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december . 31 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🍪
the cookies & hot chocolate season is back once again .. i mean, at least in my heart, since it's actually summer here in brazil ( and i'm enjoying it a lot, so i have no complains )
but, somehow, it was actually kind of cold during christmas, so i got to have a little bit of a cozy experience myself ☕️
working on christmas related content and listening to wintery soundtracks always puts me in the mood too.

it's common for me and bubu to work way too much during december, and it's always a bit overwhelming.. so this year we decided to take a break during the last week ( from xmas to new year's eve ), and it was the best thing !
it's so nice to stop and just do nothing, you know .. we all deserve to take breaks and stop worrying. just completely stop. everything is okay 🎀

i haven't read most of my emails nor worked on shy bunny store orders that i got during this little vacation, so i will try to go through everything this next week !
it might take a while though, and i am trying not to rush myself as i'm still recovering from anxiety, so please be patient with me ✏️
keep in mind that i won't write back to everyone, since i have dozens of emails there now, it would be too much .. i always read everything, i just try to prioritize my time & energy into writing to those who need a thoughtful, detailed response.
( you can read about how i organize message priorities on my /faq, clicking here )

the break is over but i will still keep it easy, for working on my projects in a healthy slow pace !!
i have many things planned for this new year, but one of these things is that i want to be a little kinder to myself, and stop pushing my limits.

so, i spent most of this month working on the my fluffy life winter season and christmas event, and besides the stuff from last year ( you can check screenshots clicking here ) i also made new tree ornaments, many new items to the shops, new free sweaters ..
a few example outfits :


.. and the "happy baby" laptop shop is back, with new stuff too 
this was the most requested shop, during the whole year i got messages asking about when it would come back. i'm very happy to know that you fluffies like it, since i also love dressing up my pooftie with baby accessories !!
it's absolutely adorable 

here is the new furniture i made :

these really match the cute + cozy winter aesthetic from this year's items, don't you think ?
i especially love the table with the teddy bear, he's so cuddly 🤍

i also made this new winter mini game for the serene forest :

it's a cute one about building a "snow teddy" and making happy memories 🧸
this is very useful, since you will need lots of happiness to buy clothes from the baby shop !

other thing that we spent lots of time working on ( now that i think of it, it actually took us way more time than the event itself, since most of it was already done ) was the house visiting features and new diary functions 🖋
now players can visit each other, and appear in real-time, so you can organize meetings with friends !!
by watering other players' plants they get extra happiness bonus ( cumulative ), and you can also check their clothings and collections.
not only that, but also do a little bit of a group chat by activating the new "guestbook mode", so you can make specific pages editable ( for everyone, friends, or specific friends ) so others can write on your diary !
you can edit the pages' visibility. everything is private by standard 🔒
it's very nice to make collages together with friends this way, and it's also possible to talk with each other - even though it does take a few seconds for updates to appear.
for better organizing diary pages i also added "bookmarks", and i found that very very useful for easily knowing which pages are public or not. also, it's cute 🖇

these new features are obviously not perfect, since a whole lot of new bugs appeared, and even after spending two weeks fixing them there are still a few weird things going on - but nothing too serious, so it's okay for now !
( i'm sure there are bug report emails from during our little vacation, and we will go through them soon enough )

i'm still organizing my guestbook pages, so i don't have any screenshots to show you yet,, but there are many players already making use of the new things, and it makes me so so so happy !!! 
simply seeing people playing never fails to put a smile on my face.
after spending so much time working on something that is made for others to enjoy, sometimes i wonder "will people actually give this a try ? is it good enough like that ?"
i keep working anyway, because even if only 01 person enjoys it, it's good enough. if i feel proud of it, and can have some fun with it myself, it's good enough.

thank you so much for enjoying the clumsy little things we do - sometimes in a hurry, but always heartfully and with the best intentions 💗

we are trying not to stress too much, since it's only me and my fiancé working, and this game is not our full time job, and it already took us so long to release these features.. not just because of bugs, but other annoying things out of our control.
i will talk about it later, when it's the right time !

now, aside from my fluffy life content, i also took a bit of time to work on some html page ideas and study javascript 💻
i made two new pages for the dream directory, the first one was the nostalgia :

i really wanted to try making a cd that actually plays music + spins while doing so, and i'm very happy with the results !!
i included on this page 3 nostalgic songs that marked specific times in my life, a white cat because i had many white cats during my childhood, a cute phone that reminds me of my first ever phone, with a cute & comfy anime image that reminds me of other similar images that i used to save in my folders just to keep looking at.
the little gems falling are also a very nostalgic motif for me, and i actually bought some cute gem stickers recently to decorate my diary 🦋
in resume : this whole page is a comfort place for me, and i'm happy to share it with everyone !

the other page i made was the snowglobe :

if you're familiar with oldschool web graphics, you know that snowglobes are a classic. for some reason, everyone used to make snowglobes with all kinds of random things inside !
i realized i never actually made one of these, so i made this interactive page.
a big snowglobe with a lovely bunny plushie sleeping inside, but snow actually falls inside of it if you click 🌧
a simple page, but very cute and satisfying. i like it !!

this post will be kind of a short one, for a change ..
i actually missed writing short posts. isn't it weird how sometimes we miss the most simple and effortless things ?
let's embrace this and allow ourselves to have pure, simple time !

xoxo 💘

november . 30 . 2022

hiii fluffies ☂️
how have you been lately ?
it was a nice month for me, but the past week was a bit complicated.. i got sick and was feeling very anxious, so i stayed in bed for a few days 🩹
i get headaches very easily, and it completely knocks me down ..
i found that it is generally caused by my muscle tension, because of me sitting still for many hours long, so i am trying to increase my physical activities, and will do my best to go to walks daily !!
i want to get some new active hobbies, and i was thinking about getting a cute pair of roller skates .. i will start saving for it 🛼
i'm very clumsy though, so i'm a little bit scared, but i'm sure it will be fun !
hopefully getting a new chair will also help with my posture 🪑
( hey, check your posture right now, you too !! )

other than that, i managed to finish some things i needed for this month, and am finishing many other ones that you will get to see soon !!

once the halloween event ended, i added the my fluffy life autumn season mini games on the gentle hills world area, the fund raising for making sweaters for the winter ( with 5 new medals !! ), and also fixed some bugs.
( you can check screenshots of the autumn mini games clicking here )

then, i made two new mini games for the poofties website !
as always, click the preview images to open the games and play them :

🩰 afternoon .mp3 

this one is a simple clicker game, where you help cleaning during a cozy afternoon ( hence the melody's name ) 
and, of course, there is an exclusive item code that you can get in this game and claim in the my fluffy life game.
you can see the hints on the poofties account page !

wait a second .. no music for this one ?
yes, because this is a mini game where you play the melody yourself !!
i had a lot of fun making this one, and the dancing kitty is super adorable 💕
( of course, there is also a cute item code hidden on this )

now there are 8 poofties html mini games, finally surpassing the number of flash games i published ( which is 7 ) 🖇

i have many projects to work on, simultaneously, which can get very hard, but i'm still trying my best to make more games, even if simple ones. not only that, but also new web pages every month !
talking on that, i did make a new one this month : fairy.pooftie.me 🍄

this is a very precious project of mine, that i have been planning for a while .. 
as you may know from the /about page, fairies are one of my favorite things in the whole world, and it all started when i was about 9 years old and found a website with a 90s layout, beautiful vintage fairy illustrations, and some random facts about fairies !
after that i started searching everything about fairies around the internet, and it quickly became one of my comfort interests 🌼
i never managed to find this site again, but it holds a really special place in my heart.. so i really wanted to make something similar, as not only a tribute, but also for future generations !

what do you think ? i really like how the rainy background turned out, it was a simple trick made by overlaying background image with a blurry gif !
the past days have been rainy here, and the smell of wet grass always remind me of fairies 🌧

🎻 will-o'-the-wisp .mp3 

this is the melody that plays in the background 🦋
the site from my childhood also had a midi harp music playing, and i wanted to make something similar !

so, recently i was defining goals - realistic ones - so i can motivate myself to keep working actively on my small projects.
of course i won't stop working once i reach my goals, but thinking about these helped me having a wider view of how i should organize my time !
when working on big projects it's easy to forget about side ones, and there are always responsibilities that get in the way ..
but i do love making websites & mini games, i always learn a lot in the process, and i want to prioritize them too !

my main inspiration for making games was, and will always be, the "orisinal.com" website ❤️
the orisinal flash games made me really happy as a child, and to this day i still play them and find great joy in their soft aesthetics, music, and simple mechanics.
( nowadays you need to download the flashpoint for finding and playing them, since flash has unfortunately been discontinued, the original website doesn't work anymore ;; )

there was about 50 games that i personally liked, so i set this as my goal !!
currently i have 8 mini games done ( or 15, if you count the flash ones.. but i will not be counting them for this, since it's a different list ) ✏️
since orisinal itself only got those 50 games during the time span of ~10 years, i will be kind to myself and keep in mind that it is natural to take many years to reach this goal.
i started making mini games by 2015 with flash, and the html ones by 2020.
i would very much like to have 50 mini games released by the time i'm 30 years old ( so the middlepot website itself will be 10 years old )
that means i have 5 years left, so i have to make about 10 games per year .. well, i think i can do that !

of course, life happens and things get out of control, so i won't take this too seriously - but i will use this as a guide, and as a long term motivation !!
when i fail, i can always compensate when i'm feeling extra productive.
there is plenty of time, after all. ☕️

as for my web pages, i don't have a specific goal number since my inspirations are all over the place .. but there is this specific directory website i really liked, "theuselessweb.com" from 2012, and i had a lot of fun exploring it by the time !
its list contains about 80 sites - made by many different people - but i think this is a good amount, since 8 is my lucky number 
this was very hard to count though, since i have many websites .. so i'm counting my main domains + the pooftie.me subdomains + dream.pooftie.me pages for this ( since they are both directory websites, i think it's fair )

currently i have 5 active domains, 21 pooftie.me subdomains and 7 dream pages.
i don't think i can make many more than 6 per year, since they are usually way more complex than simple mini games - so this goal should take me about 8 years.
it's a lot of time, isn't it ???
but as i mentioned, 8 is my lucky number, so i'm very confident !

even if it takes way more than that, it's completely fine to me. i have many other projects to focus on, and i want to make progress in them too, of course 💻
not only that, but i do need to start making active efforts for my physical health, so i won't allow myself to stay sit all day !

i want to also define solid goals for the poofties video series ( no, i haven't abandoned them forever ) and my nonsense writting .. which i actually want to revamp into a new project, that i have been planning for the longest time !
mini spoiler : my stories will become interactive illustrated books. as usual, i will tell you more details once i actually start working on it 📚
as for the video series, i want to make a new one by the beginning of the next year, and hopefully release 2 or 3 episodes per year ..
but i really need to organize myself better, because these take way too long to make, which isn't ideal.

in the end, what matters the most is not the goal, but the journey of creating new things, and the excitement of waiting new things to get released.
looking for new updates is a very exciting experience by itself, don't you think ?
this is my favorite thing about finding new sites, about playing online games, and what made me fall in love with the digital world 💗

having places where people can get lost for hours long, exploring, playing around .. this is the ultimate goal.
naturally, the more content there is, the more fun, and there is just something comforting in knowing that someone is working on the same project for many many years ..
i want to do my best for the sake of my personal improvement, and also for those who visit my website and feel just like i did as a child !
these are precious memories that motivated me to be the adult i am today, that keep me going and working to improve on my career.

