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december . 25 . 2020

hiii fluffies 💟
the xmas spirit is here again, filling us with joy ..
these last weeks i have worked hard : needle felting and packaging for the shy bunny store, commissioning, making content for my accounts.. i made many templates and wallpapers for my instagram account, as a little xmas gift 
also, i have been developing the game i will ( hopefully ) release in a few months !

yes, the mobile game i talked about in the past, that i'm making with bubu 
we made a lot of progress and changed some things too.
i wanted to make it possible for people to play on any device they wanted, so we'll release it for browser !!!
we're making an exclusive website for the game so you'll be able to login and play wherever you prefer : mobile or pc, of any kind. and since we'll have to pay for a server anyway, why not including some interactions between the players ?
it certainly made the game a lot better and i'm so excited to see people having fun !!
this game will not be focused on socializing ( like walking around meeting players and chatting ) but there will be some little things you can do like sending letters to your friends. it's partially an online game.
i thought about posting some previews of how it's looking like ...
but i will keep it a surprise, for once 🎀
can you guess which kind of drawing style i chose for this game ?

talking on social games, i will make a full online game next year, and i already have lots of ideas !!! we will need more investment for this one so let's see how things go.
"how about the 'pumpkin pie festival' ?" you must be thinking, after i presented the project and never talked about it again.. good news : we are not giving up on it, it just took me literal years to finally come up with a way of presenting the story, i had many ideas but none was good enough ; should i focus on storytelling or game mechanics ? or both ?
the characters i created are really special to me and i didn't want to waste such a cute story, but now after multiple times rethinking the whole thing i'm finally sure of what i'm making !!
this particular story will be part of a bigger thing, where i'll also include other little thematic stories from the fluffies.
i expect it to be released next year as well, but it really depends on how much time we'll need !
well i must focus on one big project at once or i will never get to finish anything .. be patient please ///

so today i don't have much i could show here, but well, this morning i just finished coloring and editing ( inspired on myself ) :

for this one i tried applying more textures & details.. what do you think ?
after talking so much about my recent projects i wanted to remind you that simply doing things that makes us happy is important. not everything is about prestige, success, or revenue.
if you do things with your heart, it is worth your time and effort !
of course you will need to prioritize some things and we all need money to survive, but don't give up on the little things that bring you happiness.
let's try our best to take a little time of our days to "play around" freely, because we deserve it 
i wish you all a very berry merry xmas 🍓

xoxo 🤍

november . 20 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🐕
it took me more time for finishing things for this post, but well .. it's for a good reason !
shy bunny store is now fully open again, and i'm getting a lot of new customers 
i'm really thankful for all the support i'm receiving, each little message, purchase & donation makes me incredibly happy. it was really needed and i'm more motivated than ever for making new items and lots of useful content for you all !!
i did a big sale last week, which got me super busy, but now i'm here with the stuff i promised to show.

another thing that got me extra busy ( and really stressed ) was that my github account, that i used for years, got flagged by their spam bot.. i had to make a new account and reupload everything because all of my projects stopped working, until i got my account back after 3 days waiting for a support response 🩹
i really like github, but that experience was very bad ( also apparently common in the community ) so i'll keep my mind open to alternative git platforms.

oh and of course, some good surprises happened too !! some of you will remember that i used to play poupée girl until 2014, i didn't had my website back then but i had a few screenshots saved and you might have seen them on previous versions of the /gaming page.
it was one of my favorite games from all times, certainly my favorite dress up game, so i cherished these memories forever ..
and a few weeks ago i just found this fan server ( bentewee ) where i could play again, and oh gosh i am SO happy ❤️
sadly i couldn't backup my original doll in there by the time the game died, but it's never too late to restart !!
i'm having a lot of fun and its community is the most precious, everyone is so kind & warm.. a lovely place to make new friends from all over the world .. !
that server is a miracle and i'm thankful it exists, it's wonderful and improving continuously, even if there is no new official things being made they always make contests on the forum and it certainly makes the experience great. i'm excited to participate in a contest as i get more clothing !
the stores are seasonal just like the original server, so i'm also looking forward to the different coords i can get ♡♡
if you're interested in playing it you need to get invited. i still have 5 invites, so just ask me ( keep in mind that it is a flash game, so you'll probably not be able to play it on your phone browser )
and if you're just curious to see my doll i'll always post my snapshots on the /gaming page !

well so let's get to the things i made, right ? here is the third poofties episode ( make sure to watch the previous ones here ) :

0% played

🩰 sleepover .mp3 

i really liked making this one.. you can notice it's 2 minutes long, and i swear i tried to keep it 1 minute like the others, but um it wouldn't be possible !
lots of cute dialogues between the characters, and ee's house !! it was so much fun editing all things together..
a very chill episode, the next one will be back to the main story and kobopofo will be there again 
i really hope you like it !! i know it takes me way too long to update this series, even though it doesn't even take that long to edit everything.. but as i'm working on many projects at once ( most of them all by myself ) i have to organize my schedule to be able to do everything i want, while prioritizing the works i actually get some income from ..
i'm really lucky to work with things i love doing. in the end of the day, these "side works" are very important for my portfolio, so i really try to put effort into them in my spare time !
i believe that all efforts are precious : step by step we achieve many wonderful things, and thanks to you fluffies i am making my dreams come true !! i will keep trying my best to make things that make you smile 🌱

so, i was thinking of some new items for the shy bunny store and i came up with the idea of making something with needle felt + embroidering + sewing, all techniques i love, together !
i made those vanilla scented stuffie charms, with little reminders embroidered :

i think they're adorable !!! i really wanted to keep one for myself but they got sold very fast so i ended up selling mine too, heh
they're still available for purchase, as i still have many materials for making new ones. go get yours !!

