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august . 30 . 2023

hiii fluffies 🎗
i feel like days have been passing by a little faster than usual ..
but not in a bad way, you know ?
it's as if time itself has become softer, lighter, and now is able to flow naturally, as it should. 🫖

i believe that's because i have been quieter, living in a gentle pace.. so, even though my life feels slower, the days in the calendar continue to fly by, and so does my past worries & fears, without paying much attention.
with this routine i can find time to love and feel happy, and also thankful for what i have today.
convalescense can be really difficult, as you have to balance between existing simply and continue working hard - and i noticed that the more you keep forcing things, the less you feel passionate about them..
so, i'm constantly doing my best to kindly respect my spontaneous creativity, to keep creating heartfully, slowly but surely 🤍

i'm really grateful for having a flexible schedule that allows me to take care of my health, my home and my family, as utmost priority. this is what i have always hoped for .. 
living one day at a time has been very therapeutic. 

by the way, it's such a pleasure to be here for another year !! 🍰
the middlepot.com website just turned 6 years old recently, and i also had a lovely birthday myself, 26 years old.
it is magical to be able to share my thoughts and creations with you fluffies, from all over the world, for so many consecutive years ..

because i have been less online since last year, limiting myself to only use the internet for 2~4 hours a day, only for things that make my heart flutter with joy, and no social media - i feel like i got all that wonder back, from when i was a child !
the wide web is interesting again, full of nice things to explore. isn't that funny ?
it's wonderful that i can do basically the same things i did back in the 2000s, but this time as a capable adult who knows how ( or at least tries ) to make my dream projects come true.
so i hope to, besides offline for most of the time, continue reaching and being inspiring, in the same way others were ( and still are ) for me 🎀

very soon, by september, it will also be the my fluffy life game 2 years anniversary, and i will make some cute new items for the event !!
i always feel happy whenever i see people playing - everyone is just so cute and kind to each other, it warms my heart & comforts my soul 

i hope to be able to keep this precious little world alive forever. i mean it.
even when i am unable to update it with new content, for whatever reasons, i want you fluffies to rest assured : i will always keep it working and well-kept, to the extent of my capacity ! 

luckily, the monthly costs of maintenence aren't so high, since we keep almost everything running in our own server ( we're working towards complete autonomy ) i'm not afraid of being unable to pay for these fees, even if someday the game stops giving us a significant income.
i am willing to pay from my own pocket whenever doable, and necessary, since keeping it accessible is important to me. 🖇

of course, having financial support from you fluffies is still extremely appreciated, so we can afford to put significant time & effort into the poofties projects.
and this is especially important when it comes to interactive multiplayer online projects such as my fluffy life, where we also spend time moderating, helping players and fixing bugs.. !
so having to pay to start playing, even if a small one-time cost, is essential to keep things secure, manageable, and sustainable.
you fluffies have also supported us immensely over these years by purchasing items from the shy bunny store, sending tips, and more ..
oh, i couldn't thank you enough ///

nonetheless, as i have already said : all of this is a work of pure passion, a dream come true, things i created together with bubu .. just for the sake of it, you know ?
a cute virtual world where people can relax, enjoy the simple things of life, and get to know others in a safe & comforting environment. 
so it's not about numbers, profits, or productivity, it just.. is what it is, and this is what i love about it. there is no pressure, or expectations !
if there are thousands of things happening, or hundreds, or "only" a few dozens - just the simple existence of these projects is a miracle, and reassuring enough for me to keep going.

after all, work done under stress is doomed to burnout, and couldn't last many years .. that is why i want to make sure every little thing is made with love, patience and self-compassion.
i will continue - slowly, and quietly. 🐇

okay, now, i would like to show you some things :
i managed to finish organizing the my fluffy life database pages, and i love how it came out !

there you can check the world areas in all of its different seasons & events, all the diffent kinds of items ( with many useful information ), download the soundtracks, read the full length patchnotes, and more !
hopefully, these pages can help many players to get to know a bit more about the game, and to find the items they are looking for 👜

it was quite hard to prepare this database, since there are so so many things to organize..
woa, it really puts things into perspective .. i'm proud to see how much we have accomplished !!