the heartwarming happiness that cute digital things bring me - i want to bring this to others too. forever & ever, hopefully 🎀

okay, before wrapping up this post, i wanted to show you two super cute outfits that i recently have planned for wearing during slightly chilly rainy days 🥿

a few weeks ago i bought this absolutely adorable sweater, and sewed this blouse for wearing underneath. its cute collar and frilly sleeve details added a lot to the sweater's cuteness, don't you think ? 
this skirt is a piece i have sewn years ago, and i always found it hard to wear, but luckily it coordinates with the sweater perfectly, i'm so happy !!

the beige apron-like dress with wooden buttons was made by me, and the long flowery dress underneath was made for me by my very talented cousin, as a gift - and my grandma chose the fabric pattern !
it is a very precious outfit that means a lot to me .. not only that, but it's also very comfortable and beautiful. i'm in love with it 💘

well, there is another outfit that i already took photos wearing, and added to my /fashion page. oh, and i updated this page's layout recently !
i think it's way cuter now, the "photo album" design makes me excited to fill it more & more with new photos ✂️

that's what i have for this post ..
now i will go outside for a walk. what do you think about doing the same ?
don't forget to apply sunscreen, and take a bottle of water with you !

xoxo 🤍

october . 31 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🎃
happy halloween !!!
i hope you had lots of fun, ate lots of yummy sweets ..
and didn't forget to brush your teeth 🦷
my days were spent as usual : playing online games events, listening to "dancing christmas in the 13th month" , watching coraline, and eating dark chocolate 
+ of course, this year, just like the last, i was also working my hardest to finish the my fluffy life halloween event and fixing bugs that were found in the way.
i'm glad to say everything turned out okay in the end, and this shall continue for many years to come !
( i just hope not the bugs .. but well, that's part of the process )

besides halloween, this month was.. particularly harsh ... 🩹
one of my cats got hospitalized, and unfortunately she passed away a few days later. she was 16 years old, but she has always been healthy, so it was all very sudden and i was in shock.
she has been by my side since i was 9, and we were very close.. naturally, it took me a while to get back to my normal routine.
my grumpy little angel now is resting in peace, and i will always love her with my whole heart 🤍

i took this photo 2 years ago, while she was happily taking her usual morning sunbathe 
she looks like a little kitten, don't you think ?
so soft too .. oh how i miss her 🌧

i tried my best to take my time to grieve, but responsibilities get to you soon or later .. and in my case, they came FAST because i had loads of things to do for the event, and well, halloween is very precious to me so i did want to make the event no matter what.
i spent the first weeks doing only what i wanted to do, and i focused on easy stuff that would comfort me instead of being potentially stressful.
basically preparing shy bunny store orders, and making random web pages & collages !

i made two new pages for the dream directory, for more html studies 💻
the first one i made was the bath :

i really love this page, because it's very soothing to me ..
i can almost smell the baby soap 🧴
it has bubble sounds when you drag the soap around the screen, and then bubbles float around.
do you find this page relaxing as well ? i hope so !
i learned a few things while doing this, since i never really did anything with dragging objects, which is a really nice interactive feature.

the other page i made was the medicine :

in this one you're taking care of this teddy bear by giving it medicine, putting bandaids on it, and giving it smoochies 💕
i love this page, it's just so cute !!
i also experimented with new things for this, with the bandaids placement on the screen. it was very hard to do on mobile, but i think it works good enough.

as i was going through my graphic folders to make these pages i felt inspired to make a new aesthetic virtual journal collage :

✂️ healing soap .zip 

i really love this, so satisfying ..
i find watching cleaning videos very therapeutic, as well as taking a good shower or bath after a tiring day 🧼

🩰 trust .mp3 

this is the melody i used for this collage page.
it sounds a little emotional .. it's fitting to my mood at the time 🩹

then as i was working on stuff for my game's halloween event, i also felt inspired to make this another collage, with a more "edgy" aesthetic, weapons & some webcore reference :

✂️ adorable virus .zip 

i included on this one some photography from one of my friends, babi stein, who is a super talented seamstress and has a very unique aesthetic that mixes military & delicate motifs !

i really like how this collage came out .. it is always a fun experience to work with different color palettes that i don't use often, and i did that a lot this month.

🎻 forbidden .mp3 

here i am, using another old melody for my journal pages !
very short, but one of my favorites, since cello is my favorite instrument 💗
i hope i can go back to play it again, one day ..

now, i would like to show you the halloween event i was working on !!
i basically only had 2 weeks to work on everything, so it was harsh .. but i managed it somehow.
bubu helped me a lot, as always, and together we can do anything ♡♡
i'm also very grateful for the support i got from you fluffies, who sent me kind motivating messages, and very important bug reports too. i couldn't do it without your help !!
thank you for being patient with me 💓

firstly, i'm going to show you the new laptop shop i made, the "dark mystery" :

i am absolutely in love with how this one turned out !!
i don't really wear black, never, but i love gothic lolita ( and inspired ) clothing, and just the aesthetics in general, so i was really really excited to make a shop dedicated to this, for the longest time.
i thought it would be fitting to wait for halloween season, and so i did 🌕
for purchasing on this shop you need "keys", a new special currency. i'm getting to that soon !

before, here are some more adorable dark items i made :

new home decor !!
i tried to mix it with lots of white as well, so it fits well with the soft colors. what do you think ?
i especially love the teddy bear .. he's a cutie 💟

now for the halloween event itself, i included stuff from last year + new ones.
i made new costumes & stuffies for the fair prizes, new halloween stickers, and of course, new autumn collections for the regular clothing shops !
( you can check more screenshots of the halloween fair clicking here )

on the serene forest you can now find the "infinity tower", a mysterious building that is built stone by stone by the autumn wind itself.
exploring it and interacting with the frames you get happiness and collect keys, the new currency i talked about 🗝

i was inspired for making this place since december last year, because of a beautiful fanart i got from rosecarousel :

i absolutely love all the little details on this illustration .. the frames even have some little photos from the game, can you find them ? 
when i saw this i instantly had the idea of making a little mini game inspired on this concept, for the next autumn. here i am 🎀

i also had plans for releasing one more world area this autumn, but as i was in a sad mood i couldn't do it in time, so i decided to postpone it.
it will have many new things, if i started it now and worked endlessly - with no sleep - maybe i could finish it by december, but it would already be late..
i decided not to torture myself and use november to work on other things, since i have a big list already.

the bad thing is : i don't want to wait a whole year to release this new area, even though it was supposed to be an autumn thing 🍄
hmpf, i will have to let it go and just release it whenever i finish it ; ;

it's frustrating when things don't go the way we planned, but everything always turn out fine in the end, right ?
the most important is to do our best, while respecting our mental & physical health.
make sure to be kind to yourself too, okay ?

xoxo 💘

september . 30 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🎀
it was an interesting month .. i feel like the days went by really fast !
the rain season started here, as every september, and it has been raining continuously for almost 3 weeks straight ☂️
i'm very tired of it, to be honest.. i can't wait for the sunny days to come back !!
i miss the warmth already, i'm at my laziest on rainy days.
well, i can't say i dislike laying in bed and watching fun things all day,, it's just that doing anything else has been sooo difficult and - as always - i have a big list of things to get done 🛏
i have been journaling a lot lately, to try and keep myself motivated to get out of bed, sit down at my desk and do stuff. it really helps, and it's so much fun !
i also have wrote a few letters for my dear pen pals ✏️
( and my virtual pen pals too !! or at least i tried .. it's been hard getting through all my emails so i'm being very slow )

i'm glad i still got to do the things i have listed for the month : all the shy bunny store orders i got, the my fluffy life anniversary event, the new poofties account integrations, the html studies & experiments ..
i'm going to show you the new things i finished preparing 

first, the 1 year my fluffy life anniversary event :

this is a very precious event for me, and i'm really proud with how it turned out 💕
i wanted to make it look magical and dreamy, because this is exactly how i feel about this game, and every time i see people interacting with each other in there i feel so happy .. i can't really put it into words, but i tried, with this message :

this event has this new world area, in the clouds, that is accessible through a cute hot air balloon in the cotton-floof village. it has many gifts everywhere that all fluffies can pick by random, one per day !
by eating a piece of the big magical cake you can get a double happiness bonus, and by clicking the fireworks you get double teddycoins 🍰
there are 40+ items available in this event, and it will last until october 8.
i love the items, they're really colorful and just adorable 🌈

soon, the halloween event will come back again, this time with some new stuff !!
i'm so happy to see people are still enjoying the game, and many new people are still registering new accounts each month. a dream coming true, really 

let's talk a bit about the new integrations for the poofties account :
i made many new items and teddycoin prizes that you can get by exploring the milky woods mini games, in the poofties website !

on your account home page you can see this new section, where you get hints on how to find the codes, that you claim in your little my fluffy life laptop 💻
other items will come with each new mini game i add, so keep an eye open !!

i'm thinking of integrations i can do with each one of my projects .. some things are really cool but also really complicated to make, so i prioritize the simple ones first.

now, i want to show you something a bit .. random, but also really cute 🎗
remember the 3D models i made a while ago ? i wasn't quite sure what i wanted to do with them, and there was also this web page, the dream directory, that i wanted to use for html experiments & abstract web design.
i had the idea for the first page, the dollhouse :

since i took that photo of my nightgowns last month i kept looking at it, thinking about how it would fit in the background of a vertical website .. and then i had the idea of making this tall dollhouse, and now it is home for my 3D models and some cute furniture 🪑
i love the clouds animation, and the ballerina music box that plays "castle on the clouds" 
it is a very abstract page, with minimal interaction, but it's still nice to look at, and was certainly fun to work on. i learned quite a bit about 3D embedding !
i want to keep making more pages like this one, with random interactive things, so i can study different html stuff. as i mentioned before, this is really useful for planning & conceptualizing my future projects, as well as for keeping my creativity flow.
hopefully seeing these is also somehow inspiring and fun for you fluffies 🤍
seeing other people's projects is my biggest motivation for working on mine !

okay, now i wanted to show you something i'm so so so happy about ..
i bought a flip phone !!

it's so cute, i'm in love .. it's pink & shimmery 💖
( you can't really see it in my photos, sadly .. it's very subtle )
i added a few glittery and holographic stickers, and made it a charm with beads !
lately i have been really into beads, it's so relaxing to arrange little charms with them ~

i missed using flip phones so much, the sound of the keys is very satisfying !
i used to carry around a white samsung flip phone when i was a teen, and it was really convenient because of its size, and how the battery would last forever.
i don't need a smartphone with a big screen when i'm outside the house, i just want to be able to communicate with others !
i stopped using my flip phone because i could only make regular calls and send sms, and had no internet connection.
oddly enough it is cheaper to pay for internet connection ( here in brazil at least ) than paying for calls and sms nowadays .. so it started to become a bother.

when i started looking for alternatives, for having the benefits & cuteness of a flip phone + internet connection, i found the lg ice cream f440l 🍦
it's affordable, adorable, and i love the nostalgic appearance of it 
it never got released in my country, so i bought it internationally. even so, it was still waaay cheaper than any smartphone i could get, so i'm happy with it !

i love the touch screen and how you can download chat apps on it, which makes it kind of a smartphone ? but not so much, since it runs android 4.4 there are only very few available apps - only the useful ones, may i say, so that's perfect for me !
it's super customizable ( i can even change the icons ), i can read and respond emails on it, make calls and exchange quick messages using chat apps, backup things, and even check the maps, the weather, and make a quick search online if i need.
and surprisingly enough, everything runs very smoothly on this phone .. i expected it to be a little slow, but no, it's actually super responsive and works great !
i really really recommend it 💓

i still use my regular smartphone from time to time, but only when i need to do tests, so i mostly only use the browser since i uninstalled all social media apps .. and i always prefer to use my ipad for watching stuff, or playing mobile games !