as i said in the previous post i was also sewing an outfit, and yes i finished it !
it wasn't sewn from scratch, i bought this blouse from a thrift store and just added lace for making it cuter .. 
i made this skirt a while ago and i couldn't match it with any blouse i have, so i'm happy i can finally wear it :

a very delicate outfit.. i'm excited to wear it outside. sadly we can't go outside ;;
stay home, you too 🏠
i'm wearing nightgowns all the time now, i'm almost getting to dress up just for feeling cute. my dresses are not even that different looking from nightgowns, some of them are actual vintage nightgowns i just added details, so why not ......

well before finishing this post, i wanted to show you my very first 3D models !!!!
i'm so proud of these, i know they're super simple but i was scared of trying 3D modeling since ever - i don't even know why, i just thought it was HARD
thank you paint 3D for making it easy for me, i can't understand a thing on the complex softwares people use LOL
of course i made the classic bunny & teddy :

( click the previews to load the .glb files )

i'm obsessed with the clothing textures, and adding random 2D stuff here and there .. they look adorable !! 
now that i got to make it work on the browser, you can bet i'll definitively going to make models for the next pages of my "dream directory" site. i'm having a lot of ideas !
that site will be really experimental so i'm not sticking to one single idea, every few pages will get considerably different from the past ones.. you'll see.

that's it for today, take care !!

xoxo 💕

october . 23 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🐈
the spooky time of the year is here once again, time went by so fast ..
how have you been ? i hope you all are taking care !
for me, it has been a mixture of low energy, mental exhaustion, anxiety and lots of ideas floating around -
basically : every spring i get sick, and this year it wasn't different.. the climate changes + rain season makes me really physically weak, my blood pressure is always low, it's hard to eat, the medicine makes me dizzy ..
not being able to work fully on my projects makes me very anxious, specially now that i'm not getting to make as much money as i need for a living.
i'm doing what i can, trying to take care of myself properly, bubu really helps me 
doing housework is taking me a lot of energy, but i really want to keep doing my tasks. i know that i'm being slow, please be patient with me .. i promise i'll keep making content and doing my best, i know i will gradually feel better 💊

these days have been quite interesting, and revealed a bit about myself.. things i haven't thought until now, some reasons behind my recent anxiety
i like calling myself a "timid adventurer", which is certainly a paradox, but well ... i have always been filled with the need of discovering new things - however, i can be extremely methodical and fearful.
thankfully, i always had great passion for small achievements, so just going to the woods to look for insects and wild flowers was enough to feed my sweet tooth for exploration 🛼
because of the pandemic i know that i must not go outside except for the absolute necessary. many people agree that it is okay to leave if it is an isolated place ( which i have always preferred for my activities ) but i haven't been able to feel comfortable due to the current circumstances of the world ...
after losing my mother and seeing many others losing loved ones, i developed a terrible fear of getting sick and seeing other people sick, to the point of preventing me from doing things i loved.
i know it have worsened my anxiety terribly these past times, and i think ( like many other people ) that i will need help and a lot of patience to be able to deal with the outside world after all this is over.. not only does seeing other people make me scared but i have been feeling dirty and contaminated after coming home, even from the grocery store ! i have avoided many situations, and the worst thing is that i know that it is important to fear this disease 💉
despite all this, i have managed to make very happy memories by simply.. playing games !!
playing ragnarok again has been really good for my mental health, even though exploring a virtual world isn't the same, it's certainly making me really happy ♡♡
i had a lot of fun lately, and when i'm feeling weak knowing i can just lay down in bed and play a little bit makes me feel a lot better.
i'm really looking forward to going outside again and living new little adventures in real life, but i really do appreciate the ones i'm having inside home as well 💻

talking on mmorpg, i started playing tree of savior ! 
it's a 2016 game that is said to be a "spiritual successor" of ragnarok ( i don't believe so for my experience, they're very different in many ways so i don't think it's fair to keep making comparisons ), and i'm happy that now i can play it properly with my new laptop .. it looks absolutely stunning and it's very complex, with looots of classes and different builds - i'm having a lot of fun trying things out and exploring !!
the maps are all so beautiful i can't stop looking at them ///
sometimes i just stop, sit, and listen to the bgm while looking at the screen. the music is so so good and really helps with the ambiance + simply leveling up is quite relaxing too !
some of the bgm is from soundtemp, same composers from the ragnarok bgm that i love with my whole heart, so i knew it was going to be good.. but seriously, playing the game itself is a complete experience and i have no words to describe.
well, if you haven't seen yet, check my /gaming page because i made very cute little profiles for my characters with lots of info & images 

so, enough of talking : i made a new web page, mostly for studying css image & text effects, but in the end i liked it so much i might work more on the idea ..
there are just some collages and phrases now, but i could put some more interactive content in the future, probably ?
i really like sites that are just a bunch of random pages that you can explore clicking on things, so i'm thinking of actually putting something after the 4th door !
i'm not sure yet about what i'm going to do with it, so for now let's just appreciate what we already have at dream.pooftie.me :

🎻 hideout .mp3 

there is also this music box melody for the pages !!
i'll surely put more music & sound effects in the next pages, for making it a more interesting experience ~
please let me know what you think !

