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i seek transparency and respect the work of others on this site, so i value giving credit as something important. however, it is inevitably difficult to give credits appropriately and correctly when searching for content on sites like google, tumblr, pinterest, we heart it or even old web archived sites. to avoid crediting reposted content, i refuse to credit much of the content i use in my own work if i'm not sure the person owns the image / audio. unfortunately, fake sources are very common. i don't want to spread misinformation and lies, as this can cause even worse problems than just the absence of a source.
i am sorry if i offended someone by not giving credits, i am always willing to properly credit and even delete someone's content, if that person so wishes. please do not hesitate to contact me if you see something of yours being used and you are not satisfied with it.
a lot of the content i produce is made from scratch by me, but a lot of it is only edited or partially made by me. i try to be as clear as possible about it, but if you have any questions or think i'm not being clear enough, please contact me and i will try to explain exactly how was the process of finding the content, editing and so on ( even publicly, if you wish so )
it is difficult to be completely transparent about how much content is edited or not, especially without having the base content as a reference. content is often edited beforehand when reposted. i try my best not to cause problems for other artists, so again : i'm sorry !

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   form base code by jotform

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   music : dreams * unknown

 / gaming
   graphics from ragnarok online

 / poofties
   music : heartsng1 * unknown

 / milky woods
   thank you snut and fairyhalim for inspiration !
   music : ratinha branca * unknown

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※ i will update this list whenever i change a hosting.
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i'm sorry, i do bake some cookies in this website !
this is because of the hosting sites and scripts. they are safe and i never had problems with them.. cookies are not always welcome, but i think it's inevitable in some cases.
that's okay if you don't want cookies, though ! you can always use the anonymous mode on your browser even on mobile, and you'll be simply free from all cookies. the opera browser is the best one for your privacy as it contains VPN itself.
if you don't like javascript or flash, you can disable it too in your browser settings, this website works 80% ok without these.
also, i sugest you to use an extension for encryption ( https everywhere is what i use ). i try to keep everything encrypted, but sometimes ssl certificates can expire and take a while to be renewed.. !
i always try to keep the visitors safe and privacy is something i respect, so please, any issues feel free to contact me !

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usually any font bigger than 10px is uncomfortable for me to read. i keep most websites 75% zoom out because of it.. i would like to make my website accessible for everyone, but i believe it should be accessible for myself first, i'm sorry ; ;
if the font colors seem too light for you to read i believe a little of zoom in and screen brightness adjust can help ! i can't really change the font colors because it would ruin the whole aesthetic of the website... again, i'm sorry.
i try to make my layouts compatible for all screen sizes but it's a little hard to do it with image based layouts, like mine. if you're on a mobile device you should be seeing this website horizontally for better compatibility !!
thank you for your patience.

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