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 layout commissions, currently closed !!

personal websites are very underrated nowadays, but they still are and always will be the most complete and accurate way to express yourself virtually.
all this freedom is a bit confusing if you're not used to dealing with codes, so that's why i'm here : to help you create your own little corner on the internet, to represent you, your personality and your works !!

 what i will do for you :

  make the layout of your dreams, just the way you want it to look like. you can send me images with examples and graphics you want me to use, or i can search for them and edit everything for you, accordingly to your expectations !

  help you finding the perfect place to have your website. i recommend github, neocities, tumblr, blogger or carrd !

  if you've choosen a platform where you need to edit the html for updating, i can help you providing all the necessary html & css codes and teaching you how to use them, so you will not only be able to add content to your site but as also acquire your own knowledge of coding. if you are not interested in dealing with codes, i can also add content on the pages of your site for you !

  in case you're actually interested in learning html and making your own layout, i can also provide a blank layout base code with tutorials that you can edit freely, based on your current knowledge of coding ( there are 5 tiers available, please contact me for detailed info ) !

  i will be here forever to help you with html doubts, problems with platforms, softwares and other difficulties that you may have in the future !

 what i can't do for you :

  make layouts for "make your site" platforms like weebly, wix..
 solution :  i can make custom layouts for tumblr, blogger and carrd, where you don't really need to deal with codes for editing basic content !

  write complex javascript codes that use servers and everything, such as login platforms, purchase platforms..
 solution :  i can make a "showcase" online store, where your customers can communicate with you directly for ordering !

  make a website where you can edit easily through your mobile phone..
 solution :  you can post stuff easily on mobile if you're using tumblr or carrd as platform. in any case, your website can be visited normally on mobile, it's just hard to edit html in a small screen. if you don't have a pc, remember that i can keep updating your website for a little fee !

 pricing :

 full layout made by me : $50 usd

 adding content to pages : $10 usd, per page

 blank layout base code with tutorials : $20 usd, per tier

payments are made through paypal ( middlepot@gmail.com ) .

keep in mind that the layout price includes my web design work, and all web graphics that i will make for finishing said layout.
i can work on more things besides the layout itself, if you're interested ( please check my portfolio for reference ) but i will charge extra for these, depending on the amount of content. things such as custom interactive content for your site, extra web graphics / drawings commissions, photography editing, or any other major changes after the layout itself is done !

  are you interested ? please contact me using the contact form so we can talk about the layout ideas and all the details, through email or other chatting app you prefer !