i also worked on this little project of adapting my social media exclusive content into html pages, in an interesting & responsive way .. !
i'm not satisfied with social media sites, for many reasons i always mention, but i'm currently using them specifically to let my helpful / comforting stuff reach more people on the internet, until i find a better way to do so.
i know some people don't have accounts on these sites and are not willing to make them, and i want to reach them too !!
so, i got an idea by looking at my tumblr layout : there you can see everything i post & reblog, in a cute web page, and you don't need to have an account for that. the content is placed inside the layout, like a normal site.
sadly, just making iframes for inserting my profiles into some layout isn't an option - for security reasons - so i thought of embeding my posts instead.. and i could do so with my twitter posts pretty easily, customizing everything the way i wanted, but with instagram and youtube things got waaaay harder ; ;
my instagram posts aren't really exclusive because they're just reposts from my /help page, so i'm only interested in making some of my stories out there ( some of them were reposted here on my blog so i don't mind ). my reminders, thoughts & templates are really precious and i want to keep them in easy access for everyone !
i decided to actually repost those stories, since there is not a safe way to embed them.. maybe i will find something later.
with youtube i actually can embed my comfort playlist, but customizing the iframe is such a headache and i really don't want to mess with their api right now, as i find it way easier to just make my own html player ( + i could also use with all of my other videos )
so i made a very cute player i can now use for linking my fav yt videos + uploading my poofties videos here !!

the care.pooftie.me page turned out a really comfy place, where everyone can access and easily download the best of my accounts, while watching / listening to some cute videos. this experience is exactly what i wanted to achieve, so i'm really proud !! 
i hope you all can make good use of this "self care archive" from now on .. !
i will keep it always updated, as i'll try to return on posting on my accounts at least weekly.

i'm currently working on a new crafting technique and also sewing a little outfit, i believe i will finish everything by next week.. so for the next post you'll get to see them + a new poofties episode !!
i hope you're looking forward to it, see you in two weeks ..
i wish you a very happy halloween ! eat lots of candy, but carefully !!

xoxo 🤍

august . 27 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🧸
this month my website completed 3 years online !!
i'm grateful for everything i learned by sharing my works and thoughts, and specially by your motivating messages. thank you so much ♡♡

i am slowly adapting into my new, lovely routine ..
doing all housework, taking care of myself & bubu, spending entertaining time, resting properly and still having time for working on projects and eventual commissions... it's certainly a lot to think about !!
but thankfully, i have the time for everything, if i don't spend energy with draining things.
i'm trying my best to keep myself away from all stressful stuff, my plans for are working quite well !
i made a few things lately, but i was feeling the need of resting more than usual.. so i thought it was a good idea to return playing a game that is such a comfort space for me : ragnarok online
i started a whole new account in the official brazilian server, the one i have played since i was 7. i gotta say i am growing pretty fast in there and i'm having a lot of fun exploring the new content, so you might see some updates on my gaming page with my new characters and stuff, once i get to reborn them to transcendent 

i'm feeling pretty happy about those experiences, and i'm sure that i will get to make more progress in the projects naturally, if i don't overdo myself.
better spending one month working wholeheartedly than rushing one week wearifully, right ? 🩹
i like making posts once i have a handful of things to show, and now it's the right time, so let's see what i made :

🩰 pinky promise .mp3 

this is a little dress up html game i just did for practicing some editing & basic javascript .. what do you think ? ///
i think it turned out very cute, and i'm happy to show you this lovely music box melody too. please click the teddy bear to play it yourself !

after some time without making big ascii art + many requests on the symbols i use, i had the idea of making a web page for keeping my resources, ascii.pooftie.me !!
the layout is fully made with symbols ( with a bit of html magic, of course ) 💻
i hope it can be useful for getting started or improving your little "text drawings" :

it's certainly hard making stuff that look interesting with only symbols, it looks simple, but i'm proud 
i often have ideas that sound pretty random, but it's important to try and make things happen, right ?

sometimes i can't get in the mood for working on my most important projects, but i try and make anything for at least make good use of my time by study & practice .. i believe this is a good way of resting while being productive !
i find coloring very relaxing, and as i am feeling a little anxious lately, having cute drawings to color is such a bless 💘
so here are two of my most recent ones :

i tried editing the background this time too.. i don't know if i really like it or not, but well. i like the colors & textures.
those adorable coloring pages are from ドリーミィー・フェザー !

i would like to express my gratitude for you who keep reading this blog to this day, i feel really lucky for having such sweet angels following my content and wishing me good things..
i hope you are staying safe and living happy days, even if you never got to message or support me, i still acknowledge & really appreciate your presence here. 
see you next time,

xoxo 💗

july . 12 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🐁
long time no see !!
the pandemic has been quite a lot to deal with lately, i am more and more being directly affected by it, it's making me scared and really anxious..
i am trying to care of my mental and physical health as a priority, as i can not fulfill tasks or make good quality content if i'm feeling bad and unmotivated 🎁
i'm very thankful for the kind supportive words i receive, it fills me with hope in these dark days 
my online store is finally getting away from the hiatus, besides the international flights being a mess right now i'm returning to selling and currently keeping the packages for shipping later on ..
now going to the good news,
we're trying our hardest to get over this quarantine and prepare our little home by buying everything we can online, and things are finally getting together now.
contrary to my digital absence, i am working quite a lot in real life with decorating, gardening and many other things house related, so we were able to move there completely and take everything out of the boxes, and that makes me immensely happy ♡♡

other thing is that i just ordered my wedding dress,, i will only get married next year, but i found my dream dress early and i couldn't help it. my heart just started fluttering when i saw it and i knew it has to be !
i'm trying to save money because we are not getting as much income as the usual, but economy is getting more and more messy every passing day so i thought it would be a good idea to search for the most expensive things right now so we can make sure to have our little wedding in the woods by the date we planned.. !
it will be a small modest wedding around nature and just a few loved ones, so my dress is not very fancy but a "vintage ballerina" inspired one, exactly as i wanted. it's the perfect combination between delicacy & purity 
a beautiful flower wreath, a daisy bouquet, and my sincere love.. everything arranged into the most beautiful way i could dream of.