reducing screen time is something complicated, because you have to organize your routine for knowing when you should use your devices, for which reason, and for how much time it would be appropriate.
for making sure you won't be using the smartphone unnecessarily for longer periods, i think a simpler phone can be helpful : it has only the absolutely necessary features you need, so you won't be wasting time or getting distracted !
when i got my ipad it also helped me reducing screen time not only from my smartphone, but also from my laptop, for then focusing on my studies.
i don't think being online for some hours a day is utterly bad, the internet is really useful and can bring us many good things, we can learn new things, work on cool things, talk to people we love, have lots of fun .. !
it's just important to be careful and find balance between virtual & real life 💿

talking on smartphones, i actually got a new one, so now i have two of them .. which is ironic, since i didn't actually wanted it, but rather needed it. why ? 📱
well, my current android phone is alright, it's a little old ( xiaomi redmi 6a ) but it works fine and as i mentioned i barely have been even using it since i got my new adorable flip phone 
but, remember when i bought my ipad last year ?
i actually wanted one, i do use it quite a lot, like i mentioned, it's fun and useful for working and testing things too,, but i noticed a factor with testing my stuff on the ipad : the screen size !
many people use ios, but it's mostly on iphones.
testing things on the ipad is okay enough so i can assure it works, but i recently used an iphone and found many issues on my websites, when it comes to display adaptations !!
sadly i couldn't really replicate these results on my ipad screen, so i wasn't able to fix many of these problems for a long time ..

so, for working on these fixes and assuring that ios users are really being able to use my websites properly on all devices, i finally decided to buy an iphone. the iphone 8.
yes i simply bought the cheapest one i could find, considering that it will stay untouched for most of the time, just like my android smartphone is now.
i'm basically just going to use the browser & do tests ( since i don't use social media anymore, and i use my flip phone & ipad for most mobile functionalities ) i am not worried about it becoming outdated until a few more years.
in fact, i find it better to do tests on devices that are a bit old & slow, because if it works it means it's well optimized !
my smartphones look similar to each other, so i made matching cases and themes for them :

i think they look cute together, heh 💕
i do like them as they are, and am not interested in buying new smartphones any time soon .. if possible, i would keep these forever !
they work fine, and honestly ? i find these older smartphones way cuter than the newest models. i personally hate the multiple cameras, it looks tacky.
why trying so hard to make a phone camera a tiiiny bit better ?
in the end it's way more expensive, and it will never be as good as a proper digital camera with proper sized lenses, because that isn't physically possible.

and, talking on cameras .. other thing i decided to buy recently was this cutie :

a baby pink mini instax 11 💗
i've always always dreamed about having an instant camera, they're adorable and having your photos instantly in your hands is so magical !
( i even have included one of these in the my fluffy life game )

i am currently saving to buy a good digital camera, because as you know i love photography and i only have my phone cameras for that, which isn't ideal at all ..
but i decided to give a try to an instant camera first, because it is quite cheap, and i really wanted to start putting together a photo album. for that, i found that having an analogical camera would be ideal. 📷
i am obsessed with photo editing, and this is at times upsetting because i treat photography in a very technical way - i can't simply take a photo and leave it be !
i tried having a photo album before, by printing digital photos, but i keep editing them over & over, replacing them with new "better" ones, and put together only the best looking photos .. which isn't the point !
i also always think of how i can work with my photos on my projects, instead of just keeping them for myself, for what they are.
not being able to edit my photos takes a lot of weigh out of me, and makes me value photography in a different way than i'm used to, more spontaneous & fun.

i want my photo albums to have sentimental value, not aesthetic value, necessarily. it's okay if the photos are sometimes blurry, or a little dark. i want to simply treasure moments for the future me to appreciate 🖇
beautiful photos are nice, but that's not all i expect from them. also, if the photo comes out cute with zero editing, i feel so proud !
i think the mini instax is great because the photo quality is pretty good for indoor environments ( if you're experienced enough ) + with a naturally cute vintage quality. the colors all look so soft .. this is exactly what i want !!
it's also really nice to give alway some photos to friends and family, because they are unique and untouched, which makes them even more precious. 🌷

as you can see in my pictures, i already started a little photo album, and i can't even explain, but it feels completely different from digital photos .. so if you like journaling and enjoy some good nostalgia, please give analogical cameras a try !!
but yea, i still am very excited to buy my first expensive digital camera, because photo editing is truly a passion of mine and i know it will be worth it.
i love love love making cute graphics with my own photographs, making collages, and so on .. 

that's it for today's post .. make sure to take good care of yourself, and i promise to do the same. let's try our best !

xoxo 💖

august . 31 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🌷
august, the anniversary month ( as explained on the last post ) , has gone by so fast .. my birthday was really nice, it was sunny and i had lots of fun 
i tried my best to take a little vacation by the first half of the month, but then days got super busy again, as i had to working on many things quickly !
well, it is worth the efforts, as i see the things i make are making people smile. it keeps me motivated 💖

before i start showing you things i have made, i will leave this quick note at the beginning of the post, because it's very important :
recently i have been getting a lot of messages on my contact form ( which makes me really happy ! i'm really so thankful for your kind words  )
the thing is : i have been responding to everyone i had on my inbox so far - except for a few who didn't filled the email field !!
i can't possibly respond to messages with no emails, and i got some lovely messages that i really really wanted to respond ..
so if you're waiting for a response for more than a week already, please send me a new message with your email using the same name you used last time, or at least mentioning the previous subject ( so i know it's the same person ) and i will respond to you properly ! 💌

for avoiding this issue from ever happening again i recently updated my contact forms so the email field is obligatory.
( the reason why i didn't do this before was because i wanted a way of people sending messages anonymously if they so wish, but since it's causing problems it's better not to )

i got a long message last week, asking for advice, and it broke my heart that i couldn't write back ; ;
i won't mention names here to keep their privacy, but please know that if you sent me a message but didn't ever get a response, it's probably because you forgot to write your email, not because you were "bothering" me or something like it ..
the only messages i willingly refuse to respond are mean / hateful ones, so please don't worry about resending your message and asking me just to be extra sure !
( sometimes emails go to people's spam folder too, so be sure to always check it )

okay, now let's go for the stuff !!
i made two new mini games for the poofties website, because as i started playing around with html so frequently i had lots of new ideas for these small browser games.
i have many other ideas on my to do list, so you can expect more to come 🖇
click the images to open the games and have fun :

🩰 precious things .mp3 

this is a word guessing game, very simple, but adorable !!
it's my favorite mini game so far. 
i wrote 100+ words for it, so i forgot them all by now and can actually play it myself .. which is a little embarrassing, my memory is horrible LOL
the melody for this game is lovely, and i think it really fits the whole mood 🌼

🩰 lazy morning .mp3 

this one is a "rock, paper, scissors" nonsense variation that i made, just because .. !
i tried to explain the logics behind it, i know it's weird - but still cute, right ? 🍰
the melody for this one is all about these mornings where you wake up a little late, but try to do something useful anyway, but then keep procrastinating, laying around, doing a lot of nothings ~
and suddenly, you're hungry - wait, it's time for lunch already !?

i had to go through many lazy mornings lately, but luckily i can be quite productive during the afternoon !
one thing i have been taking a while to prepare and finally finished, is new item options for the shy bunny store !!

as you can see, there are 4 new options on the "floof your fluffy" page 🎀
these are all item options that got requested during this year. if you have requests too, let me know !
it's hard to adapt items to the current shop format, and of course, it's hard to get the materials ready & test everything, but i do want to add more stuff for the store in the future.
i have some big plans, but as you know, big things take big time to get done, much more because there are so many small projects in the way ✂️

i'm really thankful for all the support i have got to this day, it's thanks to that that i can keep working hard to make lots of new things 💕

remember when i said last post that i was preparing a new useful web page ?
i did it ! it's a site where you can easily customize your own "virtual letter" template the way you want : mail.pooftie.me 💌

many people have a hard time making cute emails and requested my help, so i thought making a ready-to-use template would be ideal.
i explained all details on the website itself, so if you're interested, give it a click !

just one extra tip for those who want to try to use this template but are unsure about how it will look like when using : send emails to yourself first ✏️
that way you can test things freely, and also check it on different devices you have access to, without worrying about messing up a real email that you're sending.
i always send myself an email if i'm worried about it looking weird, and if it looks fine i can copy & paste to send it to the right person !
at the beginning it feels a little complicated, but after some practice it becomes really easy & fun to experiment with ❤️

i have seen some people using this template already, and it made me so happy .. exchanging emails is really nice, i love doing it, and it's a lot better if you can make it cute, right ?

recently i also made another thing i wanted to do for a long time, but well, it's not a useful one .. but it's certainly an adorable one !!
a web page i made just for funsies : frilly.pooftie.me 🎗

i've always loved "esoteric" programming languages, so i made my own : 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑦 

what is an esoteric language, you ask ?
wikipedia says : an esoteric programming language is a programming language designed to test the boundaries of computer programming language design, as a proof of concept, as software art, as a hacking interface to another language, or as a joke.

mine is a markup language, since i'm a html person and not actually a good programmer per say .. !
but i'm very proud of it 💗
i managed to make this thing full of weird ( and cute ) symbols actually work, all by myself !!
i always thought it was super hard to make a language so i was prepared to ask bubu for help, but in the end it's basically just a matter of managing conversions so the browser can run the weird codes.
in my case, 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑦 is basically html, so i was able to use it as a base.

it was a lot of fun to work on this little project, i love how the site turned out .. and yes i am using comic sans 
comic sans is such a cute font, i genuinely like it. people should give it some love and stop being mean about it !

working on 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑦 gave me some cool ideas for the future as well.
since it only runs inside my web page, i kept the preview small and simple, but i could actually run entire websites coded with 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑦 if i made my own web browser, to run my own internet protocol 💻
( in this case i would probably make an integrated conversion between html and 𝑓𝑟𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑦, so people won't need to memorize so many random symbol combinations for coding their pages LOL )
those are things i have big interest in, especially protocols .. isn't it a magical idea to have your own little internet, sort of ?
you can even make up your own top-level domains this way, imagine the possibilities !!
and i see some practical uses for this ( like integrations with my projects & easily creating safe closed spaces ) so i will definitely give it a try later in the future.

with this, the pooftie.me website now has 20 active subdomains, and many more to come !!
can you guess what the next ones will be about, based on the floating images that say "under construction" ?

and, the aesthetic virtual journal has 11 collages now, since i was inspired yesterday i made this really cute new one :

✂️ internet baby .zip 

i really really really love this one .. 💖
there are so many cute tiny things !! please make sure to open the big version to see all the details.
recently i have been quite inspired for collages as i am making many new graphics for websites & games, so i have more folders here with ideas .. !

