may . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies
here i am with the content i promised last week !!
i'm glad i'm getting to be productive during quarantine, and i even got a few commissions, but sadly my store is still paused because i can't go to the post office..
it's hard but i'm trying my best to keep my mind and body healthy, even without the regular walks in the park and much less money in the bank account .....
many things are happening at once this year, but i am maturing and getting better with it. surprisingly, my mental health has been more stable than ever, i'm learning many things and improving others with this free time !!
let's try our best to make this time a positive experience 

without further ado, let's get to the stuff i made !
the second episode of poofties is finished, thank you for your patience 
( make sure to watch the first episode here first )
i will try not to take so long to make the next one .. even if ideas appear along the way, i will try to prioritize this project a little more heh
here it is :

 picnic .mp3 

this one has a lot more dialogues and characters, and i'm very satisfied with the results .. i hope you are enjoying the series 
the melody i made is a simple loop but it was necessary not to disturb the dialog, it was a problem last time !!
in the next episode i'll try to make more cute scenarios like last time. let's see how it comes out ~

now i have two lovely dresses i sewed, after a long time of not sewing anything 

you might have seen some spoilers of the first dress because i posted pictures of me wearing it last week ///
i made them both based on vintage nightgowns i've seen before, and i actually was going to use them as nightgowns,, but they turned out so cute i couldn't help using them as dresses 
i specially like the embroidered flowers, it was easy to do but took a while to finish.. i don't usually work on large embroidery projects so this was new to me !

well, lastly, i received some requests to post more of my favorite ukagaka
and people wanting to see my pc updated ( i posted screenshots of my pc a few years ago and always post my phone when decorated )
and also people wondering how i modify the look of websites..
so i'm going to show you everything together :

 renai .rar 

these ukagaka are called "renai" and are absolutely adorable ♡♡
not very hard to find, but well, there they are. enjoy !!
about the sites .. there is really no secret, i basically insert css into the source code of the sites using the "inspect element" function. you can do this with any site, just explore the source code to find the appearance stuff and that's it.. !
it takes time and patience, and whenever the site updates the layout you will have to do it all over again, but if you love using beautiful sites like me .. go for it
i'm not a real expert with the "inspect element" so i suggest you searching for tutorials, it's really useful.

that's it for today, i will take a good nap now 
thank you for your support and don't forget to drink water !


may . 07 . 2020

hiii fluffies
i am so proud of myself !!!
i made a lot of cute stuff these days, hopefully i will get to relax a bit now without feeling weird..
resting is very important too, right ? i have to admit that i'm not sleeping too well lately, so i must work on that now 

i'm excited to announce that i'm making a mobile game with bubu, and i mean, a reeeal full game with lots of stuff to do, character and home customization, everything !!
bubu is coding while i'm making the art.
we're already making another game together ( the one i'm writing the script for the longest time ), but that one is a bit harder and we're struggling to put everything together .. so it should take a while to release 
this mobile game should be released in a few months at most, while the other one will be finished by next year.
we're doing our best in these projects, while we also work on many other things, so i ask you to be patient.. we will not disappoint you 

this post will only have digital works, as i said previously, but i decided to get some stuff out of the boxes because i'm honestly getting tired of my laptop.. so i've been sewing and embroidering a bit with what i have here !
i'm going to show you next post two dresses i made + finally, the second episode of the poofties series. give me one more week for finishing everything 

eep let's go quickly for the cute stuff i made :
i said i would make html games and yes, i made 3 of them !!
they're very very simple , nothing fancy, but i'm honestly happy with the results because the art came out adorable.. i'm very satisfied.
it was really fun to mess with text boxes and button reactions, bubu helped me a bunch and we discovered many stuff together heh ♡♡
click the images to open the games and have fun :

 hesitation .mp3 

 boring day .mp3 

 memory .mp3 

each game has an exclusive midi melody !
i tried to choose instruments that could convey the characters' feelings.
my personal favorite is "memory" because it sounds innocent and nostalgic ( i purposely reduced the sound quality )
please tell me what you think and give suggestions, i always appreciate it 

the least thing i did was an archive website for storaging my files : file.pooftie.me
it's been a LONG time since i wanted to have my own personal uploader, but i knew it would be terribly time consuming to organize everything .. it took me hours, indeed, and i haven't even reuploaded all the thousands of images i use, as that would take forever ;;
at least i organized all my other files and also the archives here from this site, and that's good enough 
it is a relief to use my own domains for hosting things, i will try to keep everything like this from now on.
also, the layout came out adorable :

by the way.. i've been taking many new photography lately, since the lighting in this house is impressively beautiful !!
expect to see a considerable improvement in the quality of my pictures from now on ~ !

that's it, let's hope for better days and lots of happy memories ..


april . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies
my last post was very boring but this one will have a lot of content.... next one will be full of stuff too ( mainly digital because my crafting & sewing materials are still inside boxes until the end of the quarantine )
so let's get started 
i made this little win95 desktop simulation for studying div and button behavior.. !
take a look at 1997.pooftie.me, specially if you like webcore : 

 8AM .mp3 

it turned out super cute and i'm really proud ♡♡
there are some adorable graphics i edited from ragnarok online ( the solace gif on the top right is my personal favorite /// )
this little music right there is an edit i did with "party night" from di gi charat, one of my favorite anime from my childhood ! do you like it ?
as you may know i'm really bad with javascript coding but i'm trying to make different stuff lately for making html games in the near future.

i was thinking about my flash games, since all swf files will stop working on browser by the end of this year.. i am trying to save as many swf as i can as a flash game collector, and many other people are working hard for not letting flash die completely.
flash can be played at pc on specific softwares, that work on pretty much any computer. i wanted to convert my flash games into html, but i honestly think keeping my games as swf will be a motivation for people trying to find other flash games and animations !
i know just a few people will actually download my games and the software for playing them, but i will be happy if i can inspire even 1 person to play those games that made my childhood so happy 
there are an infinity of games that are incredibly fun and cute, that will be forever flash games and will be forgotten if people just pretend flash didn't exist.. i feel that it's my responsibility as a game designer to not adapt swf into html, in respect to the artists that inspired me in first place.
so i made my old games downloadable, and will make new games with html from now on 
i fixed some issues with some very old ones and remade the visuals of my drawing tool :

isn't it adorable ? i made puf bunny there mixing different colors with the "alpha" option 
please make sure to download my flash games here and send me your drawings !
keep an eye open because i'm planning on coming back next post with some html games, i'm very excited for this new content !!
a little spoiler of what is coming ..

i'm making cute art using 3D brush, a new style for working with from now on !
what do you think ? 

i have been very productive lately ( maybe because i'm bored with the quarantine heh ) so i also made another html page, one i have been struggling to make for the longest time... but bubu helped me !!!
tea.pooftie.me is an weather website where you can check if it's the right time to have a tea party or not :

it's very random but it's nice having my own cute weather website, and i kind of learned how to deal with apis too 
that's it for today, i hope you're having a lovely time.. stay safe 


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