january . 09 . 2020

hiii fluffies
are you full of hopes and dreams for this new year ? i hope your year has started softly ..
i am absolutely the happiest, it's been a lovely year already and i'm enjoying it wholeheartedly 
i'm getting a lot of work and doing my best to achieve my ideal self, i'm leaving behind everything that weights me down and focusing on my happiness.
in some months i will be living with bubu, our own little home 
we're working hard to prepare everything in time, this is the beginning of a whole new phase of our lives ♡♡♡

i intend to post my works here on the blog more often from now on for keeping track of my improvement and receiving feedback.. i'm always experimenting new techniques and sadly some things i do get lost in time
this will be my only and exclusive platform for sharing my art. i will keep using my instagram stories for disclosure ( specially if work related ), since it's the most convenient way to reach interested people at the moment, but i will try to redirect people for the respective links instead of reposting stuff there randomly.. i want to be more organized & professional
i post here my favorite stuff i feel somewhat proud of, but i actually checked my posts and realized i forgot to show some really nice works i've done .. and i don't want them to be forgotten !!
it's not too late to give them some love, so i will post today some stuff i still keep in my folders but haven't posted 

first one will be a little casual outfit. i've been sewing a lot lately, but specially for fixing + modifying vintage clothing i got from thrift stores. this one is an example of customized blouse + self made skirt :

it looks adorable with cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita mary janes, such a cozy look 
i've been feeling a lot more confident about my appearance for i am working on making it translucent from now on : everything i'm proud to show about who i am inside, being seen clearly.
fashion is really important for me, a path to purity somehow. looking at yourself kindly and recognizing your body as your precious place on earth, your home, and making this home a comfortable, healthy & beautiful place 
i do have some more clothing i could show here but for today let's keep just this one, i don't want to be repetitive ///

now i'll show something a little different from usual, a mini junk journal i made :


i love making junk journals because i can use of all stationery that have been forgotten into something new and interesting !!
this one will be a little exception since it's still empty, but journaling is one of the few hobbies i have and don't usually share online because it's very intimate for me.
i like to be 100% honest with them so i write & scribble things that i wouldn't like anyone to see.. deep stuff 

this next one will be a very old one, it's a precious sleeping ( life size ) mouse i needle felted and was sold out almost a year ago, but i'm glad i still have the pictures because i feel calm just looking at him .. 

this one is the most realistic work with needle felt i ever made, i love it...
i'm thinking about felting a realistic sleeping bunny, let's see how it goes !

i've tried out some embroidery techniques and recently made these really cute envelope shaped purses :

the concept of envelope shaped purses is absolutely adorable for me !!
these were sold out fast and i'm still thinking i should have made one for myself.. maybe in the near future ?

there is also content i make exclusively for my accounts ( photography, edits, writing, scribbles, story games / templates, ascii art.. ) so i won't show them here because they are all perfectly accessible if you go to my links. if i feel it's necessary some of my best ones will be in my portfolio as well !
+ i can't show specific content like commissions publicly, for privacy reasons,,
besides these, i will post everything i do and feel comfortable sharing online. it's important to register my progress for improving consistently, right ?

i have multiple projects going on at the moment and i want to make satisfactory progress in all of them this year 
i must be careful to do everything in a healthy pace, as i said i'll be working more than usual so it can take a while until you see big updates, please be patient 


december . 21 . 2019

hiiii fluffies
merry xmas !!! please be kinder to yourself this next year ..
it has been a busy but very good month so far !
i got a lot of work, specially since i officially opened commissions for blogger and tumblr layouts.. it's really good since december is a month spending can go a little bit wild sometimes ( i'm trying my best to save money though /// )

talking on tumblr,, i made the hard decision of getting rid of my graphics blog since it wasn't really being useful .. i wasn't paying much attention to it recently, and i don't intend to continue. this blog didn't have much original content anyway, so i want to focus on my aesthetic blog and my other accounts that matter most to me !
i made a small change in my social media by choosing a new user that could be original and available for using in all of them : @pooftie
now my 4 accounts have the same user, which makes it way easier to find me and keep everything organized 
as you may already know, pooftie is how i call all the critters that i've created for my "poofties" project ! it's a very special word for me ♡♡

changing subjects, i decided to make my own virtue chart based on personal goals and some research i did recently .. it was hard finding the proper words but i believe it turned out okay
virtue charts can be really useful for valuating your self improvement process making sure you're going through the right path, because going too far will end up hurting yourself and/or other people !