💿 old stuffie .mp3 

do you remember this melody ?
this is a really old one !! i never used it for anything, but it has been sitting on my /portfolio for years, because i do like it a lot.
i finally am using it for something ( sort of )

i have some more things i wanted show you, but i didn't prepare them in time for the august post, so .. next time it is !

i hope you all have been taking good care & taking time for your personal needs. it's important to prioritize your happiness, for yourself, and for those who love you.

xoxo 💕

july . 31 . 2022

hiii fluffies 💘
here i am again, punctually, on the last day of the month ~
july was such a busy month, and i can't believe how many things i managed to do .. i have been making to do lists nonstop, and now i have stuff planned until january. oops !
i know i know, it's not possible to be sure of what will happen until then,, but i like to at least try and do a certain amount of stuff each month, if i'm feeling alright. if needed, i will simply rest and do only the very necessary 🍰
lately i have been feeling quite healthy, which is great !!
i'm full of energy, and because of that i have been able to be very productive without pushing myself beyond my limits 

i have also been going deep into nostalgia these days, because of all things i have worked on !
i think nostalgia is a huge part of who i am, i find so much joy when digging through stuff from the past .. so i'm happy to do things that allow me to express this, and share a bit of how i feel with others 🌈

this is a very special time of the year for me because august is the month of my birthday, the middlepot.com anniversary, and then september there is also the my fluffy life anniversary !!
i can't believe i've been running this game for almost one year already .. a 1 year old baby 
and the middlepot.com website itself is already going to become 5 years old, woa !
the poofties franchise itself could also be considered 5 years old, maybe ??
it was officially released by 2017 too, but i was already developing the concepts & characters since 2013 ( the year i started dating bubu  ) and released the first game by 2015, so mm.. i think it is way older than that.
i am pretty old myself, right ? i will turn 25 years by august 11 🎀
my only current project that is a bit of an outsider is the shy bunny store, that will turn 4 years old by november, but i renewed the layout last year by august as well LOL

it's not even on purpose, but yea, this is a commemorative season for me, so i wanted to include concepts of that into the my fluffy life summer season by adding a new laptop shop called the "pool party store", and a cute upbeat music on the new mini game on the swimming pool area !
i'm going to show you, as always, some screenshots of the new stuff :

i tried to include some tropical plants to the summer scenarios, what do you think ? 
i really like the hibiscus, lilies and daisies 💐

these are the summer activities : playing on the swimming pool with other fluffies ( there you get tanned, so don't forget to apply sunscreen ! ), working on the ice cream stand, playing juggling in the circus tent, and fishing on the serene forest lake !!
i especially like getting my little fluffy tanned, it's SO adorable ///
i had the idea for this swimming pool since i released the game last year, i was really excited ..

this is the new laptop shop : bathing suits, floats and flowery accessories 🌼
i really tried to go with 2000s casual summer fashion for this one, but then i mixed it with early 2010s as well !
the floats and sunglasses are super cute, i love them 

making this shop, and the summer season in general, i got really inspired and nostalgic, so i made a new collage :

✂️ rainbow water .zip 

it's been so long since i made one of these for my aesthetic virtual journal .. i'm really proud of this one, i can't stop smiling when i look at it !!
really brings me back to 2005 🌈
i used to have many stationery with these cute colorful characters, and i was obsessed with water !!
i don't know how, but somehow i grew up being a little afraid of swimming ; ;
maybe that's because i don't spend so much time around pools anymore ?
i really want to get over it .. hmpf

💿 playtime .mp3 

this melody i found in one of my cds is really cheerful and fills my heart with happiness 
i liked saving music from game folders when i was little, so it is probably from one of my cds with 500 games in it .. i really want to find it !!

last week i also got in the mood for coloring, so i choosed a drawing from my takei miki coloring book :

this time i simply used colored pencils, since takei miki's illustrations are usually colored this way ( and they are super pretty ) i wanted to achieve a similar result. what do you think ? ✏️
i think it turned out really cute, and it was really relaxing to color spontaneously.. i want to color like this more often 
most of all, it really inspired me for something i'm going to do on my fluffy life !!

by mid september i want to make an anniversary event with lots of cute & colorful gifts, balloons, fireworks, and bonus teddycoins 💕
( i won't spoiler you anymore, but it will have a similar feeling to the drawing )

i'm so happy to see that many people are still playing my game since it got released, and many more are registering accounts to this day !!!
being able to share this little world with you fluffies is a dream coming true, really, and i still have a hard time believing this is real ..
every new character, every message exchanged, every gift coupon generated - it is all unbelievably wonderful !
i would like to share a bit of this magical feeling with you, so i will do my best to make it a memorable event. 

before i forget, there is a bit more i have done for the game :

this new furniture have been inspired by some things i had as a kid !
the pink wallpaper with white hearts, the flower pillows, the pc chair.. many items there look similar to things i had, at least by memory.
because of that, this room decor feels really comforting to me 
do you also feel comforted when seeing stuff that reminds you of fun childhood memories ?
it really has a deep meaning to me !

talking on nostalgia, do you fluffies remember when i was downloading ukagakas for my pc ?
i still have been keeping my favorite one, dorothy, open from time to time. she's just so cute and i like having her keeping me company 🌷
i made a cute soft pink skin for her, and wanted to show you :

✂️ dorothy_soft .zip 

✂️ ssp_soft .zip 

feel free to download it, as well as the balloon, which i also have modified to match her new clothes !
( i posted a download link of her regular skin by 2020, so you can get it on the blog's /archive )

changing subjects, i wanted to let you know that i added something new to the shy bunny store checkout ( yes, again ) !
i got many requests over the time from people who couldn't buy the items in real life, for multiple reasons ( like not having a fixed shipping address, or having wool allergies ), but were still interested in having them digitally for integrating with the my fluffy life game, or simply for collecting.
i wasn't sure of how to make it work properly and fairly, but now here it is : a digital bag for you to purchase shy bunny items only digitally 💻

as you can see, there are some explanations on how it works on the /bag page, when clicking the new button !
basically, you can add items normally to your bag, and they all appear on the digital bag as stuffies ( for cheaper than the real life ones would be )
when you purchase items this way, you get the codes by email ( as well as your extra gift coupons ) so you can add them to your poofties account virtual collection.
then, they get integrated with the poofties projects normally, appearing as stuffies and stickers !
i hope this will help those who couldn't buy items to also be able to enjoy these extra things ❤️

lately i have been trying my best to fulfill requests that i get, and i have been asked about html quite a lot !!
knowing that people are getting more & more interested in making their own websites makes me so happy .. i want to be able to help others on their learning journey 💝
i know how getting started from zero is hard, so i decided to make a new web page for providing a free base project with codes and some tutorials : base.pooftie.me

i used to commission base layouts like this, upon request of what the person wanted to learn.
i tried to include the basics on this one, but i know you will feel the need to do more with time - but by then, hopefully, you will be confident enough to try out some things by yourself !!
starting slowly is important, from my experience 🖇
i already saw some people using my codes out there, and it made me so so so happy.. to know i can help others to make their own sites ❤️

by the way, there is another useful web page that i'm making for my august post, so keep an eye open !
what will it be about ? that's a secret 🗝

some more things i have been doing this month : sewing purses 👜

this one is just a teddy head, it's super small - i honestly don't know how i will carry my things inside it LOL
but i mean, it's an adorable accessory, and i can always use it for just going for a walk nearby.
i'm absolutely in love with this outfit as a whole. it's comfortable, it's cute, it's frilly, it's perfect 💟
i simply added lace to the blouse, but i made the skirt by myself. it may not look like it, but it's actually a divided skirt, which makes it extra comfortable !
it's obviously an outfit for hot days, so i will have to wait a bit for wearing it .. hopefully on my birthday it will be sunny enough 🍦

this other purse is very simple, just a little fluffy square, so i added a satin ribbon and a little teddy bear charm i had laying around ( i always get these cuties in claw machines, and i'm very proud of that ) 🧸
it has a reasonable size for actually, you know, carrying things inside, so i know it will be really useful !
this dress i bought is absolutely beautiful, it's long and the fabric isn't very cold so maybe this will be my birthday outfit instead ?
i think this look really matches my glasses, which is nice 💗

did you know i have myopia ? mhm, since i was a teen, and i should wear glasses all the time, but i don't ///
it's not that bad so i spent many years with no glasses and got used to it, but i'm trying to slowly adapt, okay ? ; ;
i forget about it constantly, so i try to at least remember when i'm going outside and have to see stuff far away..

( fun fact : i made glasses exactly like mine for the my fluffy life game, but even there i don't wear them often )

i have been going through my photography folders and i found some pictures i took of my wardrobe, by 2020, and now looking at it i realized how much more things i have .. !
even though i actually got rid of many clothes that i didn't wear, i still got many more clothes over these 2 years. i think it's time to stop LOL
i took new photos of my wardrobe :

these are my "wear outside" clothes, some of my purses and random accessories laying around, because it's cute. an organized & soft mess ❤️
sadly that causes my clothes to be very wrinkly, so i always have to iron them ..

.. and these are my nightgowns ( that i actually only wear inside the house )
i mostly take photos of myself when i'm wearing these, because i only feel in the mood for it when i'm comfortable and bored at home.
can you recognize these from my /fashion page photos ?📷

last thing - but not least - i wanted to show you this absolutely lovely fanart i got from my friend arunyi ( formerly luupon ) :

it's pupuf, one of my ragnarok characters ❤️
( you can see more about her and my other characters on my /gaming page )
doesn't she look adorable ? i love this so so so much ..
i'm so thankful, arunyi is really talented and you all should go support her work right now !!

did you know that i choosed pupuf's looks thinking about "how the bunny puf would look like if she was a human" ?
her personality and interests also matches puf in "shy bunny form", heh 🐇
she's really cute, this drawing made me want to play ragnarok again.. it's been so long since i logged in

well, this is what i have for today's post.
please remember to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen if it's summer where you live, and if it's winter too !! remember to stay hydrated & protect your skin all year long.
self care is always important, because you are important !

xoxo 🤍

june . 30 . 2022

hiii fluffies ❤️
how have you been ? i hope life has been kind to you ..
for me, many things happened, and my physical health haven't been in the best shape, but thankfully i have been feeling pretty happy !!
for making the most of the time i am not feeling sick i did some changes in my life, to make things as comfortable & productive as possible 🎀
of course i couldn't be as productive as i would like, but i still managed to do some things i wanted to do, and keep myself focused on what i love, which is the most important !
i have loooots of things to write on this post.. so let's go :

if you're someone who visits my social media accounts, you might have noticed that i have been inactive for the past months.
that's because i have started working on the puf café planning phase, in the meantime i work on other things from my other projects ( whew )

since the puf cafe platform will be used for making websites and content for them, i need to work on many test pages, and different kinds of content for inside them, for later on developing tools based on what i used for making them 💻
this is quite fun to do, to be honest, so i am enjoying my time !!
then, i realized i am actually producing lots of content that are way better quality than i am able to do on my social media accounts .. and i didn't miss posting on them, at all, not even once.
it's hard to explain the feeling : i knew that those sites were putting limitations on my creativity and making me feel discouraged, but i just accepted that for years. i thought i had no choice but to accept.
i want to put my heart into this project, so you fluffies will be able to experience this much freedom for posting & creating content, inside a safe space !
i am willing to invest all i can into that.

the big modern social media sites are unreliable, unorganized, and unsafe.
they undoubtedly have ill intended features for making people feel insecure, addicted, and stressed out.
they purposefully limit creativity, encourages shallow drama, and punish people for not following trends.
i am tired. i don't want that anymore.
i never wanted to be controlled by others like that. 🌧

so, from now on : my social media accounts will be officially inactive !
i am officially unplugging myself out of the ugly world of the platforms runned by big companies. 🌷
i will, at most, only use "disposable" private accounts if i need to interact with specific content i like, and that's it.

i never felt comfortable using my accounts in a personal way, for both my sanity & safety i've always kept things this way.
since 2012, when the old web as i knew was starting to collapse rapidly, i have been searching for a way to escape those uncomfortable spaces and find a way to express myself the way i want. 🦋
many people feel the same as me, and are also trying to walk away from big social media, so i try to help myself and others by working on solutions !

after some months of use, my web code snippets have been a good help for making social media sites less stressful ( and cuter ) for me, but, as expected .. only as an inactive user.
i am still checking some youtube channels & tumblr blogs regularly, and it's actually nice !
( i received messages from people telling me that the codes helped them too, so i will keep them updated, there is no need to worry about that )

the thing is : whenever i try to create content inside them i feel restricted, unsafe, i see my work being reduced in quality, my creative potential being discarded .. and my imagination cannot flow naturally. ✂️
the more i experience ways to freely create & share things with people on the internet, the more i want to make use of it, and bring that nice feeling to others through my projects !  

okay, but there are some hindrances that come with not using my accounts anymore :
where will i post self care content from now on ? how will i be able to update you fluffies about new stuff ? how will i be able to reach and get to know new people ?

i only feel 100% comfortable inside my own websites / games / platforms, or in those that belong to people i trust wholeheartedly.
i will work hard to make the puf café project come to reality as soon as possible, but we expect it to be fully released only by next year,,
so i have thought of some other alternatives, making use of what i have access to at the moment !

