march . 26 . 2021

hiii fluffies
i hope you're taking care, and doing your best to stay home & safe !!
i'm working so much on my new game lately sometimes i forget to take basic care, like eating or sleeping properly.. but i'm trying my best !! i really wanted to finish it on april, but making an online game is harder than we expected !
i also had more and more ideas while developing, so things got a bit more complex, and expensive. we'll need one more month, but other than that i'm really really happy with the progress 
most of the art is already done, but i'm keeping it a secret for a little more ..
please bear with me 
i want to post a proper preview video of it, as you deserve !!

before showing you other things i did, i wanted to thank you once again for your neverending kindness !! 
all my line themes & emojis got on the "popular" sections on the creators' market, which made me SO happy !!!
i had low expectations on these, since ( at least where i live ) this app is not well-known, but you fluffies never let me down ///

i decided to customize my phone with my drawings, and make a new case too :

i really like making my phone cute, even though it takes some time to get used to the new icons .. 
if you're wondering how i customize my phone, please check out the /faq page !!

talking on drawings, i wanted to show you today that absolutely lovely puf fanart that i received from luupon :

that made me smile so much, i can't put into words how grateful i feel !!
i love her soft art, she's really kind and talented. make sure to check her out 

since the poofties project is getting more recognition ( yay !! ) from now on i'll try to post my favorite fanarts here, and link the artists. 
i have another puf fanart saved, that i received from thebabydollsheart last year !
i'm very late, but i'll take the chance to show it anyway,,
i edited and recolored this one digitally, just to enhance the colors a bit :

you might remember that i have colored two more drawings from her exactly one year ago. by then, her account was "baby.doll.heart" !
i love her delicate style, and she's also a wonderful person. 

and recently i also commissioned a drawing of myself from lambmaid !
she's incredibly creative and always creating new characters. two years ago she made a few girls inspired by my outfit images ( here ) .. such an honor !!
i have been following her work for years now. 
this is the commissioned drawing, that i colored & edited :

i absolutely love the results, it's a very soft piece ..
do you recognize this dress and the flower hairpin ? heh
fun fact : i'm wearing them today !

i don't usually commission drawings, since i don't have a place where i would use them, i rather buy specific products with people's characters ( specially stationery )
but i really really wanted to support lambmaid for such a long time, so the day she opened commissions i had this idea of commissioning a drawing i could color !!
you know i love coloring, and i'm always searching for new coloring pages, but it's hard to find cute ones 
so i think that would be a good way to support more artists from now on ( if they agree with the idea, of course )
i feel incredibly happy to have met so many lovely artists - and people - over the years, i have so much to be thankful for. i want to do my best for them, to show my support, and work hard to inspire them too !!

for finishing the post, i have a little text i thought was important to write, to clarify a few things :

 q & a 

i have received messages from time to time through these years asking for the name of my personal aesthetic, and particularly recently i have been questioned about making a name for it, for its growing popularity.. but making up labels to describe everything, is that really necessary ?
i find it kinda funny that nowadays people are so invested in making specific names for visuals. when i started using tumblr, people would just use adjectives to describe images, or the name of the person who posted it. what do you see, what do you think, what do you feel when you see my content ? those words should be enough.
my main aesthetic is simply my aesthetic, based on my beliefs and motifs that i like. that is why you can't find exactly the same kind of content i do so easily, unless you search for my name ( middlepot / pooftie ). i feel happy when people give me credits for the aesthetic when getting inspiration directly on my content, but i want to make it clear that although the specific concepts of it were made up by me, i am not the first person to ever take pictures the way i do. keep in mind that i only take credits for my own works and thoughts, not for lace ribbons and stuffies, okay ?
to clarify : i don't mind having my images reposted, no credits needed ( just please don't claim you own them ), but i absolutely appreciate it more when people credit me properly. if you do, please write either "middlepot" or "pooftie" on it and don't try to label my personal works and beliefs without my permission. if it is my content it's not only aesthetic, and i prefer having people coming to my website to find more, if they like !
in my opinion, simply crediting people who inspire you by using their own names + adding a few motifs or adjectives as tags is a way better way of organizing aesthetics on internet as a whole. although it might seem like aesthetic names are a consensus, they aren't. you won't be able to find lots of relevant content if you rely solely on those words, because not everyone is actually willing to use them. not all creators are on tumblr, pinterest or even speak english.
we are human beings, and can't be labeled that easily. you can know multiple people who like similar things, but each one of them are different anyway. i understand that it can be more convenient to search for specific tags to find content you want to see, but i don't feel comfortable making up an "aesthetic name" for my life, my appearance, my particular way of living and doing things .. i am simply myself, and i like the things i like.
there are multiple "properly categorized" aesthetics that i am very fond of, such as angelcore, babycore, dollcore, cottagecore and webcore ; but of course you won't be able to find images exactly like the ones i make, draw, edit, choose to save on my pc, or even reblog on my tumblr blog unless you straight up search for my name. if you like someone's content, it's better to just ask or search for their inspirations instead of making up tags that only a few people will use actively. on tumblr you can easily check the sources from the posts !
i have been inspired by many wonderful people over the years, and that's why i am here now, with my own aesthetic. the visuals might be actually very similar to others, but the feeling always vary from person to person. when posting my content i want to make you feel specific emotions ( comfort & safety ), that other person who also likes frilly dresses and teddy bears might not relate to, when creating their own content. finding different people's ideas coming from similar visuals is very refreshing, and inspiring !! let's embrace and respect those differences.
i believe everyone has their own particular aesthetic, so don't rely completely on labels to choose what you should wear, which music you should listen to, how you should make art and please : don't rely on it for how you should look or act like. respect your particularities and be purely yourself ♡
it's okay to search for specific aesthetic names to just explore the possibilities, but at some point you will naturally feel left out of them, for now understand yourself to the point of not being able to relate 100% to concepts created by others. there is no need to worry if your personal aesthetic is different from what you find out there. ♡

