thing !!
it would be impure if i was changing who i am, but i am in fact just polishing myself. i can feel what is artificial and what is not ; so i trust myself to get inspiration and improve with time and experiences.
i realize that overcoming this fear is really important, since it's really hurtful and hard to improve if i keep feeling afraid of trying new things, changing and not being approved by others.. !
i can clearly see when people are truly giving me useful and important criticism, and when they're just trying to make me sad because they're frustrated with themselves. i still feel afraid of making people feel frustrated, but it's inevitable. bad feelings are also part of life, and i feel blessed for being able to feel these things and keep learning from it !!
the ego keeps making me think that i should protect my individuality and my beliefs, that if someone dislike me it's because i'm making something wrong, they're trying to make me unmotivated.. and they're getting it .
this is really bad, i now can see that it's natural if i make mistakes, even if i'm not making mistakes someone will not agree with me, everyone interpret things differently. i just hope people keep growing up and learning.. and they are !
individuality is not something that can be stolen, your ego may seem artificial sometimes but if you keep your purity and just do things that you want from heart, everything is okay ♡
who you are is not just visuals, musical tastes, mannerisms .. you're actually really unique, since ever. no one is truly similar to you, at all ! maybe similar to your ego, but it keeps evolving anyways. it is important to be able to representate your personality through your ego, you can help others to understand themselves and feel really comfortable in your body if you learn to look and act how you think it's the best version of you. if you're not making up your ego for others but using it as a way of expressing yourself, it's healthy and valid !!
embrace your actual perfection, within your abilities and reality ♡♡
everyone is trying, and sometimes there will be mean people out there. you're strong enough for understanding they're just sad and immature, they don't actually care about you personally, if you did nothing wrong. your ego makes you fragile and easily offended, but you have nothing to be afraid of !
these are some important reminders for you and i...
everyone learns to keep their purity in different paces, so if someone can feel suddenly confused and unsatisfied with themselves by trying to copy who i am, it's not my fault .. i always try to make it clear that purity is important..
i just want to be happy, and i want others to be happy too. i know that i must accept who i am and love myself to achieve happiness !

 ✃ ⅱ
i will leave here a brief opinion about age differences in relationships, in general.. !
i never really cared about interacting or even being friends with people older or younger than me. i believe that age is not a factor that defines whether or not a person is nice to have around ; but if the age difference is too big ( more than 5 years ) being too close becomes a problem as there are some limits and certain topics that are not appropriate to talk with people who are living a so different phase from you. if you are a relative, you have a greater freedom to talk and be an influence to that person ( or be influenced ), but when it comes to relationships i think big age differences are not very healthy normally .. it is uncomfortable when someone's is too young or too old to even understand what you're going through right now, and some people can be really toxic : bad advices, unmotivational comments, generalizations...
i've always been and i will always be open to being friendly and being there for all the lovely people who come into my life, regardless of anything, but i find it important to understand my position when i'm interacting with a person of a very different age. i avoid being too close to avoid any uncomfortable situation, since what i seek is just solace for me and for everyone !
if you're too younger or older than me, please don't feel bad ; i still am glad to have you here and i wouldn't reject your interactions. i love making friends and i love having my heart connected with different people from all over the world ♡ !!
i believe that if i keep cautious about what kind of relationship it's healthy to have with people, everything can turn out okay.. !

please don't forget to give me feedback, suggestions and questions for future content ♡ !


february . 08 . 2019

hiii fluffies
so many things have happened in last weeks .. i'm a little overwhelmed, even ; ;
but i'm trying my best to rest and respect my relaxing time !!
it's always hard keeping a routine and schedules, since my body and my mind not always agree with what i'm supposed to do.. but this is also part of a healthy routine !
sometimes we need to adapt the schedule to respect our time and not get too tired.
it's actually common for me to have a full lazy day and the next day i feel super motivated to do all tasks for three days.. !
the important thing is to not pressure myself to follow the routine 100%, since it's supposed to be helpful and not a bother. if i'm doing my weekly tasks and resting properly, everything is ok !!

so .. you may have noticed some very "drastic" changes in all my social media,,
i was already making a sort of cleaning, but this time.. i just couldn't keep doing it.
i decided to finally stop this pain and actually delete my accounts and make new ones !
i have now new accounts for my "not bad" project ; my social media accs
i mean, only my tumblr blogs are the same, but i changed urls : now it's @pufti and @pofti, which is really cute and match ( for real now )
as you already know, i don't use social media for personal content but to post actual helpful stuff.. maybe not thaaat helpful but i always try to post things that can be inspiring, motivational or just make someone's day a little better
my old accounts were not really making this project work very well.. but well, i'll write more about this in the q&a !
( i already made the necessary edits in the faq and the project page )

it took me a while to know what i should post on my new instagram acc, since i would like it to be something original and helpful ..
i was thinking of using it as a "spam" acc, but my posts ended up being more helpful than i expected,, so it ended up becoming a "self care" acc !
my posts are all stuffies and the next slides are screenshots from the "help" page of my site ( yes, thiiis one )
i always wanted these tips to reach more people, and since not everyone is used to personal websites and stuff, this was a good way for me to actually help more people !!

isn't it cute ? i'm proud .. ; ;
my acc is full of friends and mutuals that i love very much.. ! many precious and sweet people.
i want to keep it a healthy and safe environment there. i want to motivate them to be happier and feel valid !!

i also started doing "story games" and even a "mood calendar" to entertain everyone while helping them with self improvement !
i used the "small moments" once and the "mood calendar" for a week, but i don't think i'll continue using them myself since i'm making a new diary where i'll write things down in a more private way

modesty aside, i honestly think it became much prettier than i expected ..
and i'm so happy because my aesthetic is inspiring other people !!
i always feel my heart warm when i see that people are being inspired by me ///

today, the text will be about this renewal of my internet life !
a complement to a text i've written before, about "numbers".

 q & a 

i'm little by little getting more and more clean of the "numbers", and it's making me feel really good and refreshed.. !
now i officially got rid of all of my social media with big follower numbers. yes, i did my best there, i spent time and effort posting content, but now it's time to refresh things.
i was just really tired of all of this.. random strangers following me just because of a random viral post, creeps messaging me, my accs turning to feel important and platforms treating it like nothing.. so stressful !!
i writed my reasons, and i honestly think these changes are an improvement for me and the quality of my content ♡
even if not using social media for posting personal content, it's still the best way to reach people and make friends. this is what i wanted, from the begin, and just now i'm being able to actually reach people's hearts !
the thing is,, my accs with lots of random people and artificial interactions were consuming my patience and time and i couldn't actually interact with others because it wasn't even safe to try approaching them ; people were also thinking i was distant and hard to approach. i want to have more time for healthy relationships and for myself.
now with my new accs i want to be more spontaneous and helpful to others, i want to make friends and approach people safely, i want to be able to interact with my friends and be there for everyone who needs me, i want to support people i admire and i want it to be soft !! i want my life to be softer, in general.
i'm happy to say that this is becoming reality ♡
i'm ironically being able to reach a higher number of people now than before, not with just cute stuff but my feelings too, and i believe it's because i'm doing better and being more sincere. i now can say i truly care about every single people that interact with my posts, because i can actually enter their accs and see they're trying their best too !!
this is what being "mutuals" means to me : to have our hearts connected by the same motivation and energies. even if i am not in fact "mutuals" with all my followers, i always look at their profile and check from time to time if they are active and if they are good people. i don't want ghost followers and people who never care about my content, i'm going to try to keep a proportion of followers and interactions as reasonable as possible from now on ! my large accounts always had infinitely less interactions than the number of followers, which means that obviously many of those accounts were inactive or people who didn't even care about who they're following. i don't want it anymore. i want real people, a comfortable and safe ambient for me and everyone ! the internet can be a place full of illusions. i believe the numbers are one of the most dangerous illusions.
i feel lighthearted now, and i'm being able to communicate with others better and doing what i wanted from the begin : reaching your hearts and soften your feelings !
i couldn't do it if my heart wasn't soft, right ?
i feel softer now.. i'm happy life made me see how artificial and unnecessary all these numbers are. i learned that real people are important ; kind and lovely people, who will be there. ♡
and i will be there, too ! even with the distance, i am here.

i hope i can inspire you to improve your internet life, too..
is it really healthy and safe for you, right now ?


january . 22 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
it's 2019 !!!
i hope this year is full of happy memories for all of us ♡
i took a while to have the energy to do this post, i'm in a bad phase ; ;
summer is a hard time for me, especially when it comes to sleep ..
my sleep routine is a mess, i'm tired all day
i want to improve it.. i want to feel more energetic so i can do my projects !!

anyway, i'm feeling happy ♡
i went through some sad moments but with the support of my loved ones i was able to overcome all this and to learn many things
i know all difficulties are important because it's with them that we face problems, fears and insecurities and we improve !!!
if you are going through something hard now, remember this.. everything will be better soon !

i have today to show you a collage that i'm very proud of
i've been saving images with this aesthetic for a loooong time, i love this theme of strawberries and hearts ♡ !

 strawberry valentine .rar 

valentine's day is coming so red and pink are important colors at the moment !!!
don't forget to use this time to spread love and take care of yourself

lately for being with low energy, i didn't do many things ; ;
but i'm super into dress up games, so i spent a lot of time playing with them !
these entertain me for hours ..
i want to show you my favorite "me" of the moment ///

so.. double q&a !!
the first one will be a complement to something i've written before, about age regression. the second one will be about "role in life" ♡

 q & a 

 ଢ ⅰ
i've been thinking about age regression lately, because i really am into all kind of age regression activities and stuff.. but i still know that i don't really age regress, because i'm always like it.
i don't really feel a difference when i'm coloring or eating using a cute spoon, because it's just my personality. i could say everytime i'm feeling comfy i'm regressed, but i don't really feel it as a thiiing, because it's just who i am.. !
i think age regression is valid, because it really is important for some people to find their purity and innocence again.. and i still really like being into agere activities and stuff, but i don't consider myself into the "little space" thing ( i'm talking about non kink age regression, i'm just using the expression.. ) because if so, i would constantly be into it, and the thing about regression is exactly the contrast between feeling adult and childish.
i have matured a lot and learned things through the time, but the way i see the world and my personality definitively is the same as ever, because this is exactly what i value !
when i think about myself with 8 years old, i can see clearly that i'm the same, and will always be. i don't need to regress.
i want to keep myself pure and innocent, imaginative, positive.. i always try my best to remain all the good important things about myself, even if sometimes i have to be really adult and strong, i'm still being myself all the time.. i'll never change, just mature and get better and smarter !!
i can be an adult and still be the same as always, just changing moods and choosing important personality traits for each situation ! i can have childish interests, because my interests are important, it doesn't matter if it's childish.. i also have lots of grandma interests like embroidery, baking, and i know i'm not a grandma ( yet )
of course adult stuff is really stressful, so bubu always help me.. he takes care of me. is he my caregiver ? yes, but i also take care of him ! we always help each other in everything ♡
since i've remained the same, i don't feel the need to regress, because i'm already regressed. i'm just myself.. always !
if you have a hard time being yourself and feeling comfortable about your interests, personality and behavior, don't feel guilty about regressing.. there will be this contrast between feeling big and small that will make you feel like wanting to regress all the time, but someday you'll also feel always just like yourself, and be really happy about it ♡ !
it is possible to be pure, innocent, happy and comfy even as an adult.. and i'm trying my best to get there !!!

 ଢ ⅱ
the meaning of things is usually something melancholy to think about, since although things all happen with a reason, these reasons are so vague and neutral that they don't satisfy us. things happen because they need to happen, but they can be painful and it's impossible to stop the pain. for example, we feel sad if we are lonely, but we also feel sad if we love people and they are gone ( and one day they will ). it's inevitable.
but i don't like to think of things in a pessimistic way, so i've always focused on something that i call "my role in life". this is what i must fulfill and that is what motivates me every day. it's something very simple, but at the same time so complicated.. to be happy.
nothing in life makes sense if you're not happy, but anything and everything becomes magical if you feel happy. it doesn't really matter if that was fate or not, if happiness is just chemical produced by your brain, because the feeling is magical and welcoming. all good feelings : excitement, comfort, satisfaction, passion.. all of them are the goals in our lives. if nature has given us such good feelings to encourage us to keep going, i believe that is what we should do.
i realized that to achieve my happiness i must have a pure heart, full of love.. i need innocence to enjoy all the wonderful little things of life in complitude. if i had been born in different living conditions, with another DNA, i certainly would not be the one i know today. i would not have learned or experienced the same things, so i would be someone else ; but that doesn't diminish for me the importance of purity. it's not about fitting into some pattern of pure and perfect angel, but rather embracing with all your heart all that your life has offered you until today and thereby forming your personality in the most positive way possible. every single person have purity, every one may be the best within one's own existence.
something that makes me truly happy is to be able to teach how to be the best version of yourself, spreading happiness, love and sharing everything i've learned to this day. although i can't reach many people, although i can't really interfere with their lives and make them happy, i do my best. i want to continue to the end of my life being as happy as i can and helping other people as much as i can, especially the ones i love.
some people will never learn to be happy, some people will never truly love. perhaps, the life given them did not bring enough information. maybe they just have a different way of seeing life. i believe it doesn't matter the way you see things, your personality or your appearance, for these are just consequences of your life, easily moldable. what matters is that inside your heart you can feel the warmth and magic that is love. if you love, you can become better, there is hope ♡ !

mm i'd like to thank you, if you really read everything i write ..
means a lot to me ; ; ♡
this is my valentine's day gift for you :


december . 20 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
do you have the xmas spirit ?
i'm willing to bring this comfort and warmth to you through this post ♡
as you know, where i live is summer right now, which is very anticlimatic ; ;
i always have difficulties getting into the xmas mood, but i love the xmas SO much !!!!
i always start to live it as soon as halloween is over ( i really love halloween too, by the way )
one of my biggest dreams is to have a white xmas.
i really hope for the day when i will have my first white xmas, and maybe, all the next ones too !
the snow is something magical that i really need to see, it's so important to me ;///;
i wish i could see nature in all its splendor, in its completeness...
if you can have snow where you live, i know that you maybe is used it, but please enjoy this vision and live this experience having in mind that it is something really special !!

changing the subject, i've been thinking a lot about how i take criticism into consideration, but i especially pay close attention to negative criticism..
i really do believe these are very useful for my personal improvement, but i think i've begun to take generalized negative criticism into consideration, which is a no no
for example, when people generally talk negative things about humans, girls, anything that applies to me, i keep evaluating my behavior to see if i'm doing these bad things too
the problem is that even when i realize that i am not doing anything bad, at all, and that the comment was true but generalized, i still feel sad because the image of who i am is at first bad, right ?
i think it's important for my maturation to realize that people's opinions can really be very negative about me at first, but if they are not true, i should not be worrying about it. it only hurts me.
it's natural to people who generalize opinions and stereotype things and people, and if these are bad things, i naturally have to overcome them by myself, and not try to "clean the image" of all people, if after all, they are not doing their best too.
i think this is an important lesson !!

do you also evaluate your behavior frequently ?
being the best that i can makes me very happy, but it's tiring when i'm being too strict with myself ///
i will focus on giving my best to give pride to those who know me
it's hard to think a lot, but i feel very lucky to be a person and be able to have my heart connected with those i love & with nature ♡ ♡ ♡
i want my feelings to reach you, especially this xmas

now i would like to show you a very special playlist that i made to enter the xmas mood :

꒰ my xmas playlist ꒱

i hope it can warm your hearts too ♡
there are only songs that are really special to me and that bring me sweet memories !
consider it as my present for you

i would like to comment that i have received some line stickers recently, from bubu, and i feel so identified with them ! it's literally me !!!
besides the appearance, i really always identified myself in some way with alice !
i especially identify with the feeling of dissociation, lack of reality and irritability that she shows in the course of the story.
i think my life was very marked by that, and it was a way for me to be able to understand who i really am and to deal with the world around me, while understanding what fantasies are and their power over reality !
okay, i may be going a little far ///
anyway, here she is :

        ♡ pom's alice

today, the q&a will not be double, but i hope you like the subject i chose !
i think it can be very motivational and clarifying.

 q & a 

i always see people talking about the girls' rivalry very aggressively, as if girls hated and competed with each other all the time.. i've been thinking a lot about it because i've always seen rivalry in a positive way in my life, but it was not always positive. i think i've come up with an explanation about it that makes a lot of sense :
to begin with, girls naturally rival each other, differently than boys do. boys also compete, but usually in more objective situations, as in a specific competition or at a specific point to achieve a goal. this type of competition is what we see in games, for example. it's frustrating if you lose, but however mature enough to deal with, that's okay ; it's nothing personal. this type of competition happens between boys and girls alike, but it is not the same as female rivalry.
female rivalry is something very subjective, and that's exactly why it's so interesting, and productive. when girls compare themselves with others in an objective way, they feel sad and can feel envy, which is bad and destructive to self-esteem and relationships ; but this is just a wrong and immature way of dealing with female rivalry ! it doesn't have to be this way ; ;
i've suffered comparing myself directly to other girls, but i've learned that healthy rivalry is when you compare yourself subjectively. all girls tend to have life goals that are naturally very subjective, which even they can't perceive. it's those kinds of goals that you couldn't write exactly in a list and just take some steps to get there - in fact, you might never get there - and that's extremely motivating ♡ !!!
comparing yourself to other girls looking at them as inspirations and looking at their achievements as motivation is something that always makes me feel very happy and inspired to be a better girl as well. to be a better person. i feel extremely motivated when i meet a girl who has life goals similar to mine ( things like being a purer, gentler, wiser person ) and on the same level that i feel that i don't want to lose to her, i don't want to be behind her, i want to reach her !! just as i want to be free to follow my own path, not hers ; i want to be just as a good girl as she is, not to be exactly like her. i want to be myself, the best i can be. seeing other girls being the best they can be fills my heart with joy and i definitely consider them rivals ! i want them to get better every day, just like me ♡ !!
the rivalry between girls is something wonderful and incredible, not for compare us objectively, but subjectively.

do you fluffies agree on what i wrote ?
please, give me your opinions and additions ♡ !
i wish you all the most beautiful and peaceful xmas !!!


december . 13 . 2018

hiii fluffies
i feel absolutely soft these days ~
i have learned a lot about patience and self control, but mostly about self care !
i'm pretty anxious when it comes to being productive, i'd say i'm almost addicted to that sense of accomplishment after having a busy day.
the problem is that i always felt useless when i was in my spare time ; ;
this is not healthy, so i'm trying my best to respect the free hours of my day as much as the working hours, after all, both are important
i'm also feeling that i'm getting more and more free of the "physical" things... even though they really matter to me, i know that too much bonding to them emotionally makes me feel needy easily, which is not good at all !
it is definitely essential to remember that the most important things are not physical, because naturally, what makes us feel like home is where our heart is, not our body

aaa i would like to comment on this super cute app that i'm really enjoying, custom cast ♡ !!
it's the best 3D character customization app i've ever used !
i'm really enjoying this vtuber thing lately, it's really cute and a lot of new fun possibilities are popping up.
do you like vtubers too ? i love them ♡ !!!
i made myself in this app :

this is an outfit i would absolutely wear irl, with strawberry perfume
( the skirt is a lil bit weird, tho )

i'm intending to start playing cocoppa play again, i think i'll start next year..
i really miss playing some online dress up games !

now i would like to show you a very round & extremely adorable little bunny that i felted ♡

she's just perfect and i love her very much ///
she has already been adopted, so she is in that moment in her comfy new home receiving lots of love

and finally, my new cell phone decorated
you maybe have seen this case already in my portfolio or in my store, but i never showed how i decorated my phone inside, so it's new !

my ult fav aesthetic, i adore it ♡ ♡ ♡

today, double q&a !
first subject is about trauma coping issues, second one about virtual world issues.