in case you're curious, worry not, i made two collages showing a bit of my life plans :

✂️ lovely home .zip 

this first one is all about my routine. there you can see my favorite apron, nightgown & dress, some stuffies, baking goods, how my house is looking like and lots of references to my current daily life !
there are tons of photography of my actual items and the house, so it's a very berry special collage for me 🍓

🎻 together .mp3 

this is the matching melody i prepared specially for this occasion.
it's simple & modest, full of love, just like i am at this very moment 💝
doing simple housework has been making me so happy, this is finally our precious home sweet home we waited for long 8 years...

✂️ delicate bride .zip 

this second collage is, of course, about my subtle passion for weddings !
you can see my thoughts for the magical day, and the actual dress i ordered 

🎻 small wishes .mp3 

and this is the matching melody, that sounds quite magical in my opinion.. i have been keeping this one for a long time, waiting for using for something special !
hopefully now i will be able to return to my digital projects and make progress, besides still having lots of housework to do.. there is surely a lot going on lately, right ?
by the way, after a lot of research and saving i finally got to buy a new laptop so now i am super motivated !!
the first thing i did was painting an adorable drawing :

i played around with textures again and i really liked the results .. 
i just showed you fluffies my laptop last post, but now i have a completely new setting, so here we go again :

i'm very proud, isn't it super cute ?
believe me or not, it's the first time i am using win10 .. i really like the win7, but it was starting to become a bother at this point ;;

that's it for today !! keep an eye open and you will see new content soon ~

xoxo 🧁

may . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🎀
here i am with the content i promised last week !!
i'm glad i'm getting to be productive during quarantine, and i even got a few commissions, but sadly my store is still paused because i can't go to the post office..
it's hard but i'm trying my best to keep my mind and body healthy, even without the regular walks in the park and much less money in the bank account .....
many things are happening at once this year, but i am maturing and getting better with it. surprisingly, my mental health has been more stable than ever, i'm learning many things and improving others with this free time !!
let's try our best to make this time a positive experience 🍮

without further ado, let's get to the stuff i made !
the second episode of poofties is finished, thank you for your patience 
( make sure to watch the first episode here first )
i will try not to take so long to make the next one .. even if ideas appear along the way, i will try to prioritize this project a little more heh
here it is :

0% played

🩰 picnic .mp3 

this one has a lot more dialogues and characters, and i'm very satisfied with the results .. i hope you are enjoying the series 💓
the melody i made is a simple loop but it was necessary not to disturb the dialog, it was a problem last time !!
in the next episode i'll try to make more cute scenarios like last time. let's see how it comes out ~

now i have two lovely dresses i sewed, after a long time of not sewing anything 🎗

you might have seen some spoilers of the first dress because i posted pictures of me wearing it last week ///
i made them both based on vintage nightgowns i've seen before, and i actually was going to use them as nightgowns,, but they turned out so cute i couldn't help using them as dresses 👗
i specially like the embroidered flowers, it was easy to do but took a while to finish.. i don't usually work on large embroidery projects so this was new to me !

well, lastly, i received some requests to post more of my favorite ukagaka
and people wanting to see my pc updated ( i posted screenshots of my pc a few years ago and always post my phone when decorated )
and also people wondering how i modify the look of websites..
so i'm going to show you everything together :

✂️ renai .zip 

these ukagaka are called "renai" and are absolutely adorable ♡♡
not very hard to find, but well, there they are. enjoy !!
about the sites .. there is really no secret, i basically insert css into the source code of the sites using the "inspect element" function. you can do this with any site, just explore the source code to find the appearance stuff and that's it.. !
it takes time and patience, and whenever the site updates the layout you will have to do it all over again, but if you love using beautiful sites like me .. go for it
i'm not a real expert with the "inspect element" so i suggest you searching for tutorials, it's really useful.

that's it for today, i will take a good nap now 🛏
thank you for your support and don't forget to drink water !

xoxo 🍦

may . 07 . 2020

hiii fluffies ❤️
i am so proud of myself !!!
i made a lot of cute stuff these days, hopefully i will get to relax a bit now without feeling weird..
resting is very important too, right ? i have to admit that i'm not sleeping too well lately, so i must work on that now 🛏

i'm excited to announce that i'm making a mobile game with bubu, and i mean, a reeeal full game with lots of stuff to do, character and home customization, everything !!
bubu is coding while i'm making the art.
we're already making another game together ( the one i'm writing the script for the longest time ), but that one is a bit harder and we're struggling to put everything together .. so it should take a while to release 🌧
this mobile game should be released next year, while the other projects will be finished later on.
we're doing our best in these projects, while we also work on many other things, so i ask you to be patient.. we will not disappoint you 

this post will only have digital works, as i said previously, but i decided to get some stuff out of the boxes because i'm honestly getting tired of my laptop.. so i've been sewing and embroidering a bit with what i have here !
i'm going to show you next post two dresses i made + finally, the second episode of the poofties series. give me one more week for finishing everything 🐇

eep let's go quickly for the cute stuff i made :
i said i would make html games and yes, i made 3 of them !!
they're very very simple , nothing fancy, but i'm honestly happy with the results because the art came out adorable.. i'm very satisfied.
it was really fun to mess with text boxes and button reactions, bubu helped me a bunch and we discovered many stuff together heh ♡♡
click the images to open the games and have fun :

