commissions open 

do you feel tired of trying to adapt to social media ? do you think that no matter how hard you try, your account seems the same as everyone else ?
it is hard to show your individuality and post content in an original way in social media because you can't really customize your profile the way you want, you don't have the freedom to post in the format you want.
personal websites are very underrated nowadays, but they still are and always will be the most complete and accurate way to express yourself virtually !!
all this freedom is a bit confusing if you're not used to dealing with codes, so that's why i'm here : to help you create your own little corner on the internet, to represent you, your personality and your works !!

  what i will do for you :

  make the layout of your dreams, just the way you want it to look like, with a very neat color pallete and an entire folder with matching graphics for you to use wherever you want !

  add all the content you want to put on your site, which can have multiple pages with different categories just like my website !

  provide all the basic html and css codes and teach you how to use them, so you will not only be able to add content to your site in the future but as also acquire your own knowledge of coding !

  despite my difficulty with javascript, i can also provide some interactive content like the ones you find here on my website !

  if you really really hate codes, remember i can make custom layouts for tumblr and blogger, and i can still keep updating content on the pages of your site for a lifetime, just for the price of 1 or 2 coffees per page ( depending on the amount of content ) !

  i will be here forever to help you with problems with platforms, softwares and other difficulties with html that you may have in the future !

  what i can't do for you :

  make layouts for "make your site" platforms like weebly, wix..
 solution :  i can make custom layouts for tumblr and blogger !

  write complex javascript codes that use servers and everything, such as login platforms, purchase platforms..
 solution :  i can make an online store based on text and image, where your customers can communicate with you through a contact form, chat box or the "disqus" comments system !

  make a mobile version of your site or make a website where you can edit through your mobile phone ( you'll need a computer to edit anything on your site and add content )..
 solution :  if you use tumblr there is a mobile version for it that is easy to use, and if not i can edit things for you if it's important and you don't have access to a computer for the price of 1 or 2 coffees per page ( depending on the amount of content ). also, your site will still be completely accessible by mobile, it just will not adapt perfectly visually to the screen size !

  aesthetics / themes :

     ・ soft milk
     ・ honey morning
     ・ midnight angel
     ・ happy dreams
     ・ strawberry valentine
     ・ fairy garden
     ・ pure heart

these are just some collage examples of the aesthetics i'm used to. my website represents the first aesthetic, but it could be made visually in infinite ways ; i can make it more simple or even focused in a specific character / series !

  pricing :

 layout : $30 dollars ( $100 reais )

 each extra page : $5 dollars ( $20 reais )

payments must be made through paypal ( middlepot@gmail.com )
if you live in brazil you can also pay me by bank deposit ( caixa econômica ) or picpay.

the index page and 404 page are for free. i'll also provide you a blank page in case you want to go further by yourself !
initially i'll make the index an example page for you with some cute graphics and codes i am going to provide !
all the text will be edited later on, as you wish.

 are you interested ? please contact me through the contact form , through my email ( letters@middlepot.com ) or through one of these :

    instagram : @pooftie     tumblr : @pooftie

    twitter : @pooftie      discord : puf#0008