 q & a 

 ణ ⅰ
this subject is very specific but i feel i should express myself about it, since i see many people with weird and even disgusting kinks, aesthetics or artistic expressions, justifying it as a way of "coping trauma". i don't particularly think it's completely wrong, but very controversial and dangerous.
i follow some trauma blogs and i see many toxic people in this environment, as well as people who are harmed or treated bad for posting controversial stuff.
any kind of trauma or sensitivity to some bad, disgusting, dangerous, ugly subjects in general can become an obstacle in people's lives. no one wants to feel dirty or bad. it is natural trying to deal with such experiences or thoughts ; trying to romanticize, normalize, or even sexualizate. we want to see beauty and pleasure in ugly things so we don't feel rejection for them and for ourselves and our bad memories, but obviously we need to take responsibility for this type of action and specify the motives, inform people of the problems and risks and not treat as something cute and casual. it's not the kind of content you have the right to post anywhere or spread around the world, no matter how traumatized you are. you have NO RIGHT to bother other people with your confused and romanticized content.
people usually deal with this sort of thing in the form of art, aesthetics and even kinks, there are people who do ugly romanticized things to become their aesthetic and way of life as a way of coping with trauma. this is something natural and there is usually no intention to hurt someone, just to make things simpler ; the problem is that this kind of attitude should not be treated as something simple. people who do this kind of art, people who post on this kind of aesthetics, people who live such lives should not spread to the world what they do as if it were something beautiful and desirable. this type of content, which has "damaged innocence", are something very sensitive, that i support, because they have already helped me a lot, but within specific communities and treated properly, as something very delicate and dangerous.
if you're not aware of what you're doing you can put yourself in danger situations intentionally to try to confront your fears and this is not at all healthy or acceptable, depending on your condition. this is one side where self diagnosis can be dangerous because you really can't handle extreme things in an extreme way without having proper help, but i've already written about that subject. i've also commented about how kinks being treated as a cute and cool "aesthetic" and spread over the internet is a bad thing for influencing young people and being harmful to other people.
when i say that these processes of romanticizing helped me, it is true, it helped me a lot at a time that i was feeling very insecure and dirty because of my sometimes weird, dangerous and controversial desires. i was embarrassed to talk to anyone about it and this kind of romanticized content helped me a lot to understand that i was not a bad person by feeling what i felt, but more importantly, i was educated to know that even though it was "normal" it was not necessarily a right thing to do, or something to be proud of. so it has always been a secret and helped me to mature. over time, i could better understand what i felt and separate harmful things from healthy ones, and so be able to have a better lifestyle ( please don't ask me details about it, it makes me very uncomfortable /// ). it would be extremely hypocritical if i said that romanticizing is always bad, i just think that caution and instructions for such content are fundamental, to prevent this from being a bad influence and worsen people's mental health.
i don't think people really need to have gone through physical traumas to have the "right to coping", that's a very disrespectful opinion ; everyone has the right to overcome their fears and problems, the problem is that when you do it publicly and treat it as something soft and romantic, such as a "broken doll" or "fallen angel", other people are harmed because they will put themselves in danger intentionally and consequently end up traumatized as well.
finally, again, i confirm that i don't think it's wrong to romanticize things or even sexualize them if it makes you feel better, but it is something extremely personal and delicate that must be done with caution and with the notion that suffering is not nice. it may be poetically beautiful, interesting, but it's not something that anyone should desire as it's dangerous and harmful.
and anyway, i think it's good to consult professional help to know if you are coping in a healthy way because each person has particularities when dealing with this type of thing ! please stay safe ♡

 ణ ⅱ
as you know, i am very involved with the "virtual world". the internet is part of my life and many of my works are digital. even so, i highly value the caution in creating a "virtual identity" just as i think it's sorely primordial to avoid spending too much time on the internet and overvalue the virtual world.
i learned over time that the virtual world may seem "perfect" and incredible, just as it very easily occupies our time ( often not free time ) and entertains us ; but it's also very limited, so it is not worth replacing your "real life" time.
the internet can be very useful for learning new things, interacting with people from all over the world, personal improving, and even for sorts of important jobs and hobbies, which is why i love the internet and value it. but the internet can only stimulate our sight and hearing, and we have five senses. only real life can stimulate all five senses and bring us full life experiences full of sensations and feelings !!
you can't eat freshly picked wild berries, you can't feel the scent of flowers, you can't pet a fluffy animal, you can't hug people you love over the internet. don't substitute your real time for the virtual, it's not worth it. the internet has many limitations, it is inferior in comparison.
and just as all experiences are much more intense and wonderful in real life, you too can only be as perfect and better as possible in real life. the virtual identity that we create exists to allow us to introduce others who are far from us, we can put together the best visuals we can offer and we can also publish works and receive reviews and feedback, we can learn and improve ; but you really are much more special with all the details. your image and voice are not all you have to offer, you in real life are a complete person and if you focus on improving yourself as a whole and not only superficially, you can enjoy the virtual world and the world real in the best way possible : beneficial, fun and above all, healthy ♡ !

these are subjects that i always see people having confused feelings about, and that also confused me a lot for several years ; ;
it's the kind of thing that gets in the way of our personal development, so i really hope that my texts are useful to you in some way ///


november . 29 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
i have great news for you : i decided that i will learn how to sew clothes, like my mom !!
yes, i really want to improve my seamstress skills now.
i decided this when thinking about the topic of fashion and how i love designing my own clothes.. and i don't really know how to sew clothes.
i don't want to depend on my mom forever to sew my clothes and put ideas into practice, so i've decided that i will learn seriously !
i'll start with simple clothes for myself, but as soon as i become more confident i plan to sew things to my store as well
yes, you will see exclusive clothes and bags at the shy bunny store in the near future ♡ !!!
i'm really excited for this, i know it will be a big improvement for me
my mom is encouraging me a lot and will teach me all the techniques !
it's time to overcome the apprehension with sewing machines... wish me luck ♡

well, i'd like to make a little break in this post for kefir appreciation !!!
( i don't know how to call them, but i mean the living things that make natural yogurt )
i've been creating kefir for a few months now, and i like them so much
they are like fluffy clouds, and although they consume lots of milk, they always provide me yummy high quality yogurt for me to drink every morning ♡
if you have the opportunity to create a cute cloud colony too, i really recommend.

so, after that random break.. i have here a colorful, nostalgic and super cute collage !!

 happy dreams .rar 

i'm in love with this aesthetic, it makes me so happy just to look at
i've been really interested in it lately.
this is the melody i used :

 shooting star .mp3 

it's like little stars twinkling ♡

nooow, of course, double q&a !
i wrote very positive and motivating texts this time, the first one is about a positive world view, the second one is about self care.
i wonder if these motivational texts actually help in any way and are not just "temporary positive energy"
i struggle to follow my own advice, if you want to know... it's easy to cry a lot and get mad at everything and everyone
but the important thing is to take a deep breath and think before you act not to hurt yourself or other people !
things will not be always easy or positive, right ?

 q & a 

 ☾ ⅰ
i want to urgently vent on this, it's so tiring to see people being bitter and negative, i just wanted to say : the world is not ugly.
the world is not a bad place, people are not horrible, life is not sad and tragic, no no no !!!
to begin with, the world is simply neutral. nature works in an extremely balanced way, everything is always in its proper place + bad and good things are equally necessary for everything to work well. it's impossible for a world to be good if only good things exist, i know it's confusing, but good and evil only exist if both exist. and this is something positive !
good experiences are better after bad moments of perseverance to achieve them. dreams are only dreams because they can't be realized right away. the fact that there are bad things and difficulties should be something that motivates you and makes the world interesting and beautiful, not the other way around ; ;
moreover, beauty is something very abstract in general. the world is not really ugly or beautiful, it's neutral because beauty depends on the eyes of the beholder. for example, you may very much like to eat a dish that looks disgusting but has a divine flavor. the "beauty" as we know is something visual, not that it's wrong, since i myself am an extremely visual person and always use this love for beauty to find out more about myself and the world, beautiful things make me feel happy and motivated, i love beauty ; but this is not so important in the world in general.
our sight is something sensitive and if you miss it, it's not as if all the beauty is gone. even if beauty is mostly visual, there is a lot more involved in this concept than we should consider as well. good things are always present in our lives : smells, tastes, sounds, textures... all this is as important as the visual. the beauty is in all this, so it is impossible not to have beauty in all things, no matter how "ugly" it may seem.
the world, life, nature, being perfectly neutral, allow us to take our paths and interpret things as we wish. i consider it healthy enough to be positive and see the usefulness and necessity of bad things as a motivational and educational way, and see good things as blessings to be enjoyed to the fullest, cherished and treasured as nostalgias. i consider the world a perfectly beautiful place because i want to be happy. like, why would i see the bad side of everything on purpose ? this doesn't make sense to me.
my desire is to mature enough to be happy and find beauty and importance in all sorts of things. it's not just a romanticization, it's a way of being able to enjoy life in a healthy and light way, to stay bright and pure no matter what bad experiences you have experienced.
the world is neutral but i consider it the most beautiful thing possible because it is purely perfect exactly as it is. ♡

to complete this subject, i think people are also very negative when they talk about their bodies... and i'm not even talking about visual insecurities about it, but people really underestimate their bodies. our physical body is not just a bunch of flesh and by chance we're stuck inside it, it makes me sad when people talk like that, it's so disrespectful ; ;
our physical body is much more than just where we live, it's an organism. our organism. and even being ours, we control almost nothing about it, have you ever thought of it ? our body digests food all by itself, our body absorbs the vitamins from sunlight all by itself, our body keeps the temperature stable by all by itself, our body heals bruises all by itself !!! this is so wonderful, our body does everything possible to keep us healthy, not just physically, but emotionally as well. our body even offers endorphins to make us feel rewarded when we have good attitudes and everything ( and these genuinely make us happy ). even if you have a terminal illness, your body will never give up trying to heal you, it will try to keep you as healthy as possible until the last second ! i know it's all instinctive and natural, not really an act of voluntary goodness ; but it's still positive, isn't it ♡ ?
i honestly feel my heart ache when i see people treating their bodies badly... our bodies are so good to us. yes, it fails sometimes, i myself have several skin allergies and for a long time blamed my body for it. my skin is too sensitive and has exaggerated and bad reactions to deal with things it doesn't approve of, but my skin is not conscious. it doesn't know that it's exaggerating, but it still does a great job and keeps me generally very healthy, so it would be unfair not to like it just because it's too sensitive ///
besides our body always doing its best to keep us safe, healthy and satisfied, it is an important part of nature. our body is much larger than we think, there are infinite other tiny living beings that live in our body! our body is not only good for us as it is for other living beings, and it protects all this "small" ecosystem of living things that is harmful and damages our balance.
it is very important that we take care of our physical body in the best possible way : eat properly, use your muscles, get enough sleep, drink water.. whatever you can do, because it is not only a container for your soul, but a part of nature. being organic can have disadvantages, but being part of nature and being such a complex organism is definitely very rewarding and an experience that we should value ♡ !!!

 ☽ ⅱ
i've seen a lot of "self care" content lately, which is pretty good, but some of them are a very confusing or materialistic. i support all sorts of naturally healthy and satisfying tips for our relaxation and well-being ; but some tips are simply toxic, for they force us to do things and be in situations that might do us more harm than good ; ;
i've been feeling kinda sad over the last few days because i've discovered some bad things about people i had not noticed before.. i'm very happy, i'm satisfied with my life, i enjoy every day to the fullest and i try to observe the details and enjoy my time. i have routines and rules to follow that i consider healthy and i feel happy to follow because they bring me good things. i always try to be authentic and sincere, i don't like to pretend or seek approval from other people, i don't do anything that doesn't bring me joy and satisfaction. i give my best to help others in everything i can, and above all, to be happy. and i am happy. i have several life goals, but i'm happy at the moment too, because i live completely and honestly. i believe that i take good care of myself, since i feel happy, right ?
but i realized that people who are following standards for their lives, who are not honest with themselves, who seek happiness just in the future, in objects, in appearance, in relationships... people who are not happy, they can't accept that some people can be happy. truly happy. i realized that some people think i'm "weird" and antisocial, maybe even depressive, because i don't have a very active social life, because i don't maintain relationships with people who are toxic, because i don't force myself to do things that make me sad. i felt sad about it because i realized that it is impossible to "prove" to people that i really am happy and that i could even try to help them to be happier, too. they just don't believe me. they just keep "caring" about me and trying to help me ( ????? )
so after reading about these attitudes i was able to learn something crucial about self care : do nothing that is not comfortable for you.
i know that sometimes we need to make efforts to achieve our goals, but don't push yourself beyond the limit. if something you do is sincerely making you sad and making your life bad, don't do it.
it's hard because people are going to think bad things about you, especially if for being happy you need to isolate yourself a bit socially. i'm a very introverted person so for me it is sincerely very uncomfortable being in some situations, and i don't put myself into them, i refuse. i'm honest and i just hope people will respect me, but people don't respect that kind of choice because they think we have to constantly fight against ourselves to fit patterns and thus be happy.
a good example : your dream of full happiness is to live on a farm completely isolated from society. you accomplish this dream and you are more fully happy than you have ever been before !! people should be happy for you, right ? in fact, they will always tend to feel sorry for you and think that you are isolating yourself, depressingly. this is because they can't imagine themselves in the same situation as you as something good, it's not like they're being purposely inconvenient, they just don't understand. and that's why some self care tips are not always good or work for everyone ; everyone's happiness is found in different ways. we must respect this !
you will never be happy if you force yourself to do things that make you sad, if you keep on seeking incessantly for happiness, molding yourself to be the "rich", "healthy", "successful", "beautiful", "friendly" people think you need to be ; this is not how life works. there's no way you can fit into all these molds, it's an unobtainable ideal. being happy and taking good care of yourself is much simpler than it seems, it just involves being yourself and doing what you love ♡
fill your life with things that make you smile, that make you feel healthy and full. fill your life and your mind with your purity, your essence, you can be happy just being full. that is perfection. there is no better self care than being happy now and with what you have : you will be a much better, secure, kinder, wiser person ; you will be better for yourself and for others !!!
i know it may seem a bit vague, but it's just that : don't take self care tips "for your own good", even if it comes from people you love, if those tips don't make you happy. it's just not good or right.

take care ♡


november . 15 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
yes, so many posts in a short time
this is because i have a lot of content to post here, and more and more... so i have planned several posts yet for this year !
i have learned a lot about plants, it has become a great interest
i've always been very interested in animals, but i think plants are also great, i just.. really like to take care of other living things, in general.
i feel really good helping who i can, i want to take care of many plants and animals, the best as i can

i have organized many things here these days, old things.
this has left me pretty nostalgic, so i decided to start some projects to "eternalize" my memories !
i have several letter paper and notebook pages that i kind of collected when i was in school, so i decided to cover a box with my favorite papers and use it to keep my journals. i've had diaries since i was 8, so they're very precious to me ♡
the box got a 2000s aesthetic with many different shades of pink and glitter.. which is nostalgically perfect, even if not very aesthetically neat, you know ?
thinking about it, i remembered the digital stuff that i did at the time, that follow this same idea !
i have here folders with very old things, from when i started to use the internet, including several .txt files with posts that i posted on my old blog, all the images i used ( i always kept everything for security )
and, i also have all the layouts i've done + the codes !!
the only sad thing is that my old blog is not on the web.archive ( just a few specific things, but it's a mess )
so i always looked at the posts in txt and the images... and it was not quite the same thing ; ;
i would really like to eternalize my first layout, with everything in place !
so i recreated my first layout ever, from 2006, with the codes and images and texts i had saved, with the post from when i started using this new layout, and it's all exactly as it was before ♡ !!!
i used a cute webcore domain ( 2006.pooftie.me ), because it really fits the whole thing ~
i had to re-create some scripts that were for the old internet explorer, so it didn't work anymore.
i used to embed youtube videos on the blog for music, so that's what i did. i didn't have the exact music i was using at the time, but i remember it was from di gi charat, so that's what i put there !
i liked to use english words sometimes, but i didn't really know any english at the time. should be the reason why i put my personal info in the "things" column instead of the "me" one LOL
if you know portuguese, you should be surprised with my correct grammar ( since i was 8 ), and it's true, i had the help of my mom to write everything right on my blog !
of course my mom always knew what i posted on my blog, so she helped me a lot. it was a very important time for me, i was learning many new things and i read and write a lot ♡ !
i think the internet can be very productive for children, if they use it in a healthy way.
i have many good memories of my old blog, i'm very happy that now it really is properly eternalized, including in web.archive ( as well as all my precious things )
i'll leave a backup here as well :

 charmmy kitty .rar 

today i'm going to post another needle felt cutie here, a shy little lamb ♡

i love her so much, i've made about 10 similar ones ♡ !!

now i'm going to show you how i've decorated my old phone.
i have a new phone now, but i'm going to keep using my old one, and that's why i want to take care of it.
where i live is a bit dangerous to go out there with an expensive phone..
so my old phone is safer !

i think everything turned out specially cute, it's vintage & elegant but also soft & cozy ♡
i'll also show you how i decorated my new phone, in a next post !

now, just as in previous posts, the q&a will be double !
some of the next ones will be too, because i have really lots of subjects to write about..
the first subject will be about web design & html, the second one will be about beauty care !
i really hope you like it ///

 q & a 

 ❀ ⅰ
people who have an interest in web design often have doubts about how i made this site and all my html stuff. as you all know, i've made things in html for many years, and i make lots of original and random things all the time. html and css is really something i love ♡ !
i made this site, just like all my stuff in html, from scratch. i write everything in notepad and test in .html files, or in my html tester. i know there are several platforms nowadays that make things a lot easier, but i always did everything from scratch because it was how i decided to start with html, from the beginning i always thought : if i had total freedom with the codes and to put everything exactly where i want and as i wish ; it was perfect. it was what i wanted. dealing with platforms for web design has always irritated me a little, honestly ; ;
so, i don't have platforms to recommend, besides tumblr, because i use it and never had problems. but still, dealing with pure html is my preferred way of doing things. if you are going to make a website that is a blog or something, which will always need to be updated, using a platform would be really simpler to begin with ; but i recommend training html the old way because it helps a lot in learning ! if you really want to do things beautifully and freely, you have to lose the fear of dealing with pure codes.
web design obviously has a lot of aesthetic sense, but i've talked about aesthetics many times around here so i think this part is unnecessary... but still about visual, i really recommend you have folders of materials and graphics that can be useful. i have had several folders of materials since i was a kid, and i got all that content basically exploring the internet. blogs and websites of cute stuff are a bit rare nowadays, but on tumblr i always find it with a little effort !! the web.archive is also wonderful to find interesting sites. i have here on the site the recommended page where i have some sites & blog that can be useful for this.
now that you have several materials to do beautiful things, you need to deal with the code itself. i find html very easy, i learned to deal with it at 8, simply with small tutorials and mainly browsing other people's blogs. i know it may seem controversial but when it comes to html there is a lot that you can ( and should ) take reference to other people's codes because these are things that everyone can use and are not owned by someone specific. i honestly recommend that you always look at the source code of all the sites you are interested in understanding how they were made. after a little study you will understand how things work and will learn mostly from this practice. make sure you have a folder for codes ( you can just save it in txt files ) because you will always find things that are interesting and that you may want to use in the future ! when it comes to css and javascript ( style and script ) you can find some code that is original and can not be copied, but in this case you will certainly see a warning text. if you see no warning, you are free to try to use !
to practice, i recommend doing small projects like some pictures and texts on the screen, cute little random things that you have in mind... just let the imagination flow, think of things you'd like to do with the codes you've saved. if you really want to do layouts for a website or blog, i recommend starting with a base code. it's very bad copying the whole source code from someone's site to use as a base, but many people provide very useful base codes for you to have room for all things, it makes things very easy ! you just have to decide what you want to do exactly and look for codes for that sort of thing. you can find whole codes that are visually neutral for you to modify, or you can find only parts of what you want. you can put it all together smoothly. if you are using specific platforms, you will need base code to do what you want functionally within the platform, since these have rules of use and operation.
it's a lot of fun to add signatures and some codes that you specifically like in your base codes. seeing ideas being born is sure to be the biggest motivation for you, so please don't give up before you try !!!
i have a base code myself, i always use some similar css and i have a pretty cute ascii art signature at the beginning and end of all html pages. in fact, to be clear, i allow you to always look at the source code of this site and my stuff if you need inspiration or understand how i did things in it. you can use all the scripts and css, too. just don't copy everything ( especially visually ), of course, be original !
in the beginning, you may feel a little bit of tension in messing with the base code and ruining everything, but over time you will feel more comfortable. i took a lot of time to do things freely, remembering that i did my first layout at the age of 8, so although i managed to do pretty good things, i obviously had a long time to get to where i am today ///
it's normal that you don't understand anything that's going on for a long time, but don't worry about it, because the important thing is that things are working. you will understand how everything works with practice. now, when it comes to javascript, the thing really complicates. is much more "programming" than html and css, so you'll have to study harder if you want to make interesting scripts by yourself ; but you don't have to worry about it if programming is not your interest because you can find the scripts you need to do all sorts of things if you search right. it is still possible to make great things only with your interest in the visual side of web design ♡ !
good, now that you already have your inspirations, your materials & graphics folder, your useful codes folder, your base codes.. where to post your projects and studies ?
there are several sites where you can post things in html, but i use and recommend github. in it you can make a repository for every project you have and put the .html files there, you can change the domain and everything. about domains, github has its own domain for pages, but there are other sites where you can get cute and exclusive domains for you ! the site i use to get all my html stuff domains is freedns ( just be careful to choose only public domains ). by the way, you can also use those cute domains on tumblr.
to get ssl on your html pages, remember that all the links you have in your code must be "https", including images and scripts. thus, you will be able to get ssl easily on any platform you are using ! finding good websites ( with ssl ) to host your stuff to use in your codes can be difficult and time-consuming, but i have on the credits page all the sites i use to host each file type ! i recommend each of them, until the present moment.

i think that's all !! everything that i indicated here are things that i legitimately do and that work for me.
i hope from the bottom of my heart that i can help and inspire you ♡ !!!
please feel free to ask me something else that i may have forgotten to explain here ( which is not too specific, because this text is more general as a guide for beginners )

 ❀ ⅱ
so, to begin with, i would like to say that beauty is directly linked to good things about people. a kind person is certainly very beautiful, and i've talked about it before... but in a more visual way, i believe that the healthier and natural you look, the more beautiful, visually. if you keep artificial and unhealthy, it will be hard to feel comfortable in your body, and that is an important attribute for beauty. people who are just running away from their natural beauty have hard times with self-esteem, and that's sad.
i would like to help, so i'll give you beauty tips on what i value : health and comfort !