📍 where will i post self care content from now on ?

i'm going to use the care.pooftie.me web page for posting all self care related content i'm making during tests !
since it was made for archiving my accounts' content, it seems appropriate to use it for similar content, don't you think ?
i revamped the layout completely and it is now "my safe room" where you can interact with objects to read stuff, listen to music, watch videos and have a full comforting experience 🏠

i am super proud of this new layout, a virtual bedroom where i feel safe and comforted .. 
things are shuffled and appear randomly as you turn the lights on & off.
i will do my best to update it frequently, as i already have many ideas on what to add there !

now for the pooftie.me domain itself, which i was using until now for my tumblr blog, have turned into a new website and gateway to all my side web pages :

at the moment the pooftie.me site has 17 subdomains, that are displayed randomly, and each one of them are represented by an object ( at the moment 18 objects, because one page is already under construction )
i think that this layout turned out really really cute, i'm happy 💟
you can also expect this site being updated frequently !!

i will be making plenty of new web pages, for presenting you fluffies some concepts that will be possible to achieve on your own page using the puf café !
some things will be exclusive to the final project release, on the puf.cafe website ( yes, i already bought the domain ) such as chatting features, multiplayer interactivity, message boards .. things that require server connection 💿
but the static website building stuff i'm working on will be used on my web pages, and i hope you fluffies will enjoy the new content 

📍 how will i be able to update you fluffies about new stuff ?

i was thinking about it for a long time actually, because my blog is where i post all updates about my projects, my life, and everything .. but you don't get notified about them, and i don't necessarily post all the time, either.
also, i know my posts are reeeeally long, and not everyone has time and patience to read them .. !

so, i had an idea : making emails for the "poofties club monthly updates" 🖇
everyone is free to register an account on the poofties site, and i can send an email once a month with the recent updates for each one of my projects, briefly written - and even attach little gifts, for maybe bringing some smiles 
( i'm thinking about giving coupons, and some exclusive items for my fluffy life )
oh, and no one will miss the gifts even if they choose not to receive emails, because you can also read the past months archive on the poofties.club/updates page ( non-existent as i write this post, but tomorrow there will be the june updates )

to inform about this new thing, i will send one email asking if you'd like to receive the monthly updates or not, with a sample attached. if ignoring it you won't receive any other updates, and if confirming, it will be easy to cancel them through the account settings, or the email itself.
i think this is a gentle way to remind every fluffy about the new stuff that are being released, without being annoying with spammy notifications or stuff like that. what do you think ?

📍 how will i be able to reach and get to know new people ?

well, i have been using forums, message boards, chat boxes, online games and many other kinds of small social platforms since ever, and i will continue to do so !
it's just that from now on, i will have a preference for places that make me feel safe, runned by people i trust, so i can prioritize my well-beign.
i actually think that big platforms tend to make it harder than usual to both find small creators, and to reach a niche audience for your content .. which is really a shame !
my content, aesthetics and interestes are super specific, so i don't feel welcomed on big communities at all. ☂️

the standard way for me to find new cool stuff and get to know people is to explore the internet for blogs, personal websites, forums and group chats in general.
that is the way i feel most comfortable, and where i got to know most of my friends too 💗
because i am already used to the "old web" format of internet ( that's how everything started for me ) , i don't think it's truly hard to socialize, find new interests or even advertise content without the use of big social media.

during the 2010s things went downhill and almost everyone was obsessed with social media, because it was still something new and cool, but since the 2020s began i can see a clearly change on people's perspective.
i am not the only person leaving big social media, i know many others who did / are doing / are willing to do the same, and because of the growing popularity of "webcore" aesthetics, 2000s fashion and the neocities platform, many people are making blogs and personal websites for themselves, which i feel super happy & excited about !!! 
i am really hopeful for the future of the internet, and i will embrace this completely and do my best to help by making my own projects, and sharing those of people i admire. 🎗
please visit my /recommended page, as it is frequently updated with new wonderful sites !!

to encourage people to share my projects with others and reach more people, i made widgets for showing my fluffy life profiles and characters, that can be added on blogs & websites !
these are mine :

if you are seeing these right now, it means i just got 2 teddycoins, one per view ! isn't that cool ?
and, if you share any kind of post talking about the game ( such as a screenshot, or simply a link to the site ) on your blog, accounts, anywhere really, you can send the screenshot of the post to me and be compensated with teddycoins as well :

we got good results with this approach, many new people got to know the game since then, and i haven't myself advertised it during this time i was away from social media.
i can't ( and don't want to ) be everywhere for advertising my stuff, so it's true that the community itself can help a lot, and i am very very thankful for that 

after that, i also did sharing rewards for the shy bunny store, by making widgets for showing felted fluffy collections !
these are my stuffies and cards :

in this case, instead of teddycoins you get "ribbons" , a currency exclusive to the shy bunny store that can be exchanged by discounts on the /share page :

( fun fact : the ribbon currency being called "ribbon" is a tribute to poupée girl, my favorite dress up game from my childhood )

you can also send screenshots of your disclosure posts, as well as share your exclusive affiliate link for getting more ribbons, and giving others extra discounts !!
i'm very proud of these new pages, and i will continue to work on ways of compensating you fluffies for helping the poofties projects grow 🤍

ah ! i almost forgot, but i have added another little thing on my store recently : new payment options for those who live in brazil 🌼

since i live in brazil, i know that using paypal can be a big hassle, and converting the currency is also complicated .. so i finally managed to add a new option !
if you're from brazil you can now pay with credit card, pix, boleto, and have a discount ( because it's a national transaction, after all ) so i have updated all the prices accordingly.

now back to the subject : with all those changes, you may be wondering how to message me from now on ..

🧷 please don't hesitate to reach me out by sending an email to letters@middlepot.com or simply using the contact form !
i do participate in small platforms & communities, and i like using all kinds of message boards on people's sites, but emails are the standard option of contacting someone on the internet.
i will always prefer a safe & organized space for talking, especially for giving support.
please, let me know if i can help, and i will do my best !!
i always check my inbox ( might take a long time to respond, but i read everything ) and i like to talk about all kinds of things through email, it's very comfortable .. like exchanging virtual letters 

🧷 i am also open for real life pen pals from all over the world. from small postcards to big envelopes filled with stuff, i love exchanging all sorts of things, especially stationery and handmade small items. 
if interested, please let me know by email !

🧷 i respond to some my fluffy life pupu mails too ( id : adm-puf ) , but please don't ask for support in there, use the contact form instead !!

( you can read about how i organize message priorities on my /faq, clicking here )

now about discord & line .. i stopped using them because as i have mentioned a few times, these apps have some problems ( including safety issues, unhealthy social-media-like features, and multiple paywalls ) , so i don't feel 100% comfortable using them. because of all that, my accounts have become private for a long time, until i gave up completely.
also, i do prefer a slower message exchanging, as i like to write long messages, and these platforms are not very friendly when it comes to that. mail exchanging remains unbeatable ✏️
for group chatting, i've always liked to use message boards on people's sites way more than using specific chatting apps, since they are accessible, convenient, and customizable. you don't have to install anything, make accounts, or pay for having access to cute stickers & emojis.
that's what i'm looking for, so i will be working hard to make my own message board features for the puf cafe !

by the way, i got many questions since i posted about my web code snippets, and some of you wanted to know if i have one for discord too !
the answer is : yes, i did make a script for discord as well 🎀
at first it was only for inserting css, so i could make it pink .. but recently i updated it for also making the blocked people's messages disappear from the chat, which is nice !
it doesn't help with all the issues that come with their useless blocking feature, but it's better than nothing, right ?

so here is my discord web code snippet, in case you fluffies want to try it out ( click the screenshot to get the .js file ) :

( click here to get the .css version, for betterdiscord )
it is a very comfy theme, zero harsh color contrast. i made it to work with the dark theme, but it's alright with the light theme too ! i did my best to make it cute but also functional, so you can see both white and black stuff. what do you think ? hopefully using it will make your experience with discord a bit nicer ( you can get my other snippets clicking here ! ) another thing i have been asked about is : tips for studying japanese ! thankfully, studying is one thing i have been trying to do consistently these past months, and i want to keep it that way. i think the most common things that i do ( besides watching actual lesson videos ) is watching animes, dramas, random japanese videos .. and i also read mangas, doujinshis, visual novels, light novels, books and webtoons 📚 there are also some stuff you can only listen to instead of reading, like cd dramas, but that's not recommended for beginners. ( by the way, dramas and webtoons have made me want to also learn korean so badly.. but i'm trying to go one step at a time ) oh, if you're a beginner, i suggest searching for media that are easy, made for children, instead of jumping into difficult things right away 🐑 mm if you dislike cute child-like stuff, it might be a bit harder for you .. but, if you're reading my blog, you probably don't hate such things, am i right ? okay : for actually learning something and not just consuming media ignoring all the japanese, it's important that you have two subtitles ( preferably with furigana as well ) and pay real deep attention to stuff people are saying. if you only have one subtitle ( being that english or japanese ) you must then pause to research any words you don't know ! it will be harder for you to grasp what people are saying with no subtitles, but it's interesting to watch things that way too, if the content is within your japanese level. if you can, keeping a notebook aside for doing annotations of new words and sentences you've encountered is nice too, for reviewing later on. ✏️ for readings i prefer to scan / download so i can do annotations on the pages freely, digitally. that way, i can also color manga panels from time to time .. which is, certainly, a bit distracting - but a lot of fun nonetheless 💖 these are some panels that i have colored and made annotations, from my favorite mangas :

( please also enjoy these cute scribbles i've drawn last week during listening practice, heh )

and remember : practice by both writing and talking. i personally like to write & record myself reading diary entries. i mostly write about stuff that i saw, what i think about it, and how i feel about it. ☕️
i find it really therapeutic to do, so i try to write every day, if i'm not too tired !

making study fun and immersing yourself into the language is really motivating in the long run, even if it might take a bit longer to see progress !
when you start to find good content that is 100% in japanese, no translation available, you will naturally do your best to improve and try to understand things.

changing subjects completely now ..
i have been thinking about home decorations for some time now, since i have been working on graphics that are, well, home objects 🧺
i love home related things in general, because it's in our house where we usually take time to relax and get comfy, and this is the feeling i like the most 
while ott decorations with lots of cute items for only aesthetic purposes are really nice to look at, i found with time that it doesn't work out for everyone - and it doesn't work out for me.
i always knew that i'm more of a "minimalistic" person than the opposite, but because of my personal taste in aesthetics tend to be pretty "shabby chic" it feel a bit confusing to match those two, especially when it comes to house decor.
after researching a lot and living in my own house, i noticed that i prefer having only a few items in display, those that are useful or that i have a strong emotional connection with, so i can keep things clean & organized at all times 🪑
i think a room can get 200% cuter by simply having a clean space, a soft color on the walls and ceiling, maybe a wallpaper and crown moldings .. and the floor is also really important to me, i love wooden floor with a passion !