recently i have also made cute new items for the summer season !
the content from last year is back ( check screenshots clicking here ) with a new summer collection for the "rollcake store", new clothes for the temporary "pool party" laptop shop, new stickers, and furniture.
here are some remarkable mentions :


as you already know, i love including photos of things i have in real life in my projects, and of course my fluffy life isn't an exception - now i can have my current favorite dress in there, as well as my new curtains !!
this is so much fun, heh 

lastly, i would like to show you this cozy web page i made for the dream directory, the /candle :

lately i have been quite into candles. they make my home cozier, i love the soft scents, and i especially love the crackling sounds of wooden wicks .. so i had the idea of making it an interactive experience 💻
sadly this virtual candle can't bring you warmth, but i hope it can still be soothing for when you need to relax 

i think that's it for today's post ..
thank you for being here with me, once more. one step at a time.

xoxo 💗

may . 31 . 2023

hiii fluffies 🌼
i hope life has been kind to you lately .. there are so many fun things that we can try out, and so much time ahead of us. isn't that motivating ?
i am continuing with my slow daily routine, focusing on what i love to do, and doing my best not to let little stressful experiences fill me with anxiety again.
having a healthy lifestyle is a neverending work in progress, but when i see myself in a happier place than i was yesterday, and imagining i can make even more happy memories tomorrow, makes everything worthwile 🎀

my main inspiration when creating digital content has always been these small moments of happiness i find in my real life everyday activities, and in trying new things, so i have been full of ideas for little games & sites !
( photography of items i have bought / made / renovated for my new home will continue to appear frequently in my projects visuals )

recently, as i already have told you, i have been going outside for walks pretty often, and also having picnics, so me and bubu can eat out without spending much.
i have always loved picnics, just everything about it : preparing & packing snacks at home, finding new picnic spots, decorating the place to make it comfy, then simply enjoying our time with a beautiful nature view, and a gentle breeze 🧺
so, while searching for new outside hobbies, i quickly became obsessed with camping !
i never really went for camping in my life, and the idea of actually cooking outside, having a little "house" tent, and spending a whole day & night in nature .. i must try it out !!

inspired by this new interest of mine, i made a new mini game for the poofties website. click the preview image to play :

🩰 routine .mp3 

( as always, there is a hidden code in this game, see the hint on the poofties account page )

it's a relaxing little game about cooking a warm broth outside !
the melody matches the feeling of doing something simple, from our routine, but always trying to make it special and somehow memorable.

it was fun to include some photos of items i have in real life, such as the enamel pan, the wooden spoon ( i absolutely adore wooden and bamboo cutlery, i have many ), and the lovely flowery dress 📷
and, the mini gas stove i just bought recently, for cooking outdoors !
i had a hard time deciding between buying that baby pink stove, or the white one, both are so cute ..
in the end, i decided to go for the pink one, since i already have a white induction stove - besides, this soft & warm shade of baby pink not only goes perfectly with my pink cookware ( my pans are all either white or pink, with bamboo handles ) but also matches my pink electric oven, which is lovely !!
these cute little details just make everything happier and more fun 

when researching, i noticed that most items we needed we already had bought for our picnics. it's interesting to see how these two hobbies complement each other - both are about "living temporarily in nature" after all !
by buying these items that are proper for outdoors we can prepare a cute & comfy little home anywhere we like, which is a wonderful concept to me, that brings endless new travel possibilities. 🚲

a nice big tent will be the last thing we'll buy, as it is the biggest and most expensive investment, so we'll keep practicing the "outdoors experiences" during our regular picnics.
once the mini gas stove and folding wooden table & chairs set arrive we will be ready for a good "trial" experience : ruffled linen tablecloth, comfy chair cushions, a beautiful tassel parasol, some fairy lights .. oh i can't wait !!

i know i have a lot to learn about camping, so i will go one step at a time.
luckily, we live right next to the mountains, as well as a big park ( where we usually have our picnics ) so there are camping spots nearby, which makes everything more convenient !

recently i have also bought new cotton fabrics, so i could sew new cloth bags and pouches, as well as make bee wax wraps. these are all really useful and super convenient for packing, and carrying things outside !
i already had some i made with simple natural cotton fabric, but now i also can have some with different patterns & textures. so pretty 💕

inspired on that, i used photos of these fabrics to make a new page for the dream directory, the /patchwork :

here you can simply sew patches by clicking on the screen ✂️
i find it satisfying to see it becoming cuter & cuter, don't you think ?