  ♡ skin care :
i have very sensitive skin, i have allergies frequently. this condition always makes me worry about the products i use. i always use natural products or baby products, these don't give me allergy and luckily are also great, i don't think i should be using any other type of product !
i think it is essential to keep the skin clean, hydrated and free of harsh chemicals. i always wash the skin with natural ( or baby ) soaps, which are very soft and don't take too much natural oil from the skin. my skin is not very oily so i worry about keeping the natural oils and using them to my advantage. i've never had problems with acne or blackheads, but i've always had whiteheads, what have helped me more than anything about them and also keeps my skin completely clean of any pollution are two things : honey and rose milk !
honey is truly amazing, the skin becomes incredibly soft, clean, with an incredible natural glow and it also helps a lot in recovering from any damage, since it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. i use honey on my skin frequently, i also use it + sugar to exfoliate from time to time. i always use in bruises and when my skin is having allergic reactions to avoid bigger problems and help in healthy recovery.
rose milk is basically rose water + baking soda and some other things, which make the rose water become milky in texture and color. this mixture cleans a lot from any pollution, it's amazing and i use it whenever i feel i need.
to moisturize i always use natural oils or baby oil. i always apply by massaging on the whole body, especially in areas with more fat, because this helps blood circulation and the skin gets more elasticity ( massaging the face is also very important ). my favorite oils are coconut oil and almond oil ! i think the combination of the two smells like honey, but everyone says it smells like vanilla. i love vanilla and honey, so i'm happy anyway ♡
despite my skin care routine ( with cleansing, exfoliation & hydration ) is only once a day, it's important to keep the skin clean and moisturized all day. during the winter my skin gets very dry, so i'm always moisturizing it, multiple times a day. during the summer my skin easily looks greasy, especially if i'm outside, so i always clean my face and hands with baby wipes ( washing only with fresh water is most appropriate but not always possible ) and use moisturizer. keeping the skin fresh is very important to avoid pollution and premature aging !
i can also recommend you to always wash your face with cold water ( your pores NEVER should be left open ), wear sunscreen every day, i recommend the most natural ones with coconut oil ( the sun is important and it is good to sunbathe in the morning, but the afternoon sun can be terribly bad for your skin + NEVER pose your face towards the sun ) and of course : drink lots of water ( two liters a day is the minimum ), this is really important !!

  ♡ hair care :
because of the sensitivity of my skin, i also use natural products or baby products in my hair, of course. since my hair is completely natural i don't need to worry so much about it, i use few products. my hair is very wavy and long. it is also not too oily just like my skin, so i also like to take advantage of the natural oils. i usually wash it three times a week in hot weather and twice in cold weather, i only use water and baby shampoo normally. no conditioner. why did i mention the water ? because it is very important, even if you have not thought about it, it's part of the cleaning process as well. i always wash my hair with plenty of water and rub well the root to spread the natural oils to the tips, only after i use a little shampoo to clean the excess oil, sweat and pollution. i feel that this process makes my hair much lighter and it gets very clean, soft and hydrated ! for extra hydration i always use natural oils, the same ones i use for the skin. washing with cold water is very important to prevent oiliness in the hair, i also always use cold dryer. always dry the root very well !
another thing that i think is very important is combing your hair with a wide wooden comb ( or a similar brush ). these combs keeps the hair very soft and hydrated up to the tips, plus they don't cause hair loss or frizz. to keep your hair always looking soft and moisturized from the root to the tips it's very important to brush your hair multiple times a day, especially if you are out there because the pollution gives it a greasy look that is not healthy.

  ♡ makeup :
um i almost don't wear makeup, so i surely don't have much experience to talk about it. i don't like to wear makeup because i feel my skin very weird.. i only use it on special occasions, even though it is always very light. i think wearing just a little makeup helps my skin stay healthy, anyway. it doesn't like many products.
i don't like wearing base or concealer, i just have bb cream in case there is something wrong that i want to cover.. usually there is nothing, i don't have so dark circles, i'm used to it, so i just let it be.
in my eyes my biggest problem is my eyelashes, you must have realized that they are very straight. i don't like that, so it's common for me to use eyelash curler and transparent mascara, just to keep them in place. i have brown eye pencils and eyeshadow for sometimes delineating, i like to keep it as natural as possible.
i don't do anything with my eyebrows, i don't really bother with them all natural.
i don't like bronzer, but i really like blush, i like it a lot. i also like highlighter, but i use it wisely ( i try ). i always get inspired in igari makeup and i struggle not to use too much blush and look like sunburned ; ;
on my lips i always moisturize constantly with natural oils ( my lips get dry often i hate it ), but i am truly an eternal lover of lip gloss and lip balm. i don't like lipsticks, though. i like to have my lips super moisturized and shiny, but not colored.
umm and sometimes i add a little tiny bit of white glitter on my cheeks, lips or eyelids ! i think it's very cute.

  ♡ nails :
i'm also not experienced with nail art, but i'll talk about my nails anyway. i think there are not many secrets to getting your nails healthy, i think proper nutrition and hydration are the most important thing. my nails grow very fast, just like my hair, i can't really tell the reasons because it was always like this.. but i can say i always keep them super moisturized with natural oils ( the same ones i use for the skin ), i moisturize them multiple times a day, whenever i wash my hands. it's very important to always keep your nails clean and moisturized, so i never forget the baby wipes and the moisturizer when i'm outside !
i always cut the cuticles ( not too much, just the excess ) and keep them clean. i used to paint my nails often and did nail art on them, but i stopped doing it because i just don't feel interested anymore. people always say that keeping nails painted is important to keep them strong but i can confirm that this is a myth, at least partially. when i always painted my nails and one day i didn't they were really weak, it's true ; but this is because they were already damaged by the use of nail polish. when i stopped using nail polish frequently, after a few months they became stronger, beautiful and healthier than ever before ! in this case, it depends on whether you want to use polish frequently or not.
i usually keep my nails very short and oval shape, but when i'm in the mood i let them a little longer and almond shape.

  ♡ tl ; dr :
if you always stay clean, moisturized and hydrated you will always be healthy and flawless from the beginning until the end of the day, which will definitely make your life a lot better !!

i'm very sincere in these texts, really based on personal experiences.
i always try my best to be clear and useful to you, so please tell me your opinions ///


november . 08 . 2018

hiiiiii fluffies
i'm having lots of ideas for projects, but it's hard to organize time for all things
i'm planning new things for the store, i'm sooooo happy with the progress !!!
things are definitely exceeding my expectations ♡
i'll not tell you my plans for now, since i still have to try hard to make it happen the way i want it
i just have to thank you a lot for the messages and the affection i receive, it makes me always motivated to do my best ♡ !

this post will be a little long, so i'll start right away with the things i did last week !
i'll start with this beautiful collage, which i was planning to do for some time :

 midnight angel .rar 

yes.. if you know 𝔪𝔞𝔧𝔞, you know that most of these photos are hers ♡ !!
it's truly an ethereal aesthetic, don't you think ?
i believe that no one is better than her to represent it
it was a great experience for me to deal with so different color tones together !
i feel like i usually run away from dark colors on almost anything, but they also represent a part of who i am, it's important that i practice more how to use them within my aesthetic !

here's the melody i used, i think it matched perfectly :

 moonlight .mp3 

with kinda the same aesthetic, i made a page in html that is very simple, but it is somehow very important for me.
of course, with matching url ( soft.pooftie.me )
i've always wanted to do something like this in html, but it's strangely time-consuming, even though it looks so simple
it's pretty nonsense, but i really put some feelings into it, so i hope you like it ♡

 sofffffft .rar 

um, as i've been writing a lot lately, i can't help but put two texts per post
i'm just extremely inspired, i really hope it's not tiring for you ///
the first one is about cuteness & femininity, the second one is about group behavior !

 q & a 

 ✄ ⅰ
people have always had a problem with female stereotypes. there is pressure on the girls to be always cute, feminine and delicate. i totally disapprove of people trying to shape the personality of people for the purpose of making them "ideal" within stereotypes ; although girls and boys have hormones that bring tendencies in tastes, desires and looks, a person's sex has no relation to her personality, since that is something much deeper. i agree that girls and boys should not change their personality with the intention of feeling "fit" in society, since this behavior causes sadness, confusion, problems and unhealthy relationships.
but, in the search of freedom of aesthetics and mannerisms people began to always treat these feminine adjectives as if they were something inferior and undesirable. i have read countless times about how "being cute and delicate is desirable in society because they want women to be weak and controllable", and no, that's not a correct way to talk about it !!!
the cuteness, delicacy and elegance are feminine characteristics, and just like the masculine characteristics, are tendencies but not facts. a girl may have more masculine characteristics, and vice versa ; there is nothing wrong with that. in nature the feminine and the masculine work together and form all that exists of good ( and bad ), it's the balance of things. the personality of people is complex and there are no sex tendencies that change a person completely, so of course you should not change who you are because of that ; but wanting to reject your natural feminine qualities because you somehow think that male qualities are better, is a very serious problem. it is actually offensive to the female image.
makes me deeply sad as people speak as if being soft and delicate is a sign of weakness and inferiority when there is no connexion between these things. to say that being feminine is a bad thing and that we must fight not to appear feminine and delicate for not to be treated in a bad way is so extremely wrong !!
girls and boys in nature have strength, endurance and power equally, only represented in different ways. matriarchal and patriarchal societies are focused on these forces : motherhood & paternity. these are the most natural and pure in both, both take care of each other as family, both have different but equally important roles. the problem is that patriarchal society often makes it seem that the male strenght is desirable and important, that physical strength, dominance, and logical reasoning are the best, that emotional intelligence, kindness, and wisdom are weak. this is not true, because there is not one better than the other ( and i've written about this before ).
in fact, the female image is also very associated with beauty. this obviously doesn't mean that girls should be beautiful, but i would like to comment that this type of beauty is associated with health and youth, since it is something that is naturally bright and wonderful related to fertility. in this way, while healthy, pure and natural, feminine beauty is something that i appreciate a lot and that i also think should not be treated as objectification ; the real objectification is the plastic and artificial way the girls force themselves to be to have social approval.
so yes, if your personality have cuteness and femininity, it doesn't mean that you are inferior or childish. you should not be ashamed of it or try to become more masculine ( even if you are indeed a boy ). you must above all embrace your natural qualities and your personality traits as your strength and importance in society exist anyway and are great. you can have an even submissive personality, and that doesn't mean you don't have the right to be happy like that and have control over your life and your actions !
just remember that you deserve to be happy and respected, you are strong and lovely no matter how feminine or masculine you are, you can - and should - be purely yourself ♡

 ✄ ⅱ
this recent subject about "npc" people is something that has been around for a long time, but with other names. i really think being a npc is a bad thing, but i'm seeing people using it as a baseless curse, i see people with clear group behavior using the term to get approved and feel superior to others. i believe that this whole thing can be very productive if seen and treated the right way, so i felt the need to write about it !
group behavior is basically what the idea of ​​being an npc is all about. it's about acting only in favor of the group, seeking approval from the group and always feel the need to be part of groups and overestimate this attitude as if it were something important. this is a purely instinctive and standard attitude of our species, so i believe it is natural and healthy to have group behavior during a phase of life, usually in adolescence, while we are still trying to perceive our individuality ( which has always been there, we have only forgotten who we are because puberty causes our hormones to take actions above who we really are, basically for the sake of the reproduction of the species ).
the problem of such attitudes is that they separate us from purity and consequently from happiness. as we are rational animals, group behavior, although natural and to make our brain release endorphins ( as instinctive approval ), makes us take actions that do not make us really happy. the pursuit of standards, mimic behavior, obeying rules that we don't really value, following trends that don't match our personality... all of this is extremely tiring and painful for us. the npc behavior is in fact something bad and that must be overcome, because although institive, is not ideal. you are not doing your best if you are acting as a group because you are an individual.
i see many people with npc behavior using this as offense because they relate specific things to "being an npc", such as using social media, having groups of friends, using slangs... but the thing is that group behavior is not something that it is necessarily shown through these attitudes, for a person can of their own volition want to have some of these attitudes, because it makes they happy. making the decision to have some natural, instinctive behavior as something that you truly value is an important and rational decision that is right for our ability. for example, i want to form a family, it's a group behavior and extremely instinctive : to live with my partner, to procreate, to take care of my group. but if i had made that decision only because it's the standard of our society, it could be sad for me and against my will as an individual ! i want to have a family because only the thought of it warms my heart and i know it is my pure wish.
the desire for stamina for group behavior can be replaced by other more useful and healthy attitudes such as helping others, striving for a cause that you truly value, giving gifts, giving compliments... the list goes on !
we don't have to obey our instincts, but they can guide us to important things if we are strong enough to make our own choices. ♡

i hope this helps some people !!


october . 25 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
my lovely store is open and with an extremely cute layout !!!!
modesty aside, i'm really in love with the layout i made ♡ !
i'm so very happy to have decided to make a layout of my own. before i was not going to do it and i was going to use a platform, i thought it would make things easier ...
but i definitely think it's important that my store is as cute as possible and i'd like to do my best for that !!!
i used a subdomain for the store : https://shybunny.middlepot.com
it's all in portuguese because at least for now i'm giving priority to sales here in brazil, but i'm accepting some of these too ( i wrote more about it on the site )

so, i made yesterday a very cute new flash game
... not about halloween but i also posted one last year, remember ?

i hope you like it, cats are the best
here it is, the melody i used for this little game :

 play outside .mp3 

very playfull and cute, just like kittens !
and talking about cats, i have here a drawing that i did in ms paint :

now this is about halloween !!!
but of course you still don't know ...
these are cream and maurice, they are main characters in the game that i am making, that is halloween themed
they are twins and they are very great ♡
you will know more soon!

today i want the post to be light, so i'll write about a slightly more personal subject, with some tips

 q & a 

i once wrote about myself and my personality and i mentioned how i like to organize and improve myself, and how i like rules. as i always support the purity, happiness & comfort of people, why would i support rules being imposed to shape us ?
i know it can be confusing, but i actually think the rules, if handled correctly, can help us a lot to find out more about ourselves, and not shape ourselves to be something different, but the other way around.
social and behavioral rules can be very oppressive and force us to act in an uncomfortable way, to make us confused under the obligation to be accepted socially above being ourselves, and happy ; but by analyzing these kinds of rules and constantly questioning them, i could see that they actually made me realize who i really am ! by reading these rules and wondering if they really fit into my lifestyle and personality, i could see clearly what i wanted or not for my life. i could understand the principles and foundations of these rules, and where they "wanted us to go". usually social and behavioral rules have the general objective that you be a nice person and don't bother other people, and that is a good thing ; the problem is that these have very specific peculiarities that don't fit for anyone. all people feel uncomfortable and unhappy if they try to follow all these rules strictly because they don't fit everyone. in short, my solution to achieving a healthy life was to adapt these rules to my way !
i really like writing rules for myself and even having rules made for me, reading about all those rules and "good manners" that are supposed to make a "good person". i find it very productive and it helps me a lot to find myself individually rewriting these rules so that they still have their main good intention but in a way that is comfortable for me as a person. i can see how personally i could feel happy to follow some good, healthy rules as a way of reminders. i value a lot of rules that involve kindness, education and respect, as i believe that it is fundamental to have healthy relationships and it makes me happy ; it just happens that these rules are very "heavy" and try to change ourselves, but there are usually ways of interpreting and rewriting them that make them good and productive for our lives.
it is clear that some rules simply don't fit my life at all, and should be discarded. unfortunately, even striving to keep polite and sincere with people who question me about such "weird" attitudes that i choose for my life ( for example refusing to be in social events supposed to be important to my social life, but that doesn't make me happy ) people will still judge me negatively because i didn't obey "the rule". this is something we naturally suffer as a consequence of being truly honest and kind to ourselves, but it is also an important process in the pursuit of purity.
i really care about evaluating my behavior, in general. when we are busy with our tasks we may forget to take care of ourselves, so i believe it is very important to always stop from time to time and think "how am i feeling ?", "is my body feeling well ?". stop for drinking water, wash your face, eat a fruit, walking, adjusting the lighting... these simple things are primordial to maintain our physical and mental health. like this habit, when i'm interacting with other people i always evaluate my behavior to see if i'm expressing myself properly, if i'm being kind, sincere, if i'm being myself, if the conversation is being comfortable for me and the other person. this may seem maybe a little "obsessive", but if done in a healthy and natural way is very good and greatly improves our quality of life. all these "rules" are about doing my best and not letting myself get carried away by the things of life and forgetting about my health or being nice to people.
it's primordial not to expect other people's approval and social validation when defining your rules and lifestyle, but rather how you personally, from the heart, feel about it. of course, you will feel happy and satisfied in being a good person and not messing around, but it is completely different from pretending just to receive compliments, to feel included and correct. the most correct and valid you can be is yourself ♡

i know it's a little difficult to understand, but i hope i have explained it clearly !!
happy halloween for you, be careful not to eat toooooo much candy


october . 18 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
i'm so excited ♡ !!!
i'm finally ready to start my online store, shy bunny
i took pictures of all the items and i will post them in the next days !
i'm going to do disclosure on my main fb page, which has similar aesthetics, and i also plan to make a giveaway.
unfortunately, for now, this store only works for brazil, but i can deliver small items to other places if anyone has an interest. just contact me ♡
i'm organizing everything the best i can

so.. there are lots of political issues going on because of the elections here ; ;
very stressful
i would like to make it clear that i don't like to give opinions on politics, economics or any subjects that i don't have proper knowledge to write about.
i know it is important, but i don't feel comfortable posting opinions on subjects that i have not studied properly, i hope you understand !!
( i'll add this to the faq )

going back to the fun subject, i plan to post lots of cute crafts from now on !!
i'm very happy about this, since it is something as important to me as my digital works.
lately i've been pretty excited about trying different aesthetics for decoration, i'm always saving new material and i get inspired easily !
i always have real strong tendencies for decorating everything with my main aesthetic ( because it always warms my heart right away ), but i believe my secondary aesthetics also represent important parts of who i am.
i think they deserve some love too ♡
i'm having lots of fun trying new color combinations, different textures... i feel that i'm improving a lot.
today i'm going to show you a very nice chubby teddy bear, that will be in the store :

isn't he adorable ♡ ?
i just feel like squeezing him and giving him lots of kisses

i also have something today that i've been forgetting to do for a long time ( i'm sorry /// )
i recorded an audio in portuguese, with the story of the "pink little bug", that i wrote !

 bichinho rosa .mp3 

it's so much more comfortable to record in portuguese, really...
i think it's a good story for before bed, what do you think ?

