i'm melissai'm 23i'm a girli live in são paulo
( august . 11 . 1997 )
( a bunny girl .. )
( in a countryside small town )

꒰´˘`〃 bubu , fairies , softness , roll cake
!! 〃`ˆ´〃 loud noises , mean people

my goal is to live a beautiful life + spread happiness & comfort ഒ
i have lots of interests, i don't do things perfectly but i work hard to improve so i can help others through my works.. i aim to be the guardian angel that will guide good-hearted people to purity and innocence.
i'm a housewife, healer & artisan graduated in game design ; i love to write, create little critters, bake, sew, garden, journal, study html + css, mythology & other things !

if you want more info about me and my stuff, please check out the faq