then, i made yet another page for the dream directory, the /paint :

this one was simply inspired by how i have been having fun by painting things !
i love renovating & redecorating objects, especially old boxes i find while thrifting. they often have so much potential, and only need some love 🎀
i find this page fun to play around and waste time when bored .. and i just love the glitter, i tried to make it look as magical as shimmery paint does in real life !
( i usually would keep a whitewashed wood piece as it is, since it looks very beautiful to me, but well it's digital wood so it's fine heh )

that's it for today's post .. i hope my little projects could put a smile on your face, or at least make your day a little bit happier 
don't forget to give yourself plenty of rest, and fun new experiences too !

xoxo 🦋

april . 30 . 2023

hiii fluffies 💗
lately, just living day after day has been quite wonderful. sometimes full of little things to do, but mainly quiet and peaceful.
doing housework, running errands, crafting for my store, coding, journaling, editing cute graphics .. now i have many things standing by, just waiting to be finished, which is very exciting !
and i have been taking naps often too, because the weather is just so comfy at this time of the year. nothing like lying in a soft bed after a long walk  🛏
collecting small happiness after another, i'm very motivated to keep it going.

as i mentioned last post, recently it was bubu's birthday, and coincidentally also my cousin's wedding, so we went for traveling after a very long time !!
meeting all my dearest family members made me so happy. they live far away from me, so we sadly don't have the opportunity to see each other often .. but now, i want to try my best to travel more often to meet them, and also to have more fun experiences with the love of my life 

soon, by day 5, we will complete our 10th year together, and i wanted to make something special .. so i prioritized this little site project above other things, so i could finish in time for our special date : love.pooftie.me 💻

this web page contains several visual elements that refer to real objects that are precious to us, and somewhat represent our relationship 💘
i also added a day counter that will keep going forever, and many phrases of what love means to me. 
currently there are 30+ that are displayed randomly, but i want to keep adding to it whenever i think of something else !

besides that, another thing we did this month was the my fluffy life easter event and spring season 💐
so all stuff from last year are back ( check screenshots clicking here ) but now with a new spring collection for the "rollcake store", new clothes for the temporary "paper fairy" laptop shop, new stickers, plants, and house decor too !!
let me show you some of my favorite new outfits, and the new decor set :


i love spring items, it's such a delicate and pretty season 🦋
oh, and we have worked very hard to improve the easter event this year, more specifically the item dyeing feature !
we had to categorize each item ( can you believe we already have, aside from stickers, 400+ items in-game ? ) then making one shader for each color spectrum, and well .. it's still not perfect, but at least you can achieve way better results than before.
we also made the event last longer and adjusted the amount of eggs you need to find, so it's easier to make full collections of customized colored items 🌈

well, that's all i have to show you fluffies, for now !!
as i said, i do have other things waiting by, so hopefully i can finish them and publish soon.
thank you for being here with me during my creative journey 
let's keep trying our very best to be happy.

xoxo 🎀

march . 31 . 2023

hiii fluffies 🌼
how is your heart doing lately ? i hope you are caring for it with kindness & love !
as for me .. yes, probably i am the happiest i've been, in a long time. things are far from perfect, and i had some stressful days, and even cried over some silly stuffs, but overall i can say i am very peaceful and healthy, which is great 🎀
it just feels different, this new place..
it was a wonderful choice, to have moved here !

me and bubu have been going for long walks almost daily, at random times - i personally love our early morning and evening walks. it's really comforting to breath the fresh air 🦋
the only "downside" of being outside so much ( and living near our favorite cafes and restaurants ) is that we are spending more money than we should.. well, when you walk a lot it's inevitable that you feel hungry, you know ///
but, i have an idea that i want to try out : preparing snacks at home and take with us in a small basket, so we can still eat out, but less expensively 🧺

being more active is really doing wonders to our health, i think i've had like 5 headaches this whole month .. may seem like a lot, but for someone who used to have them almost every day, this is a huge huge difference !!
weeks ago i got a cold from getting caught in the rain, but even then it wasn't so bad as it used to be - i still managed to do some things i wanted ☂️