i would also like to post here a simple drawing that i painted.
it's really nothing special, i was just bored, but i think it's cute and nostalgic

do you also think painting is relaxing ?
i absolutely love painting ♡

in this post i have an important thing to talk with you, besides the main q&a subject.
i want to talk about why i gave up using the feedback buttons on my website, as well as the hit counter !
( yes, a lot of text lately, i hope it's not a problem ; ; )

 q & a 

since i wrote my "honest post" to you i reflected a lot about my attitudes. whenever i write something i do it initially to improve myself. i changed the way i treat my photos, i felt the need to clarify a lot of confusing things for you about personality and behavior that might be useful.. but i still felt very upset about the numbers on that site.
i decided a few days ago that i want to stop using the feedback buttons as well as the hit counter. i've never really liked the idea of ​​exposed numbers because people always take them too seriously, above the quality of content... they really think that numbers represent something important when in fact it's not realistic or impartial ; ;
i started using them because i liked to have feedback, but i think it turned out to be something not very relevant at some point... i'm not devaluing your clicks, but i prefer feedbacks with constructive words, tips and opinions, not just one approval or disapproval number. this has not really helped me improve, it's nothing compared to the messages i get. people are not numbers, they are individuals with real and important opinions and feelings. i want real opinions.
to be honest, i was very happy to see the numbers growing, but i know that they don't represent much of anything other than the site is growing in visits ( which is good, but overvalued ). the numbers are mostly positive, and i feel extremely happy about it, but it's definitely exaggerated. reading true and honest messages from the visitors proved infinitely more enriching for me, even the shorter messages were written by someone who really wanted to give their opinion.
social media have created this need for big numbers in people and even after partially abandoning social media altogether i have tried to use the feedback button system in my favor here, and it was quite useful at first, but i feel that i don't have more reasons to keep it here than to praise a false reputation for my image on the internet. i'm just a normal person doing my best, just like any other producer on any other website. i reflected a lot on this and people treating me differently because of numbers is not something that i value and i don't think is good for me or the visitors. the race for numbers and fame is not the kind of thing i'd be proud to encourage on my site ( or anywhere else, but unfortunately that's not always an option ).
i kept the numbers exposed despite not approving their overvaluation because i believed it could bring public ; maybe people could took me more seriously if i had big numbers ? maybe they could allow themselves to look at the site more easily if they saw this "seal of approval" from previous visitors ?
... but is it really worth blinding people with such superficial information and then saying it's not important ?
i have come to the conclusion that i must be an example and show that appreciation of numbers is not healthy or productive.
i felt free from this race for numbers as i moved away from social media, and i discovered over time that frequent visitors of my site are not here either by the numbers, but by the content, just as they are on other interesting sites and blogs of the internet. it definitely warms my heart to know that neatly my work honestly attracts so many people ♡
so, i removed the feedback buttons from all the pages of the site ( except, of course, from the archives ) and made some changes to the layouts ( because i'm inspired ). i removed the hit counter from the index, although i still know how many ips visits my site, this is more for technical information. i'm going to increase the frequency with which the chat is open, so i decided to keep only one of them, moving the messages and smilies from the look book chat to the main chat, so i can have more control over it. consider these changes as a purification, it's extremely invigorating to be free of ego needs and social fears ~
i hope hiding the numbers and keeping the written feedback in evidence is more productive for me and for you ! i wish from the bottom of my heart that you participate more avidly in this site, and not in the form of numbers, but as wonderful and real angels, which is what you are to me. ♡
( remembering that i love exchanging long emails and letters, so be sure to get in touch with me at letters@middlepot.com if you want to talk to me )

this subject is not so questioned but some people are curious to know what religion i have, since i occasionally write things that seem kinda religious..
basically, i'm a paganist ! i do not consider myself anything more than that. i am a daughter of mother nature ; nature is my god and goddess, it's everything to me. nature guides me in all difficult times and has always helped me to make the right decisions, nature makes me feel at home wherever i am, it is because of her that i'm learning to see beauty in all things and to value the things that really matter and that make me happy. following my role in nature is my dream and guiding others to happiness & comfort is my passion ♡ !
i often thank nature for everything i am blessed to enjoy in the most unexpected moments. i make prayers to bring good energies to the ones i love. i feel a lot of motherhood in nature and so i usually refer to it in a feminine way, but nature also has paternity depending on the moment so referring in a masculine way can happen. i have always been very attached to nature and mythology has always been a very great interest, i have always believed from the bottom of my heart in magic and in the magical beings who secretly play their role in nature & i utterly love to make offerings for these beings who take care of me and of whom i love. i also greatly appreciate sympathies and rituals that bring good energies and help us connect with nature. i usually do these things from my heart, instinctively, so i'm not part of communities or specific religion within paganism, although reading about these things is something i absolutely love doing.
i always feel a very strong bond with fairies, angels and rabbits. i believe there are some particularities of my being that are the same as theirs, so i identify a lot even though i am a human. the role of the fairies in nature, the protective wings of the angels, the purity and maternity of the rabbits... these are virtues that i long for ♡ !
i believe in faith as much as in fate. in my view, both are forces that work in our lives. when fate is absolute and yet your faith goes beyond limits, that's how miracles happen. i believe that the destiny is something that has no relation to us and where is our luck, as long as faith is composed of energies that make up our essence ; so we can also mess up our luck with negative thoughts, it's important to be careful with our feelings.
i unhesitatingly believe in afterlifes, i don't have a clear vision of what it is, but i believe it is certainly something very fruitful for our soul, full of new opportunities ! i also believe in other types of lives simultaneously happening, in secret from us ( other realities and other worlds, like our dream world ).
lastly, i would like to comment that i believe that all religions and personal beliefs of each person are important and that if the person is being guided to be better each day, they are certainly following the right path. i accept with all my heart any prayer and good blessings that anyone sends me. i love feeling connected in peace with other people so i love all kinds of expressions of affection, religious or not ♡

i wish you all the joy and solace !!!


september . 06 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
aaa ♡ i have good news, and some updates !!
i got a new camera, i'm so excited, i already took some beautiful pictures
i used to take pictures with my old phone or my mom's camera, which is good, but it was not always possible, so it kept me from taking pictures of some specific things like some of my crafts and.. well, myself.
because of that, my pictures were usually inconsistent quality and it bothered me a lot ; ;
i felt insecure and confused about posting my pics so many were randomly posted on my tumblr or facebook pages ///
so now, i decided to organize my folders and just kept the beautiful, good quality pics. i deleted a lot of old stuff and even updated the look book page, the "about" pic and the portfolio.
i decided to just make one session for my pictures in the look book and make them temporary ( i usually get tired of looking at old photos at some point so i know they will be deleted sometime ).
this session will be for pictures of myself in general, because i don't really take pics of my looks or my face often, but more "specific" pics. i never knew where to post these here, so now i have a place.
some old pics will be reposted from time to time, so i will not specify dates !
i still don't think i'll post selfies often anyway, and i'll keep taking pictures with pajamas and nightgowns, because as i've said before, it's how i usually feel comfortable. also, i probably will not stop posting some pics anonymously out there.. i'm very shy, sorry ///
i still have lots of updates to do about it + i'll post my crafts more often, so stay tuned ♡ !

as you may have noticed, i also made some changes to my inactive accounts.
i deleted my already inactive 8tracks acc, i had not deleted until today because i used to listen to some playlists there, but the site changes completely prevented me from doing this and i was annoyed.. there was no reason to continue there, since i couldn't even listen to my own playlists...
i also updated some images and erased some unnecessary posts in my facebook profile. i still keep it to keep in touch with some people over there + manage the pages.
about the instagram account i decided to clean it completely and change everything, including the name. i did this because looking at the the old pictures were making me uncomfortable, they were not very good. also, i was getting many messages from confused people with my absence. i'll keep the acc because i want to keep in touch with some people, besides i always see very beautiful content there !
i hope these changes haven't been uncomfortable for anyone, i just like to keep things organized ///

so, today's post will be small.. let's go to the text i wrote !!
this is about something i felt the need to talk about but that is not reeeally a subject : about my arguments in my texts in general.

 q & a 

people who read my huge texts here may notice that my arguments for all subjects have some patterns, i might say, characteristic of me.
i always explain my reasonings to the conclusions, opinions, and "solutions to problems" that i arrive at ; but this doesn't seem to be clear enough to explain why i always think in a specific way and come up with texts that are so deep, sentimental and at the same time logical.
the thing is exactly that ! i take into consideration all the parts that make up who i am. i am a human being who has rationality to be able to reflect on things and observe situations with an "impartial", rational and logical perception ; but i also have feelings, which are what guide me to questioning things and wanting to be happy, helping me and helping those i love, by getting answers to problems. despite having the sentimental side clearly stronger than the rational one, i strive to balance both when thinking about things and also to write my texts, so that i can get more consistent and useful answers. i don't always get it right because i have hormones that affect my cognitive ability from time to time, i'm an animal ( female, which makes me on the other hand get particular facility in other things, which i also try to make the most of ) but i only write my texts when i am in the mood to reach balanced conclusions.
i think what makes the difference in my arguments to most people is that although i know that i am not the most mature and experienced person, not having much knowledge in specific areas, i always look for answers within myself and in the nature, which is what inevitably controls us. we are all composed of mind, body and soul ; our mind carry the ability to rationalize, our body carry feelings and instincts, our soul carry our pure essence. people usually focus on the part they are most comfortable using and form arguments based on that particular part, but that causes problems ; ;
if you just focus on the mind you will make arguments that are insensitive, extreme and that will not bring happiness ; if you focus on the feelings you will make arguments that will not be useful, perhaps childish and very melancholy ; if you focus on the instincts you will make primitive and inconsistent arguments ; if you focus on the soul you will make arguments that are usually religious and too abstract to be understood. what i strive to do is to use the feelings ( which are my strength ) to guide me through the questions, then use all the other parts to form my arguments and respond to the problems consistently and clearly. my arguments are gentle and soft, natural, extremely sincere and even without having great academic background it's not just "all over the place". it's always thought to bring me happy and working responses, even though we are animals and nature is neutral, we can understand and work with it if we use all the parts that make us up properly.
i know that my texts are focused on being personal and may not work for many people because they have opinions of their own, and i always encourage you to reflect personally to find your own answers. anyway, i think my way to get to the arguments in a balanced way is a healthy practice and i recommend it to everyone ♡ !
i'm utterly happy to know that you like to read what i write, since it's something that comes from my heart ( and everything else ).

well, that's it, i hope i've expressed myself clearly !!


august . 16 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
i realize how this website has grown since its creation and i am very proud of the progress
i'm doing my best to bring frequent updates and useful content to you !!
please ask me complex questions to write about, it's hard to think about subjects that seem relevant..
i get many questions that would not really do a good q&a, you know ?

you know that i have a routine page, i have schedules to do certain things and daily tasks, this helps me a lot to organize things, as well as my weekly listings and schedules.
of course life doesn't always collaborate and we have to make adaptations, but it is great to have a base to know what to do and not waste time.
so, i've been trying hard to spend less time on the internet lately !
if i'm forced to do this i always find a way to do everything in a short time, but it is difficult to have discipline when i have free time ; ;
some of my tasks require the internet, so i defined a period of 3 hours a day as the maaaaximum time on the internet, on those more complicated days ; but i usually spend 2 hours or even 1 hour and i'm very happy about it ♡ !
it's a very important practice, especially for those who do many "quiet" activities like me, it is necessary to space these times to stretch, drink water, make snacks and take some air outside.
in fact, i would like to clarify that i don't really wake up 6 am going to sleep 1 am, it would be torture..
i just get up to watch the sunrise ( when it's possible, i really like doing it ), so i also eat a fruit and plan my day ; if it's very hot i like to take a shower to refresh, then i go back to sleep until 10 am !
i just really wake up at 6 am if i need to and in that case i always go to bed before midnight.

i was writing lots of letters lately and thinking.. sometimes i get a little annoyed with my handwriting because it's very... childish
i don't know how to explain, i don't think it's ugly, it's kinda cute ; but it's a little clumsy, small and "roundy", it's the same handwriting that i see in my old school notebooks !!
if you have already exchanged letters with me or have already seen my handwriting fonts you will understand.
( by the way, if you are interested in exchanging letters don't hesitate to contact me in the email because i love doing this ♡ )
i really like calligraphy so i train a lot, i like to write in different letters to make decorated titles and "aesthetic" texts, but my natural handwriting really is childish and there's nothing i can do about it ; ;
they say people's handwriting reflects their personality, i know everyone has a unique handwriting that is a "brand" of them and that's very special ♡
but it is impossible not to envy people who have naturally mature and elegant handwriting ///
well, i can "simulate" this if i really want to, but it's not the same since it inevitably doesn't suit me very much so i usually just prefer to be myself.

enough of talking, today the post will have a super cute drawing that i painted ♡ !

i absolutely love paper dolls ♡ !!!
i know that compared to the last posts full of content this seems a little bit meh but i'm really busy with bigger things right now

today's q&a is something sweet and positive for you ♡
hmnfg i hope it doesn't seem pretentious or anything like that

 q & a 

have you ever seen people who are so beautiful, kind and have a lovely aura that makes everyone feel comfortable and safe around ? it seems like a rare and precious personality trait, like this person knows nothing bad and lives in a beautiful and different reality.
in fact, i have learned over time that this is a skill to be acquired with maturity. bad experiences don't influence who you really are and shouldn't make you have a heavy and sad aura. bad experiences happen for you to mature and to be able to avoid them in the future, as well as helping other people in a similar situation ; traumas are not part of you, all bad things you've been through, you've seen or just know that exist, none of that is part of you and none of that represents your reality.
you should never become ignorant, keep yourself informed of the world situation and mold your opinions is very important to live healthy and safe ! however, it is extremely important to keep yourself pure despite all this. purity will give you a different aura and will make your reality, in fact, beautiful.
don't let bad thoughts and memories affect you continuously ; boring and ugly things are a part of life and you really should deal with them properly and don't ignore them, but you should not make them a personal problem. on daily basis you should forget everything bad and only think of beautiful and pleasant things that you live, lived and would like to live : daydream, watch the sky, pick flowers, write love letters, wear perfume, put on pajamas all day, wear your favorite dress casually ! life has many opportunities for you to make it beautiful and create good memories for you to keep and share with others.
surround yourself with beautiful things, embellish ugly things you don't like to look at, cherish people who love you & move away from people who are toxic to you. small details in your life can greatly help shaping your ability to be positive and emanate kindness and beauty ♡

remember : the kinder you are, the more beautiful you become ( and that includes being kind to yourself )


august . 09 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
this is a very special month, since it's the 1 year anniversary of middlepot.com + i turn 21
i wish i could express in words how much i love this place and how i love to post here ♡ !!
it was definitely the best thing i've done to date and i plan to make it better and better for me and you fluffies, so don't hesitate to send me your opinions and tips

the days are going very smoothly and i just baked marshmallows, so i'm a comfy girl
i hope everything stays this way until saturday, which is my birthday, because i'll go on a date with my beloved bubu and i want it to be perfect ♡ ♡ ♡

this post will be full of soft and cozy things, all in a similar aesthetic that i've been wanting to work with for some time, i recommend you eat something sweet to get into it
to start, i've made a new page for the aesthetic book !
it's so fun to make these collages, i really want to do it often, if you support me ♡

 honey morning .rar 

i think this activity is very good for practicing dealing with aesthetics other than my main one, and as i've been aiming to improve my "beautifying" skills i'm doing my best to try different things while maintaining my individuality.
do you think i'm doing well ?

the melody i used this time was this one :

 toy chest .mp3 

it's soft and friendly, just like a teddy bear, so i think it fits well

and talking about teddy bears, i had a sudden idea when i saw my png folder and realized that i had a lot of stuffed animals in there ( 56 specifically )
i had to do something with them urgently, they can't just be homeless and all over the place
so i started to make a html page that was comfortable to store them, organizing my virtual stuffie collection !!!

 virtualstuffie .rar 

with, of course, a cute url ( teddy.pooftie.me )
i really enjoyed doing it and i'm very pleased with the result. did you like it ♡ ?

today i want to write some important tips to you who often feel dissociated and confused with your very existence.
it is a very complicated subject, but i know what i'm going to say here is a good introduction to reflections and learning that you will have to follow on your own ; getting started is usually difficult so i'll say the method i chose to better understand myself, my passions and goals.
will i really be able to help someone with these words ?
i wish from the bottom of my heart !

 q & a 

i know that the pursuit of self-knowledge is something that never ends, but i, being young, realize that young people usually seek to be special in some way, seeking individuality. the thing is that we are all different and have individualities already, if you don't know which ones you can't enjoy this right, you can't be yourself and improve, so you just become artificial and sad. adults also don't usually know who they are, they just let it go, it makes them more and more faded, which is extremely sad. feeling dissociated and not knowing who you are is a bad feeling and should not be taken to life, so i will try to help you by saying how i managed to understand who i really am and my individuality, i hope it can help some of you too !
something that helped me a lot to understand who i am were the aesthetics. i know this is a very recent term and it may seem rather silly and superficial, but you can call it other things too, since it has always existed : style, spectrum, tendency, essence.. i like to call it aesthetics because i am quite visual, but you must understand that what i mean by that is the essence of who you are, represented through visuals, personality, lifestyle, passions and others.
we are very stimulated seeing beautiful and wonderful things everywhere, aesthetics that we want for ourselves. the problem is that we can not be all things, although we have different moods and personal tastes, there are limits to who we can be ; when you go beyond these limits you feel dissociated and uncomfortable. only you can know who you really are and when you're not being yourself, so you must first learn to understand your feelings and not be carried away by the desires of being someone different, you are perfect being who you are, people are beautiful and perfect in different ways ( and only when they are being themselves ).
you certainly have personal tastes and should not suppress them to fit into groups, your personal tastes help you a lot to understand your personal essence ( we don't really can choose to like things voluntarily, we just like it ). i discovered who i am separating my personal tastes : whenever i had to choose a color, a music, a food, a place, above all others, although i like lots of different things, i always had a specific preference , there was a clear pattern in these things, despite different moods. in this way, through experimentation, i was able to discover my favorite aesthetic. and i must say, you will not find yours coming from someone else, you will only find elements that will compose your personal aesthetic. aesthetics carry specific messages and feelings, so you must understand what you are looking for.
it may seem confusing, but for example, i started by just liking cute, delicate, and feminine things ; within that there may be infinite variations, so i sometimes felt confused and uncomfortable with some cute things that did not really match me. "but i like cute stuff, what's the problem ??" i thought. the problem is that i am me, i am a person, people are complex. i began to realize that i felt artificial when trying to adhere some elements that didn't represent me ( despite being visually alike, carried different feelings ). gradually i separated the elements and composed some aesthetics that i really liked and i felt comfortable about it, until i discovered my ult fav one.
i have a tip for you : always think about the adjectives that define things, these adjectives should complement and make sense to you, should be pleasant and make you feel good ( even the negative ones ). you must do this with all things, not just with visuals, since your essence is present in all the things that make up you.
by understanding who you are, it will be much easier to self improve, you will be able to have healthier relationships and help people, you will have better self esteem, you will better understand your personality ( and therefore take better care of yourself as you will understand your limits ), you will be able to find hobbies, to find out what you want to do with your life, you will be happier and will continue to be free to enjoy things that "don't fit" your main aesthetic, since this is also part of your individuality and should not be denied. as i always say here, you must always seek purity.
i would like to make it clear that you should think about yourself rather than what others feel about you or how other people "should" see you. only you can know yourself deeply and truthfully. people should see you as you really are, you must be yourself and you should not be a walking lie to please others, therefore you will not please anyone or even yourself ! lies are always bad.

i hope my words are useful ///


july . 27 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
i've been feeling so in love these days ♡ !!!
whenever i am i send endless messages of love and appreciation to everyone i admire, in addition to writing lots of poems and love letters to bubu ( my favorite person in the whole world, of course he deserves it )
and in return i always get very heartwaming messages that make me blush
if you feel like spreading love, always do it !
don't keep compliments just for yourself, let who you love know how much you love them
( if you're shy, do it anonymously, but always do it )

um, today i want to tell you that i have a new id ///
i fell in love with her at first sight and i identified with everything about her ; ;
when i researched a little more i discovered that !!!!!! her birthday is on the SAME DAY as mine
it really made me understand that she just should be on the list !