the reality is that looking at so many things all over the place can be overwhelming for me, and i also don't have time and energy to clean everything throughfully everyday .. seeing things getting dusty over time makes one feel pretty upset, right ?
this thought have been reflected even on how i prefer to keep my virtual homes, like how the my fluffy life home design is simple and practical, but still cute 🫖
getting rid of unnecessary items and giving priority to those that i use or truly care for have been really good for my mental health.
donating things to those who need more and seeing my house get more clean gave me a great refreshing feeling !
i also have been replacing some things that are old or not really my taste for new cuter versions, and it is so satisfying .. 
i feel motivated to keep working hard when i see that my life is getting little "upgrades" here and there.

i noticed that for quite some time now, i have been filling my side interest to collect useless cute things and arrange ott decorations by doing collaging 🎗
it's obviously not the same thing, but i actually find it a lot of fun and it's even better if it's something digital & interactive, such as my online game, because that way i can actually "live" inside those spaces without having to deal with all the stress in real life.
i also really love to do that with fashion, because i'm not willing to wear some kind of clothing for being uncomfortable in real life, but it's still lovely to be able to wear them on the digital world 👚👜

oh, another funny thing, is that i also try to fulfill some "obscure hobbies" or just hard / expensive activities that i can't keep doing in real life by making mini games about them !!
this is because of my experiences with games as a child : when i was little i used to play pretend that i was working at a job while playing flash games all the time. the same as playing pretend with toys, you know ?
but then i realized how fun digital games are even as an adult, so it's a bit nice to do that as well ( even more because i can make my own games as i like )
the internet world is magical in a way, like daydreaming with extra steps 💕

on the topic of fashion, i have some cute new outfits to show you !!
they are ideal for the climate currently, since where i live is a little cold ( it's winter ) but still sunny sometimes, because well, tropical country 🐌
i apologize once again for somehow consistently taking photos of my clothes when they're super wrinkled, i promise i always iron them before actually wearing ///
the lighting was not good either because it was really rainy, but i tried to edit it anyway.

i love this outfit, so much !!! 
i have sewn this short sleeved blouse ( my favorites ) and the dress is not new, but certainly got way cuter with the blouse combination. the fabric is cozy and super long so it is ideal for wearing right now, to avoid the occasional cold winds.

for coordinating i got these adorable new sneakers :

it is super comfortable and i adore it .. especially the quilting texture 💟
i added satin ribbons for extra cuteness, as well as frilly socks !
i don't wear sneakers a lot but these have my heart.

this outfit is a bit more complicated, the top part is is a 3 piece overlay :
there is a short sleeved blouse underneath a strap sleeve blouse, and the collar is a separated piece above all.
the two blouses are the pieces i have sewn recently !
the bottom part is my long skirt that has a warm fabric, that i mentioned in one of my past posts, really comfortable for the current weather.
i love clothing that can be combined in different ways, for being able to plan many different outfits.
i can use all of these separatelly in outfits for all seasons, and i really like that 🍦

talking on seasons, i know it's pretty late already, but i wanted to put here some screenshots from the spring season from my fluffy life !!
i like posting them here for keeping track of stuff i'm doing, and right now i already started preparing the summer season stuff ( the game will be updated by mid july ) so it's my opportunity to put these here before it's too late :

it was actually the biggest season update to date, with a whole new world area, the serene forest 🍓
i have big plans for this area, that are sadly getting delayed due to .. well, all things i was dealing with these past months, but it's a big update that will hopefully come soon !
currently, you can play butterfly catching while walking around on it 🦋

for the spring season i tried to fill everything with flowers and the pink color, even more than i usually already do, and added some thematic games as well :

the spring activities include : gardening roses and chrysanthemum, pollinating flowers, catching dandelions, and prepare flower arrangements. doesn't that sound delightful ?

and of course, during the april month we had an easter event 🐇
there were many hidden easter eggs all around the worlds, and with them you could get "magic colors" for dyeing items on the easter stand, including all clothing, accessories, house decorations and even the fluffies' bodies !!
it was really really fun to do, and i dyed many items from my own wardrobe. now i have many extra clothing with different colors 👗

the dye system was far from perfect though, because we found that it is actually very hard to deal with colors depending on the brightness.. so dark colored items couldn't be dyed properly 🩹
this feature is really important to to add the variety of unique items available on the game, so we studied a lot about it and found ways of improving it, so next time it will be a lot better and many issues will be fixed !!

another thing that i did for the spring season was a new temporary laptop shop, the "paper fairy store" for fairy themed clothing & accessories 🌱

for buying stuff from this shop you need to catch "paper butterflies" from the serene forest, a new season exclusive currency !!
i absolutely love this shop, and dyed many items from it during the easter event 

as always, i also made some new furniture :

pink & delicate home decorations are essential for spring, don't you think ? 🎗

well, that's all i have for this post. this loooong long post .. if you're still reading this by now, please know that i really appreciate your presence 
even for those who aren't reading this yet, or maybe never will, i am sending my best wishes of happiness. let's continue doing our best every passing day !

xoxo 💝

march . 28 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🐇
it feels like it's been so long since i wrote here, right ?
i miss it, because it makes me rethink about everything.. this blog is a place where i feel safe to be myself and talk a whole lot. it's comforting. ❤️
i intended to write this post weeks ago, but then i got terribly ill and only managed to do the bare minimum to survive during long 2 weeks 💉
during and a while after that, i found myself once again lost into a depressive episode.
this time i wasn't burnout, but the opposite, almost ?
i noticed how fragile my health can be at times, and how it can be unrealiable. every beginning of the year is hard, with lots of bills and taxes to pay, and then i couldn't work.
( bubu couldn't work either because he was sick too, but thankfully he recovered faster than me .. )
still, there are many nice things to enjoy in life besides that, very cheap and low effort things - so after a bunch of coping i managed to feel somewhat motivated again LOL
my health is still at 80% but that's okay 💊
certainly my routine changes that i did by january were great, taking time for self care and having the "tools" for doing so are a huge help !

i still managed to work on a few stuff, and fix others, such as the screen sizes adaptations i did for all my websites.
i'm used to small screen sizes, since i always use the laptop, but then bubu got a big screen for his pc and i noticed how tiny my sites look like on big screens .. !
i got concerned because even if everyone can use a little zoom, it's still inconvenient,, so i did my best to adapt the sizes doing the zoom myself !
i think it turned out okay, not perfect, but good enough.
making image based layouts work for every screen is hard 💻

besides that, i also got two brand new domains recently :
shybunny.store & poofties.club 

i think it's best to have short domains like that for my main sites, because it's neat and practical to type !
i'm in love with these .. doesn't "poofties club" sound cute ?
it fits the website pretty well, since it's where you manage your account and everything 🖇
( by the way, we're currently working on some new things for the poofties accounts, so keep an eye open )

whew, with the my fluffy life game release, the poofties account integrations, the renovated shy bunny store, the development of the new stationery system, and the puf bot and puf cafe too ( will talk about them below ) ..
there is a lot going on, and a lot of work to do, and there is a lot more coming, so i decided something a little drastic, but very necessary !
as you may already noticed, i have closed all my commissions completely : web design, graphic and photography editing, illustration, collaging, custom craft orders..
well, all commissions are now closed indefinitely. why ?

📍 commissions take more time and energy to manage than regular orders, and already having a very full queue, dealing with commissions makes me terribly exhausted ..
📍 i want to be able to focus on my projects, both personal ones and bigger ones, that will benefit you fluffies too, so you can still have custom content made by me, but also by yourself ;
📍 you are already able to make cute graphics and illustrations of custom characters with my current projects if you have a poofties account, and once the shy bunny stationery page is ready to use it will make it possible to get lots of custom & exclusive items, including ones that i have been commissioning, but better than ever. you will be able to assemble things exactly the way you like, for cheaper and with better quality too !
📍 you will be able to make very intricated websites using the puf cafe platform, and that will also be cheaper and more practical for you, since you can modify everything as many times as needed without the need of paying me for that ( and without the fear of breaking the layout, since html knowledge won't be necessary - but also applicable )

i hope you fluffies understand my decision !!
as you can see it is for the best, to all of us 🤍
i will never ever abandon my career as a web & graphic designer, or anything - i'm just making sure that i can balance all my work properly, and make the best decision that will benefit everyone !!
keeping that many projects active require extreme organization and time management, and sadly, commissions are not very easy to manage, since you can't have control over the other person ..
so making platforms & games is the best i can do to offer my abilities and give people room for creativity, while having most things automated and neatly organized !
it is also way more fun to create things through cute games, isn't it ? 🐈

well, i have another important change of plans to talk about today : remember i was working on a discord server for the poofties community ?
so .. it's not going to happen 🥛
but there are some good reasons for that !
i think it's a bit obvious by now, but i am very cautious when it comes to work with platforms that i don't have complete freedom with ( that are not made by me, basically )
well, me and bubu actually use discord quite frequently for many years, so we have a lot of experience with this app - we have experimented with all of its utilities, and we know its flaws very well.
i do like using this app, when it comes to talking to my friends on very small servers, because that way i feel safer and more comfortable !

i was naively thinking that our poofties server would be that comfy small place for us to hang out, play some text games with the puf bot, and share things with each other 🎀
the thing is, after seeing how my fluffy life easily grew up to a big number of players, being a PAID game, i got a bit scared ; ;
i have been mod and admin on both medium ( 100+ members ) and big ( 1k+ ) discord servers before, and it wasn't pleasant at all. the more the server was growing, the more stressed i felt, so i promised myself i wouldn't do that ever again.

this is a specific issue on discord though - our online game also have many users but is still incredibly easy to moderate. that's because, as it is paid and has a very niche public, trolls and hate accounts are super rare, and even when they appear everyone can deal with it very comfortably since our blocking feature and ban process are efficient.
now, comparing to discord : all kinds of people can and will find a public server, including trolls, gross predators, small children, edgy teens.. all at once !
and you can't efficiently ban weirdos, because they can just make another account and come back easily, start harrassing you on dms or other servers you are in, or even start to impersonate you to get you banned out of random servers. and, no one cares if you report them, at all.
also, i am completely disgusted on how impossible it is to block someone on discord, since you can still see their messages if you click on them ( imagine seeing "23 blocked messages" on a server, wouldn't you click it ?? i would, i'm too curious ) and they can still see yours and keep stalking you, and this is absurdly uncomfortable.

all of that isn't an issue if you're only on small servers with people you trust, and that's the only way i am willing to use discord now.
i also have made my chat app accounts private, for the same reason : my safety. 🗝
i think the poofties community is a bit bigger than a few hundreds of people by now, and if it keeps growing .. i won't be able to keep going with a public server, because i won't have the necessary tools to properly manage that. it's not safe enough !

if a server is public you can't really keep it small forever, even if you kick inactive members, because people on discord have that weird mentality of growing a server endlessly, accumulating thousands and thousands of people, instead of focusing on real and meaningful human interaction.
the more people are fighting, sending scam links, breaking simple rules, being randomly mean, harassing mods, the more they seem to be addicted to the ego boost of big numbers. 🩹
people keep sharing server links everywhere like it's something good, they keep making "giveaways" to attract all kinds of random strangers .. i don't get that. why are people interested in buying others to enter a community ? if they are not interested in your community, just in getting some random prize for free, then what's the point ??
i understand the good intentions in trying to grow the community you love, but all the public servers i like end up becoming really uncomfortable the more they grow. i'm getting tired.. !

