march . 27 . 2020

hiii fluffies
a whole lot happened lately.. it's been tiring but really fulfilling, i am living my happiest days despite all the problems 
i'm in the middle of the moving, and it's taking more time than expected because of the quarantine. we decided to completely renovate and redecorate this tiny little house near my mother-in-law's house, we need to buy lots of materials ( and new furniture ) but we can't for the time being, so we're working with what we have !
it's an adorabe house with one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen ( yes it is very small, i love it ) and a big garden space.
it's a little far from where bubu works so we are considering renting an apartment in the future, if it's more comfortable.. but at the moment he is working "home office" so it is not a problem, anyway this little house will always be ours and it is a great place for animals and plants !
i'm happy to be close to nature whenever i can 
these days have been difficult for me to work because i can't go to the post office and people are saving for the quarantine, so no commissions ... i'm trying my best to help with housework and renovations, i'm cleaning and painting and doing everything i can do !!
we are staying at my mother-in-law's house at the moment until the quarantine ends, i hope that everything will be normalized soon so that i can take my belongings out of boxes and decorate our new little home very cutely ♡♡

these days i haven't done many things that i can show here, but i colored two beautiful drawings : 

these are from the talented baby.doll.heart on instagram, please check her work..
she's always drawing wonderful pieces 
i experimented with textures this time, and i really liked the result !!
i like to paint "flat", without much contrast of light & shadows, so textures and patterns help a lot to give detail softly 
which one did you like the most ?

ah, there's one more thing to tell you fluffies !
i bought an adorable domain, pooftie.me 
i'm using it for my tumblr blog now, and all of my "html stuff" are subdomains at pooftie.me because, well, it's always safer to use your own domains ..
i had multiple problems using free domains, even though they're cute safety comes first.
please check all of my sites and tumblr blog if you haven't yet, i'm proud of them ///

that's it for today, please take care and stay home !!


march . 12 . 2020

hi fluffies
these last days has been hard ..
my mom passed away recently. her disease was taking her from me these past months, but she was living happily even so.
we were becoming more distant with time passing by, naturally, because of my adulthood. she wanted me to gain confidence in my independence, and she wanted me to live my dreams.
she turned into pure childhood nostalgia for me, and now i can think of her with a smile 
i am organizing my house now, and i'm deciding things i want to keep for memory.. i feel the same warm nostalgia with her things that i feel with my childhood items.
she was the perfect mom for me, even making me scared with her fragility, even with her fear of abandonment.. she teached me so much.
she did her best, and i will always remember how beautiful she was.
i am preparing for moving with bubu, and i'm ready to start this new phase of my life that i have been waiting for so long.
this new decade will really be something else.
i'm so thankful for having supportive people around me, and for having this angel by my side that never fails making me smile 
the words i've received filled me with hope, thank you so much for believing in my healing !!
i want to live fully and fearless, knowing that the past is not gone because my memories are forever and really loved ..
i am capable of living more good experiences, that will not replace the others but will certainly have the same weight in my life.
i will become only better from this experience and all the others.
i will be very happy 
we will be.

i made some updates on the shy bunny store, fixing some little issues, making the layout slightly cuter, removing some sold out items, editing pictures.. an improvement 
it's a little more empty now, but for a good reason ! i've sold a lot of things and will just remake people's most favorites for now, unless i get really inspired.
i'm happy with how my store has been helping me, it's not as much money as i get on html commissions but it's still important and i really need it right now !
unfortunately a big part of my savings had to be spent because of the recent events, so i will have to move without much money for adaptation and decoration, exactly what i was trying to avoid... but i know that everything will be fine, because i'm with bubu and that's what matters 
things will take a while to get settled but i'm prepared for that.

i also updated my html test page a little bit !
it had frequent visits ( from same ip ) so i suppose some people actually use this to work with html :

 test html .rar 

i fixed some things and made the layout a lot cuter. i'm proud and i hope you like it too.. !
i haven't used this page so much lately but it's still very useful, especially when i'm on mobile.
remember you can access it online at test.pooftie.me

now i will show you this beautiful long dress, with a lovely golden reliquary necklace :

it's not very recent, but i used it recently on a date with bubu ( and the teddy bear purse i made the other day ) so i just reminded i should post it ///
it has some very delicate details like the cream satin ribbons and tiny lace, a nightmare that is absolutely worth going through 
it's a pure cotton fabric, really gorgeous.. cotton fabrics are the best to work with, in my opinion.
i am so glad i have learned sewing with my mom, she helped me so much ...
i suppose the name of this fabric is "eyelet", but here we call it "laise". it goes for the embroidered lace and the cotton fabric with details as well ( this one has tiny dots )
also, some posts ago i talked about using "cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita mary janes" and someone actually asked me to show it, so here it is :

i made the frilly socks myself, and the shoes are absolutely adorable !! bubu bought them for me not long ago 
i also have two black ones and a baby pink one, but they're a little too old now. i use my shoes constantly until they're reeeeally old.. it takes some years but i really needed new ones at this point so i'm happy with this lovely present ♡♡♡
recently i've been into those cute vintage brown boots women wear with long dresses ( very popular in mori kei as well ). i have one of these and i feel beautifully mature when i wear it with a long dress, so i might use it with the dress above someday for going on a picnic 

well, i will naturally keep doing what i love, so you can expect regular updates just as always !
if i'm motivated, i will be productive. it's that simple 
thank you fluffies for always be here looking forward my works, this place is so precious for me i can't explain.. please stay safe 


february . 19 . 2020

hiii fluffies
i hope you are doing better than the last time you came here ..
and maybe next time you will have experienced many new happy things. hopefully, me too !