if you really got your precious time to read my huge texts, i hope my words can help or inspire you in some way !! i wish you fluffies everything good ..


february . 25 . 2021

hiii fluffies
first of all, thank you for the support i have received lately.. it's means so much to me, i can't put into words !!
creating cute things is my passion, and i'm blessed to have others helping me to have my dreams come true. without this support it's hard to keep going, so i want to be here to motivate others and help too, as i can 
i also wanted to thank you for using my picrew game. it made up to the "hot" section, for a brief moment, and it took me by surprise !!!
i honestly wasn't expecting ///
because of that, some new people found me. if you're one of them, welcome !!
i'm working hard to make more content now. i want to release my big game project on april, hopefully 
during this time i'll have other projects waiting a little bit, but i promise to go back on them as soon as possible !

this month i spent most of the time drawing & editing, and i am honestly very proud of everything i made so far !!
i decided that this year i would work extra hard on my dreams, since i have looots of small dreams.. it's time to do what i can for reaching them.
one of them was making stationery with my drawings, but i wasn't very satisfied with them yet, so i tried improving on that.
in the end, i managed to make 3 different sets that i really like !! 
you can purchase those letter writing and sticker sets on the shy bunny store

i am already using those for writing letters to my friends, and i know it might sound silly, but i collect stationery since ever and now having my very own in the collection makes me incredibly happy 
after i finished editing the sets i thought of making some digital content as well, and i realized that i could make one more small dream come true : making my very own line stickers !!!
many of my favorite artists have their own sets on line, and i always looked up to them .. could that be my chance to shine ? 
i ended up not making only stickers but also emojis and themes. it took a while to edit everything properly, and i had to draw extra things too, but it was certainly worth it.
if you use the line app, please take a look at them here, here & here !!

you can make the cutest collages with them on your profile, i made some lace dividers that look lovely on posts and stories too 

there are some info i should say about the themes specifically, it's important for you to know that line doesn't adapt creators' themes perfectly to all phone screens. everything looks fine except for the chat background image, that can appear cropped !!
that happens with all creators' themes i have bought ( not with the official ones )
so, if you have this issue too, i suggest you upload your own wallpaper on the chat settings of the app :
 settings ⤏ chats ⤏ chat wallpaper ⤏ choose from device
sadly, we creators can't do anything to fix that, at least for now.. i also hope that in the future we can change the colors from our themes, instead of just picking default color skins. 
despite these small details, i absolutely love the line store feature !! line is a very good place for finding new artists, as well as supporting them. i use it for many years, and i'm so happy that i can now be part of it 
even if you're not willing to buy emotes or anything, it is a very good chat app and deserves more love !

well, that's it for today. next post i will probably show you a little peak of the game i'm making, as i hope i will be finishing it by then !!
i hope you have been taking care of yourself, please remember to stay home as much as you can right now. let's be patient until everything is safe again.