another thing, that is a small detail, but important for me nonetheless : i dislike that people need to pay so much money to release such basic features on servers ( the so-called boosts, that are very expensive ) and we still don't have much freedom with how we customize them.. we can't even change the colors !! 
come on, we used to have so much more customization on myspace for free, why is internet evolving backwards ?? 
yes i understand that discord needs to pay itself, it is completely fine for them to ask for financial support, they are always releasing new features ( though i wish their support was more effective, as i said above )
i am willing to support their platform as long as i use it and enjoy it - but, being completely honest .. i would feel really bad asking for expensive boosts just for us to have a couple of extra emojis, a small image on the corner, and a normal-looking link.
you can find servers asking for boosts all the time, and even asking for boosts after they already got the necessary for releasing all features. why throwing so much money away for nothing in return ??
i could replicate all of the features i like on my own platform in a way that i prefer, and much much more than that, without needing people to pay so much. so that's exactly what i'm going to do ✂️
before i freak out and delete the server i worked so hard on, i rather never make it public while it's still on progress and just plan something else that is more efficient, safe, and reliable.

remember the "puf cafe" project ? it is going to be a virtual cafe, of course, and as it is a social game / website platform / many things ,, we were already planning on making a chatting feature, and the puf bot to have all of its functionalities available there..
so, as you can imagine, we can actually put some extra effort for making the group chat thing feel like a discord server ( even because discord is the group chat app that i like the most, so naturally i would include features of it in there )
line, being the chatting app that i love for talking with individual friends, will also be an inspiration for the chatting feature. 📱
most of what i have planned so far for the poofties server will be better placed on the cafe, as it will be way more efficient, safer, cuter, and cheaper for everyone to actively participate !

mm i know you fluffies might be a bit confused about the "puf cafe" and the "puf bot" , since i only threw some hints about it here and there, but never actually explained what it is ///
very briefly : the puf cafe is supposed to be "the perfect social site" that i always dreamed of, for myself, my friends and the poofties community. ☕️
the puf bot will be the "mascot" of the cafe : she will keep your files safe, shorten links, have an AI for being able to talk with users, play with them, moderate, and also help if they need support 💗
we will keep adding more features for them according to our necessities, so we can make sure that the cafe is a nice place that can replace popular social media apps - and now, also, chatting apps.
i am sure that it won't be perfect for everyone, certainly, some people will still prefer other places,, but i am sure of what i personally need and can't find anywhere else, so i'm trying to make it happen.
consequently, it will be great for people who have similar needs than me, right ?

once we finish working on a test version of the puf cafe & bot, i will show you their websites so you can understand how things will work in more details !!
this is becoming our biggest project so far - even bigger than my fluffy life - so we are really really super excited ♡♡♡
i know that it is daring to try and replace ( at least for myself ) such big platforms made by huge companies with our tiny itty bitty projects, but i won't give up on my dreams.
i am happy if we make it come true. i always consider my projects a complete success if they can bring a few smiles in the end of the day 💕

changing subjects, do you fluffies remember when i posted a few months ago about the new apps i was trying out for organization, self care track, and productivity ?
by then, i mentioned procreate, which is a good ipad alternative for photoshop cs6, which is what i use on my laptop ( but not a substitute, for a bunch of reasons )
and, i also mentioned that i was starting to use notion for taking quick notes and making to do lists that i intend to delete later on anyway ( so it's way more convenient to do there than on photoshop or procreate ) ..

well, now that i have been studying japanese quite intensely ( kanjis are so stressful aa !!! ) i have been desperately trying to find a way to study on my ipad so i can write digitally and keep my notes neatly organized 🖋
i was, until recently, using procreate for handwriting digitally anything on my ipad, but it turned out to be quite messy when it comes to studying or planning .. !
i tried to organize my notes on notion later on, or on my folders, but it wasn't working very well since i couldn't edit my notes later on .. and well, as life changes, plans change, and study notes need to be updated, right ?
keeping all of my procreate projects was not very convenient either, i tried ;;
( when i'm journaling things go very spontaneously and i don't intend to keep editing later on, so i just save it on my folders forever and it's completely fine )

what i needed was : an app where i could write well just like procreate, but also could organize my notes neatly, just like notion. could i possibly find the best of both worlds ?
yes, i found it : goodnotes 5 !!
it has been really great, since i can edit my templates on either procreate or photoshop, and then open them on goodnotes for writing, planning, and studying.
it is not as clean and quick as notion, and i can't edit images in there obviously, but it is still great for studying or planning : i keep my notes safe, organized, i can work on them carefully enough, and i also can edit them as many times as needed. highly recommended 💟

the only sad thing is that goodnotes isn't available for pc or android, so i have to backup my notes manually for being able to check it on other devices ( and that way i can't edit them ) ..
so, for now, i'm still relying on notion for things that i need to keep checking multiple times during the day.

okay, so let's go for the content i did for my fluffy life recently !!
it's been a while, but i still haven't posted about the valentine's day event :

it was a simple event, but very cute and with a bunch of new items !
there was this little thematic stand where you could go and write valentine's cards to your friends using exclusive stationery, and give them chocolates. 💘
depending on the chocolate you choose, your friend would receive an amount of "love" , that is a currency that you can use to buy exclusive clothing on the stand !
so, this event was completely focused on exchanging cards and lots of love ( literally ) with everyone. isn't that adorable ? 
i also really love the motifs & colors .. i tried to include lots of hearts and strawberries 🍓

oh, after releasing this event, i got to color another beautiful coloring page from my friend babydollsheart !!
i used similar colors to the ones from the event :

it's so so cute ♡♡
it really puts me into the mood of writing some cheesy love poems .. and eating a slice of cake too 🍰

now we're halfway through working on the easter event and spring season, besides some other things.
we're a little late because of the inconveniences of life mentioned, but i still hope to release the new event in time for the holiday !

aaa i also wanted to show you fluffies a lovely gift i got from my friend uwuboa !!

it's me 💖
she completely surprised me, and i was during week 2 of being sick, so i really needed it.. i'm so grateful, so happy, it looks super soft 🌷
i treasure those little things .. it's the kind of stuff that never fails to make me smile even years after !

before finishing this post i wanted to show you some outfits that i made, as promised last post, but eep i couldn't finish much so there are no photos yet 📷
the only photo i took was from my new shoes & socks :

i'm in love with these, matches almost all my clothes 🥿
i hope to finish my other outfits soon, because i want to wear them so badly .. !
again i have been trapped inside home because of sickness, so i can't wait to go outside next week and be carefree. 🏠

it's okay to sometimes just rest and do nothing all day, especially when you're not feeling well.
i feel that i expect too much from me in a short time, but it's hard not to when time goes by so fast,, i have plans for the next 6 months ahead !
but you know what ? it's okay if things get delayed. it's not like i must finish things as fast as possible, to reach some kind of fulfillment.
if anything, i just want to reach happiness, and we all can reach that at any time if we let go of the worries for a moment ..
let's try our best to keep going, okay ?

xoxo ❤️

january . 31 . 2022

hiii fluffies 🎀
how is 2022 going for you, so far ?
it's been great for me, since i finally got some rest after so much work for the holidays events on my game, and sales on my store .. !
i tried to keep doing my important tasks, but also got plenty of days off for myself, because it was really needed.
i don't really make new year's resolutions, but i like to take the time for valuing my life as it is, plan solutions for my current bothers, and reorganize my schedule.

i was feeling very depressed lately, besides being so happy about other things.. so i am currently taking efforts to change that !
sometimes we forget about taking care of ourselves, tidying the space we live, taking time for our loved ones, or to work on hobbies & small projects that we are passionate about .. without thinking too much, or expecting things in return 🌷
working and studying is important, but the most important is that we are happy and satisfied with our lives, and we can't have that by rejecting half of our needs !!

thinking on that, i realized that i needed to make active changes on some things, and i was not actually lacking on motivation but on body energy and i also needed some help with things.
i bought some products to help me with skin care, housework, crafting materials ( so i can finish some projects that were on hold ), and items that could help me relax or fidget ( so i can avoid unhealthy habits that come with boredom, such as picking my skin, or overthinking ) .
i bought two absolutely beautiful takei miki coloring books, and i am so excited to scan the pages and start coloring the lovely illustrations !! ✏️
i also went outside more often ( beyond my backyard ) , and i even started doing makeup again after months, although it's always very simple and natural, it does make me feel pretty. 

i thought that the pandemic would have a worse effect on my relationship with the "outside world" and worsen my social anxiety, but i don't think that's the case.
surprisingly, i realized how much i really really missed going on small dates with bubu, dressing up, seeing new things, and being carefree 🍰
my craving for happy moments is bigger than anything else !

another concern is that since i work so hard for my money, sometimes i feel really guilty because i know i could spend money on projects that are really important for me .. but we deserve to spend money on random things, for simply feeling happy. we work hard and deserve that, as much as anyone else, right ?
as long as we don't spend all our money on silly things and end up debted, it is completely fine. 👜
money can't buy happiness, and the endless seek for it can actually bring lots of sadness.. it never stops, you always want more and more. i think we should care more about living in the present. money is simply a tool, and should be used to benefit our lives instead of controlling how we live it !

okay, so to finally begin sharing the content that i have worked on lately, let's check the my fluffy life christmas event & winter season :

i made the christmas event to bring a nostalgic feeling of comfort and warmth, and focused it on sharing love, gifts and wishes with others 
you could get ornaments ( that also can be used as stickers ) on the gacha machine, decorate the big christmas tree together with everyone, write wish letters, and put gifts in there for others to pick !! 🎁

i am proud with the results, as i don't get to enjoy christmas as much as when i was a child ( and i know many people feel the same ) , my fluffy life helped me ( and hopefully other fluffies ) to get into the "spirit" , take some time to listen to winter-y music, think about happy fuzzy feelings, and feel hopeful & grateful about life. this is all i aimed for 🎄
the two mini games that became available with this update are about comforting activities that you can do at home, such as baking cookies and sewing plushies ( that you can get home with you !! )

for the winter i decorated the village with lots of frills, lace & ribbons, fairy lights, and there are also some very cute snow teddies. the winter season is, currently, my personal favorite, as i absolutely adore snow landscapes 💟
the third winter mini game is a classic snow sledding game, and by playing it you get lots of happiness !!

i also made some new winter clothing and furnitures for the shops, including a fireplace with crackling sounds and everything .. it is so comforting, i love it 
there are also some free items such as an apron that you get by playing the baking mini game, and of course, the sweaters that were made during autumn !

later on, i added a very cute laptop shop that will be available until spring, that sells babyish clothing and accessories 👶
i was waiting for this update for the longest time, it's adorable ..
on this shop, you buy the items using happiness instead of teddycoins. we are experimenting different currencies for balancing the game economy a bit, since there are some very wealthy players, and we want to keep the game fun for everyone !

you fluffies seem to really like these new updates, and i'm really thankful with your patience and support 💝
i feel really blessed seeing the number of accounts growing so fast, but i am most happy with seeing players returning to the game with each update and having fun..
my fluffy life is our happy place, and i just want to keep it safe and comforting, even if sometimes i need to take a step back from reaching more people ( who could be harmful to the community ) .
as i said before, money should never have priority over our peace of mind !