as expected, the new workspace is also helping quite a lot : with more space i can maintain a better posture, and my materials are easier to access.
i still need to get some storage items, but things are coming together little by little, and it's very exciting !
i absolutely love my new chair, and my new keyboard is adorable 

it's a great mechanical keyboard, that looks like a typewriter, and actually feels like one, a little .. i've been watching videos of these and really wanted one, i felt super happy when it arrived !
then i sewn this cute cover for my chair, so everything would match 🎗
( i'm still waiting for my new mouse, white and roundy, to match the keycaps )

some other habits that have been great life improvements lately :

📍 cleaning the house daily ( i've always wanted to do that, but it was too hard because the house was so small and full of things everywhere, but now we have less things and it's better organized .. also, now we have a good washer & dryer machine, so i can do laundry anytime without worrying about rainy days. it feels so good to have everything tidy and fresh laundry scented at all times )
📍 avoiding processed foods and plastic containers / packaging ( i'm avoiding plastic overall as much as possible, but especially when it comes to the kitchen, and we're trying to always eat freshly cooked / baked foods from local producers, either if made by us or not. also plenty of salads, i love raw vegetables )
📍 pay more attention to what is around me rather than what is on the internet ( the virtual world is magical and lovely, but real life has so much more to offer.. to live to the fullest we should always search for new hobbies that are "tangible" and "real", and i say that as someone who loves creating digital content - we miss a lot by staying inside looking at screens the whole day, and we don't need so many hours for enjoying the internet healthily )
📍 respecting my pace when working ( would you rather finish that big exciting project in within one month and feel horribly tired and sick, or focus on small projects instead, then finish that big one in within one year+ and feel accomplished & happy ? sadly, the answer has only become obvious to me recently )
📍 allow myself to simply not be available for others ( forcing myself to talk with so many strangers online have done nothing but worsen my social anxiety over the years - as a huge introvert i need plenty of time to recharge, i just can't bear socializing much, and that's okay. i owe my time and energy to no one but myself )

if you relate to any of the issues i frequently mention here, i think it's worth trying out some of these routine changes !
of course, everyone is different and have different necessities, and not everyone can afford to make drastic changes out of nowhere .. but i really recommend trying to find where the problems start, and make efforts for actively fighting them. you deserve happiness 🌷

okay, now let's talk about things that i made recently !!

i made a new simple poofties website mini game, featuring a "pupori" once again, after so long .. they're blob poring-like critters with kaomoji faces, and i actually want to make exclusive content with them in the future !
they're so cute, i feel happy just looking at their little faces 

click the preview image to open my new mini game and play :

🩰 play outside .mp3 

( check the hint for the hidden code on the poofties account page )

the melody used for this one have been used before in one of my early flash games, from such a long time ago .. i really wanted to give it a new use, and i think it fitted in perfectly !
have you ever played my flash games ?
if you're in a computer, you can, by clicking here 🖇
( they were my very first tries at making games, so don't expect too much )

one more thing i've made is, yet again, a new page for the dream directory !
the /cuddles page is a place where you can be loved by many many teddies, that appear by clicking on the screen 💘

i had this cute idea after finding an old teddy bear charm from when i was little, and i remember it used to make this exact "i love you" sound when i pressed his belly..
have you ever heard that ? it was very commonly found on toys and stuffies from the 2000s, so luckily i could find this audio pretty easily !

next week it will be bubu's birthday, so i also made this page as a silly little love letter. i do love him endlessly and would never get tired of saying so ❤️
very soon, by may 5, it will be our 10 year anniversary together, can you believe it ?? it's almost half of our lives !!!
i want to make something cute & cheesy by then as well, but like a whole site full of it .. heh i'm so excited ♡♡♡

now about the my fluffy life game, me and bubu have been working the whole month for improving a feature that is part of the easter event, besides me making new spring items, so sadly we couldn't finish the new feature that i wanted to release in this next update .. hopefully by mid spring it will be there ?
anyways, i'm happy with what we have done so far, and i hope you fluffies will like it too & have lots of fun 

and today's post will end right here !
don't forget to open the windows and get some fresh air, okay ?