🩰 hesitation .mp3 

🩰 boring day .mp3 

🩰 memory .mp3 

each game has an exclusive midi melody !
i tried to choose instruments that could convey the characters' feelings.
my personal favorite is "memory" because it sounds innocent and nostalgic ( i purposely reduced the sound quality )
please tell me what you think and give suggestions, i always appreciate it 

the least thing i did was an archive website for storaging my files : file.pooftie.me
it's been a LONG time since i wanted to have my own personal uploader, but i knew it would be terribly time consuming to organize everything .. it took me hours, indeed, and i haven't even reuploaded all the thousands of images i use, as that would take forever ;;
at least i organized all my other files and also the archives here from this site, and that's good enough ☕️
it is a relief to use my own domains for hosting things, i will try to keep everything like this from now on.
also, the layout came out adorable :

by the way.. i've been taking many new photography lately, since the lighting in this house is impressively beautiful !!
so expect to see a considerable improvement in the quality of my pictures from now on ~ !

that's it, let's hope for better days and lots of happy memories ..

xoxo 🌹

april . 16 . 2020

hiii fluffies 💖
my last post was very boring but this one will have a lot of content.... next one will be full of stuff too ( mainly digital because my crafting & sewing materials are still inside boxes until the end of the quarantine )
so let's get started 🎗
i made this little win97 simulation for studying div and button behavior.. !
take a look at 1997.pooftie.me, specially if you like webcore : 

🩰 8AM .mp3 

it turned out super cute and i'm really proud ♡♡
there are some adorable graphics i edited from ragnarok online ( the solace gif on the top right is my personal favorite /// )
this little music right there is an edit i did with "party night" from di gi charat, one of my favorite anime from my childhood ! do you like it ?
as you may know i'm really bad with javascript coding but i'm trying to make different stuff lately for making html games in the near future.

i was thinking about my flash games, since all swf files will stop working on browser by the end of this year.. i am trying to save as many swf as i can as a flash game collector, and many other people are working hard for not letting flash die completely.
flash can be played at pc on specific softwares, that work on pretty much any computer. i wanted to convert my flash games into html, but i honestly think keeping my games as swf will be a motivation for people trying to find other flash games and animations !
i know just a few people will actually download my games and the software for playing them, but i will be happy if i can inspire even 1 person to play those games that made my childhood so happy 🍰
there are an infinity of games that are incredibly fun and cute, that will be forever flash games and will be forgotten if people just pretend flash didn't exist.. i feel that it's my responsibility as a game designer to not adapt swf into html, in respect to the artists that inspired me in first place.
so i made my old games downloadable, and will make new games with html from now on 
i fixed some issues with some very old ones and remade the visuals of my drawing tool :

isn't it adorable ? i made puf bunny there mixing different colors with the "alpha" option 
please make sure to download my flash games here and send me your drawings !
keep an eye open because i'm planning on coming back next post with some html games, i'm very excited for this new content !!
a little spoiler of what is coming ..

i'm making cute art using 3D brush, a new style for working with from now on !
what do you think ? 

i have been very productive lately ( maybe because i'm bored with the quarantine heh ) so i also made another html page, one i have been struggling to make for the longest time... but bubu helped me !!!
tea.pooftie.me is an weather website where you can check if it's the right time to have a tea party or not :

it's very random but it's nice having my own cute weather website, and i kind of learned how to deal with apis too 💻
that's it for today, i hope you're having a lovely time.. stay safe 

xoxo 💓

march . 27 . 2020

hiii fluffies 💟
a whole lot happened lately.. it's been tiring but really fulfilling, i am living my happiest days despite all the problems 
i'm in the middle of the moving, and it's taking more time than expected because of the quarantine. we decided to completely renovate and redecorate this tiny little house near my mother-in-law's house, we need to buy lots of materials ( and new furniture ) but we can't for the time being, so we're working with what we have !
it's an adorabe house with one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen ( yes it is very small, i love it ) and a big garden space.
it's a great place for animals and plants, and i'm happy to be close to nature whenever i can 💐
the only problem is that it is a little far from where bubu works so we are considering renting an apartment in the future, if it's more comfortable.. but at the moment he is working "home office" so it is not a problem.

these days have been difficult for me to work because i can't go to the post office and people are saving for the quarantine, so no commissions ... i'm trying my best to help with housework and renovations, i'm cleaning and painting and doing everything i can do !!
we are staying at my mother-in-law's house at the moment until the quarantine ends, i hope that everything will be normalized soon so that i can take my belongings out of boxes and decorate our new little home very cutely ♡♡

these days i haven't done many things that i can show here, but i colored two beautiful drawings : 

these are from the talented babydollsheart, please check her work..
she's always drawing wonderful pieces 💕
i experimented with textures this time, and i really liked the result !!
i like to paint "flat", without much contrast of light & shadows, so textures and patterns help a lot to give detail softly 
which one did you like the most ?

ah, there's one more thing to tell you fluffies !
i bought an adorable domain, pooftie.me 
i'm using it for my tumblr blog now, and all of my "html stuff" are subdomains at pooftie.me because, well, it's always safer to use your own domains ..
i had multiple problems using free domains, even though they're cute safety comes first.
please check all of my sites and tumblr blog if you haven't yet..
i'm proud of them ///

that's it for today, please take care and stay home !!