        ♡ kokona

i want today's q&a to be useful to some of you, although it is a personal reflection, i know it is also a subject not much thought and discussed, so i think it's good to share with you

 q & a 

i think it's really important to write about it because it's something that has disturbed me all my life and i've always kept quiet about it because no one would take it seriously anyway.
people live by money, they act as if money is everything in life. even if they pretend they don't, they always think of money in the first place ( of course, until they have real problems in their lives and money doesn't help ).
ever since i was little i have always been bothered by the importance that all adults gives to money, but they have always told me " you will understand when you grow up ". well, i grew up, and reflecting a lot on what i want to do with my life, i definitely know that i do not want to live looking for money until my death.
how important is money to our lives ? to begin with, we are living beings, so we must survive in the first place. to survive, we need food, water, shelter, medicine, cleaning products, clothes... nowadays it is also quite necessary to have electricity.
secondly, we need to be happy, of course, because we have feelings and we think a lot about things, so we need to feel satisfied ! i believe that to be happy is a very personal thing, but in general we need to have peace in our hearts. this is not bought for money, of course. we need to feel comfortable and complete, the pursuit of this is different for each person. in general, we want the presence of people we love in our lives, and this may need money, but not so much, usually the longing is caused more by the lack of time or health of people. some people seek happiness through material goods, which may indeed be quite amusing, but should never be treated as essential because it is not. never. it's the silly, futile thing to expect to be happy, to be sad for the lack of material goods is totally meaningless if you think about it.
sure, then to be happy it's not necessary to have much money but rather own knowledge and inner peace ; but we need money to survive. of course you can't just run away from money if you were born into society. if you live in a big city, you need to pay bills to have water, shelter and electricity, you need to go to the market to buy food and cleaning products, you have to spend money on medicines and hospitals, you have to buy clothes ! well, it is possible to avoid much of this if you live in the countryside and can have water and food and even produce electricity, because we are intelligent human beings and we have nature in our favor, with effort we can enjoy it a lot. but you will still need money for other things.
i know what i'm writing are obvious things, but people don't usually think about them, which makes them very confused about life and how money should be used and what it really is for. it exists to be exchanged for important things that we can not produce alone, that we need the help of other people. we can't do everything on our own, and so humans live collectively, to help each other and to fulfill our needs, so we can survive much longer and have time to be happy. or so it should be, of course. things go wrong when people forget what is important to them and what they want and like to do. people can not be happy because they think only of money and what they have been taught to do.
to make money we need to help other people by doing something they want to pay for. there are many options for this, some are more stable and some less stable. there are many reasons for this, i do not know much about economics, politics or anything like that, but in my view one of the reasons is because some forms of work are extremely indirect, you are not helping anyone really, maybe even being a nuisance. this makes your job a bit pointless, so it's easily disposable and replaceable. people think of this part ( the job ) as super important to their lives and ironically treat it in the worst possible way : they think about what can make more money, neither what makes them happy nor other people happy. money should never be the focus of your life, since this job will be something that will occupy a good part of your life and should be something that helps other people, it should be something pleasurable, rewarding. you can choose from endless options of jobs, why choose to be a slave to money or have a purposeless and unstable work ? i just can't understand.
obviously many things that we enjoy so so so much are things that are not so useful to others and do not give much money, so we call them hobbies. i would not recommend trying to make a hobbie-type your source of money to survive, as that would give you extreme instability in life and make you very frustrated not to have the work valued. some people can actually make it work, but to have the time and dedication to make it happen it is necessary to survive in that period. if you are supported by someone, you can do this, but it is indeed complicated. BUT it doesn't mean that you should stop with your hobbies or treat them as something small in any way, they are still important, just not your main job.
thinking about all these things made me define what i want to do with my life ( the answer was the simplest, since these are things i always wanted to do, i just needed to figure out if this would work, of course ) : i definitely do not want to be a slave to money, i will never think of money as something to give life and happiness. i just want to do things that i like and i'm proud to do. that doesn't mean it will be easy, i'm going to have a lot of work and i'm going to try hard to make it work, but with a bright smile on my face !
i want to live a little away from the city, because i want to plant and raise animals. i have several plans on this and i know it's rather complex, but i've been planning a lot for several years, since it's something i've always wanted to do since i was little. i can tell you the details about some things if you want, of course, only practice can teach me what this kind of life can offer me, but it's really what i want. and i never thought it was something that could give me money since i always grew up having my dreams devalued and being encouraged to work on boring things to have money. i'm glad i never took it seriously and i always followed my heart.
i already told you that i want to have a cafe, right ? so, this is part of the whole thing, since it also involves food. i believe that selling food in general is quite stable and will be extremely enjoyable to me. the part where the cafe is also a store, is the part where my hobbies are included, since i do not want to abandon them !
money, being something quite vague and used only to buy important things that help us survive and possibly have extra entertainment, is something that at the moment i am exclusively using with the intention of realizing my dreams and having a source of happy income and stability. in the future, i know that i will have money to also buy beautiful things and travel, but that will only be because i worked hard and made the right choices : i chose to follow my heart, to help people and to be happy.
do not choose to live for the money, do not be sad because of money, never !!!

i hope this helps you to reflect on your life choices and think about whether you are really choosing happiness.
i know a lot of young people read my blog, so i really wish you were not influenced by the sad, greedy adults around you ; ;
um and i'm sorry if i wrote too much unnecessarily ////


july . 18 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
do you like the new things in the projects ?
i worked hard to take time to update all of them, and i still have some things to do, so keep an eye open !
it's winter here, but every afternoon is comfortably warm and sunny
so i felt i could get a little bit into the summer vibe of the northern hemisphere with this frog themed post !!
frogs are very good
/// i would like to thank everyone who has sent me very beautiful messages
you are very precious little angels who give me inspiration to be productive and make others happy too ♡
all the criticisms of you help me a lot

i have some things to show you today, i'll start with a super cute dress up game i made yesterday :

it's very simple but i honestly love it, dress up flash games always make me nostalgic ; ;
i hope you like it too !!

i realized a few days ago that my printer is out of ink, i wanted to print a lot of papercrafts and saved a lot of things.. it was a bad surprise
but i did something else to show you ! matching the cute frogs of today, a very magical & marshy melody :

will-o'-the-wisp .mp3

what do you think ?
i think it's lovely

for today's q&a i decided to write about a rather controversial topic,,
i, indeed, feel a bit of apprehension. but i believe you will understand my point of view
( please consider that this is the way i feel comfortable about dealing with it within my lifestyle )

 q & a 

because of some things i've said before, people ask me about this : i'm not vegan, but i'm trying my best to be 100% cruelty-free !
( i understand the consequences of the environmental impact of consuming certain products that i consume, but i am talking about what i feel and think about the consumption of these products in a specific and personal way )
veganism is not just about diet but also about products and lifestyle. i am completely in favor of using only cruelty-free products, which are not tested on animals, anything that is not natural and causes suffering is something i completely repudiate. having a healthy and natural lifestyle is something that i try hard to have ! well, i support all that part of veganism about being cruelty-free, but not the part of the diet. it's something very personal, so please don't take it as a criticism, it's just what i believe.
i'll start with the meat : i don't think eating meat is anything wrong, cruel or bad to do. it's a natural part of life and i see no problems about killing to feed. obviously, this goes a long way, since humans are not necessarily carnivorous, and we also have the rationality to avoid such things, but meat was ( and still is ) a very important part of the diet of most humans. not all people can really avoid the meat and replace it, it's very cultural and complicated. my biggest problem with meat is the cruelty involved in the process, animals that are bred only to die and live miserably, it makes me very sad and angry. a second problem are the hormones given to the animals so they grow up faster, it's extremely bizarre and disgusting, it does SO bad for the health of anyone !! for these reasons, i am seeking to limit myself to just eating meat from animals that have been properly reared, with a healthy, natural life, as was formerly the case. this is hard to find and also very expensive, but like i said, we do not need meat to survive anymore, so i think it's very plausible. i just can't eat meat from tortured animals like it's normal.
edit // my thoughts on eating meat have changed quite a bit since i first wrote this text. i still don't think that eating meat is a bad thing to do itself, but as rational animals we can make choices, and i know that i am in a position where i can choose not to eat meat, so i am deliberately choosing to kill animals, right ?
if the animal has lived a happy and healthy life while it can, it is difficult to say whether it is cruel or not to take that life away from it. maybe it’s not so bad for him, if it’s a quick death. i personally wouldn't mind living until middle age having everything i need to be happy, and then being killed for a good cause. the thing is : killing to eat, when you don’t need to eat meat at all, is it a good cause ??
i started to see the cowardice in taking an animal's life indirectly, when i put myself in the place of who would kill. when i imagined killing my loved cats to eat. they lived a happy life, but for me their lives are too precious and eating them would be horrible ..
however, not everyone thinks so. i personally have no problem killing fish ( i have fished and felt nothing different than harvesting vegetables, for example ) so i believe it depends a lot on each person and i do not judge the opinion of others. i've been trying to take responsibility for "killing" what i'm eating, so if i wouldn't kill / participate in the process personally, in my view i have no right to eat that !
it's hard to change habits, for rational animals we can be very ignorant.. talking about what we consume and how it affects the world in general is important, but we need practical solutions when it comes to fixing habits. if each person had to kill an animal before eating its meat, i'm sure most people would be more responsible about their choices, since you could avoid it just eating something else nowadays.
now, about milk and milk products in general, there is a big controversy about whether milk is bad or good for people's health. milk is obviously the most important food for a baby, but that is breast milk. the milk of other animals is not really needed for us, but if eaten properly, it can be very healthy. the milk can not be consumed in large quantities, but i don't think that it does bad unless you have some intolerance or allergy ( which is quite common, but not everyone has ). for me, the biggest problem about milk is how animals are treated horribly and full of hormones, same problems as meat. so i have to really do a lot of research to find good sources.
about eggs, it's a very important part of the human diet since ever, but of course, it can be replaced. however i have no problems with eggs, just with the treatment of animals, just like the above cases, i look for good sources.
commenting briefly, wearing fur and animal hide is horrible when they kill animals only for the luxury of vain humans. the skin and leather removed from animals that were killed for food is not something i see problem ( although i have problem with rearing animals in most cases, as i said earlier ). the skin of animals that died in natural ways is something i have nothing against !
finally, i want to comment on honey, which is somewhat controversial among people who adhere to veganism. i am not against honey or beekeeping, bees do not suffer in the process, it's quite the contrary, they live much better by having humans protecting them. they produce much more honey than they need, and using this extra honey is not wrong. the problem with beekeeping is that it should not be done all over the world, and it is. honeybees should not be living all over the world, but humans carried them everywhere, just for convenience. typical ignorant selfishness. the problem still is not for the bees but for other animals, other pollinators are extremely harmed by having their habitat invaded by bees that should not be there. different types of bees are natural from specific places. i support the breeding of bees in their proper habitats ( in reasonable quantities, obviously, the overpopulation of bees is not good anywhere ). this is not so difficult to find, since you can know the source of the honey you buy. depending on where you live, if it's one of the appropriate places, there may be local creators you can support ! research is the key for a good lifestyle.

um, as usual, i didn't intend to write that much ; ;
but i hope you understand my point ///


july . 01 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
many new things are coming soon
as you may know, some of my projects have been standing for some time because of some important things i've been doing lately. i'm actually quite busy with these things, but i've been reflecting on all my projects and realized that i should not let them totally stand still for so long. they all exist for a reason and keeping them active would help me a lot to practice my skills in different areas, after all they were created to motivate me to study and always be using my creativity ! also, they have a story behind, i care for them.
i always value my hobbies because they make me happy, even if i know i'm not so talented at everything i do, i think it's worth doing my best to keep doing it. i will continue updating all my projects even if it is with a lower frequency ; being occupied with other things is not a justification to abandon them !
i'm feeling pretty motivated so i'm certainly updating all my projects.

some people liked it, so today i have again some little things that i have embroidered :

so ?
i think it's very cute

maybe you have seen that i posted a new html stuff, an aesthetic virtual journal !!
i had this idea randomly when i was doing collage. i love doing this and i always have several journals with different aesthetics, stationery is one of my big passions ! i also like to put pieces of fabric, ribbons, buttons, even beautiful packaging.
i've always wanted to somehow do this digitally, but i have never really tried, until now. it's actually easy, and a lot of fun ♡ !!
i took the opportunity to offer you some cute thematic materials that you can use for decoration, digitally or even printed. not all the stuff that i offer in these packs are mine, these are just things that i have saved here, so if anyone doesn't want their content to be included please let me know ///
i intend to keep making new pages, so stay tuned
the domain is cute ( aes.pooftie.me ) and i'll leave a backup file for every page i make :

soft milk .rar

i honestly am very proud of this, i thought it would be just something cute but it became very beautiful !
i would also like to receive some feedback for the little music i used :

tiptoes .mp3

so.. this may seem like another personal q&a, but i consider it more as an important observation about how you see me and also other people.

 q & a 

i would like to vent some things because i receive several messages and i know that although i am not of great influence, i still have responsibility with people who expect things from me and see me as an example in any aspect. it's natural that you overestimate me, since i'm on the internet and just post my best ; but it's important that i be modest & honest enough with you so this is not a problem and make you have the wrong idea about me ///
everything i'll write here i hope you also remember when observing other people :
i usually say my personal opinion on these q&a texts. this is important to note, because although i always hope to be helping someone to think about these issues, i never expect you to agree with what i say or assume as correct. is my opinion, my point of view, the way i thought to get where i am today. tomorrow i can change, and i hope so. if i change, i will tell you my new thoughts. you may have a completely different view of the things i write here and be happy in your own way, but at least for me it is always good to see other people's sincere opinions to refine mine. read my texts as an external opinion, think carefully about it and think about your own opinions.
i am not perfect. that's obvious, but people tend to think girls on the internet are perfect. i can say that i always do my best and i work hard every day for this. i'm not super talented in most of the things i do and so i'm always studying and practicing. i post the best i do, even if not super good or important things, because i like to receive criticism. it helps me a lot to improve ! my own opinion can help me, since i'm a perfectionist, but sometimes we're just tired and let it go, you know. i can say that i am today the best and most perfect that i could be, within my experiences and reality. tomorrow i'll be better, and so on. if i have to be an example to someone, i want to be an example of motivation, because you should never copy others and try to be like them, you have to be yourselves and the best you can be in this way !
i would also like to talk about my appearance, even though i rarely post pictures of myself, this is a serious topic, since the biggest negative influence that internet girls give others is their perfect ( super edited ) photos and the lack of integrity in saying they are not perfect in real life...
so, about me, being quite honest, i think i am pretty. other people have always said that i am pretty, but that doesn't seem true until i clear my mind ; i like almost everything about my appearance, what took time to happen, since i have my insecurities as well. i still have some things about myself that i would like to improve, and i intend to do so in the future. although i take great care of my skin, it is very sensitive and i usually have allergies from time to time, so i have some spots that i could not repair on my own. there are procedures to help with this, but they are a little expensive, so at the moment i just accepted, these are marks of difficulties that my skin has gone through, that's okay. and i'm very lucky because all the skin that is exposed, like my face, has no marks, so it's something that only those who know me more intimately have already seen ; ;
obviously, anyway, my skin may look like porcelain in the pictures, but in real life it's normal skin, i have pores, you know.. i take care of it a lot and i have to clean and moisturize every day to keep it nice, just like everyone else ! i do not wear makeup often and i always use sunscreen, so i think this helps a lot. i can talk more about skin care in another post, as well as about makeup i use.
my pictures are pretty blurry and have filters, not only because my camera is really bad, but also because i like to make the pictures a little blurry to soften everything and to use filters to adjust the lighting. i do it with all the pictures, not just those of my face, if you notice. when i have a better camera, i can try to take more natural pictures, i would like to try !
last, but not less important, numbers : numbers are not something you should ever take as a basis for success, numbers are extremely inconsistent and are not always real people. even the numbers you can see on my website may seem like a big deal, but they are not consistent as well, since they count the same ips over and over again. and this a problem that exists even on large websites, or do you really think millions, billions of people watched the same video as you ? then, you should only consider real people, always. and a large amount of public is not always something to be proud of, since many people who are not good, lie a lot & are toxic, have many fans. always think of those people who send you sincere, truthful messages that not only praise you but also want you to improve as a person. these messages are what i always consider important and i love receiving them ! i get sad about receiving rude messages, especially when they don't make sense, but even some rude messages can help me mature and improve. i always ask people to be kind to each other, but if i made you angry for any reason, do not hesitate to tell me the reasons, because i don't want to hurt anyone, i am always open to improving and learning new things. i'm no better than neither of you, i'm just better than myself every passing day. we're all here to help each other, not to act superior !!
never support people who make you intentionally feel inferior and less capable than them, who make you feel ugly and useless. you can always be a great person, smart, mature, beautiful, you have the right to have hobbies ( even if you're not so talented right now ) ; you can be perfect, within your reality. your personality may not be 100% ideal, but you're sure to find the balance so this will not get in the way of you improving and being a good person. be pure, be yourself, always ♡
( oh, and, it's okay to feel sad and negative sometimes, making mistakes is normal, we just have to work hard not to keep it that way )

did my huge text help motivate you in any way ? i hope so


june . 15 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
have you noticed, over there ? that's right, ssl !!
i know this is kinda silly, but i was actually thinking about getting "https" on my website for a while.
i'm quite proud, do you remember about the post where i said "i probably will not be able to make all the necessary adaptations or change all links everywhere" ?
it took some time, but i did it ♡ !!!
( and also with all the other domains with my html stuff )

i'd like to talk a little bit about my projects that are a little stuck,,
at the moment i'm working hard on a game with bubu !
he got the main idea, i created the characters and i'm now writing the whole script ( which takes a while )
he will deal with the programming, i don't think i will draw the concepts, but we are still planning this part.
we've had lots of ideas for games together and we've finally gotten started with one of them, i'm super excited !!!!!
i will not tell you about what it is yet, but you will know soon !
oh, and i didn't forget the shy bunny store, of course. i just had financial problems these times ; ;
things are normalizing and i'm saving money again to start the shop and for all my future plans. i'm working hard the best i can !
my dream is to have a ( physical ) stationery store, that also sells crafts, accessories, clothes, plushies and all things cute,,, that is also a cafe ♡ !! ( of course things will be separate but the thing is that it's the same establishment )
i have been practicing a lot of cooking and baking lately
it will be super comfy and cute, i have so many ideas for decoration and everything. i know that i will be able to realize this dream, even if it takes time, i will do my best for the future !! i always feel so happy to work with things that are beautiful and make people feel happy, it's literally the best thing in the world for me.
life is a surprise pot and we should never stop dreaming about what will come out of it

recently i've gone back to drawing some little things in ms paint and i did some cute things that i liked a lot !
here i am going to show you a drawing of myself that just happened :

it was hard to choose the color for my hair, as always, but i liked it ////
+ the little outfit was inspired by a real one that i really like

here also is a little music box that i hope will warm your heart :

old stuffie .mp3

this post is going to be a bit long, because i also have a q&a !
i want to stop writing many personal topics in a row.. but it's fine, this is my personal blog after all.
this is just out of curiosity : a text about my name !

 q & a 

 ✐ .. 𝑚𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑠𝑎
melissa is my irl name. i really like my name, but i don't use it on the internet because it would be difficult to find me, you know. melissa is the name of a plant, the lemon balm. it is common for people to use this plant to make tea and for medicinal purposes. it has very small, white and delicate flowers. the meaning of this name is literally "honeybee", which makes people give some interesting interpretations to it. some people gave me the nickname "mel" ( which means literally honey ).

 ✐ .. 𝑚𝑖𝑑𝑑𝑙𝑒𝑝𝑜𝑡
this is actually a surname, and i use it as "artistic signature" on my commercial works and accounts. i've used some variations of it ( midpot, mimipot ) in the past. it's not a real surname, i discovered it in a dream. at the time i was thinking of a nickname to use on the internet and i had just created the "poofties" project, so i was thinking about many things and characters, especially potatoes. i used the nickname "poteto" from time to time, because of that. one day i dreamed about potatoes and many other confusing things, including a very fat and giant cat that called me "melissa middlepot". he told me "you're bigger than your potato friends, but there are still bigger potatoes, believe me", even though i was not really a potato. well, i woke up really thinking that middlepot was good, it sounds like some english surnames. so, yes, i believe that "pot" is from "potato". be honest, "middlepot" is pretty cute, isn't it ?