i noticed that day after day i'm getting less attached to my phone, i mostly use it for playing games but i've been charging my phone only every other day.. and my phone battery is not thaaat good, i used to charge it every night 
do you remember my goal of using internet only 5 hours a week ? ( except if for talking with bubu, working, studying, reading .. important stuff generally )
i've definitely achieved that goal, and for this year i will set a new goal : only charging my phone twice a week !!!
i prefer using my laptop for most things, and i tend to be more productive with my time here while in my phone i can just watch videos, check my apps and play games. i don't really think i need to do that for more than 15min a day... or maybe i can do that for 30min every other day ?
if you like the content i post on my accounts please don't worry, i will certainly keep updating once / twice a week as i was already trying to do. i will have to be more careful about preparing content beforehand, so less unnecessary spontaneous updates can be, indeed, expected ( i'm talking about idly posting random venting and routine updates while i could just be journaling or talking to someone )
those "internet detox" are absolutely refreshing, i can make better use of my time doing all my daily tasks and still have free time for my hobbies & projects 
i've found that even using my laptop for "virtually journaling" offline feels really good and a lot more comfortable. i like printing those pages ( also my instagram templates ) and that way i can have the best of both worlds, so i will stick to that in my routine 
i was a little afraid i would feel distant from people for not checking social media all the time, but i don't feel like i'm missing a lot honestly. i don't think this is really important in the end of the day.
maybe we get easily addicted to "validation" when using internet, like we have to share things or no one will know, like we have to react to things people share or they don't matter...
what is the point of something being seen by multiple people ? i personally think that unless we're so close to someone we really do care about their everyday lives, it needs a purpose, even if it's "making people smile" ( valid purpose i must say )
every single time i realize i'm not being useful in any way i just don't see the point of wasting my time & energy posting something for everyone to see, it's almost embarrassing.. i feel like i'm just bragging, oversharing even ///
hopefully these negative experiences will disappear more and more as i learn !

talking on phone stuff, i made a cute new phone case for me yesterday :

it looks adorable, i'm so happy with it 
the one i was using before was very old, i had to buy a new transparent case so i was postponing the situation until it started to bother me for real 

so.. it's been a while since i've planned sewing my own "stuffie purses" ( i already had some of these but my mom helped me in the whole cutting & sewing process at the time, and they're also a little old now.. )
i finally did it, so here they are :

i'm really happy with how these turned out, they're shoulder / crossbody purses with very delicate pearl straps and their bellies are just the perfect size for carrying around some important things ♡♡
they look big but they're 30cm tall ( teddy is a little taller )
it feels really nice using those, they're so soft .. i can literally carry a stuffie outside and it's socially acceptable LOL

now i will, after a long time, write a q&a text !
despite being a curiosity of some people, i didn't really feel the need to write about it until a few days ago when i seriously thought about it.

 q & a 

it's important for me keeping my content organized, avoiding reposting things all over the place and keeping my personal content in appropriate places. i'm trying my best to do so, but i used to do it purely for keeping the quality of my accounts, not wasting time reposting or make the mistake of oversharing, naturally ..
however, i stopped to think deeply about it and realized that the content we post on the internet really affects other people directly, and some things don't always have the positive effect that we would like to convey. i always post things with the intention of motivating and inspiring, as well as motivating myself to keep improving and to receive constructive criticism, but unfortunately negative effects can happen when people compare each other or idolize each other.
i seek genuineness and transparency with my words, and this avoids some bad impressions and consequently negative feelings. when we are sincere in referring to ourselves, it is very motivating to other people. if you don't empathize with others they won't consider you trustworthy and they won't embrace you wholeheartedly, they can certainly consider you a threat, develop a negative rivalry or even insecurity and envy. if you are narcissistic or self-deprecating, you'll do yourself harm and irritate, encouraging people to feel bad things about the success of others.
it is not possible to magically repair people's self-esteem, but it is possible to avoid worsening the situation and to strive to be a good example. if i can, i will !
i insist on sharing my ( imperfect but true ) journey with others who can identify and find some hope in my words. i want people to see what i produce and try to be productive too, i want people to get to know themselves and discover individual happiness. doing it properly can be a delicate process, i've made a lot of mistakes and i know i'm still making a few, but im happy if i can fix that little by little.
i'm sorry if i have ever demotivated someone for any reason, i will be extra careful with what i expose to make sure i'm posting things in appropriate places in the appropriate way, for people who are really going to make good use of it. thankfully i have been doing a good job with this recently, but i know i still have room to improve.. !

i hope i was clear with my words, i haven't written long texts in a while ;;


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