xoxo 🌷

march . 12 . 2020

hi fluffies 🧸
these last days has been hard ..
my mom passed away recently. her disease was taking her from me these past months, but she was living happily even so.
we were becoming more distant with time passing by, naturally, because of my adulthood. she wanted me to gain confidence in my independence, and she wanted me to live my dreams.
she turned into pure childhood nostalgia for me, and now i can think of her with a smile 
i am organizing my house now, and i'm deciding things i want to keep for memory.. i feel the same warm nostalgia with her things that i feel with my childhood items.
she was the perfect mom for me, even making me scared with her fragility, even with her fear of abandonment.. she teached me so much.
she did her best, and i will always remember how beautiful she was.
i am preparing for moving with bubu, and i'm ready to start this new phase of my life that i have been waiting for so long.
this new decade will really be something else.
i'm so thankful for having supportive people around me, and for having this angel by my side that never fails making me smile 
the words i've received filled me with hope, thank you so much for believing in my healing !!
i want to live fully and fearless, knowing that the past is not gone because my memories are forever and really loved ..
i am capable of living more good experiences, that will not replace the others but will certainly have the same weight in my life.
i will become only better from this experience and all the others.
i will be very happy 
we will be.

i made some updates on the shy bunny store, fixing some little issues, making the layout slightly cuter, removing some sold out items, editing pictures.. an improvement 
it's a little more empty now, but for a good reason ! i've sold a lot of things and will just remake people's most favorites for now, unless i get really inspired.
i'm happy with how my store has been helping me, it's not as much money as i get on html commissions but it's still important and i really need it right now !
unfortunately a big part of my savings had to be spent because of the recent events, so i will have to move without much money for adaptation and decoration, exactly what i was trying to avoid... but i know that everything will be fine, because i'm with bubu and that's what matters 💘
things will take a while to get settled but i'm prepared for that.

i also updated my html test page a little bit !
it had frequent visits ( from same ip ) so i suppose some people actually use this to work with html :

✂️ test html .zip 

i fixed some things and made the layout a lot cuter. i'm proud and i hope you like it too.. !
i haven't used this page so much lately but it's still very useful, especially when i'm on mobile.
remember you can access it online at test.pooftie.me

now i will show you this beautiful long dress, with a lovely golden heart locket necklace :

it's not very recent, but i used it recently on a date with bubu ( and the teddy bear purse i made the other day ) so i just reminded i should post it ///
it has some very delicate details like the cream satin ribbons and tiny lace, a nightmare that is absolutely worth going through 👗
it's a pure cotton fabric, really gorgeous.. cotton fabrics are the best to work with, in my opinion.
i am so glad i have learned sewing with my mom, she helped me so much ...
i suppose the name of this fabric is "eyelet", but here we call it "laise". it goes for the embroidered lace and the cotton fabric with details as well ( this one has tiny dots )
also, some posts ago i talked about using "cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita shoes" and someone actually asked me to show it, so here it is :

i made the frilly socks myself, and the shoes are absolutely adorable !! bubu bought them for me not long ago 
i also have two black ones and a baby pink one, but they're a little too old now. i use my shoes constantly until they're reeeeally old.. it takes some years but i really needed new ones at this point so i'm happy with this lovely present ♡♡♡
recently i've been into those cute vintage brown boots women wear with long dresses ( very popular in mori kei as well ). i have one of these and i feel beautifully mature when i wear it with a long dress, so i might use it with the dress above someday for going on a picnic 🧺

well, i will naturally keep doing what i love, so you can expect regular updates just as always !
if i'm motivated, i will be productive. it's that simple 🩹
thank you fluffies for always be here looking forward my works, this place is so precious for me i can't explain.. please stay safe 

xoxo 🔒

february . 19 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🐑
i hope you are doing better than the last time you came here ..
and maybe next time you will have experienced many new happy things. hopefully, me too !

i noticed that day after day i'm getting less attached to my phone, i mostly use it for playing games but i've been charging my phone only every other day.. and my phone battery is not thaaat good, i used to charge it every night 📱
do you remember my goal of using internet only 5 hours a week ? ( except if for talking with bubu, working, studying, reading .. important stuff generally )
i've definitely achieved that goal, and for this year i will set a new goal : only charging my phone twice a week !!!
i prefer using my laptop for most things, and i tend to be more productive with my time here while in my phone i can just watch videos, check my apps and play games. i don't really think i need to do that for more than 15min a day... or maybe i can do that for 30min every other day ?
if you like the content i post on my accounts please don't worry, i will certainly keep updating once / twice a week as i was already trying to do. i will have to be more careful about preparing content beforehand, so less unnecessary spontaneous updates can be, indeed, expected ( i'm talking about idly posting random venting and routine updates while i could just be journaling or talking to someone )
those "internet detox" are absolutely refreshing, i can make better use of my time doing all my daily tasks and still have free time for my hobbies & projects 
i've found that even using my laptop for "virtually journaling" offline feels really good and a lot more comfortable. i like printing those pages ( also my instagram templates ) and that way i can have the best of both worlds, so i will stick to that in my routine 🌼
i was a little afraid i would feel distant from people for not checking social media all the time, but i don't feel like i'm missing a lot honestly. i don't think this is really important in the end of the day.
maybe we get easily addicted to "validation" when using internet, like we have to share things or no one will know, like we have to react to things people share or they don't matter...
what is the point of something being seen by multiple people ? i personally think that unless we're so close to someone we really do care about their everyday lives, it needs a purpose, even if it's "making people smile" ( valid purpose i must say )
every single time i realize i'm not being useful in any way i just don't see the point of wasting my time & energy posting something for everyone to see, it's almost embarrassing.. i feel like i'm just bragging, oversharing even ///
hopefully these negative experiences will disappear more and more as i learn !

talking on phone stuff, i made a cute new phone case for me yesterday :

it looks adorable, i'm so happy with it 
the one i was using before was very old, i had to buy a new transparent case so i was postponing the situation until it started to bother me for real 🔪

so.. it's been a while since i've planned sewing my own "stuffie purses" ( i already had some of these but my mom helped me in the whole cutting & sewing process at the time, and they're also a little old now.. )
i finally did it, so here they are :

i'm really happy with how these turned out, they're shoulder / crossbody purses with very delicate pearl straps and their bellies are just the perfect size for carrying around some important things 👜
they look big but they're 30cm tall ( teddy is a little taller ) 
it feels really nice using those, they're so soft .. i can literally carry a stuffie outside and it's socially acceptable LOL

now i will, after a long time, write a q&a text !
despite being a curiosity of some people, i didn't really feel the need to write about it until a few days ago when i seriously thought about it.