 ✐ .. 𝑝𝑢𝑓 / 𝑝𝑜𝑜𝑓𝑡𝑖𝑒
puf is not just a nickname but actually a character from the poofti world, therefore, a pooftie. it's who i am, there ! middlepot is the surname that was given for me, but they don't call me like this, because it's too formal.. they neither call me melissa / mel ; they call me puf !
puf is a "softie", a metamorphic critter that can take the form of anything that is "soft" enough. it is often seen in the form of a teddy bear, bunny, lamb, or human girl ! sometimes a mix between these .. sometimes with wings, but it cannot fly. puf can't control its metamorphosis abilities, it happens suddenly and without explanation.
i like to use its name and variations as user in my "casual" accounts ! small and cute.

i hope this hasn't been too boring to read


june . 01 . 2018

hiii fluffies
where do you live, is it getting hot or cold ?
here is a super nice climate, a gentle cold, soft sunlight + the rains have stopped completely. it's my favorite weather season !!
for those who remember the past post, my trip with bubu was magical, i would like to travel with him all the time ♡ ♡ ♡
it's not usual for me to travel, i sometimes spend years without leaving nearby. i want to travel a lot in the future

i made a new playlist recently, for asmr / comfort. i've been thinking about making it for some time, since i usually watch a lot of asmr channels that are not very well known and many videos that i like are asmr not intentional. you will find all kind of stimmy and aesthetically pleasing videos !
most videos are from japanese and korean channels, but some videos are in english and portuguese.
i hope this playlist will help you relax and discover new content !!
maybe you can even learn to make some recipes

꒰ my comfort playlist ꒱

please let me know what you think of it, i accept suggestions !

i also want to leave here a drawing that i painted recently and i am quite proud :

these drawings are so lovely !! her name is julie ♡
i really enjoyed painting the little flowers on the dress, it was very relaxing.

today i decided to answer to you several doubts and curiosities related to the changes that have happened in my social media over the last years.

 q & a 

   𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚗 𝚙𝚊𝚐𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚕𝚛 𝚋𝚕𝚘𝚐 𝚊𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚌 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚜 _
i created the page with a friend and the tumblr blog later, in order to improve the content of the page, improving its aesthetics. the problem is that our opinions were very different and she posted things very different from me, so everything was a mess. so far so good, but the biggest problem was that she liked to post things from kink blogs and lots of offensive stuff that i think it's very bad and ruined the page environment completely. our friendship dissolved over time ( not only because of that ) and she decided she didn't want to post on the page or tumblr anymore for lack of time, so i erased all the content that i definitely hate and left everything clean and neat again. posting alone i could have control over the content quality and aesthetics. i hope that everything has been completely deleted, i'm very ashamed of this past. if you find anything, PLEASE let me know !

   𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚖 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚖𝚜 _
this story is quite complicated and people are always doing theories and posting screenshots about it.. i think it's time to say what really happened to my ig : i used my acc for a short six months ( approximately ), problems began to happen at three months, i couldn't stop following people or following more people, my acc was frozen for about a month like this. i ignored it, but then i could no longer comment, they just vanished. then things started to get really heavy : my pics were erased randomly. sometimes it took a few days, a few hours, sometimes it was instantaneous, it would always disappear. i was already with many followers to that point, i was losing many because my account was becoming a mess. i was upset and contacted the instagram countless times, until one day they said that my account had been hacked. they did nothing about it really so i changed the password several times, but the problem persisted, random comments and pics were erased all the time. i always put the link of my ig on fb pages, so i had many followers, but when i started to suspect the activities i told everyone to stop following me because i would make another account, so i lost a massive number of followers ( i don't know if this was really the cause of the loss of followers because it was really a lot ). i deleted most of the pics, i left only 15 there and i didn't use the acc anymore. i decided not to make another account at all because of the problems and how nobody did anything to help me. the acc is still there until today, but i might delete it at any moment.. and maybe make a new one !

are we clear now ? i hope so !


may . 04 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
i would like to thank once again the support you give me, it is really very special for me !!
the ideas you give me are very useful and i never tire of saying thank you
because of my routine post yesterday i received some messages thanking the inspiration for organization and productivity, but i also received some rather sad messages saying that they couldn't be productive or follow schedules like me.
i would like to clarify that although schedules are important, it is not always possible to follow them.
sometimes i go to sleep later than i intended, sometimes i wake up with a headache, i don't force myself to go beyond my limits
everyone has different limits, you don't have to do multiple tasks every day, you don't have to wake up at 6:30 am, it's different for every person !
your routine should be tailored to your lifestyle and your chores and hobbies should be things that you feel good doing, and i didn't include household chores in the routine because they vary according to need, but i have these as well, every day
it's important to be productive but it's also important to stay healthy and happy, never forget

soooooo, i'm super happy these days because tomorrow, day 5, me and bubu have completed 5 years of dating ♡ !!!!
we're going to take a little trip together and i'm super extremely excited and i dream about it every day !!
i love him so so so so so much

today i'm going to finally show you something that you asked me since the video of my phone, i'll show you a little bit of my laptop :

it's also a bit old, but it's perfect so far !
and yes, that is a kagamine rin shimeji ( my favorite vocaloid btw )

i recorded my voice one more time, this time it's a story, as you asked !!
it's a story i made, from the poofties project.
record reading was much harder than i expected, and i recorded before bed so i was a bit sleepy..
sorry for the weird pronunciations ////

poofties .mp3

next time i want to record something in portuguese, i think it would be interesting.
what do you think ?

so /// because of yesterday's very personal post with information about my personality, some people asked me to post some things about my body as well. i thought a lot about it because it's very intimate and i don't like to post so many things like that ...
but i decided that i'll post, since these are information that anyone who knows me personally would know, there is nothing so secret about it.
i'll add these in the faq :

 my height is 167cm ( 5'5 ft ). i am medium sized.
 i weight 51kg ( 112 lbs ). i'm okay, i think i'm skinny.
 i don't want to share measurements here, but i really like my body shape ! according to my measures, i'm hourglass figure.
 my skin is pale, but not super pale. i hate tanning because my skin is really sensitive and turns red only ; ;
 my hair changes color very much according to the lighting, but it also becomes clearer if i go out in the sun. it's dark blond / light brown and sometimes it gets a little bit orange, but it's only noticeable in the sunlight.
 i like to keep a "himecut" in my hair, with short side bangs ( it's cute but also a bit more mature than straight bangs ). i cut my hair myself. i'm lazy so it's common for my bangs to be super long + my hair is quite wavy, so the cut is not so noticeable.
 my eyes are between blue and green ( cyan, turquoise ) + a little bit grayish.
 i don't know my shoe size to be honest, but my feet are 24cm.
 um... i'm a-cup ///

... of course i would not leave the post with just that, it would be shameful.
i have something much more important to post on today's q&a, super very extremely important :

 q & a 

i would like to talk about these two adjectives that are so confusing to people : pure & innocent.
these are actually extremely important things, but are treated as something far, almost impossible to achieve. and that's not true, because it's something we can all go back to.
to explain it better, let's define purity and innocence :
purity, as i have already commented in other posts, is something that you are when you're being yourself. when you act naturally and follow your heart, when you do not listen to what others think is good for you, but what your heart says is best for you. your heart wants you to have a clear conscience, want you to stay safe and healthy, wants you to be happy. it's not always the easiest path, but it's always the right one, the pure one. purity is literally not be contaminated by external influences. it's hard because we live in society and we need to please others, but it doesn't mean that you need to change who you are ( not even a little bit ) to be a nice person, and be happy.
innocence is something that people often confuse with ignorance. when you don't know things by choice, you are being ignorant, which is a bad quality. innocence is when you see the world in a beautiful way, when you believe in your dreams, believe things can get better, do not judge others before you know, when even after being bitten by a dog, do not you think all dogs are evil. so, innocence is more linked to positivity, it's a quality of being radiant and full of love, even having gone through difficult things, or not. of course it's easier to be positive when you don't have traumas to deal with, but that's not the point. it is possible, and it is necessary for you to be happy !
children are pure and innocent because they have not been "contaminated" by society's pressure to be different from who they really are, to give up their dreams, to think the world and people are bad and it's always getting worse. this is not right and it's not true. it's a super toxic thought.
other ( nonhuman ) animals are like children forever, for at least none of them still live in society like humans. society itself is not a problem, but people just don't have the maturity to deal with it in a healthy way. it's something that people should educate themselves and educate their children so that we can all be happier !!
never think that you have no hope, that you are dirty or rotten, that your dreams can't come true, that magic doesn't exist. erase it forever from your life !!! learning to evaluating your behavior and the way you see the world is very important to becoming a better and more satisfied person. believe in your dreams, make the little you from the past proud of who you became today ♡ !

i really hope it touched your heart !


april . 19 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
aaaa //// i'm so thankful for the cute messages i've received lately !!
you all are so kind to me, i don't deserve it
also, i love it when you send me suggestions. i like to post things you want to see !

um, so, do you remember that i was training to be ambidextrous ?
i think i can consider that i already got there !!
i really can't believe how fast that was, i thought it would take a long time
i am training every day using my left hand to do day-to-day tasks, and to write.
i'd say i can do things 80% the same way with my left hand now !
and i can write with the same handwriting, but it's a bit slower ( i never can write too fast anyway )
well, i am very proud of the progress ♡ !!

today the post will be a little more personal, since you have been asking for some little things ///
these days i was writing down my routine, as usual. i usually write down daily task lists, but i always had some items that i repeated every day.
for ease, i wrote down these items in a txt, which i kept for a while. it was not very cute, so i thought i should write it somewhere else ...
i was in the mood to do some pretty cute html page, so i did one with some things from my routine !!
it was quite spontaneous, i was not even going to show it to anyone at first.
but as you asked for some more personal things like that, and it was so cute, i decided to post !
and with a super cute url ( day.pooftie.me ), of course
i will leave here a backup file, as always :

rotininha .rar

it's in portuguese because.. well, i'm actually going to use it on a day-to-day basis and like i said, it was written spontaneously.
i hope you don't mind ; ;

i... also have something very personal here that i was soooooo embarrassed to post, and still am, i kept it for several days, but i have to do it !!
i'm sorry for the audio quality, and i'm talking in a low voice, so... well, i hope it's not too bad to listen ;///;

hi .mp3

well.. like i said, i can record reading stories, fairytales .. i like this kind of content and it's a little hard to find, so i'll try hard to do it, if you want, of course ; ;
( please do not ask me to record more singing cause this is too much for me LOL )

because of the other post where i say that i don't like people to "guess" my personality through tests, astrology, blood type or anything, you asked me to post things about my personality.
i'm actually quite honored that you really care about me that way, it's very sweet
i thought about it for a while, i don't really like to talk about myself so deeply, but since this is a more personal post... here it is :

 q & a 

     𝓅𝓮𝓇𝓈𝓸𝓃𝒶𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝒶𝒾𝓉𝓈 ..

୨୧ i'm very shy & introverted. so, because of my introversion, i don't feel bad for being shy, it's just part of me ;
୨୧ i'm full of love and i do my best to take care of others and myself. i want to bring comfort and safety to everyone !
୨୧ i have difficulties in approaching and sometimes i never feel comfortable near some people ;
୨୧ when i'm comfortable with people, i talk a lot about random things, sometimes i even talk too much ///
୨୧ i usually adapt to different situations and different people "changing moods", sometimes i get into it a lot and i feel confused, but i'm always myself ;
୨୧ i'm always evaluating my behavior to improve myself, but sometimes i take it too seriously and get overwhelmed ;
୨୧ i love rules ! i love to make rules for myself, to have rules made for me and to follow them. rules often make me happy because they make me a better person ;
୨୧ i make lists all the time to be able to have an organized routine and take time to practice all my hobbies. feeling busy with things that i like makes me feel pretty satisfied !
୨୧ i think too much about everything and sometimes i feel melancholic ;
୨୧ i deeply value the purity. for me purity is directly linked to your true personality, who you really are. i never forget who i am and what i believed and wanted from myself when i was a child and i want more than anything to be proud of myself, the child i will always be.

     𝓮𝓍𝓉𝓇𝒶 ..

୨୧ my sense of humor is quite childish, so i laugh at really silly things ;
୨୧ i cry a lot, sad and happy ;
୨୧ my main interest is beautiful things and to make things beautiful ;
୨୧ i like everything that warms my heart and i try to fill my life with these things ;
୨୧ people say i smell like vanilla. i think i smell like honey ///
୨୧ i love animals, especially babies, i love taking care of babies !!
୨୧ i love nature, she is everything to me, i struggle daily to feel part of her and understand my instincts and role in life. this has made me extremely happy and helps me overcome any personal problems.

.. that's it ///


april . 05 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
hmpf, i've been super anxious these days, which has decreased my productivity
i'm trying hard to keep on doing my tasks, persistence is very important !!
i always feel like a very good girl when i finish doing what i have to do
( don't worry, i'm having enough rest, or i'd be overwhelmed, right ? )

day 8 is bubu's birthday !!!!
i'm obviously going to make surprises for him and prepare something very special. i'm so excited !!

i'm going to show you today some of the first things i've embroidered, my favorite ones :

i think it turned out really cute and good images to use as graphics !
i've been embroidering a lot lately, but these are the first ones and are more special to show you for now.

and i also want to do something really nice that was asked me a few times : show you my phone and how it's decorated !
i hope you like it :

even though my phone is really old now, i think it's really cute !!
but when i have a new one, i'm going to make it even cuter and show you.

for today's q&a the subject will be very... heavy.
i don't know if it's appropriate for you if you're a minor, but i would say that it is something very important and needs to be talked about. i'll be careful !

 q & a 

the sexualization is a very controversial subject. it can be seen as horrible, beautiful, okay, or even as an art form. it can be beautiful, but it can also be dangerous. there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy sexuality, which causes people to be often completely in favor or against. i think there are big limits to it.
sexual content and pornography is very dangerous because often this industry involves people being harmed and abused, and make sex seem vulgar and casual. this becomes an addiction and is totally wrong, it ruins you, makes you have a lot of problems and mess up your whole life !!
this goes a long way from kinks and different forms of sexuality, it's about self-respect, safety, happiness, purity and health.
i personally consider that people who are involved with pornography and prostitution ( even on the internet ) are often source of many problems, for themselves and for many others ( even children ) and i totally do not support this industry. i am not exactly against drawings and animations, for they are not real people ( when it comes especially to art, i support quite as well as artistic nudity in any case ). but, this type of content still has moral limits and should be reserved for adults, always.
puberty is the time when we should be very careful about sexuality, because it is not the moment to do it, but it's natural to be curious and very important to be educated about it. repressed sexuality is often degenerate. many children at puberty become hypersexualized and even not having sex, come very close to it several times and with several different people. they can often develop weird kinks and even support pedophilia. they get hurt and traumatized for a lifetime, even hurting other people in the process.

the excessive sexualization can bring hypersexualization to people, which is very dangerous for their lives.
the sex itself is not impure, since we're animals and it's healthy and natural to have sexuality.
but sex is not only for having babies but also for pleasure. this is when it gets dangerous.
using food as an example : there are delicious foods that are healthy and some that are bad for our bodies and even if food is essential for our survival, consuming too much food can destroy our lives. everything has limits.
hypersexuality can lead to need for casual sex, and it is always a problem because the more you do, the more you want to do. this in addition to being able to bring diseases, is dangerous, not healthy and bad for your mind.
this is a major problem of early sexuality, since children do not have a safe way to have sex. it's always wrong, harmful and traumatic for them.
it's very super important that sexuality be brought in a healthy way to make everyone happy. treating it as wrong and dirty does not help in this process !!
the right sex would be not necessarily to make babies, but the one we do healthfully often and only with people we trust. the sex with whom we love is infinitely better and makes you and the other person happy. it doesn't hurt anyone, it doesn't make you sad, it's pure, safe and comfortable. makes you feel loved. there is no way to be something bad !

so take care of yourselves, please, it will do miracles to your mental health. i promise.
i really hope my words are easy to understand !


march . 15 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
the rain doesn't stop, day in day out .. it's starting to get boring, honestly.
i'm reading a lot about gardening these days
i've had a lot of trouble because the super humid weather of the season is making them bad ; ;
if you have any suggestions, i would appreciate it !!

i don't know if i already told you, but i'm right-handed.
since i was little i always wanted to be ambidextrous, because it seems to be an incredible and useful ability !
i've always been too lazy to start practicing, but now i'm really training my left hand, and it has not been that hard. writing is the hardest part
taking advantage of my interest in calligraphy, i'm training every day and it's been a lot of fun, i'm improving fast !!
i feel even sorry for having underestimated my left hand all this time ///
( oh i also have trained my sleep, sleeping and waking up every day at the same time. it was always hard for me, but bubu is encouraging me and i'm doing very well )
by the way, i would like to show you something super nice that i made :
fonts with my handwriting
i really really liked the result, even if the "puf" one has got some spacing problems .. i think it's still ok !
the "bby" font is only hiragana & katakana. i made it based on the fact that i use a lot of kanas, and this is pretty childish, but kanjis are so haaard ;///;
well, i hope you like it !

and i also have some pixel art i found here !
these are simple, but i quite love them. household stuff are always pretty cute

( the dividers can be clicked and saved )

so, today the q&a subject will be lighter, as i intend to bring something controversial in the next post LOL
it's something that i really wanted to talk about, because you ask a lot about it !

 q & a 

people are constantly searching for fashion inspiration, for fitting into something and find themselves.. it's a healthy and natural process of maturing, while experimenting. it's a lot of fun to find new things that makes us happy, right ?
when i was a teenager i was mostly inspired by japanese fashion, specially sweet-classic lolita and cult party kei. purchasing clothing from japanese brands was quite expensive by the time, so i just improvised with handmade outfits. since my mom was a seamstress, i learned a lot and decided to make up my own style based on those .. the perfect style for me, that would make me comfortable and happy.
it took a long while for me to get to the point where i am, and after trying many things, sewing a lot, making accessories, purses and so on, i noticed some things : i love frilly dresses, aprons, stuffie purses, mary janes, lace socks, satin ribbons, and i really really love vintage nightgowns.
walking outside with clothing that would make me feel as comfortable as i feel at home, that i could even sleep with ? it's certainly a dream coming true ♡
with time, i discovered that thrift stores are the best place to find cute clothing, when searching for vintage nightgowns !! if in good condition, they can be adjusted to be used as dresses, or blouses. adding embroidering details to them, extra lace, ribbons... they're unique pieces of art. because of that, i don't need to sew all my outfits from scratch anymore - which is great, since i'm not good when sewing complicated things.. and sadly, my mom isn't here to help me anymore.
while trying out different things, i realized i don't really like wearing multiple layers of clothing and accessories, even though it looks beautiful ( vide cult party ) it's just not for me. i'm a simple girl : i like feeling cute, but i hate feeling sweaty and itchy ! living in a tropical country + having sensitive skin doesn't help either ; ;
so i simplified a lot my fashion style over the years, and it somehow matured a bit too. i'm in love with long skirts, frilly aprons, delicate jewelry ( like golden heart lockets & pearl earrings ) and classic cotton fabrics, in neutral or faded soft colors. but, i'm not even a little bit ashamed to keep using child-like motifs as well, when it comes to accessories. it's part of my aesthetic as a whole, it's part of who i am, and how i want to be perceived : a woman who still believes in her girlish dreams, and always will.
that leads us to an important point.. what most inspires my fashion style is my personal aesthetic concepts & beliefs : delicacy, innocence, softness, comfort, nostalgia. these are the qualities that i always look for in my outfits.
you know that i really value purity, and i believe wearing clothes that represent our personality and feelings is important for it. i feel extremely happy to see that my appearance corresponds with who i am.
i believe the secret to finding the perfect style for you is just to find your favorite aesthetics and what best represents your personality ! the essential thing here is to respect your comfort and to have self knowledge. i would say that the more you have sharp eyes to find potential beauty in things, the simpler it becomes to have a style that perfectly represents you, so it's really a matter of practice. i super recommend to practice saving beautiful images that inspire you and making collages with them, either photography of people or just clothing pngs.. it's a lot of fun !! ♡
besides aesthetic blogs & collages, i would say that dress up games are certainly very good for inspiration too !! poupée girl was a really good influence on me as a child, when i was first starting to think about fashion.
basically, being spontaneous and searching for happiness is enough. i promise, it's not as complicated as it seems. you can vary your style within your aesthetics whenever you want, it just depends on how comfortable you feel at the moment with those clothes. according to the day, the weather and the situation, you can suddenly feel in a mood to try something new !

i hope it was a fun to read !!
fashion is a big interest of mine.


march . 02 . 2018

hiii fluffies
i would like to thank you for the latest messages, i'm very happy to answer each one of them ♡
your suggestions and opinions are always very important to me.
it's truly unbelievable that this site actually has been visited almost 15 million times !!!!!