so, since the big holiday events have already passed, we will have time to work on important things for the game that we couldn't before.
currently i am working on the valentine's day updates, while bubu is working hard on optimizing the way that the game loads images - this requires many changes on the software architecture, but it is suuuuper important because it will make the game ligther, which is very necessary because with each update the game is getting harder to open on older devices .. and we intend to keep uploading more and more content forever, so that can't keep happening, right ?
hopefully that update will make everyone able to play with no issues of lack of memory, and i hope you fluffies will enjoy the new valentine's day items as well 

after this update, we will work on features that have been on hold for such a long time ( such as visiting homes, sharing diary pages with friends to make a "guestbook" , the database page, clothing and furniture previews, dyes for bodies.. )
and, of course, we will work on the browser version of the game, which is the most important of all. 💻
it will come with lots of advantages, since it will be published by ourselves on its own website, so we have freedom to update it instantly for everyone at once, it works integratedly on all devices .. and many many other great things, that i will let you know when it's the right time !!

now, returning to the "working on changes to solve issues" topic : i have realized that some of my digital projects were being neglected by me because of how uncomfortable i feel when using social media, to share that content and reach people. 🐌
the simpler solution would be, of course, deleting my accounts and posting on a place where i feel happier - but that place still doesn't exist, and while i don't make one, i have to solve that issue as much as i can so i can keep going !

you might know that i have been using code snippets for the longest time to cutify some websites ( such as changing colors, background patterns, fonts.. ) but i have only recently thought of using them for more than only aesthetics.
i realized that seeing the metric numbers ( such as following count, likes, and sometimes even comments ) were being very stressful and unmotivating for me, for many reasons that i have been talking endlessly about through all these years. 🖋
so, as experimentation, i removed all the metrics. all of them.
not only numbers, but also public comments, because i'm tired of seeing unwanted drama everywhere, people fighting on comments, and other things that have nothing to do with the content, that just annoys me to no end ..
if i feel safe enough to see comments on a specific account, from a friend for example, i can simply deactivate the script for that moment !
i can still like posts normally, comment on them, and check my own notifications so i can respond to people and see who responded me, so it haven't negatively affected my usability on these platforms.

i made scripts for all the social media sites that i am currently using ( click the screenshots to get the .js files ) :

as you can see, each one of them has a slightly different appearance ( i customized them very spontaneously ) , but all of them have the metric numbers and public comments hidden, and some other things as well ( such as trending posts ) 🎗

until i can completely leave social media ( which i hope to do very soon ) i will keep using my web code snippets, and updating them according to necessity !
edit //  i made a new snippet, for discord !! you can check it clicking here

keep in mind that these codes were made by me, thinking on my own needs, and i am sharing it with you fluffies exactly as i use them 🗝
you are free to use them as you personally like, and modify according to your preferences. if you have some practice with css it should be enough for changing colors, images, or removing some stuff i did. feel free to experiment around !!

okay, but.. how to actually apply these snippets ?
there are multiple ways of inserting javascript into a website, but i will tell you how i personally prefer to do it :

📍 on my pc, i use the opera browser, and there we can use chrome extensions, so i use the "inject code" one. i tested multiple things, including inserting the code directly on the "inspect element" settings, but that extension is the most reliable way to insert the codes automatically to websites so far ( and it's very easy to use too ) .

📍 on my android phone, i use the kiwi browser, and there we can use chrome extensions, so i also use the "inject code" one, and it works perfectly just as on pc. keep in mind that the youtube code only works on the "desktop view" of the site, but the other codes work okay on the mobile versions too. my tip is : use your phone horizontally when on youtube, and you will simply get used to it.

📍 on my ipad, i use the safari browser, and i use the "snippets" app for inserting the codes manually on each website, as i enter them. it works pretty similarly to the "shortcuts" app ( it was freezing my ipad because the codes are too big, so i just downloaded the "snippets" as an alternative ) . you have to click on the "share" symbol on safari and then on the "inject snippet" button so you can insert the code on each website, after opening them. sadly, i found no automatic way to do that on ios .. so my tip is : have a clean profile saved on bookmarks so you won't risk seeing "unwanted" content once entering websites, before applying your code !

i wish i could be more of an active help to others, and if i have to insert javascript into websites for achieving a more comfortable user experience, i am sharing them with you, in hopes to help in some way.

the reality is that we have no control over our personal information on these platforms ( yes i do consider numbers something very personal, as it is clearly used for judging our "success" and "relevance" ) .
on instagram, a few interaction numbers are hidden by standard ( at least for me ) but not the following count, while on youtube you can hide a few numbers, but not all of them either.
tumblr gives options to hide both followers & notes - but only on your own blog, not on the tumblr site or app.
twitter won't let you hide anything.
it really really bothers me, deeply, so i look forward to more ways to hide all the unnecessarily stressing numbers from everyone, not only those who use my scripts, but i don't keep my hopes up 🌧

i don't think those platforms care, at all, about people's mental health. hiding numbers would lead people to stop getting addicted to using social media for getting validation, and that means less money to them, right ?

that's why i will work in solutions for this issue, by making my own safe spaces, that i can share with you fluffies 
for now, i think those scripts are being a big help for me, and i hope they can help you as well .. at least a little bit

using those scripts + cutifying the pages certainly work very well, not only for coping, but for healing as well.
i might never be able to feel 100% comfortable using social platforms, but i feel at least .. 40% more comfortable, and that is a lot, i must say !

but of course : inserting codes to hide some things, besides being a very useful tool, it's only a temporary solution for the real problem .. better saying, i am coping, not actually improving platforms for everyone. 💻
sadly, deep down, i know that people are still able to see all the numbers, and will judge others based on them just as much as the next person.
that, itself, is a bit unmotivating.. i also can't run away from all the bothering posts that get suggested for me, weird dms from strangers, or avoid platforms to stop my posts from reaching more people because it's not "trending".
those are extra issues that come with posting on social media actively, so i am looking forward to avoid that as a whole, by only opening these sites sporadically for checking specific content that i like, then going away.

nonetheless, keeping myself away from looking to numbers all the time is absolutely refreshing, and is doing wonders to my mental health 💐
sometimes i would feel so sad about social media that i would just avoid it for the longest time, but at least for now i need to actively post on these platforms to reach people & grow my community ( hopefully not in the future, as i work on new solutions )

explaining in more detail : as an inactive user, just looking around and visiting people's accounts, i would say that the experience is heavily improved by the removal of mentioned problematic aspects of platform websites.
i feel okay, specially on tumblr & youtube, because their recommendations are highly advertised by content you explicitly interacted with + you can easily avoid the advertised posts with paid subscriptions ; which makes the experience of using them more enjoyable than other platforms !
but, as an active user / content creator, the experience is just half improved by the scripts, and no platforms fill my needs properly.. 🩹
all posts has to be painfully adapted to each platform particularities ( which really takes away my possibilities as a creator ) , i miss a lot of necessary features, and am constantly unhappy with the way platforms treats me, with how random strangers are able to treat me .. i feel unsafe.

yes, i can't possibly avoid all the issues unless i stop using these platforms as a whole, but i can avoid myself from getting upset about many things on a daily basis - i have to make an effort to think about the issues that numbers cause, instead of being reminded of them all the time.
this is good enough for now, i'm proud of my efforts for the time being !!

i try my best to keep going and working on my projects, for being able to be helpful for the poofties community. i know i don't post a lot, and i apologize for that .. it is very hard for me, but i know you fluffies are looking forward to the content i post on my accounts. i want to inspire & comfort you all, so i try to keep going, as i can. 🦋
once i can release my puf café project, finish working on the puf bot, i hope to finally free myself and be able to post content in a safe place where i can do things as i like 
( i will share more detailed information about those projects in future posts ! )

well, it's always easier said than done : don't compare your growth to other peoples', don't pay attention to numbers, don't keep reading rude words, don't get involved in drama .. of course you shouldn't do any of that, but it's too hard to avoid when it's all over the place !!
i noticed just how much i used to compare myself to other people and getting randomly upset with random drama that have nothing to do with me, when i stopped being able to do that. if i can't see it, i don't know it exist. ✂️
it is completely different avoiding getting informed about important things that are happening, and just avoiding unnecessary stress and ridiculous drama. please allow yourself to be free from that !

using "not only cuter but also improved" platforms this past month has made my experience with them a lot less heavy. now i open my feed and i don't feel disgusted, yay !
do i feel happy though ? sometimes, yes, i like checking cute & comforting content, which inspires me a lot and keeps me motivated 💘
but as i mentioned above, posting features are very limited and i feel unsafe. there are lots of ugly stuff going on .. i just often don't know exactly what it is, or how ugly it is, giving my efforts into avoiding it.

i don't want to be part of this, and help those ugly platforms grow stronger. that's why i will stick to the plan, and never give up !!
it is a big and very complicated project, but i believe in my dreams.
i somehow made an online game, and that's because bubu, my loved ones, you fluffies, are giving me all the support in the world !! 
so i must work hard for us all, to have our very deserved comfort spaces, because it is never too much to ask for 🫖

now, to finish this post, i'll share with you some outfit projects that i have finished recently.
i didn't sew or go thrifting much this last year, so i barely had any new clothing to show you .. so i took the time to do so, from december !
coordinating new outfits is something i really love to do, especially when it includes some modified thrifted pieces. it somehow feels really special to wear vintage clothing 🤍
you might have already seen some new nightgowns that i have on photos that i took, on the /fashion page ( which i reposted on my tumblr blog as well ) , so i'm only going to show you on this post outfits that i haven't took pictures using yet.
sorry about the wrinkly fabric ///

a really comfortable outfit for summer, with a "sailor" blouse and a long skirt 👒
i am in love with the skirt in particular, as it is super soft and i can coordinate it with many other white blouses that i have !!
long white skirts are really important pieces of my wardrobe, so i also have another one that has a thicker cotton fabric and is ideal for winter.

this one became quickly one of my favorite outfits, because of the warm cute colors, the lace details, and the comfort of wearing it !!
the fabrics are all very soft .. 
the blouse has a very cute lace collar, and the long sleeves aren't very warm so i can wear it on mild weather, or cold weather, with a sweater above. 🥿
i like wearing a cotton bloomer underneath, so i also included it on the photo, since it's a new one !
it has cute lace, it's very poofy, and has small ribbons on the sides.

this is a dress that looks simple, but has very complicated lace details.
because of the cotton fabric it could be used in many ways : with or without a blouse underneath, with or without a petticoat, and so on .. it's a very versatile dress !
i included my new layered petticoat on the photo, since i have weared it that way last time and it looked very cute 

i have been sewing some new petticoat & underwear recently. they are essential pieces of a wardrobe, right ?

those are the petticoats that i have :
🧷 underskirts + undershirts / underdresses ( ideal for wearing underneath lightweight fabrics )
🧷 bralettes ( for wearing underneath those mentioned above, more comfortable than a regular bra )
🧷 bloomers ( can be used as an alternative to the skirt petticoat, or underneath one )
🧷 layered petticoats ( gives a good poof to skirts or dresses, very cozy for winter time )

high quality socks and panties are very important as well 🧦
those are all pieces that are quite easy to find, or to sew. add lace to each piece for extra cuteness ( just don't forget to match everything carefully ) .
i see that many people who are getting started with their wardrobes have a hard time understanding how important petticoats are for coordinating ( something that should be thought on layers ) , so i hope that my quick explanations helped !

there are some other clothing that i'm working on but haven't finished, so i will show you on next posts !!
i'm also making and buying some new accessories such as scrunchies, hair pins, and headbands.
i am planning to make new item options for the shy bunny store soon, but only after i finish preparing the stationery items 🖇

that's it for today .. !
i hope that this new year will be full of happy memories for us all 
let's try our best to prioritize our health, solve issues that are bothering us, to live wholeheartedly, and mindfully.

xoxo 💕

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