xoxo 🐇

february . 28 . 2023

hiii fluffies 💗
have days been kind to you lately ?
life is really exciting to me right now, as i am organizing all things on my new home, moving stuff up & down, cleaning, and all that 🗝
at first i was afraid that the process of moving out would be tiring, but in fact i'm feeling great, since i'm better focusing on my priorities, stressing less about trivial things, and moving my body more often.
because of that, my migraines are already becoming less frequent !!

my routine changes in general are having a big impact too, living anxiety-free ( by respecting my pace ) is something i'm willing to continue putting efforts on.
i realized that nothing is more important than feeling healthy and happy .. i mean, it's obvious, and i always say that, but it's easy to forget and just accept bad things. don't do that, okay ?

i'm super happy we found an apartment that is located exactly where we wanted, in the right time .. 
it was really important to us that we could have a pretty view of the mountains, that we could go walking to the park and other places that we like.. location wise, it really makes a difference, so we could be more in contact with nature 🌱

things that i bought are finally arriving, after the long carnival holidays, so now i can start to actually decorate the place according to what i imagined. so exciting !!

oh, before i forget, a little note to my penpals :
my old address is still property of our family, so there is no need to worry about your letters getting lost !!
same goes for shy bunny store packages, in case of unclaimed packages that come back, the return address is still okay.
but of course, i will mostly use my new address from now on, so i will send it to my penpals asap ✉️

i'm still working on my projects in a slower pace, so i won't feel overwhelmed. after having a new organized workspace i feel like i'll have plenty of motivation to finish some harder things !
most importantly, i'm getting things done, following my lists ✏️

one of the things i did was adding the my fluffy life valentine's day event, with all stuff from last year ( you can check screenshots clicking here ) + new clothes, accessories, and stickers !!
this year i tried to make "fancier" outfits, here are some :


i absolutely adore this event, it's simple but very cute !
i love the heart & strawberry motifs 🍓
exchanging cards is also really nice, i feel so happy reading them..

now we are working for stuff for the spring season, that will come by april.
bubu is currently having a busy time at his main job, and i need his help for the more complicated things, but i also don't want to make him overwork .. well, i hope that we finish everything in time, at least the very important things 🩹

other thing i have finished recently is this new page for the dream directory, the neverending train ride 💻

i know this is oddly specifc, but i dream of trains very frequently, and these often have a "liminal" feeling .. sometimes they can be unsettling, but also comforting in a way, so i wanted to do something like that for a web page !
this is a cute pink train that never leaves the station, no matter how much you wait. you can enjoy your ride listening to ambient sounds mixed with the lovely melody called "the deer with the golden lights" by princess chelsea. 

all the movements in there were made with css animations, which i'm having fun experimenting with !
i want to create more virtual spaces like this, where people can stop by ☕️

i have this feeling that i forgot to say something.. but oh well, if i remember, i will tell you next time ~
for now, that's all i have for today's post.
let's go for a walk outside ? don't forget to take a bottle of water with you !

xoxo 🌷

january . 31 . 2023

hiii fluffies 🎀
here we go, a whole new year ahead of us .. are you excited ? are you anxious ?
i was a little anxious at the beginning, but i wanted to keep that promise i made to myself : i will be kinder and stop pushing my limits.
i will alow myself to be slower and rest properly, and prioritize what i want to do, rather than what others want from me. i will live for my happiness & peace of mind, first and foremost.
if i'm unhappy, it's not worth it, and if it makes me happy, it's worth it 🌷

after having a very quiet month, i must say i feel a lot better, and finally i can say i am excited for what this year holds for me !
i didn't do all things i wrote down, but i did both what i wanted to do + what i needed to do, so that's more than good enough.
if i'm keeping up with my projects' goals, there is no need to worry, right ?

even though i am in a very slow pace at the moment, somehow i feel way more energetic and motivated. is this what it's like to live without anxiety ? LOL
who would have thought that overworking and stressing out about everything isn't the more efficient way to go ..

in comparison, my physical health isn't all that great, sadly, my migraines are way too frequent and medicine is starting to have little to no effect 💊
bubu ( my fiancé ) is also having a similar issue, and we know it's because of our jobs. being sit down in a cheap chair + not exercising is really hurting us.
so, we will make some big life changes this year : we'll move to a new place !!