it's rainy season here and bubu bought me a new cute umbrella
.. i love bubu so much, he makes me so happy, i can't help myself, i have to tell everyone
these days i have worked hard to learn how to cook and bake, i really feel like making delicious things in our future house

umm i have something super very special that i found and despite having exited a lot to post here because i am extremely shy with my voice, i think it's worth it, because i worked hard !
that's from a couple of years ago, when i was part of a small cover group with some friends. i had a very bad microphone, so i got a new one and recorded some songs and my friend edited.
i'm very shy, so i didn't show to many people besides them and it ended up getting lost in time. luckily, i backed up this specific song, my fav one. i decided to post here today :

secret base .mp3

i don't have the microphone anymore, but i'd like to buy another. i don't think i'd record more songs because it's really hard for me, but maybe i could talk to you fluffies ?
i think it might be a good idea, please give me suggestions !!

so, i'm not going to do a q&a today, sorry ; ;
but i have something stuck in my throat and i really need to vent :

please : stop spreading hate !!!!!!
i've seen a lot of people all over internet spreading hate to feel better about their problems, and hate is NEVER the solution !
hating people will not help you or make you a better person, it's immature and very very bad !
writing about solutions, about what you think it's bad and must be helped ( almost everything can be helped if you try your best ) is important, but hating people is just not right !
how do you expect things to get better by making other people hate you because you hate them !?
nature is sure to teach you to value the really important things in life, and you can be sure that it is not internet drama.
please, be kinder


february . 15 . 2018

hiiii fluffies
today's post will be important to me, so i hope you enjoy it ! i'm a lil bit sleepy but i'll try hard to write everything right
so, i think i never told you but i like to make a lot of papercrafts and paper houses, i also have a wooden house that i want to paint and decorate ( when it's done i'll show you for sure )
i am a frequent papercraft maker and i also like to gift, i live in a very humid place so it's hard to keep paper things ...
some nice things i made i had to throw away because of the mold ; ;
so i just keep with me my ult favs clean and organized so as not to ruin !
i have here at the moment two medium houses, five small houses, the howl's moving castle ( which i'll show you ) and my super cute wooden house !!
i don't know if i'll be able to keep the castle for so long, but i'll try to keep it clean !
in the future i intend to set up a suitable and protected environment to store this kind of thing, to avoid dust and mold ( one of my big wishes is to collect sylvanian families !!! )

aaand this is the castle, which took me an average of 6 months to make and i'm sooo proud of :

!!!! it's amazing
bubu printed this little castle for me and he's proud of my hard work ///
do you like to make paper things too ? it's a great hobby of mine !

umm, today i'm feeling it's safe to share my main ids with you ! since they are pretty much me, i think it couldn't be a problem :

        ♡ an angel of a girl

        ♡ kagome

        ♡ lime

i don't mind if you identify with them too ! i don't take it that seriously.
( please don't call me by their names, because i don't like it ; ; )

now, the subject i want to talk about is something that i think is extremely important, since i have seen it makes many people insecure, including me, and that was my conclusion about it :

 q & a 

there's always a beauty competition between different people, races, species and even non-existencial things, and this is honestly so unhealthy !!
there's even a thing called 2.5D wich is "almost non-real pretty" people. i think the desire of being perfect is normal, but it's also dangerous.
people who know how to be beautiful in their best capacity, as healthy and captivating human beings, are really the ones who manage to be almost non-real, so you don't have to be artificial for it. if you try to be perfect you will fail because it's not possible. don't push the limits, just be yourself ! be the best version of yourself, the best you can be, always.
you can't compare yourself with things you'll never be, it's very unhealthy. everything has totally diferent kind of beauties. 2D characters for example are usually made to be pretty besides they usually are not realistic enough to have the details that normal people have, so it's natural that you wanna be like that too. but we are made by nature itself. everything in nature is different and beautiful in its own way, and so are you. we are part of the nature. you don't have to worry about it, at all, because you don't have to be the perfect pretty to be happy.
i think it's also very important to say that your body don't need to be pretty to keep you healthy and alive, and that's the more important thing ! beauty does not make you a good person, you have to work on it.
beauty exist in many ways, i know it may sound cliché, but the inner beauty will really make you more and more beautiful to everyone, including to yourself.
it's okay if you want to look at the mirror and be pleased, we like beautiful things. but it's not that hard. everyone have beauty parts to look at and feel happy. what people say it's pretty, it's not necessarily true for everyone. a good example is fashion, design and aesthetics : everyone have a different taste, even if it's more common to like some kind of clothes and aesthetics, maybe you like some things that are uncommon. it's the same thing, and that's why everything can be beautiful in some way ! you are beautiful in lots of ways, and if you don't believe it, just try to find things that make you happy about yourself and focus on that things !
there's a special beauty in everyone. you are unique, and the cute features you have are purely luck, that's super special ! also, you can be even prettier if you work on being a better person every day, a perfect version of what it's possible for you to be. for example, there are small things that automatically make us feel more beautiful sometimes ( as fashion and makeup ). the most important thing is to feel comfortable and keep healthy. be proud of your race, your species and your existence. be proud of being you !

please, think about it, because we usually forget some important points that would make us truly happier !!
be kind to yourself


january . 18 . 2018

hiii fluffies
i'm melting completely .. summer makes me so uncomfortable
it has been raining a lot, too. it's not the kind of nice rain you can get out with cute umbrellas and have fun, i'm talking about very scary thunderstorms !!
i wish the summer were not so extreme here ...
it's difficult to do anything in this climate, but i wanted to paint some little things that i'll show here for you :

those are from the paper doll mate coloring book
i love it sooooo much ♡ ♡ ♡ !!

so, today, i want to talk about a very important subject that i've been dealing with for years and it certainly bothers me a lot ; ;

 q & a 

i am very interested in astrology and any other "pseudoscience", as well as personality tests, i usually read a lot about it.
but i honestly don't like to talk about that kind of thing, not a little bit. the reason is that most of the time people think they can know everything about others from small information. this is obviously not true and makes me feel very uncomfortable and dissociated seeing people trying to know things about me without knowing me ! it's almost disrespectful, to be honest.
i will not go into other subjects, i will just talk about astrology here, which is a very good example : astrology is something very complex. people have birth charts, there are signs for each planet, alignments, houses, many details to study.
astrologers study a lot to learn to correctly interpret and evaluate a birth chart, a very relevant example of how a chart can have diverse interpretations is that twins have identical birth charts, but may have completely different personalities.
each person manifests parts of the chart differently, there is no standard for this. people, even so, make very heavy conclusions about others from just a few details of a person's birth chart. i think this is just so wrong, indeed annoying !
for this reason, i do not like to talk about astrology or other similar subjects with almost anyone, i will not show you my birth chart here ever and i kindly ask you that please don't share stereotyped information about my solar sign with me, this makes me very sad.

i hope you understand my point !
i don't judge people who identify 100% with their solar signs and like this kind of stereotyped information, it just is not my case and i think it's bad that people don't respect it ..
please be kind to others !!


january . 04 . 2018

hiiiii fluffies
2018 !!!
i really really hope this year to be full of hope, achievement and love for you all !!
you have made me so happy since i made this website, i have just felt joy in updating it and bringing new things to you. thank you soooo much !
the new years is always a complicated time to do things, so i have nothing really new to show here today .. i'm sorry
but, i would like to make a small but very very important request today :

please spread love, be kind to each other !!!
you don't know how important it is and how it makes a difference on a person's day to receive a loving message.
even if it's in anonymous, be sure to tell people you admire how much you love them, how special and incredible they are !!
i promise you'll never regret doing it and it will feel great !
spread love on the internet, spread love with letters and secret messages, spread words of love in every way you can !

sooo, today i don't have a q&a here as i have some updates on my tumblr about.
i updated some little sutff about aesthetics + add :

♡ i can't do personal posts because it would be extremely uncomfy for me, i just post personal stuff here on my website !!

♡ i'm sorry, but i really can't reblog promos or do ask / tag games ( i just don't want my blog to be very personal, sorry /// you all are so lovely ; ; ) but it really warms my heart when people tag me in all kind of cute stuff, please feel free to send me everything you think i would like.

♡ i can't pay attention to every single interaction, but i try my best to make sure i never reblog from bad people. if i interact with someone who is really toxic please tell me quickly, this is very important to me.

♡ you are free to unfollow me, softblock to break mutuals or just hardblock me ! i just want you to be comfortable.

♡ i always always read links and i interact with most personal posts i see, sometimes i can't because i'm too shy, i'm sorry ; ;

♡ i absolutely love all my mutuals !!!!

i would also like to say a little note about my little world on ywot ! and this one goes to the faq :
there is a little free space to talk, but if you already know this site, you know there is a huge amount of people who spam random text and ascii art in any free space you see.
my space is blocked for pasting, which relieves spam a little bit, but there is still a simple script line that allows you to paste in any free space !
i really like this site because i've met some really nice people in it, but the point is : there are lots of immature and dumb people who like to spam random offensive stuff or cursing. i don't really care about that, and i can easily erase that sort of thing ( and i always do it when i have the opportunity ) but if you're sensitive to that sort of thing i suggest you be careful ! take care ♡

and that's it ! i'm sorry if this post was small, but i hope what i said is of some use to you
i love you all so so so much !!!
thank you for being here for me !


december . 20 . 2017

hiiii fluffies
merry xmas !!!!!
my ult fav holiday, the time of year when i get listening to all ragnarok christmas bgm ( which i suggest to all of you, since it's what most helps me to get the christmas spirit )
i think i never told you, but one of my biggest dreams is to see snow. i've NEVER seen snow, since where i live it doesn't snow.
it may seem crazy to you, but it's true, and it makes me extremely sad that i never had a christmas with winter and snow !!
in fact, summer has just arrived, and it is certainly about 30°C right now ...
but the christmas spirit and a lot of ice cream always helps me feel better !
i know that one day i will have a traditional christmas in the northern hemisphere, since my desire is to live there in some years. but that's a story for another post !

as you may have noticed, i still can't start with my shop, and summer has arrived ...
i'm sorry for this, but i'm having some personal problems and it's difficult to make the items and organize everything ! besides that there are still some materials missing ...
but i promise it will not be that long before sales start !

coming back to christmas, i received a lovely gift from bubu : the paper doll mate coloring book
you know how much i love coloring cute drawings, and this book is something i was really longing for. i'm so happy !!!
it's definitely the cutest coloring book i've ever seen in my life, and i'm super excited to get started
i've been looking for scanned pages of this book because i didn't want to paint it only once, i wanted to be able to paint as much as i wanted ( even digitally )
as i didn't find anything, i decided to scan all the coloring pages myself, so the book can be perfect forever, as i can print the pages as many times as i want !
i thought these pages could be a good christmas gift for you, so here they are :

the book contains other pages with wonderful illustrations, texts, has high quality, and is adorable !
i strongly suggest that you buy this book yourself, or give it as a gift to your loved ones

now, i would like to talk about this subject that has bothered me a lot on the internet because people are saying very rude things about each other just like a chain of hate ; ;
this makes me very sad, and i feel that it's important spread positivity about it, although it is complicated to write about, i hope you understand my point :

 q & a 

( before starting, i would like to point out that in referring to boys and girls i mean the natural female and male sides of people, such as the sexes ! )

humans are animals, above all else. and animals are born boys or girls, to procreate and fulfill their roles in nature.
human beings are rational animals, so sometimes we are not satisfied with what we're born from. our heart is pure and knows what is best for us, and we must be happy to make others happy.
therefore, we can choose our role in nature ( and society, of course )
but there is something very bad that affects our choices of heart that would make us happy and good : people choose what they are, what they like, their way of living and their roles in society, based on what others think is cool !
this is an impure thought, for we should not change who we truly are only because "it's cool", we must be pure, be ourselves above all else.
there is some kind of odious fashion where it says girls should live with the goal of being better than boys, and vice versa.
and there is also another one that boys have built up today's society alone, and that girls have never helped at all.
this is a very toxic thought that affects our lives and society, we should not be against each other !!

boys and girls are no better than others, just different. biologically, we have some advantages and disadvantages over the other, but this is natural and there is nothing wrong.
we are like cake and pudding, there is no better or worse, just personal preference !
therefore, we can be who we really want, because our heart knows the right way.
a society works well and happy when everyone is pure, are themselves, and so can fulfill their roles in society, happy and comfortable with their lives !
the role of all people in society is to do good, to spread love and kindness, to bring education and health to others and to be happy. this can be done by all people when they are living stable and comfortable lives!
you don't have to have children or form a family for it, if you don't want to, even if nature has made your body for it. what matters is meeting and knowing who you really are. if you feel confused, you are not happy and you do not make others happy.
if you feel that getting married, having children and caring for the house would make you happy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course !
even if your friends tell you that it would make you dependent and unhappy, does not mean it's true. economic independence is not really independence in life.
people seek a happy society for all through toxic thoughts of superiority. we must work together as a family ! when we are together, the advantages and disadvantages of being a boy or girl does not matter, as they can complement each other in solving problems !
we all have special abilities and unique talents. it may be difficult to find what we want to be and do in our lives, but it's very important that we do not follow the instincts or opinions of others, but the heart, which is who we certainly are.

i'm sorry if i wrote many things repeated, i hope you can understand !
i hope this has some good feeling for you, because the internet is full of people fighting over being better than the other and this makes me very upset ...


november . 23 . 2017

hiii fluffies
i now have custom domains and ssl for my tumblrs !!
i'm so happy about it, i managed to keep everything 100% covered with ssl, and i changed all the links, for the consistency.
and now i've also put some html files online : the html tester ( test.pooftie.me ), the offline ywot ( txt.pooftie.me ) and also a new page of unicode text converters ( utf8.pooftie.me ) !
i like collecting unicodes, and there are some "unicode fonts" that few people know about and i think it's cool to share ! these converters were made by me for easier use.
i had doubts between using tumblr or github to host those files, and i chose github. unfortunately i can't use ssl for these, at least for now
the domains are so lovely, right ?
anyway i will keep the links page updated, and for security, the html files are here, as always :

utf8conv .rar

well, about links, there's something i need to say, even if people don't really seem to care about it, i do care :
i like to put links the right way: if it's http, i put http, if it's https, i put https, if it's www, i put www, if it's not www, i don't put www. i do that for all the links i put, everywhere, because i think this is the right thing to do ; i don't want people to click on a link that is different from the reality, i don't think it's right.
but, i want to get ssl to this website ( someday, because it's hard to adapt everything ) and well... it's http so all the links are http ( it was once www but it doesn't really make a difference ), and when it's https i think i can't change ALL THE LINKS EVERYWHERE... like, i can do that, but it's too many links and i'll certainly forget about some link somewhere and it will cause total inconsistense, which i think is even worse. that's okay because all the navigators as i know, convert links with http to https if it's the case, so i don't need to change it. the problem could be otherwise ( https to http ) because there will be a security problem with scripts and hosted stuff, which is not the case ; so i'll keep all the links http, if you don't mind ! let me know what you think !
i just wanted to say this to keep you informed

as i said in the last post, this post will be very special, so i have here also a piano composition :

angelolatry .mp3

( maybe you already heard it, since it was made some time ago )

now, i'll bring something lighter to respond today :

 q & a 

although i quite like kins and ids, i am sincerely afraid to get involved in dramas since the community is often toxic, so i don't usually expose this kind of thing. but since you were interested to know, i'll show you some of my lovely comfort characters !

        ♡ marron cream

        ♡ bubbles

        ♡ chii

        ♡ ayu

        ♡ fluttershy

        ♡ hanyuu

        ♡ ribbonsanka

        ♡ solace

     ( there's more, you can ask )

i really don't define them as ids because it's a little complicated to do that, but i can say i identify with them a lot & they are really heartwarming for me !
that being said, i don't care at all if you like them too.
actually, i don't feel that doubles ever make people invalid, but i think it's always okay to seek comfort, right ? i just can't agree with people being mean with each other ; ;

so i'll end up here ! i hope it was interesting to read


november . 11 . 2017

hiiii fluffies
as you can see, i did a new layout !!
i planned to do this layout for next year, but i had problems with the server and would have to readjust all the pages for the new one, so i took the opportunity to finish the layout right now.
i hope you are enjoying it
i updated several pages with new content and refined the portfolio !
even the chat is also with new look and new emojis.

if you want to know, the server i was using was weebly. i liked it, it was a good server, but one day suddenly they ignored my payment plan and said i was not entitled to premium services, even if i had confirmed the plan and everything !!
they simply put a banner on my site, which made me very angry
i sent several messages and they, besides taking many days to respond, were rude with me
so i decided to switch servers. now, i use github, which has a good reputation and is very interesting to use, even because my site is static so i don't need complicated tools to edit it.

well, these days i felt like coloring a lot. i'm having a lot of fun watching my progress :

she looks like a little doll..
what do you think ? please send me more cute coloring pages !!

this post is not going to be too long because i'm here just to introduce the news, i'm sorry
i promise the next one will be very special !


october . 21 . 2017

hiii fluffies
halloween is coming, is coming !!
( a little sad here because living in the southern hemisphere is awful, it's spring now, super anticlimatic )
anyway, i'm going to eat a lot of pumpkin candy and the heat will never stop me !!!!
and how is your halloween going to be like ?

sooo, i made a new flash game for milky woods !
this time i got the urge to draw teddies, and i promise i'll stop LOL
i decided to deactivate my dA account, i was pretty inactive there ...
because of my inactivity, i never bothered to become a core, and my profile was pretty messed up for some time. recently, i have slightly customized, editing texts, avatar and gallery, so it was cute, but really, i don't have much to do there.
maybe you noticed that i'm deactivating some inactive accounts, and that's because i'm trying to get rid of unnecessary social media ; ;
the accounts that i keep online but inactive, is because i use them to keep contact with some people !
i don't keep contact with anyone specifically on dA, so i think it's for the best to just deactivate.
don't worry, i'm still going to make flash games and post here periodcly, as i promised !!
if you came here from my dA account, i'm sorry for the inconvenience, you can still play all the games right here
aaand, here is the little game :

please tell me what you think !!

today, i would like to talk about something that would be interesting, since some of you know me through projects, and others, well before that.
before i create the name "middlepot" :

 q & a 

what did i do on the internet before starting the projects and this website ?
some of you have known me for quite some time because i played many online games, especially dress up games and ragnarok. i'm not going to get into this because i already have the gaming session, where you can check it out !
i started with the internet very early, i was only 7 years old ( 2004 ). my mom always saw everything i did, so it was safe, don't worry LOL
i used to play flash games, and i had msn, and a blog. everyone had blogs or personal websites on the internet, where they customized and posted all sorts of things. i was a kid so i was not good with those things, but i liked to post gifs with cute animals, lots of glitter and beautiful images that i found on other blogs and google.
i didn't have social media at the time because i was very young and my mom wouldn't let me. i enjoyed visiting lots of websites with graphics and materials, beautiful blogs, and playing online games. my first online game was ragnarok, and my second, club penguin, if you wanna know.
i only used the internet for 2 hours a day in the morning and i used this time to decorate my blog and play with my friends. it was so much fun and i have great memories of that time !
i could have a social media ( orkut ) with 9 y/o, and i continued just posting cute graphics with lots of glitter, because it's just so adorable !
i also knew several forums at that time, and began to communicate with people all over the world. my english was obviously horrible, but i used the google translator to help me. i never posted any real information or photo because i was taught that this is dangerous.
i did several blogs, which were improving the quality of content and the layouts were becoming cuter. in 2006, i did the first layout that i really was very proud of !

over time, the internet has been changing ... the blogs became unpopular, forums too, msn died, orkut died ... very sad, right ? ;;
i then looked for substitutes for the things i liked : i tried using facebook to replace orkut, but no one else cared about the glittery cute things and i was disappointed.
i started using tumblr, which was well customizable and could fill the void that blogs left behind. it worked, even if it took a long time to find an aesthetic that would make me really happy, so i did several blogs until i got to my recent one ( it was during this time that i created the name middlepot ).
my recent one, was done together with a friend of mine, who also made with me the not bad fb page, which should have the same aesthetics. but she and i had very different opinions of what we wanted to do and she'd post things that i didn't like, both on the tumblr and on the page ... it became a mess, and we ended up giving up doing it together. i'd like to talk more about it in another post, because it's a tricky subject ; ;
anyway, i deleted her posts from tumblr and facebook, and then i got to my actual project : safety & comfort !
i no longer use fb and decided to continue the project by keeping just the necessary accounts, separately :
tumblr is my place to post images in original quality ; youtube is my place to make playlists ; twitter is my place to post ascii art ; instagram is my place to post interactive content .
i don't use any social media in a very personal way because these are just for sharing content to inspire and make people smile with positivity !
it was hard deciding what i should do, i'm used to the more open and customizable format the old internet had... tumblr is the place where i most adapted, but i still don't use it to post personal content.
to replace the forums, i found other places on the internet where i could communicate with various types of people, where i always remain anonymous as usual.
to replace msn, which was the platform i always used to talk to my family and close friends, i decided to use line. line in my opinion resembles quite a lot of things, besides having super cute stickers and themes !!
i also decided to try out discord because of friends, who use it a lot.. it reminds me of the oldschool group chats, so i like it.. !
now line is my fav chatting app,, while discord is my fav for group chat, specifically.

but in spite of having some social media accs, other nice places on the internet & the cute line... i was still missing something, my little corner on internet, to be able to make layouts exactly as i imaginate & post every kind of things i want : a personal website !!
so i did it, and here i am ♡ . * ・ 。
the 7 y/o me would be really proud of everything i'm doing right now. this website is really my favorite place on internet !
it's all i wanted, here i can put together all the projects i do and all the content i like.
sadly, personal websites are not that popular nowadays, so if i want to really help people in some way i need to keep some social media accounts for reaching them ..

i hope this answers a few things about how i got here !
and i wrote a lot, i hope it's not tiring to read ; ;


september . 27 . 2017

hiiii fluffies
i know i'm saying this all the time, but i'm really very impressed with the progress of this site, it's growing so fast !!
it makes me extremely happy to know that things are going well here
things in my life are complicated at the moment, so don't be surprised by my brief absences !
i hope to start the store and improve some projects until the summer ( in december )
about the frequency of blog posts, which are not exactly weekly, i'm trying to write posts as often as i get lots of good ideas for the q&a, but the plan is to keep the posts monthly, okay ? other pages, such as the status one, i will update more frequently.

umm, as you know, i'm addicted to teddy bears. i honestly try to draw other things, but when i realize it, it's already a teddy bear. and also, bees, because i love bees !!

this one is very chubby and love cookies

and, in a small moment of inspiration, i did a little melody :

little girl .mp3

i hope you enjoy

for today's post, i will write about a subject that in fact, was the first request made here !
since it's very complicated, this took a while to think about :

 q & a 

do i age regress ? am i part of a community ? am i in a relationship with a "caregiver" ?

