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   hosting sites that i currently use for my files :

    file.pooftie.me ( my closed archive )
    github.com ( i use github pages )
    imgur.com ( i use private hosting )
    catbox.moe ( i rarely use this one )

※ i try to keep most of my stuff hosted in my own server.
※ when i use third-party services i choose only safe and encrypted sites.
※ i will update this list whenever i change a hosting.

   please, read this :

at the moment, when it comes to my projects, i am only making use of content that is either made entirely by me, edited by me ( using multiple references for achieving the final result ), or that fit into public use / are copyright free ( such as photography of objects, textiles, ribbons, lace, nature, food or clothing ). when it comes to content not made by me, i make sure to keep it as fair use or personal use only, including them when editing and creating new pieces for my projects, thus, having full rights towards my new original pieces.
i seek transparency and respect the work of others, so when i use the work of someone else in its integrity - and i am completely sure of who owns it - i credit them on the work itself. i think this is a better way to properly credit someone, instead of putting them here, on my least visited page.

if i made use of your content and you'd like credits, you may contact me. i am willing to properly credit and even remove someone's content, if copyright rights do apply, and if i am using it in its integrity. if i have edited the original piece, or only used it as a small part of my new and original content ( like a collage, a layout, a game, remix or compilation ), it would then be considered fair use.
fair use is a legal doctrine that says use of copyright-protected material under certain circumstances is allowed without permission from the copyright holder.
please note : images that have been only edited by you ( such as removing background, adding a few details, or filters ) or photography of objects, textiles, ribbons, lace, nature, food or clothing, fit into public use / are copyright free, therefore, retains the right to be used by any person under fair use or personal use. these do not hold the same copyrights as an original artwork would, such as a registered original character, a trademark brand name or design.
if your credit / removal request is unfair to any of the parts involved, i will refuse and ignore it, so please don't bother asking.

for these mentioned reasons, i also refrain from demanding credits for my own content, unless it's extremely unfair. for example : if someone is clearly claiming to own my artwork drawn by me, photographs that i took of myself, or replicating my own crafts that i made from scratch ( not items made by other people, even if i have modified them ) for commercial use.
i don't see issue in freely using images of such edited as part of something else, and i am always happy to see my content being used as reference and / or inspiration for a new project - after all, that's why i post some things publicly on the internet. if i don't feel comfortable with something being reposted, used in other places without request, or being modified, i simply keep them private.

in the case you see me using content that could be possibly copyrighted without credits, there is also another thing to keep in mind :
it is inevitably difficult to give credits appropriately and correctly when searching for content on repost platforms sites like pinterest, tumblr, google images, we heart it, or even some old web archived sites. to avoid crediting to the wrong person, i simply don't do so until i am completely sure of who owns the content.
unfortunately, fake sources are very common, and i don't want to spread misinformation and lies, as this causes even worse problems than just the absence of a source. nonetheless, i try to make sure i am making fair use of the content according to the intentions of each project i work on.

again : a lot of the content i produce is made from scratch by me, but a lot of it is only edited or partially made by me. i try to be as clear as possible about it, but if you have any questions or think i'm not being clear enough, i will try to explain how was the process of finding the content, editing and so on.
it is difficult to be completely transparent about how much content is edited or not, especially without having the base content as a reference. content is often edited beforehand when reposted. nonetheless, i try my best not to cause problems for other artists.
thank you for your patience !

   important privacy policy :

i don't bake any cookies on this website !
but, some of the hosting sites that i use, as well as some of my other websites, make use of cookies solely for useful account-related features, such as keeping you logged in when going from page to page.
and it's okay if you don't want any cookies, at all ! please feel free to use the anonymous mode on your browser even on mobile, and you'll be simply free from them. using a VPN is also an option.
if you don't like javascript, you can disable it too in your browser settings, and my websites will still work, sort of. basically, you just won't be able to play games, login into accounts, or make purchases.

on my websites you will never have to worry about : companies collecting your data for selling ( data marketing ), "mind-reading" technology to display ads ( or any commercial advertisements in general ), sponsored content, unsolicited email spam, intrusive push notifications and pop-ups, misleading content ( clickbait ), cryptocurrency transactions and use of blockchain ( it's ruining the web AND the environment ).
keeping internet accessible and safe is important to me, so i only charge for services offered by me that have a maintenance cost, upon the users' straightforward explicit consent. displaying questionable advertisements and phishing scam, for example, are things that i will never adhere to.
the content you see here is run by a real person with real interests, spontaneously, and any disclosures are made with the emphasis on genuinely supporting the work of other people, without getting anything in return.
i respect people's comfort and well-being deeply, so please be assured that on my end i will NEVER use or let third parties use your data for any of these malicious, greedy, exploiting and annoying intentions.
people aren't numbers, and i care about standing by what i believe in and trying my best to do something good for the world. profiting from the discomfort of others is not okay.

   important accessibility tips :

if you're on pc and you think the font size is hard to read, please zoom in and adjust the screen brightness of your browser !
usually any font bigger than 10px is uncomfortable for me to read. i keep most websites 75% zoom out because of it.. i would like to make my website accessible for everyone, but i believe it should be accessible for myself first.
i try to make my layouts compatible for all screen sizes but it's a little hard to do it with image based layouts, like mine. if you're on a mobile device you should be seeing this website horizontally for better compatibility !
thank you for your patience.

   extra website disclaimer :

my website content is provided on an "as is" basis and therefore, makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied to the fullest extent permissible by applicable law. my intentions are to bring happiness to people, so i am deeply sorry - but not responsible - for any damages ( including time loss ) due to using the website. my website reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time, and to remove anything, content or communications for any reason, at any time and without notice.
my website has links to sites from other people, which, in my view, may contain fun or useful information / tools for the visitors. this disclaimer does not apply to third party sites.
i am not responsible for the content present in those sites, but i do care about them, so please contact me if you find issues.

it is recommended that you consult this page regularly in order to continually update !