our current house is way too small ( it's literally the size of a small loft ) so we couldn't fit more furniture and good chairs for our workspace ..
having everything clogged up in a small house is complicated, and it's getting only harder with time.
the more hobbies we have, the more projects we have to work on - all that takes space !
other than that, the streets here are also very hilly so we noticed that buying a pair of roller skates wasn't a very good idea. i'm pretty sure i would hit my face in the road in no time.
so, even though i do love this house ( it's our very first home after all ) it's time to say goodbye 🏠

we decided to move for an apartment that is bigger than this house ( a whole extra room ), closer to a park and also some other places we like to go, so that we could go by foot instead of driving.
it's still a quiet area of the city, and we will actually have a better view of the nearby mountains in there, so i'm super excited 

now that we have a way better income than when we first moved together, we will be able to decorate our new place even more cutely and buy good quality new furniture & appliances.
since we're expecting to move very soon, i'm spending some hours a day just searching for new stuff to buy, and honestly i'm having a blast - i absolutely adore home decor 🪑
i want us to only have solid wood furniture, preferably vintage white ones, so it's important to do research to find the best deals !
i also am trying to swap all our plastic supplies & tableware for high quality porcelain, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, enamel, solid wood and bamboo 🥄
plastic storage items are also being replaced with new ones made of natural materials : cotton bags, wooden chests, tin caddies, round cardboard boxes.. i especially love the antique looking ones 
but the natural fiber baskets certainly have my heart, as they instantly make any ambient look cozier 🧺
i realized with the years why plastic things are so cheap - they don't last. they go to waste quickly, and most are not even recyclable .. so i want to stop using it at my best capacity.

in resume, i'm searching for all sorts of cute decorations, wallpapers, lamps, bedding, tablecloth.. trying to go for a "delicate vintage but also clean and comfy" look, which is my favorite 💕
just thinking of having a new space where i will be able to properly storage materials from my online store, all my sewing & embroidery things, my stationery items, and even have space for a better keyboard & display for my computer .. oh, i can't wait !!!

without the support i receive from you fluffies we wouldn't be able to do most of these things, so i'm really really thankful .. let's keep doing our best, and making dreams come true !!

as i was deciding which of my china tableware sets i will keep, and which of my "dream ones" i will buy as replacements, i had the idea for this new poofties website mini game 🫖
click the preview image to open it and play :

🩰 housework .mp3 

( don't forget to search for the exclusive hidden item code, check the hint on the poofties account page )

the melody used this time is not exclusive to the game, as i have used it before elsewhere .. can you recognize it ?
i just think it fits perfectly to the feeling of organizing cute tableware ☕️

having cute objects around the house really puts me in the mood for cleaning & organizing, it's very motivating !!
but having way too many things can be overwhelming too .. so i try my best to buy wisely, and donate all things i don't really need / like.
it's very hard though, i'm sure i have already bought some extra stuff i will regret later ///
but it's okay, more importantly is that i'm having a lot of fun these days ~

other thing i finished making is this new web page : color.pooftie.me 🖇

i present to you my new "custom color pack" 🌈
this is a very interesting thing i found out while i was studying css : you can use images as font "textures" in html, instead of plain colors !!
the thing is, this can be a little buggy, can look messy and act weird, but i was determined to make it work so i made this script with my optimized codes & premade colors.
with it you can simply apply my custom textures in your site texts by using regular color attributes ( both css & html work neatly )
the textures look more noticeable with big sized & bold fonts, but look cute with smaller fonts too, as you can see on my examples.
i only made 5 colors for now, but i want to make more later. the script then will be updated automatically !

if you're interested in trying it out for real, you can read the instructions on the website itself !
( by the way, didn't the layout turn out adorable ?? i love it )
i'm very very happy to see it working, and i hope to make more cool visual scripts in the future 💻

remember last month, when i said that i missed writing short posts ?
i think i will finish this one just like that, once again.
it's just so nice not to push myself, and live at a slower pace .. i feel happier than ever, and i want to keep things like that.

ps : i will have some my fluffy life things to show you next month !

xoxo 💗

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