💌 q & a ✏️

it's important for me keeping my content organized, avoiding reposting things all over the place and keeping my personal content in appropriate places. i'm trying my best to do so, but i used to do it purely for keeping the quality of my accounts, not wasting time reposting or make the mistake of oversharing, naturally ..
however, i stopped to think deeply about it and realized that the content we post on the internet really affects other people directly, and some things don't always have the positive effect that we would like to convey. i always post things with the intention of motivating and inspiring, as well as motivating myself to keep improving and to receive constructive criticism, but unfortunately negative effects can happen when people compare each other or idolize each other.
i seek genuineness and transparency with my words, and this avoids some bad impressions and consequently negative feelings. when we are sincere in referring to ourselves, it is very motivating to other people. if you don't empathize with others they won't consider you trustworthy and they won't embrace you wholeheartedly, they can certainly consider you a threat, develop a negative rivalry or even insecurity and envy. if you are narcissistic or self-deprecating, you'll do yourself harm and irritate, encouraging people to feel bad things about the success of others.
it is not possible to magically repair people's self-esteem, but it is possible to avoid worsening the situation and to strive to be a good example. if i can, i will !
i insist on sharing my ( imperfect but true ) journey with others who can identify and find some hope in my words. i want people to see what i produce and try to be productive too, i want people to get to know themselves and discover individual happiness. doing it properly can be a delicate process, i've made a lot of mistakes and i know i'm still making a few, but im happy if i can fix that little by little.
i'm sorry if i have ever demotivated someone for any reason, i will be extra careful with what i expose to make sure i'm posting things in appropriate places in the appropriate way, for people who are really going to make good use of it. thankfully i have been doing a good job with this recently, but i know i still have room to improve.. !

i hope i was clear with my words, i haven't written long texts in a while ;;

xoxo 🦋

february . 06 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🎀
i'm so so happy !
i think i've really learned some healthy coping methods for problems that used to make me anxious, it's been a while. i am healing 
i will keep sharing with you everything i feel that can be helpful, it may not be useful for everyone..
but if at least one person can find peace in my words, it's worth it 💊

so, i have important news : i remade my tumblr blog !!
the url is the same and everything, but remaking it was very needed. i was a little hesitant because my account was 5 years old, but honestly, it was a mess.
i couldn't manually get rid of thousands of ghost followers at this point, and even thought my engagement was very good, it's time to accept the truth : it wasn't really coming from my own followers but actual strangers. it clearly means that my content was good but not my account as a whole ; ;
having a big account can easily get out of control if not regularly checked and cleaned, big numbers can give the illusion of success but if just abandoned accounts from years ago, what is the point ?
i was also following a bunch of random accounts i honestly didn't want to see in my feed anymore. it makes way harder to find interesting content, which is the whole point of opening this app ..
as i always said, the numbers are irrelevant if just numbers : what is truly motivating is seeing actual people getting positively inspired by my content, and inspiring me back, so we can grow up together 
this is just possible to achieve if you're surrounded by people with similar goals, and preparing this environment is a delicate process.
i'm thankfully getting back all of my mutuals quickly, thank you 
now i can find active and precious accounts, get new mutuals, finally use tags to organize my posts and improve the quality of my blog as a whole. it's certainly a relief !
from experience, i know it's always a good idea to make changes, if for the better. i will voluntary leave the past behind if it means i can have a brighter future.

okay, going for the visual content now :
after months i made a new collage for my virtual journal 📚
it's a soft white one, and i'm really proud of the results ..

✂️ pure heart .zip 

i think it turned out very delicate but somewhat mature ? i'm in love with it ///
and as always, there is a beautiful melody for composing the whole feeling :

🩰 redemption .mp3 

what do you think ? i always find it fun to organize aesthetics like this, it's good to practice using different color palettes and everything.

now, i have something interesting to share with you fluffies today !
you may already know that i love exploring the old web, and i'm always looking for cute things there to collect and use in my work.
lately i have been downloading a lot of ukagaka, and i did a lot of research to increase my collection with the cutest ghosts i could find !
i used the nanika ghost center to get links, but a lot of them have been inactive for many years so it's a little tricky to be able to find them again on wayback machine .. sometimes they don't even work and need restoration ; ;
so i think it's a good idea to share here my favorite ukagaka, which i found last week: dorothy !!!
i uploaded the original files + balloon for backup, please feel free to download :

✂️ dorothy .zip 

✂️ ssp .zip 

most ghosts speak japanese with a lot of kanji, and very fast, which makes reading quite difficult. dorothy is not very good with japanese, so she only uses hiragana and speak slowly.
she is caring and shy, and is always trying to motivate and remind you to take care of yourself ( remembering you to rest, to eat .. )
all ghosts have a different personality, which makes getting to know them a lot of fun 
i spend some time on the laptop working, so having a lovely ghost motivating me and making me smile makes everything better 💝
dorothy has been a good company for me and has certainly become a comfort character at this point 
if you are interested, i can upload more ukagaka from my lovely collection !