i hope it can help you understand more about your feelings, natural tendencies, what you aim for & traits that could be improved in a healthy way 
while i was writing it i realized that some things i was forcing myself into were actually being harmful to my mental health for i was taking it too far.. if you tend to be harsh on yourself and feel overwhelmed, please be careful 

i'm so excited for this next year, very good life changes will happen and i'll keep trying my best...
please do your best too, and don't forget the xmas spirit !! let's make good memories and forget about the problems
i will have a very special xmas with only bubu for the first time .. we'll cook together and have purely comfy time ♡♡♡


november . 28 . 2019

hiii fluffies
this month .. i worked a whole lot but i somehow managed to rest a lot more than i usually do
i had some very energetic moments, extremely sleepy moments, talkative moments and completely quiet moments !!
it was a mess and i'm tired, but at least i did things i'm very proud of that i want to show you today 
i hope my emotions will get together this new month so i can feel less anxious. when i'm all over the place like this i always get confused at some point, act out of myself, feel dissociated and get embarrassed ///
but everything is okay, after all, it's natural to have different moods and i'm always doing my best and learning from any mistakes ( even the smallest ones )
i will make sure to be patient.. i have to put myself first if i want to be happy, being a caring person includes caring about my own well-being and validating my efforts !!
i know that forcing myself to socialize is big part of my anxiety so i will keep cautious not to overdo it and stay in a safe place. i can and will make people smile within my capacity, fill my life with good experiences while respecting my limits. 
also, a little reminder for me and anyone reading this : be yourself. self improvement is not about trying to fit in. it doesn't matter if someone would like you more if you acted like this or that, it doesn't matter if someone thinks you're weird, it doesn't matter. stay pure and be proud of who you are. don't try to get included, don't base your growth on what others see, it's not worth it.
focusing on my improvement, creating content i feel truly proud of and decentralizing the attention of my ego is what i long for !! enough of pain for not being perfect for others, i will perfect myself.. for myself 
i love helping, i want to inspire and be inspired. i must keep myself pure if i want to heal. only a heart full of love can spread kindness !

let's go for the content !! this month i made some really cute things, i'm excited to show you 
first, my secret project from poofties, finally started :

these will be a series of 1min videos with this *big* story i have in mind for.. some years now
everything made with collages of real life things, except for the characters !!
i think it looks really cute, it takes a long while to search, edit and put everything together but i had a lot of fun 
the "voice acting" is absolutely amateur ( and a little embarrassing ) but i'm okay with this.. what can i do ? LOL
please let me know your opinions, i'm not used to video editing and some things ( specially the audio ) can be a little off so i would really appreciate the opinion of someone more experienced

all the melodies used will be composed by me ( i've already started with the next one actually )
this is the one i've used in this episode :

 breakfast .mp3 

a lively and adorable midi, i'm happy with it 
not the most creative melody because i wanted these to be simple and not distracting, so expect to hear some loops !

the next thing i'm showing today is a simple but lovely idea a friend gave me : collage wallpapers with self care reminders
( i have these on my instagram highlights )

as you already know, i love making collages, it's really relaxing for me so i will certainly make some more of these in the near future.. !
it's always nice to practice making visuals with different aesthetics, right ?

i hope you, lovely reader, is taking good care of yourself ♡♡
the year is almost finished .. let's fill our hearts with hope for new experiences


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