january . 30 . 2021

hiii fluffies
if you're a mobile user you must have noticed the big updates i made on all of my web pages, right ?
i'm proud to say i finally got to make my layouts "responsive" , or at least okay to be viewed on the phone.
both my horizonal & vertical layouts now fit all screen sizes pretty well ( at least from the tests i've done, please let me know if you see something crooked )
for some reason the mobile browsers do a lot of weird stuff with html, like randomly zooming out images and zooming in texts.. so everything looks ugly.
i don't want anyone to be left behind just for not having a pc .. to make sure my sites are looking neat and tidy to everyone, i fixed all of it manually !
i hope you mobile users are now able to see my content properly 

other important thing : rip flash .. but really ? 
remember that you can download all of my flash games on the milky woods page !!
the pack is now updated with a super necessary extra file : flashplayer32.exe
if you have .swf files on your pc you probably won't be able to open any of them without this player. i honestly got really desperate when all the options of players i have tried were broken, and no one was talking about it AT ALL
i did a lot of research and after a few hours i finally found a version of the official flash player ( from 2018 i suppose ) that is working pretty well, because you don't need to install :

 flashplayer32 .rar 

please download it and reupload in all places you can, so more people can find !!!
i refuse to stop playing the games i love. flash will be forever alive in my heart ; ;
by the way, if you're searching for games and other flash content you should take a look at the flashpoint !
it is a really important project where people have been working hard to keep flash games, animations and other content still alive ( in a way )
because of them, i have been able to play lots of games i haven't saved on my pc 

well, this month has been so so so busy for me.. i got a lot of work and made progress on many projects..
i admit besides being very thankful for everything, i didn't manage my time very well and now i'm feeling stressed, so i'll try to take this next week to rest !!

for showing you today i have this picrew dress up game i am very proud of 
making one of these have been a little dream of mine for quite some time now, as i love playing with other artists' games..
i'm not very used to draw humans, but i tried my best and i hope you like it ///
please click the preview to open the link :

i got many lovely messages about this game, which made me really happy and motivated .. 
i'm hoping to release more games as soon as i can !!

oh and a little note for those requesting more skin tones / hair colors : the base color behind the drawings isn't a flesh tone but a baby pink, since these are supposed to look like crayon doodles on paper + collages of real photos.
for example when i draw lamby in that style i don't color her horns brown. same with pouty puppy, who has very characteristic brown ears.. well even my own hair is uncolored !
but i understand the concern, and i assure you that if i draw more humans in other styles i will give them a lot of different colors ( both natural and pastel ), just as i would do with any other critters.

by the way, i never explained that but any humans you might see on my drawings are not humans from earth but poofties as well. therefore, they're not born as humans, but softies that turned into humans at some point.. or puporis ( which i haven't talked about yet )
i've only introduced puf as a softie, but there might be other softies around poofti. it's a big world !
do you find this whole story confusing ? i promise things will become clear little by little, in my next works 

a few weeks ago i also made a new layout for a very old web page, where i keep my favorite unicode fonts.
it's been a while since i wanted to change it, and i am in love with the results :

what do you think ? i think this soft webcore aesthetic is absolutely adorable !
i hope this site can be useful for you, as much as it is for me 

so, for finishing today's post, i have a text to write !!!
after so much time.. i hope i am still able to write properly besides being tired, heh

 q & a 

lately i have received questions on how i feel about people who get inspired by my content. it seems that there are many accounts around the internet that look very similar to mine.. and well, each time i see new content with similar ideas / aesthetic, i feel happy and proud ♡
i keep in mind that the point of all my work and efforts is not to feed my ego, but inspire others to become a better version of themselves. if they find comfort in my personal aesthetic or something similar, i can safely believe that i'm spreading good things !!
sharing kindness is always welcome ! it's just so great to see that community growing and more people creating new things.. it's all i ever dreamed of, and there is no way i could let my ego get in the way of my peace of mind just so i can feel "special". i also get inspired by others all the time, i'm not above or below any of these people, we're just all trying to be happy. 
i think that being careful to make new content and not just replicate other's ideas over and over is better spent time, but we hardly get ideas completely out of nowhere : we often mix things together, and this is valid as well. experimenting is important.

finding an account that looks really similar to yours, specially when the person isn't even giving credits, can be bothering. i understand, but i also understand the point of someone who is partially ( or entirely ) copying others .. it can be really embarrassing to give the source of all your ideas. hiding the source is just an immature way of trying to find their comfort zone, to avoid people saying they're not original, and it usually doesn't take too long for the person to get new ideas, detach a bit from that one specific "idol" and feel more confident to share sources of inspiration.
for that reason, it's important to be patient with these people. instead of getting angry and talking to them in an intimidating way, remember that you're someone they look forward and that it would be really painful for them. when you're rude, people often get into a "self defense state" and act rudely too. the best thing to do is just ignore and keep doing what you're doing !!
if there are people getting inspired by your work, you're in the right path. there is no need to feel afraid, there is no one trying to steal your identity. ♡
also : we must accept that other people can find success by doing similar things that you do. this is not a competition !!!

that's it !! keep an eye open because there will be more new content soon ~


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