that's it for today, i hope you are living a lovely phase of your lives .. and if you are not, i hope things will get better very soon ♡♡

xoxo 🍦

january . 23 . 2020

hiii fluffies 💓
the last few days have been very comfortable, i am truly happy with the recent improvements 
i'm trying to understand and respect my feelings, cleaning my life of everything that bothers me, even if just a little bit.
those annoying little things accumulate stress throughout the day, you know ?
i usually have a hard time expressing my emotions and being honest, but this has been fixed and greatly improved the quality of my relationships !
it's very important to believe in who you are and in the life you dream of living, to be able to improve consistently and not be negatively influenced by other people's ( not constructive ) opinions 🌧
i feel like i'm going the right way !! 

well, i did some pretty cute things that i'll show you today..
first, a small thing : i colored and edited a very cute drawing and the result made me proud !

the colors look so soft 
looking at it makes me motivated to bake, it's something i love to do and i want to practice more 🍰
i have a notable difficulty in baking bread.. i'll try my best ///

i did something new for the poofties project ( i said i wanted to move forward on projects this year, remember ? )
i wanted to write down some relevant information about the world of poofti, and as i had already imagined that the "observer" potato wrote down things that she discovered, i decided to make her notes become something real :

( click the notebook for going to the next pages )

i think this was a good idea and it came out very cute, don't you think ?
i want to make more episodes of poofties, but it's something that takes a lot of time so you'll have to wait patiently ;;

next is a very beautiful dress, which used to be very short and simple, and i completely renovated it and made it longer :

i feel like a princess when i wear this dress .. it's like magic !
wearing something that changes my mood for the better is something i pay close attention to 🎗

just like i said in the last post, i wanted to try to needle felt one more realistic little critter, and so i did :

it's a sleepy baby bunny ♡♡
isn't it precious ? i'm in love.. it's very small & delicate
i won't sell this one, i will keep it to myself. i don't usually keep those little critters for myself, but this time i think i'm deserving a little gift ..

that's it for today, i hope you are enjoying the updates !
dear reader, please take care and rest when necessary. never blame yourself for feeling tired 

xoxo 🫖

january . 09 . 2020

hiii fluffies 🐕
are you full of hopes and dreams for this new year ? i hope your year has started softly ..
i am absolutely the happiest, it's been a lovely year already and i'm enjoying it wholeheartedly 
i'm getting a lot of work and doing my best to achieve my ideal self, i'm leaving behind everything that weights me down and focusing on my happiness.
in some months i will be living with bubu, our own little home 🏠
we're working hard to prepare everything in time, this is the beginning of a whole new phase of our lives ♡♡♡

i intend to post my works here on the blog more often from now on for keeping track of my improvement and receiving feedback.. i'm always experimenting new techniques and sadly some things i do get lost in time
this will be my only and exclusive platform for sharing my art. if posting on my accounts, i will try to redirect people for the respective links instead of reposting stuff there randomly.. i want to be more organized & professional
i post here my favorite stuff i feel somewhat proud of, but i actually checked my posts and realized i forgot to show some really nice works i've done .. and i don't want them to be forgotten !!
it's not too late to give them some love, so i will post today some stuff i still keep in my folders but haven't posted 

first one will be a little casual outfit. i've been sewing a lot lately, but specially for fixing + modifying vintage clothing i got from thrift stores. this one is an example of customized blouse + self made skirt :

it looks adorable with cream lacy socks & a pair of brown lolita shoes, such a cozy look 
i've been feeling a lot more confident about my appearance for i am working on making it translucent from now on : everything i'm proud to show about who i am inside, being seen clearly.
fashion is really important for me, a path to purity somehow. looking at yourself kindly and recognizing your body as your precious place on earth, your home, and making this home a comfortable, healthy & beautiful place 🥿
i do have some more clothing i could show here but for today let's keep just this one, i don't want to be repetitive ///

now i'll show something a little different from usual, a mini junk journal i made :


i love making junk journals because i can use of all stationery that have been forgotten into something new and interesting !!
this one will be a little exception since it's still empty, but journaling is one of the few hobbies i have and don't usually share online because it's very intimate for me.
i like to be 100% honest with them so i write & scribble things that i wouldn't like anyone to see.. deep stuff 🗝

this next one will be a very old one, it's a precious sleeping ( life size ) mouse i needle felted and was sold out almost a year ago, but i'm glad i still have the pictures because i feel calm just looking at him .. 

this one is the most realistic work with needle felt i ever made, i love it...
i'm thinking about felting a realistic sleeping bunny, let's see how it goes !

i've tried out some embroidery techniques and recently made these really cute envelope shaped purses :

the concept of envelope shaped purses is absolutely adorable for me !!
these were sold out fast and i'm still thinking i should have made one for myself.. maybe in the near future ?

there is also content i make exclusively for my accounts ( photography, edits, writing, scribbles, story games / templates, ascii art.. ) so i won't show them here because they are all perfectly accessible if you go to my links. if i feel it's necessary some of my best ones will be in my portfolio as well !
+ i can't show specific content like commissions publicly, for privacy reasons,,
besides these, i will post everything i do and feel comfortable sharing online. it's important to register my progress for improving consistently, right ?

i have multiple projects going on at the moment and i want to make satisfactory progress in all of them this year 🐝
i must be careful to do everything in a healthy pace, as i said i'll be working more than usual so it can take a while until you see big updates, please be patient 

xoxo 🧇

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