 ణ well, i don't think i really age regress because i don't enter a "mind space", but i do have lots of "small" personality traits & interests.. it makes my heart soft, it's part of who i am and i believe i should embrace it ♡
 ణ as i don't age regress, i am not part of any community,, but i identify with babycore and age regression blogs because it always make me feel so comfy & soft ! i always keep following this kind of content.
 ణ i consider bubu ( my love ) my caregiver in some way, because he takes good care of me since i'm very sensitive and get anxious about complicated "adult stuff", he always helps me a lot, keep me safe and i love him so much !!! ♡
 ణ i recently realized.. i am a platonic caregiver ! i love taking care of others, but it's not in a romantic way.. so it's different from what bubu is for me. i also don't enter any kind of "mind space" in this case !

now, about age play, ddlg / cgl .. there is a fine line between pedophilia and those kinks. how to identify dangerous situations, dangerous people, what's the limit ?
i think the sex life between two adults, responsible for themselves, with consent, is something that allows things like kinks or lifestyles such as bdsm. any sub/dom relationship, have no relation whatsoever to incest or pedophilia. is something consented between two adults. anyway, it's a kink. in my opinion, kinks should in no way be publicly exposed, on the streets or on the internet, where children can see and be influenced. children can't have contact with these kind of things because it wouldn't be healthy.
this unfortunately is something that has happened very often, and even worse, added to age play : ddlg / cgl has reached many minors and many adult pedophiles have had contact with these children through kink communities.
these communities have become increasingly dangerous for minors, through the romanticization of pedophilia, child abuse and contact with kinks linked to childhood. even people who claim to be in a sfw ddlg / cgl community are not safe and are exposed to dangerous people as they use kink tags.
communities of age regression that work hard to be a truly safe environment for people who don't use the agere as something sexual, are anti ddlg. many people have gone against this kink, because of exposure to minors. it has become something horrible and manipulative.

i agree that it is really very dangerous to associate childhood with sexuality, even if those involved are adults, and i firmly believe that kinks shouldn't be publicly exposed for children to see. neither of them.
the only way to keep a kink safe and not harmful to anyone is without public exposure.
i hope i have made things clear, since this subject is so controversial, it's difficult to write about it
if i said something wrong, please let me know !
i'm open to suggestions, as always, so don't forget my email : letters@middlepot.com


september . 15 . 2017

hiii fluffies
the weather is surprisingly hot for an early spring, and even so i'm eating a lot of sweets...
it usually happens on cold days
the heat makes me pretty lazy, so i'm having trouble keeping my tasks up to date ; ;
i'm trying very hard
by the way, i'm glad now i can respond everyone properly on the chat !!
hmm, i'll be here probably once a week ? i like to have a week routine and i would not be able to be available on that site every day

so, here is a very short song that i didn't do recently, but i suddenly found on my things, and i'm so happy because i thought i had lost it forever !!

forbidden .mp3

what do you think ? i really like it

cello is definitively my favorite instrument..
i wish i could keep doing classes, but well i'm focusing on other things now

now, after having been asked a lot about it in the past weeks, the time has finally come :

 q & a 

self diagnosis. deductions based on internet searches are safe ?
i am not against this kind of research, for it's necessary that we know ourselves to seek appropriate help. it is not safe to be silent about our problems.
consulting a professional without being aware of what we feel may result in an uncertain diagnosis. professional help will only be complete with our help, too !
but, it is very important to know that it's completely unsafe to get conclusions about our health without consulting professional help, especially at the time of medication. self medication is something extremely dangerous that can make our problems worse.

talking about our mental health can be a good thing when it comes to interacting with people because they can hurt us unintentionally. we need to talk about it with people we interact with.
on the internet it has become common for people to make dx lists, to try to stay safe.
there is a serious controversy about this as lots of people use self dx to have the freedom to treat people rudely.
mental illnesses are not justification for doing evil. mental illnesses that affect the personality and make a person have bad attitudes are very serious and should be treated, you know ?
people who use the name of illness to feel more special than others are extremely disrespectful, you should be careful when writing this kind of thing as a way of protection.

personally, i think dx lists can be dangerous because people are bad and can use it against you.
people may think that you are pretending, or try to affect your weaknesses. i think this type of exposure requires caution.

about me, i can't say i am not neurotypical, because i never had a dx, and i'd rather not do a self dx... i am searching for it, because i think it's important.
this is what i can say for now :

 ഒ i am very very sensitive. i don't trust people easily and i don't make friends easily ; but i do have some people that i know i can trust, and they make me happy and safe around them. this makes me happy because i consider myself pretty much an introvert.

 ഒ i do have problems with socializing, and i feel very anxious and i can't breath properly when i'm around lots of unknown people, specially if they are looking at me and if i'm alone. i feel better when i have someone i can really trust with me, but i usually don't put myself in unconfortable situations.

 ഒ i had bad experiences at home, some people from my family are not good for me and made me feel very awful things. my mom is a good person and i love her, but my relationship with her has been quite distant since i grew up.

 ഒ about some bad experiences i do not have clear memories. sometimes in bad situations, i lost consciousness. from time to time i have bad dreams about uncomfortable experiences. even though they happened many years ago, they always seem to be in my memory, and i hate it.

i deal with these problems avoiding situations that make me uncomfortable.
since i work and study at home and i have no contact with my past fears, i don't have much problems anymore.
still, my trauma nightmares keep coming from time to time. i'm afraid that people can force me to uncomfortable situations, all by myself.
i try to take care of myself the best i can. i hope to get a dx soon, because i feel it can help me to cope.

well, that's it !
i wouldn't like to receive messages about the situations i mentioned, or deductions about my health, because i think it would be uncomfortable... thank you
i hope this post has helped someone


september . 08 . 2017

hiii fluffies
spring is coming where i live !
but the weather is super weird, so i ended up with the flu all week
( i'm getting better now, don't worry )

the site is getting more and more visitors, and the chat is receiving so many messages !!
that's really great, but it's hard to answer all of you individually ; ;
because i'm not always available to respond -
so when i'm not here to respond properly, i'll close the chat at this time !
just remembering : you can send emails whenever you want to letters@middlepot.com
including questions and suggestions for the site and blog posts ♡

i received an interesting question by email from a person who was wondering which tool i use to test html.
well, i've always been used to testing html directly on the internet, because there were lots of sites with "html testers". after observing some, I was able to create my own "html tester" which consists of a very simple code !
i realized that nowadays this is not very common, so, since it's very cute and functional, i think it would be nice to show you :

test html .rar

it's basically a text box where you put the code, and when testing, it opens a popup with the result

so let's get down to the today's subject, which i think some people can identify with :

 q & a 

if you've been with me for some time on the internet, you must have realized that i rarely post selfies and even more rarely take pictures with other people.
people who know me in person know the reasons, but i'd like to say here today because i think it might be interesting for some people who feel the same way !

i don't like taking pictures, and i would not say insecurity it's my case, since i do not usually have problems with my appearance, i actually like it most of the time.
it's kind of irrational, to be honest. i really don't like taking photos. i feel extremely uncomfortable with cameras, even with people looking at me, but with cameras it's especially uncomfortable, in a way that i can't explain ; ;
when other people have a camera, i feel really bad and refuse to take pictures. people don't always respect that and keep insisting, but i flee from the situation whenever i can.
the only person i don't feel so uncomfortable taking pictures of me is my mom, even because she always asks if she can, and doesn't show the pictures around without my permission.
it doesn't mean that i don't like being with people, that i don't have friends, that i don't leave home, or anything like that. i just don't like taking pictures, and i wish people would respect that !!

when i'm taking a picture myself, i don't feel so bad, and sometimes i feel in the mood. it's rare, but it happens. usually these moments happen the night before bed, or after waking up. i don't know why, i think i just feel comfy in my pajamas at home, and i pick up my phone at the moment ...
yes, that's why i take pictures on pajamas.
i actually have 2 or 3 of each pajama, and since idk, 2015, i took some pictures using the same ones LOL
i'm always posting the pictures in different dates but some of them was taked on the same day. anyway, it was like, 5 different days of pictures i took with the SAME PAJAMAS
it was not on purpose, of course. actually i have lots of pajamas, because i love pajamas. i change pajamas almost everyday... the thing is, i usualy have 2 or 3 of each because my mom is a semstress and buy fabric in big amont, and it's cute fabric, so i like to have identical pajamas because who cares ? i'm at home, i can use my favorites for longer this way, you know ? that's why my pajamas stay good even before years.

i feel a little childish about these things, like, i don't prepare myself to take pictures and i have identical pajamas and i took lots of pictures with the same ones and don't even notice ;///;
i hope it's not so weird, i have a theory : i think i take pictures with the same pajamas because i feel i look better with these, and when i'm with other ones i don't feel so ok to take pictures. it makes sense for me because i really like these, they are some of my favorites. unconsciously i feel super comfy with these and, take pictures.
i think that's okay, it's hard for me to feel comfortable with cameras, if i was thinking so much about my clothes, hairstyle, makeup and everything, i would be so nervous ; ;

hmnfg, maybe it's a little annoying to see similar photos all the time, and if it's really annoying, you can tell me !
because about hairstyle, makeup, angles.. i'm not changing things. i don't work with my appearance or anything... i don't see why i would change my way to take pictures, you know ? it's just a little little thing for me, i don't take this serious, so please don't take this serious too. that's why i don't post selfies on the blog, or on social media, i would be really annoying to see the same face with same everything all the time, right ? i'm just still doing it because sooometimes i feel in the mood. i like to wear different clothes, to do hairstyles, using accessories, i'm indeed not really a fan of makeup, but none of that makes me want to take selfies, anyway. i do not like to show my face in photos, i feel shy, even when i feel cute.
i want to take some pictures of my looks, clothes that i wear, but selfies, still rarely. i just don't feel like it. so i'm still going to take selfies with pajamas, and sometimes the same ones, yep, the same hair too, and no makeup, because at least for now i feel good this way ! it's my way of feeling comfortable enough to take pictures from time to time ; ;

i hope you understand !!
and i hope it has not been so confused, because it's hard to express nonsense feelings
that's it !


august . 31 . 2017

hiii fluffies
i'm so excited about the progress of the site, it's already reached a thousand hits !!
i have a lot of plans for the projects, so don't worry, none of them will be stuck.

i've been practicing embroidery, for ideas i scribbled some cute little things in my flash drawing tool :

as you may have noticed, i am addicted to teddy bears. really, i draw teddies everywhere

some of you know, i have a little world on the yourworldoftext.com, which i put cute ascii art and unicodes.
based on other versions, i created my own version of this site, but offline. you can test things here and create little worlds. i have an exported page, so you can test how the process of importing and exporting worlds works :

ywot .rar

if you find any weird error, please let me know !

so, let's get down to the subject i want to talk about :

 q & a 

in tumblr, it's very common to see specifications of what kind of aesthetics and content you post and what kind of people you accept interaction with. some of you are curious about my specifications and ask in my tumblr, which is related to my main facebook page too, since the aesthetics are similar.
so here i am to clarify some things about the aesthetics that i post on my main tumblr, and what kind of blogs i usually follow and interact :

♡ i usually follow blogs with nostalgia, babycore, dollcore, webcore, angelcore, cottagecore, cleancore, vintage stuff, anything that is comfy and cute for me, because i make my blog a safe space.

♡ my tumblr is not a kin blog nor an age regression blog and i am not part of any community, but i interact with age regression blogs from sfw communities. i don't usually interact or accept interactions with kink blogs, because these people can be dangerous.

♡ sometimes, i follow trauma blogs. they have negative content from time to time and even nsfw content, but i don't usually interact with that kind of content, just the posts i consider related to what i'm feeling at the moment. trauma blogs sometimes make me feel comfortable and helps me deal with bad memories.

♡ i interact and follow blogs with nudity, usually renaissance paintings, which i love so much ! i don't interact with porn blogs, and i usually block the ones i consider wrong.

♡ i consider my blog really sfw, unless you consider artistic nudity and some small bruises nsfw. in this case, i'm really really sorry, but i don't use tags, because it would be so stressful and time-consuming for me. so please be careful about body image, gifs, bruises, religious images, medicine, bugs, dolls and other triggers. everything i've quoted is posted cautiously and infrequently + my blog is drama-free !

i think this is enough to clarify your doubts !
about self diagnostic, kinks and other controversial issues, i'll talk about it in the near future.

i hope this post has been helpful in some way
see you next week !


august . 24 . 2017

hiiii fluffies
i'm extremely happy with the progress of this site, you seem to be enjoying it a lot ; ;
as you seem to be still exploring the site, new content will be added to the pages gradually.
at the moment i'm dealing with the shy bunny store preparations !
many items are being made, but i want them to be a surprise so i'll keep it a secret for now. after the store's announcement, new items will always be shown here !
by the way, i'm really sorry for the store being only available to my country. this is because export rates are too high to the point of making sales nearly impossible
in the future i promise that i will find a solution to this problem, as i intend to bring my items to you all !

so, i think it would be nice to let you know that i've changed the layout of my main tumblr !
take a look :

i really liked the result, and there's a cute little bee flying through the screen that you'll surely love meeting

since i was talking about lolita fashion recently, there is something very important that i would like to clarify in this post !

 q & a 

why do i use the word "loli" ?
i feel it's very important to talk about the meanings of that word, and also of "nymph". it has become a taboo to use these words, and since ever, the lolita (ロリータ) fashion has been bothered by the other meanings of that word.
recently, things like "nymphet aesthetic" are popping up. where do these words come from ?
are these things connected ?

so, beginning with loli, which is the abbreviation for lolita :
it is impossible to know where the word lolita really came from. well before Nabokov, even Lewis Carrol already used that word.
some people say it's just a nickname for lola, and that's it. it's a name, indeed.
but not just a name, it has become a word full of meanings.
i was able to gather 3 main meanings for this word, which can clarify some things for you all :

 Ⅰ. loli/ta : a cute little girl, pure and innocent. this meaning has absolutely no sexual connotation. it's the meaning i use to describe adorable little girls. it's very probably the meaning that was the basis for lolita (ロリータ) fashion, although it is not intended for little girls, the silhouette is based on the clothes of little girls of the Victorian and Rococo eras, especially in some sub-styles, like the sweet loli.
 Ⅱ. loli/ta : a girl who looks younger than she really is, like a little girl, in appearance, or personality. this meaning was sometimes used in age regression and gave rise to a type of fashion related to age regression. however, despite being an adjective without sexual connotation, it is often used sexually in the pornographic industry and among kinksters. because of this, became a dangerous term and stopped being used in safe communities.
related to this meaning, there is also :
     lolicon / lolita complex : a person who is attracted to girls who look like little girls. obviously this is very questionable, but not necessarily linked to pedophilia. not yet.
 Ⅲ. loli/ta : a little girl, prepubescent or adolescent girl who is attractive and sexually responsive, sexually precocious. now, that meaning, is what really makes it all so dark. and related :
     lolicon / lolita complex : a person who is attracted to little girls. basically, a pedophile.

important : i don't know the origins of the word "shota", but it's the equivalent for boys, in all cases above.

now, the word nymph, which is the abbreviation for nymphet :

 Ⅰ. nymph/et : mythological creatures, close to the fairies. conceived of as beautiful maidens inhabiting the sea, rivers, woods, trees, mountains, meadows, and frequently mentioned as attending a superior deity. this meaning has no sexual connotation.
 Ⅱ. nymph/et : a beautiful or graceful young woman, a maiden, or a marriageable young woman.
 Ⅲ. nymph/et : an attractive and sexually mature young girl. due to the depiction of the mythological nymphs as females who mate with men or women freely and without care, the term is often related to women who are perceived as behaving similarly. related, there's the term nymphomania that was created by modern psychology as referring to a "desire to engage in human sexual behavior at a level high enough to be considered clinically significant", nymphomaniac being the person suffering from such a disorder. in this case, the term "faunlet" is the equivalent for boys.

so, as you can see, those words can be used without sexual connotation, but because of the other meanings, they become rather dangerous words. it is not safe to use them as tags for example, as they may attract bad people. you must be careful when using these terms, but it is possible, and it is not wrong. please, be careful !

and as you already must be thinking, yes, there are some similar stuff and related subjects that i will talk about in future posts, because they are also very important :
 ddlg, age play & age regression ;
 self-diagnostic & trauma blogs ...

( don't worry, i'm not going to be mean to anyone here, these are just interesting topics to talk about )

that's it !
i hope you enjoyed this post


august . 18 . 2017

first post ever

hiii fluffies
middlepot.com is finally active, after a long year of preparation ; ;
obviously this is too long time for creating such a simple layout, but the biggest problem was the college, which took up a lot of my time
you are probably here because of my projects, where i shared this brand new website !!
this layout was inspired by sites from the 2000s that i liked to visit, did you like it ?
i'm going to change it from time to time !
don't forget to look every little corner here, because there are so many pages !
i want to create more interactive content in the future because i love web design and interactive websites. i have lots of plans !
i want to make this site useful and fun for everyone, so please don't forget to leave your opinions and suggestions in the chat.

hm, the projects are up to date, but the portfolio is not making me very happy.
it was great to create one because i could see how i need to improve on things that i'm interested in doing
it's hard to focus on so many things, but i like to fill my time doing nice stuff !
i will be updating the projects every week, but i will tell you all the updates here in this blog.
by the way, i'll post a little thing riiiiiight now :

hmnfg i have not done much of painting ;///;
and this one is more like a sketch, but it was interesting to color ..
it's been a long time since you saw me painting coloring pages, right ?
but now you will have many new things to see on this site !
i'm so excited !!!!!

so, let's talk about something very important, which are the rules of the chat :
・ i use a tiny image as avatar for quick identification. you shouldn't use an avatar, because it would be confusing for everyone. if you want to link images please post in imgur.com and put the link properly, according to the "help" ;
・ it is preferable not to use personal links because you may be blocked by spam. in fact, avoid anything that can be identified as spam, be as clean as possible ;
・ please use clear language and do not speak in languages ​​other than english for a long conversation. i will answer, but predictably use english ;
・ you can ask questions about what you want, and i will select every week an interesting and complex topic to answer in a q&a, because i like to discuss interesting subjects with you, and mainly clarify any doubts ;
・ i'll block who pretend to be someone else ( i can see your ip ), who post nsfw content without warning and who say extremely rude and uncomfortable things ;
・ this chat doesn't have the capacity to receive messages in large quantity, which is good, because i like to read everything and respond appropriately. if your message is not sent, you can try again at another time or send me an email ( letters@middlepot.com )

for now, that's it !
see you in the next post, with the first q&a.